Lisa Finds a Lover Ch. 3

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Lisa was now a fully grown woman of course. She was a completely mature sexual being but as she reflected on her life as a teenager she realized she had been so shy and if not inhibited, bashful.

She had not understood her burgeoning sexuality at all. She was surprised as her breasts developed, her hips widened and little reddish blonde hairs grew about her pussy.

She was still a virgin when she left school and went to work for Sam. At 48 he was nearly 30 years her senior and a well to do businessman who needed a personal assistant to keep track of his schedule for him. He liked young women and was an expert in the art of pleasing them.

He hired Lisa the minute he decently could. His choice was made the moment she walked through the door and as she nervously outlined her qualifications he was imagining what sort of underpants she wore and just how her little love hole might taste.

In time he would learn the answer to the latter question and spend a lot of time with his face in her panties.

Lisa liked the idea of an older experienced man and in time became infatuated with Sam. She had eventually learned to masturbate and would lie in bed at night with her legs open rubbing herself imagining Sam’s cock in her mouth and in the other little openings she liked to touch.

She had seen a cock by now but it had been attached to a fumbling boy who had fingered her inexpertly and hurt the delicate petals of her sex flower. She did, however, discover that she really liked cocks and resolved that one day soon she would overcome her shyness and have Sam’s inside her.

Sam meanwhile was watching his young assistant with a very non-paternal eye. He had some inkling of her infatuation. One day Lisa was looking particularly fetching. She was not wearing stockings or pantyhose and her slender legs disappeared beneath a small tartan pleated skirt. Her top was a light cotton affair with no bra beneath it. It was summer after all and while the office air-conditioning made her nipples erect the humidity outside and at night dictated light clothing. Sam was unable to resist and his hand ran up her leg as she bent over his desk to find a document. He felt her tense but she didn’t do anything else. His hand made its way to her bottom and felt the cotton, little girl panties she was given to wearing. As he gently stroked her bottom Lisa spoke.

“Sam, I’m a virgin but if you are gentle and teach me you can have me.”

She looked so pretty just blushing and shaking with a mixture of desire and nerves. She stepped away and reaching under her skirt pulled her panties down. She turned and lay back on the desk opened her legs and closed her eyes. Her pussy was a soft pink color, her lips, her entire sex quite small. Her core was a soft crevice with no little protrusions. Her legs being spread allowed her inner lips to show along with the small hood underneath which sat the jewel of her sex. The hair that had grown since puberty was a soft reddish blonde. It didn’t cover her lips, they were soft and bare.

She still had the slight gangliness of a girl about her. Her buttocks, although obviously those of a woman had not completely filled out as they would in her twenties. Thus as she spread herself her entire private area was visible. Nothing was hidden. The little opening at the lower end of her lips was slightly open and glistened with her girlish wetness.

Sam didn’t quite know what to say. He had not expected that Lisa would give herself in such an open way.

It had been years since a virgin had offered herself to him. Lisa shook like a leaf. She had used every drop of courage to display herself to Sam. She prayed that this would not end in humiliation.

Sam bent down and picked up her little cotton panties. They were slightly moist and scented by the delicate perfume of Lisa’s nether petals. Her eyes bulged as he sniffed them. She had opened her eyes when he hadn’t jumped her immediately, nervous that she had disgusted him.

“Lisa I would love to have you, but sprawled across a desk is no way for a young woman to surrender her maidenhood.”

He stepped up to her and kissed her, the panties still in his hand as he held her to him. He began gently to undress her. The last item to go was her skirt and as she stood to allow it to pool at her feet he took her hand and walked her naked and shaking to a bedroom he maintained for late nights at the office… She was very much the scared little girl. As she saw the big bed she clung to him and gave a little shiver.

“I poker oyna want you but I’m very scared this will hurt.”

“Don’t you worry I’ll be very careful with you.”

She was an absolute bundle of nerves. He saw her discomfort and asked if there were anything in particular she wanted or needed.

“I need to pee. I’m sorry, I’m nervous and I’m not doing this very well am I?” She blushed.

“You’re fine my little one. You go and take care of yourself and then I’ll wash you and tend to you.”

Sam was as good as his word. While Lisa relieved herself Sam undressed and entered the bathroom. Lisa was just wiping herself and looked up embarrassed.

“My Dear, don’t be embarrassed. Come here and let me wash you.”

With that he beckoned her to the bidet and gently dabbed her girl folds as the warm stream washed her.

She was still seated as Sam stood to reach for a towel. His cock was level with her face. She kissed it. She didn’t know how to love a man orally but it was his and she just wanted to kiss him. He bent down again and kissing her on the mouth dried her pussy. She obviously didn’t need to trim her pussy hair. The reddish gold tuft did nothing to hide her little slit. Sam wanted to put his face there immediately but was afraid of spooking Lisa.

“You have a beautiful little pussy. Has any boy been lucky enough to kiss it for you?”

She shook her head.

“I’m going to do that in a minute.”

She blushed again.

He took her hand and they wandered back to the bed. Sam’s cock had begun to grow. She wondered about how he would fit in her. She made to sit on the bed but Sam took some pillows and made a little mound in the center with them. He asked her to lie face down across them. It was a comfortable but slightly undignified position. Her slender little ass was in the air and Sam had spread her legs slightly. Her pussy petals and pink little rosebud were on full display. She felt a slight longing ache in her breasts as they nestled in the soft pillows.

“Just close your eyes and concentrate on the feelings you have.” Was all Sam said as he planted a kiss on the sole of her left foot. She spent an agonizing 20 minutes feeling the wet trail move up to between her soft pale bottom cheeks. She knew that Sam was sniffing her panties the whole time. As she could feel them, wherever his lips were. She wanted to cry out as his tongue ran around her little anal pucker. This was so dirty and yet her pussy dripped for him. Had he not been a grown man but an anxious boy she would never have allowed his mouth to travel to her most secret and rude place. But he was a grown man and the things his mouth did had her twisting and begging him to fuck her.

Suddenly her rear was deserted and a soft wet urgency gripped her pussy. Just as suddenly his face was up against her and her clit was being washed with soft but urgent licks. Her whole rear was in the air she was face down in the bed crying for relief. It came in a wave of sensations. She slumped. He picked her up and cradled her to him. She kissed his pussy soaked face. Her legs were opened and a warm hard object was at her pussy lips.

His cock was about the same size as the one she had previously fondled. It was curved slightly upwards and sat atop two good sized balls.

His cock was rock hard and, my God, it was in her. Just a little bit at a time but he was easing into her. There was some pain and just a slight stretching as he eased along her walls. She had been an active sportswoman and her hymen probably wasn’t all that intact, plus the boy who had fingered her had further damaged it. Her nerves were gone, she felt herself become a woman on Sam’s cock and her life changed for ever. She asked him not to come in her. He thought that she was scared of pregnancy but she wanted to love him with her mouth as he had done her.

Neither would know at that point that Lisa would spend the rest of her life savoring the taste of lovers’ deposits on her tongue.

Still nervous Lisa didn’t come on Sam’s cock that first time. However she had come a little as her rear was tongued but she was chewing the sheets as her little pearl expanded out of its hood and was gently sucked.

While her position propped up on pillows spread open and exposed was much undignified it allowed Sam to introduce her to pleasures she had only dreamt of in a careful and gradual manner. Lisa was to come to prefer this position throughout her long and adventurous sex life. For now however she was Sam’s. canlı poker oyna She didn’t mind what of hers he saw or tasted.

Lisa felt Sam’s cock ease from her and she slowly raised herself to crawl between his legs and swallow him. She was sweetly inexpert as she loved his cock but Sam made no effort to tutor her that day. He eventually came after warning her of his impending orgasm. Lisa was a bit of a mess with his seed all over her lips but she seemed very happy and proud of having made a man come in her mouth. She developed her taste for lovers’ juices that day.

Lisa became Sam’s mistress that day. It was two in the afternoon as Lisa curled up and rested her head on Sam’s chest. She listened to him breathe and heard his heart beat slowly as he stroked and kissed her. Her pussy was wet and her nerves felt the slight discomforting evidence of her deflowering. She stroked his cock absent mindedly. Naturally Sam expanded again. He couldn’t help but do so. Lisa looked up and said she didn’t think she could take him again that day. Before he could reply her mouth was on his cock again. Her technique had improved in the space of half an hour. Sam told her that it wasn’t necessary to swallow his cum. taking her mouth off him she told him that if she couldn’t have his cum he couldn’t have her. He never raised the topic again. The blueprint of Lisa’s sexual behavior was set that afternoon as Sam’s cock pulsed its seed into her mouth not twice but three times.

Lisa confessed that she couldn’t have wished for a better first time. She wanted to know if she was very wrong to love having her little rear end loved. She liked the physical sensation but also the unholy nature of the deed was enough to bring on small waves of orgasm.

She remained with Sam exclusively for some years but their age difference always bothered him. He encouraged her to try men closer to her own age. In time she got curious and agreed but always came back to the man who put her in touch with her sexual being. She would in time take a boy of 18 and make a man of him but she always longed for the secure feel of a man even a few years her senior.

In a sense she never left Sam and even as he slowed into his 60’s the sound of his voice was all it took to make Lisa’s sex warm and want him. His cock was her point of comfort as her marriage fell apart and any serious lover of hers was told her terms included Sam. Sam for his part liked his young women and in his lengthy sexual career would have many but only one more would place her maidenhood on his cock.

Over the years as Lisa explored her erotic life she had several group and single encounters with women. She enjoyed her times with women but it was not where she wanted to spend a large portion of her sex life. In her early 20’s she met and befriended a couple with whom she eventually shared a bed. They were in their 30’s with a teenage son and daughter. One evening as the wife was sucking Lisa’s clit the husband asked if Lisa would do them a favor. Their son was still a virgin and his 18th was approaching. Would Lisa consider showing him his way around a woman? He had a bit of a crush on her and he was a good looking young man. Lisa considered his virginity inexplicable but agreed and one afternoon having already sucked him off to slow him down took him inside her and rode his cock…

The really interesting situation arose over the daughter. She was a right little tomboy who showed an interest only in girls and indeed had been hitting on Lisa since she first became aware of her orientation. The parents were relaxed about this but Lisa didn’t want a girlfriend especially one who was still a girl of 15. She had no desire to spend time behind bars for letting Terri suck her pussy. After 3 years of nagging she did give in one evening and the pair had an enjoyable time. Terri was experienced in some aspects of sex but the only thing that had ever been inside her was a finger. Terri and Lisa were at the beach together one day and Terri watched Lisa ogle the bulge in a man’s shorts. She asked Lisa about men. Lisa didn’t really know what to say other than if Terri were genuinely curious she should at least try.

Terri thought about this for a few days and rang Lisa asking if she knew anyone who might help and not be clingy should the experience be a failure. Lisa did of course. She asked Terri whether she minded a mature man. Terri said it was the experience she was after and so long as he was presentable she was prepared to try him out. Lisa assured her that he was internet casino a handsome man and a complete darling. Lisa explained her connection with Sam and that he had taken her virginity, she added that so far no man had come close to him as a lover. Terri asked if Lisa would be with her when she took Sam inside her. Without reference to Sam Lisa agreed. She was certain Sam would get over the burden of two young women in his bed!

Sam was intrigued that Terri who was now 21 was still intact. Lisa assured him that she was and that only the occasional finger had ever been inside her. One weekend when Lisa had Sam over to stay Terri called by and was introduced. A few bottles of wine later and all three were in Lisa’s big bed. Terri was nervous as a kitten and hadn’t a clue what to do. Sam was quite taken with her lithe little frame, little conical breasts and the small mat of black curls between her legs.

Terri had never even touched a cock. She had no idea what to do. Lisa was slowly sucking Sam’s cock and taking Terri’s hand she had her stroke Sam’s shaft. Terri was turned on but she wasn’t certain whether it was Sam, Lisa or both who were making her juices flow. Sam was certainly handsome and she did want to try a cock. She wondered if she should have bought a dildo and lost her cherry to that. Too late now. Lisa took her lips from Sam’s cock and kissed Terri. Her first delicate taste of cock was transmitted from a woman’s lips. Not unpleasant at all. The three eventually got used to each other and soon Terri was having her pussy sucked by Sam and her bottom nibbled, stroked and kissed by Lisa. She was screaming with pleasure into the pillows she was laid on.

She was ready and rolled over open wide for Sam. His cock was at her entrance and entered her slowly. Lisa was stoking her clit gently so that there was no let up in her level of arousal. Her folds were slowly enveloping Sam. It felt good, filling but good. Her hymen was indeed in tatters which is hardly surprising. There was no pain at all. It did feel funny to have a cock in her. She tentatively snuggled up to Sam and began a trusting against him. As she was fully impaled on him Lisa withdrew her hand and let Terri rub her mound against Sam. Lisa lay beside the couple and masturbated while she kissed Terri. Terri came with a sigh and Sam asked if she wanted to feel him come or should he withdraw. She wanted to feel everything so asked him to spurt into her. She drew her legs up onto his shoulders and let him pound right into her. She had another orgasm as his cock began to deliver his seed.

Strangely once he was spent she didn’t want to let him go. It was only the promise that Lisa would clean her with a tongue bath that had her give up Sam’s deflating cock. She clung to him and shivered in little post orgasmic ripples. Lisa reached down and pulled Sam’s cock which had been plugging Terri’s opening out of her. His cock was still semi swollen but pliable. His deposit began to drip from Terri. Reluctantly Sam moved to allow Lisa’s face to replace his cock…Terri asked Sam to stick his deflated cock in her mouth. She had never sucked cock, never tasted sperm and until a few moments ago was technically a virgin. She sucked the remaining juices from Sam and tasted their combined flavors.

She wouldn’t be rushing to sign on as a full blown heterosexual but she knew she would certainly have another man especially if her were as good a lover as Sam. Meantime her pussy had begun to respond to her cleansing. Sam had spewed a lot of fluid into what was not a very big pussy. She was so tight that she was squeezing all their combined fluids out of her sex hole. Lisa was having trouble coping and some escaped her tongue running down between Terri’s cheeks. Lisa had never rimmed Terri but following the moisture trail she pushed Terri’s thighs back and spreading her wide open began to lap at her rear entrance like a cat licking cream. Terri couldn’t protest as her mouth was full of cock. She wanted to but Sam was expanding in her and she had her first blowjob underway. She was very uneasy about her asshole being the object of oral attention. She certainly liked having her bottom stroked and nibbled but Lisa and her other lovers had never gone any further. She worried about how she must look and thanked God she’d cleaned herself thoroughly. Sam was fully hard now and slowly fucking her mouth. She gave a muffled squeak as Lisa’s finger entered her rear, followed by a thumb in her pussy and Lisa’s mouth reattaching itself to her clit. She let go and humped for all she was worth. As she began to come Sam dropped from her mouth and as she let out the silent scream that accompanied her orgasm Sam positioned his cock above her mouth and let his seed empty onto her tongue.

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