Little Mexican Motel

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The sun was burning from a clear blue sky, heating up the air and making it shimmer. It was hot, very hot, with no wind going. Nothing was moving in the heat of the Mexican noon, even the crickets, filling the air with their nerve-racking music the whole time, were silent now.

What a boring area, Jack thought. He was sitting near the pool of the little motel, in which he had taken a room for the next days or so. Or better said, he hoped, that it was only for the next days. The mechanic, who had taken care of his car, had spoken of a few days. A few days to order the broken parts and repair his car. A few days to deliver the parts to this godforsaken dump, somewhere in the nowhere of the Mexican desert.

“Fuck!” said Jack and he meant it. It could have been such a nice trip, down to the beach, the warm sun tickling his skin, drinking tequila and flirt with some lovely senoritas. But now he was shipwrecked in the desert, were the sun was not warm, but hot, were was no sea, only a little pool, surrounded by stunted palmtrees. And the only person coming only near to a sort of senorita, was the old, ugly scrap, who was the owner of the motel. At least he had got his tequila. He took the bottle and took another mouthful off the strong liquid, which was inside. It was burning his throat and warming his stomach. But it could be worse, he thought. The motel was nice and clean, with white walls. And it had cable TV. And… god, who he was trying to deceive? This was the worst trip in his whole life!

He was taking another mouthful of the bottle, which had gotten half-full in the meantime, when a shadow was falling over him. He turned his head, the bottle still at his lips.

The first thing he saw, were the legs. Long, slender legs, wrapped in black silk-stockings, going right up into the sky so as it seems. With his eyes he followed the tasty curves upwards, to the point were the legs were ending in a pair of denim hot-pants. Letting the bare belly-button behind him, he reached a pair of big, round, firm breasts, pushing against the material of a very tight top. And then he looked into her face. Her eyes were hidden by dark sunglasses, her lips were full and red, but that it wasn’t, what make his cock stiffen in his shorts. It was her hair, light blond, nearly white, a clear contrast between her brown, sun-burned skin.

“Is this seat free?” she asked with a light smile, her voice dark and soft like black velvet.

“Uh… yes, yes it’s free… ahm,” he stammered, putting the bottle to the ground. She smiled at him and sit down. He gasped as her cheeks pressed against his thigh, when she sit down on his knee. How he should know, that she would place herself on HIM? He thought she meant the deck-chair next to him! He made a deep breath. Should he explain to her, that he doesn’t want any company? That he wants to be alone? What a thought, OF COURSE NOT!

“How is your name, cowboy?” she asked, her velvet voice caressing his mind and set it in fire.

“J… Jack, my name is Jack”

“Okay, Jack, and what is a young good looking man like you, doing in a dump like this.” She looked over the edge of her sunglasses, catching his look with two hypnotic blue eyes, as blue as the sea.

“My car has got a breakdown. I’m stranded here for the next days.”

“Oh, poor boy!” she purred. Her hand moved to him, pointing to the light bulge in the front of his shorts and Jack hold his breath. But then she leaned back a bit, grasping the bottle of the tequila on the ground.

“May I?”

“Of course,” he said, with a light tone of disappointing in his voice. She took a good mouthful of the tequila, swallowed and gasped as the hot liquid ran through her throat.

“God, that’s strong!” she cried out surprised. “How you could drink such a poison?”

“Oh, its just the first swallow, then its get better!”

She looked at him, doubt in her eyes. But then she shrug her shoulders and took another deep swallow from the bottle. Again she gasped, but now more satisfied.

“You are right! It is better now.” And then she leaned forward and placed her lips on his.

Jack was totally surprised when her lips touched his mouth and he could feel his eyes widen, as she pressed nearer against him. He could feel her stiffening nipples through their shirts on his breast, he felled her hot breath on his face and he smelled her perfume, a delicate mix of light vanilla and sweat. For a moment he was totally caught, with no idea what to do. His thoughts were spinning in his mind. But then her tongue touched his lips and he opened up to her urging. The world began to fade away, only two things left: Him and the beautiful girl. Their world were made of spinning tongues, throbbing hearts, their bodies rubbing at each other. And then it was over. Her lips drew away and left him in arousal. His heart was bumping and he could feel his sweat dripping down his face and his whole body. Jack could not tell how long this kiss had been gone, but it hasn’t been a short one.

“Wow!” he said, looking bursa escort at the woman sitting on his lap. First time he noticed how young she was, maybe eighteen or nineteen, only two or three years younger than he was. He doesn’t know why, but he had thought of her of an older woman the whole time, of a woman twenty-six, twenty-seven of age. But she wasn’t a woman, she was a girl.

“Are you mad at me doing this?” she asked with a shy look. Her sunglasses have fallen to the ground and now he could see how wide her eyes were, making her look even much younger.

“No! No, I’m not mad at you. It was… great!” He gave her a big smile and she smiled back.

“Then, why don’t do a round of swimming?” She stood up, facing towards the pool.

“But… I have no bathing clothes!” Jack called after her. She looked over her shoulder, a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes.

“I haven’t neither!” she said, pulling her top over her head, dropping it to the ground. Under the top she wore a black bra, which was much to small for her breasts. She smiled at him again, then putting her hands on her pants and pulling them down, together with the black stockings. Then she stood there, only in her underwear, spinning around, to gave Jack a good look over her body. Jack couldn’t believe it at first, but there was no doubt. There was building up a little wet spot in her black slip!

There was nothing to hold him on his chair. While he was running to the pool, he removed his garments, letting only his briefs were their where. He stopped at the border of the pool, the water gurgled only a few inches from his feet. Jack looked at her, swimming in the warm water. Through her wet bra he could see her pink nipples. He took a deep breath, then he jumped into the water. The water flowed around his body, wrapping him around. His feet touched the ground of the pool and for a moment he rested there, totally surrounded by the water. And then, suddenly, there were hands, tender hands, touching gently his body. He came up from the water and snorted. She was paddling near him, glancing at him.

“Nice body, cowboy,” she laughed.

“Why you call me ‘cowboy’ all the time?” Jack asked a bit angry, but also aroused.

“You came from the USA?”


“So you are an American cowboy, cowboy!” She laughed again, swimming away from him.

“But I’m from New York,” he replied, following her with a grin on his face.

“Who cares?”

She swam towards him and then crossed her arms around his neck. She kissed him again, a deep, long kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, putting his hands on her fabulous ass. He gave her cheeks a little squeeze and she moaned into his mouth, deepening the kiss. She urged towards him, wrapping her legs around his hips. His cock was rock-hard now, pressing against her soft belly. One of her hands left his neck, wandering downwards. She passed his breast, lightly touched his stomach. And then, with a sudden quick move, she wrapped her hand around his dick. He grunted, squeezing her cheeks harder, pressing against her firm body. She moaned of pleasure, gliding her hand up and down on Jacks shaft. Jack took one hand from her ass, sliding into her slip. Even in the water he could feel the hot wetness of her swollen pussy.

“Lets go to my room!” he whispered in her ear. She only nodded.

How they made their way up to Jacks room, he couldn’t tell afterwards. They kissed and caressed each other all the way up, their clothes wet of their little trip to the pool. But when they had made it into Jacks room, they fell upon each other, ripping their clothes in anticipation . When they reached the big bed they were already nude. In front of the bed they kissed again, then she pushed him away. He fell onto the bed, his hard cock pointing to heaven.

“Let’s play a little game, cowboy,” she whispered with a dark voice. She crawled onto the bed next to Jack, grasped one if his hands and pushed it at the iron bars at the head of the bed. Suddenly she had one of her stockings in her hands, wrapping it around his wrist and tying it up.

“Hey!” Jack shouted, but she only putted her finger on his lips.

“Shh! Don’t fear, cowboy! It’ll be a lot of fun for you, I promise!” And before he could do anything else, his other wrist was tied to the iron bars, too.

“And now, we will have a little bit of fun!”

She bent down her head to his breast, her white hair flowing in shimmering cascades over her shoulders down on his stomach. Her hot breath tickled on his chest, while her hands were stroking his belly. And then she took one of his nipples in her mouth, her breasts pressing to his body, sucking and nibbling. Jack moaned in pleasure, his cock getting even harder than he thought it could get. She gave his left nipple a last suck, then slowly going to the other, her tongue gliding over his skin, circling around his right nipple, biting it gently. Jack could feel her hand gliding deeper, over his stomach to his loins. Her mouth sucking on his nipples and her hand bursa escort bayan twirling his pubic hair, made Jack shudder. The pleasure went unbearable and he braced against the shackles, not able to break it.

“Are we a little impatient, cowboy? Maybe, this will make you feel more comfortable,” she said roguish. Then Jack felt her mouth leaving his chest, sliding down his body. She caressed his belly-bottom a bit, but not for long. Her destination was laying deeper. He raised his head as much as he could, glancing at her lips, which were only few inches away from the head of his throbbing cock. He could feel her breath on his dick, her hair tickling his balls and her hands resting on his thighs. Slowly she lowered her head, her mouth approaching the tip of his rock-hard member. And then her lips parted, sliding his glans into her hot mouth. Jacks mouth stood open, his breath rushing. Her tongue was caressing the tip of his dick, her fingers playing with his balls. And then she began to let her head sank deeper, taking more and more of his meat into the hot wetness of mouth. Jack looked at her, waves of pleasure flowing through his body as his cock vanished completely between her red lips. She hold this position for a moment, getting herself used to his 6’5 inch long cock sticking in her throat.

Jack could feel her throat, wrapping around his penis, her tongue moving under his dick. His mouth was open, but he was unable to say a word or make a sound. Not often before a woman had sucked his cock, but none of them had deep throated it. It was a feeling Jack could hardly bear, feeling the pressure in his balls building up immediately. But he was not ready to cum yet. He closed his eyes, concentrating on something other, biting in his lips. Meanwhile she had began to let her head bopping on his dick, moving her lips to the head before going deeper again, taking it all in. Jack let go a deep moan, glancing at her. She kneeled between his legs, her ass high in the air and even from this position he could see her, fingering her pussy.

Following a sudden idea he slipped his right leg under her. He then bent his knee, until he felt her hot pussy touching his leg. And how hot it was! He could swear her slit was burning his flesh. A little sigh escaped between her lips and his dick, when she felt his touch, too. She steal a glance at him, without letting loose of his cock, to give him her OK. She pressed harder against his knee, rubbing her burning flesh against him, leaving a slippery trace of pussy juice on his skin. At the same time she intensified her activities at his cock, bopping her head faster and faster.

“Oh, yeaahh!” Jack moaned. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensational feeling on his cock. He knew that it wouldn’t last long till he cum. He could feel the pressure in his loins getting heavier with every moment.

She, too, felt his arousal. She started massaging his balls with her hand, sucking even harder on his cock, licking it with her tongue at the same time.

“Oh, baby, I’m coming!” Jack yelled out. Spurts of hot cum blasted from his cock, filling her mouth with the sticky, salty taste. She gulped, not letting any drop of his cum escape. She sucked and sucked, while spurt after spurt came from his dick. It must been a minute till his orgasm cushioned and she hold him the whole time in her mouth, till he was dry and his cock softened in her mouth.

Jack lay exhausted, catching his breath. Colored lights danced behind his eyelids and his heart was bumping as if he had ran a marathon. Never he thought he could shoot so much cum than he had did, never thought that an orgasm could last such a long time.

He opened his eyes when he felt the bed moving softly, glancing at her, crawling beneath him. Her skin was covered with a film of shiny sweat and a little drop of white cum hung in the corner of her mouth. Jack thought that she looked more beautiful than ever.

“That was wonderful, baby!” he whispered, smiling at her.

“Yes, that was it. But it is not over yet, cowboy!” Her tongue swept over her lips, catching the last drop of his cum. “Now it’s my turn!”

She swung her leg over his chest, giving him a good look at her swollen pussy and the first time he recognized her pubic hair, as white as snow, trimmed in the shape of a heart. She smiled at him, knowing only to good, on what his eyes where focused at.

“Wanna feel my heartbeat?” she asked. And with that she crawled up to his face, placing her thighs next to his head, her pussy hanging over his face. A little drop of her juice fell on his lips and he caught it with his tongue. It tasted delicious.

With a quiet sound of arousal she lowered her hips, bringing her swollen pussy into reach of his tongue. He stuck out his tongue and touched her cunt lightly. Her pussy was dripping wet, her juices flowing over his tongue in his mouth and on his face. He began to slide up and down the cleft between her lips, making her moan in pleasure. Again he regretted that his hands were tied up, because escort bursa only with his tongue, he thought, he couldn’t give her the pleasure he were able to. She must have recognized that too, because her hand wandered deeper, placing two fingers on her burning pussy, parting the swollen lips to give him better access. With a sudden moan she pressed her hips even deeper, kissing his mouth with her pussy lips and greasing her sweet juice all over his face. Jack stuck out his tongue even more, feeling it slide into the hot wetness of her. She moaned again, with a sudden cry, when his tongue entered her body.

“Oh, yes! Yes, cowboy, fuck me!” she screamed, bopping her hips up and down, fucking his tongue like a little, movable cock. Jack rotated his tongue into her, licking her clit and sucking the juices from her pussy, lost in the sensation of looking at her burning cunt fucking his tongue, her breasts bouncing up and down far over him and the sensational taste of her. It must have been hours, Jack thought, before she screamed out loud, her hips shivering. Her pussy contracted and pulsated as the orgasm rolled over. Jack concentrated his licking on the little spot of her clit, not letting it loose. She screamed and moaned as the second and the third orgasm flowed over her, floods of juice dripping from her cunt. She collapsed over him, rolling over, lying next to him. Her breath was heavy and her face was red. Only looking at her, totally exhausted, her skin covered with a soft film of sweat, her breast going up and down in the rhythm of her breath, brought the life back in Jacks little member. When she opened her eyes and smiled at him, it was semi-erect again, the blood pulsating softly in it.

“That was a fantastic ride, cowboy!” she sighed, slowly catching her breath. Her hand caressed his chest and softly ran over his nipples. Her soft touch sends shivers through his body. The little hairs on his arms were tickling. And the she caught the picture of his half stiff rod. The smile on her face changed into a big grin, when she put her hand deeper, playing with his pubic hair.

“I think, your little friend wants one more ride!” she giggled.

“Yeah. Come on, honey, release me from this shackles!” She looked at him with this amazing blue eyes, the she shook her head.

“No, cowboy, my game, my rules! And haven’t you had the fun of your life? Was it not good for you?” Her voice was only a whisper, stroking his ear like a warm summerwind.

“No, it was great, but…” She put one finger on his lips and he was quiet. He wasn’t even sure now, if he really want her to release his chains.

“Then lean back and enjoy the show!” she purred.

The hand that had caressed his pubic hair suddenly grabbed the base of his shaft, squeezing it lightly. Jack moaned of pleasure and surprise, his cock stiffen immediately. Her hand slowly glided up and down on his shaft, stroking and squeezing it gently. A little drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his penis and she caught it with her finger and licked it off.

“I think you’re ready now, cowboy,” she said, suddenly holding a little condom pack in her hand. She opened it with her fingernails and pulled the black latex out. She recognized the surprised looking of Jack and smiled at him.

“I don’t want any children yet, do you?” she asked and Jack weakly shook his head. She placed the wet shimmering condom on the head of his dick and, with a quick movement, pulled it down to the base. The tight latex wrapped around his dick like a second skin and it was a better feeling than Jack had expected. He never fucked with a condom before, maybe because he thought it would be a bad feeling on his cock, but now he could think of getting used to it.

Her hand gave his cock a last stroke, the she leaped herself over his body, kneeling over him, his cock right pointing at her pussy. She grabbed his cock with one hand and slowly lowered her body to his cock. When his penis-head touched her pussy, he gasped in surprise. She was hotter than hell, burning his flesh with the flames of passion. She slowly moved her hips back and forth, letting his dick glide over her pussy lips, but not putting it in. It was the most sensational feeling Jack ever had, better than every other pussy he have had, better than her mouth on his dick, only so short ago. And she hadn’t even put in her cunt, Jack thought.

She looked at him with a dangerous sparkle in her blue eyes and lowered herself a bit more. Her pussy lips parted and let the tip of his dick in. Tight, warm wetness surrounded Jacks dick-head, letting him moan in pleasure. She rocked her hips back and forth a few times, then moved her body up a bit. Jacks cock slid out of her, the black latex glistening with her juices. He looked at her disappointed, but she only grabbed her full breasts with her hands, starting to stroke and to squeeze them. She played with her nipples, eyes closed and little moans escaping through her parted lips. The look on this beautiful woman, playing with her breasts and her sweet pussy, only few inches away from his throbbing cock, made Jack horny as hell. He wanted to fuck her so badly that it hurts, but there was nothing he could do. The silk of her stockings laid strong and tight around his wrists.

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