Little Sister Ch. 01

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I was hanging around the kitchen of my apartment, making one more pass through the summer-school papers I’d graded, when the phone range and gave me a welcome distraction. Claire. An old high-school girlfriend, in law school on the East Coast.

“Hey!” she said brightly. “How’s grad school?”

“Less lucrative than law school! Come out and buy me dinner!”

“Maybe over the summer. But here’s a deal. Julie starts school there in August and she’s moving there in two weeks. Show her around? I’ll make it worth your while…”

“Ha! Sure, seriously, not a problem.” I tried to remember the age gap between my friend and her sister. “She’s coming in as a freshman? Is that right?”

“Yeah, but she took a year off. She’s still too young for you and if you touch her I’ll skin you slowly, alive.”

“If I don’t touch her, you’ll hurt me? That’s an odd request.”

“You heard me…see you over Christmas, maybe.” And she hung up, laughing.

I forgot the conversation, except for some warm thoughts about Claire and her parent’s pool house that I had over the next month or so.

Summer school ended, I managed to get some research done, and then the rampup to the academic year began.

I went to my office and found a note in my cubby. Little-girl script, an invitation to meet at the coffee shop across Hilgard from campus at 5, signed Julie. It took me a minute and then I remembered the conversation. “Ah, damn, can’t make it.” She’d left a number, and I explained to her answering machine that I had meetings until 7. But if she wanted to connect later, I’d buy her dinner. I left my office and home phones (this was back before cells…).

Finished the meeting and dropped my books in my office. The light on my phone was blinking – thinking it was the smoking hot redhead from my linear math course, I grabbed them. A young voice announced herself as Julie and invited to me dinner. She had moved into an empty sorority until school actually started, so was right off campus.

I walked by and found her building. I recognized her right away. She was sitting on the stairs, chatting with another young girl, but saw me as I approached and stood up. Same straight auburn hair, same roundish face, same big smile – but now atop a somewhat well-filled but definitely round in the right places body. She wasn’t tall, but was vibrant. Her friend stood up as well. She was in many ways her opposite. Slender, olive skin, black hair, serious mouth. Where Julie was all Northern California joyfulness, her friend – Leah – was darker in mood, and somehow all the more attractive for it.

Then I caught myself. C’mon, this is Claire’s baby sister and her friend. Kids, I thought.

“Hey guys! Want to go get some dinner?”

Leah had a date, and Julie was ravenous so we split up and Julie and went and grabbed a meal at Monty’s, the steak house on top of a local office building. Even back then, it was old-fashioned.

We chatted over dinner, she filled me on her year after high school (Eurailpass, backpack) and what she wanted to do here at UCLA (prelaw, like her sister).

Then I walked her around the Village, and up onto campus as we angled over toward her sorority building.

As we got there, she invited me up to smoke a joint. I laughed and said I didn’t think I could come into bursa escort a sorority and go upstairs.

“No, it’s totally cool; it’s not the sorority yet, it’s like a boarding house for another week. There are just four of us here tonight; we have to be out Friday. Come on up, I’ll tell you all about what Claire’s up to…”

I laughed and said sure, figuring it’d be fun to be a grad student who got tossed from a sorority.

We walked into the dim living room, and then up stairs. We went into another living/sitting room and then into her room, which was stacked with boxes and suitcases.

She grabbed a few things, and then we went back to the sitting room, looking out over Hilgard and campus.

She pulled a joint from a baggie and lit it. She took a big drag and handed it to me.

I puffed and handed it back. I wanted her to get a little buzzed and dish all her sister’s deepest secrets.

We chatted aimlessly for a while, passing the joint back and forth.

She looked at me. “I used to listen to you, you know.”

Me: puzzled look.

“You and Claire. In the pool house when you thought no one knew.”

“You listened to us…”


“How did you…? You didn’t know what we were doing did you?”

“Not completely. But it made me horny as hell. I replayed those sounds in my head over and over for years when I masturbated.”

I looked at her and suddenly I saw her. Up until then I’d seen character notes and a sketch. Claire’s little sister who used to swim around naked in the pool when she thought no one was looking. Hair, and a smile and a positive attitude and really, not much else. But suddenly the idea that she had her own sexuality…that she masturbated, was horny…and that one dimension fleshed her completely in my mind.

Suddenly there was a person sitting there, with her own ideas, interests and desires. Very much her own desires. And suddenly mine.

She handed me the joint and our hands touched, and we both left them there for just a moment before I took it. I took a hit and breathed it out, and I was suddenly nervous. I felt like me as a high school kid on a date.

“Well,” I said. “I think I want you. I’m sorry if…”

“Don’t be sorry. I want to ball you senseless.” She moved over to my sofa, sat next to me, and leaned in to kiss me.

She grabbed my lower lip in her teeth and nipped. She opened her mouth and I slid my tongue deep into her mouth and she sucked on it hard. I grabbed her and pulled her to me, and then reached for her full breast and kneaded it through her shirt.

“Let’s go to my room.”

I stood up, holding her to me, and we walked into her bedroom. We stood by her bed and kicked off our shoes, and then she pulled me down onto the bed and I lay on her and we kissed some more. I like kissing, and she was damn good at it. I pushed myself off her and began unbuttoning her shirt. Once it was open, I opened her belt, unsnapped and unzipped her pants and then stood up and pulled them off. Her underwear came off as well. She lay back, her pale skin contrasting with the neatly trimmed triangle of curly brown hair over her pussy.

Looking up, I took a moment to take her in. Round, firm breasts with wrinkled tan nipples tightened into points. A smoothly rounded belly. Pale veins in bursa escort bayan the creases at the tops of her legs. I smelled her excitement. It smelled musky and tangy as I leaned down to taste her.

She tasted divine. Slightly tangy, very musky, and slippery under my tongue. When I reached her clit she arched her back and I knelt on the floor between her legs and licked. She tossed her shirt off and her breasts – bigger than I thought they’d be – slumped a little bit to the sides as I caressed them.

In a moment, the muscles in her thighs were quivering and my mouth was flooded with her juices. I kept my tongue running over her clit and slid my thumb into her pussy as she kept coming and I felt the lining of her pussy ripple and finally clench as she groaned her pleasure.

I kept my thumb in her and moved up to kiss her nipples, then her mouth. She licked my lips, taking herself. I pulled my thumb out and sucked on it, tasting the almost-pulpy texture and flavor. Her juices were so thick, so viscous that I felt like I was eating as much as just licking them off my thumb.

She opened my pants as I pulled my shirt off. I was incredibly hard, and she murmured as she caressed my cock and balls.

Then she pulled my pants all the way off.

I moved to enter her and she pushed me back. “Not yet.”

She pushed me back so I was standing and knelt in front of me, taking the head of my cock in her mouth. She held the shaft as she ran her tongue in circles around the edge of the head.

She moved her hand to my balls and slid my cock deep into her throat. I had a moment to be impressed that she could do it before pleasure shut off conscious thought.

She kept sliding me in and out of her mouth as my cock thickened. She took her fingers and circled my sack just above the balls and somehow that trapped me in a state of amazing pleasure – just on the verge of coming, but not able to.

Then she took her fingers off and rubbed the base of my cock with her thumb as she sucked the head hard and I flooded her mouth with come. I kept pulsing and she kept sucking, until she finally looked up at me and opened her mouth, showing me the pool of white come on her pink tongue.

“Want some?” she gurgled.

“Swallow, and I’ll kiss it off your lips. But I’d rather eat it out of your cunt.”

She grinned as she said “You’ll have to put it there first,” and moved up the bed opening her legs.

Her pussy was swollen, covered in juices that matted the bottom of the curly pubic triangle, and her inner lips were bright red and hard.

I was half-hard still, and as I moved up to cover her and press my hands into her full breasts and crush my mouth against hers, I felt it pulse slowly harder.

I gripped the base of my cock, bringing it to hardness, and slid the head into her.

She was smooth and tight, with the viscous juices smearing between us and I slipped the head and the beginning of the shaft into her. She arched her back under me and I slid deeper into her, threw her head back and laughed.

As I bottomed, I felt her tighten around me and a trickle of her juices drip down my balls. She brought her face to me and kissed me and caressed my ass. I rubbed her breasts, and marveled in their firm roundness, the way the drooped slightly to the side but escort bursa stood up to meet my palms.

I leaned down and kissed one nipple then the other, making her squirm slightly and then she started rocking her hips up and down, sliding my cock slightly in and out of her. I kept myself pressed into her so the only motion was what she created. I kissed then nibbled her right nipple, and then her left. I felt myself pressed even deeper into her, the smooth head of her cervix pressed against the back of the head of my cock and suddenly I felt the walls of her womb shudder and then clench onto me as her legs and arms trembled and she pressed her face into my neck and came.

I was so close to coming that I tried to wait before moving in and out of her again to let the arousal die down. But it didn’t, and as I slid back the first time since she’d come, I started shooting slippery come into her. I drove in and pulled out, still pumping come into her, and finally fell onto her, completely spent.

I caught my breath and pulled out of her, kissing my way down her body.

She took my head into her hands and pushed me down. Her pubic hair was matted, with drops of milky juices scattered through it. Her pussy was gaping open, a mixture of her thick juices and my sperm drooling out of it.

I licked the outside clean, then went to work licking her pubes. She squirmed, and pushed me down hard. My mouth was full of the taste of her and the funky mushroom taste of me. I ran my tongue onto her clit for an instant and then scooped it up her dripping slit, swallowing what I’d just shot into her. I held it in my mouth as I suckled on her clit and drove her to her third orgasm.

As she gasped, I slid up her body and dripped our juices into her mouth.

I collapsed onto her and rolled to her side and we drifted into sleep.

It was barely dawn when I woke to a nose in the street below our window. I looked down and saw a guy in a leather jacket pounding on what I assumed was a locked door.

Puzzled, I pulled on my jeans and t-shirt and Julie grabbed a robe. We walked out into the sitting area to find Leah lying on the floor wrapped in her bathrobe. She said “Fuck him. Don’t let him in.”

Julie asked “He’s yours?” and Leah replied with an edge in her voice “Not any more.”

Julie stood by the window looking down and I stood in the middle of the room by Leah. We looked at each other, shrugged, and she walked over to me and took my arm. She stepped back toward her room, and in doing so almost walked me over the sprawled form of Leah on the floor.

The halves of her robe were slightly opened and I could follow the gap up between her legs, where I saw black curls. I tugged on Julie’s arm and looked down. She looked down, smiled and then looked at me mischievously. I reached down with my toes and grabbed the edge of her robe and pulled it slightly more open, exposing her fur. I grinned – there wasn’t anything really sexual about it to me at the moment, it was just what amounted to a pantsing.

Instead Leah opened her legs and rocked her hips upward, flashing her pink lips. I looked at her, suddenly stuck by lust, and she was biting her lip, looking up and me.

I looked at Julie, expecting her to pull me into her room. Instead she was looking down then at me, cooly. If I had been more grown-up, or more of a gentleman, I would have said something and asked for her OK. Instead, I just reached down and took Leah’s hand.

She stood up and followed us into Julie’s room.


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