Long Time Coming Ch. 02

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The elevator stopped at their floor. The maid greeted them as they exited. Shonda’s room was across the hallway from Tyler’s. The bellman was even more confused when he saw they had separate rooms. Tyler walked into Shonda’s room and had the bags off before the bellman could blink. Tyler told Shonda that he would call her in a few moments after he freshened up. The bellman wheeled the cart out of her room and across the hallway to Tyler’s. After they walked in the room, Tyler figured that he would have that little chat with him. There was no time like the present.

Tyler told the young man that he was in a position to hear and see a lot of things. There was a responsibility to keep his personal reactions just that, personal. After talking with him for a moment, Tyler learned that the bellman wanted to move up, but the openings weren’t there. Tyler asked him what type of work he wanted to do. The bellman told him that he wanted to use his organizational skills to help him move up. Tyler asked him if he thought that the butler’s position was one that he could handle. He said that it was. It seemed to Tyler that it was a golden opportunity. They parted and he told Tyler that if he needed anything to let him know. Tyler told him that if you do a good job, maybe they’ll add you to the butler corps.

Tyler unpacked and jumped into the shower. He needed to hurry up because he told Shonda that it would only be a few minutes. The hot water soothed his aching muscles and Tyler bursa escort made a mental note to get a massage soon. He had been spending entirely too much time at work and he was very tense. He got cleaned up and changed into something more comfortable. Tyler liked clothes and had a decent wardrobe that was contemporary. He wore a pair of black slacks and a silk pullover sweater. It was nice, but not too showy. He reached over to dial Shonda’s room to let her know that he was ready.

Before he could pick up the phone, there was a soft knock at the door. Tyler walked over and looked out the peephole. He couldn’t believe his eyes….he had no idea that he would be seeing this! It was Shonda…but then again it wasn’t. She was dressed in a silk pant suit that was snug, but not too snug. Her hair was pinned up in the back a little. She had a white top on that hung across her chest in an alluring sense. There was a black lace choker with a diamond hanging across her dainty neck. She looked totally different than he remembered her. He opened the door and tried to hide his surprise. Evidently he didn’t do a good job, because Shonda told him that it wasn’t nice to stare. Then she smiled brightly, letting him know that everything was ok.

Then Tyler noticed that she was staring too. It had been a long time since she saw him and he was not the same as he was in high school. There was a certain air of confidence about him. She didn’t think he bursa escort bayan was conceited, but she realized that he was very sure of himself. She liked that in a man, but there had to be the right amount of confidence. Too much made him cocky and that wasn’t cool either. He had filled out a little and was in much better shape than before. He wasn’t muscle-bound, but you knew that he knew his way around a gym.

Tyler stepped outside and closed the door behind him. It was interesting once you thought about it. There was an attraction there, but Tyler wanted to watch himself. Many a man had messed up a good thing by not reading the signals that women give off. What some men think is permission to jump in the bed is nothing more than attraction. Tyler didn’t want to make a mistake. He would wait things out with her. It was much better to have her as a friend than as an enemy.

Meanwhile, Shonda was thinking similar thoughts in her head as well. She wasn’t happy right now, but she refused to settle for less than what she deserved. That’s how a lot of women end up in dead-end situations. She refused to do that. She had come too far and accomplished too much to throw it all away by hooking up with someone with no future. There were some good brothers out there, but they al seemed to be playas and stuck on themselves. Shonda just wanted a good man who could put it down in the bedroom when needed.

Damn, where did that come from? Shonda, you need to get a grip, escort bursa girl. You can’t be thinking like that! It ain’t right! Sure, he’s fine as hell but you don’t know anything about this man. You haven’t seen him in years.

All of those thoughts flowed through Shonda’s brain as they walked towards the bank of elevators. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. He walked slightly to her right side and ahead of her by a foot or so. When they approached the area directly in front of the elevator, the bellman was there clad in a different jacket than before. Apparently, he was a go-getter after all. He glided effortlessly to the bank of elevators and greeted them. His demeanor was much more professional than his earlier encounter. The maid for the floor was also there and she asked Shonda if there were any special needs for the weekend. She apologized for not greeting her earlier, but she was downstairs preparing a special package.

Shonda told her that she would let her know if she needed anything. The butler shook Tyler’s hand as he entered the elevator and told him that he was at his disposal for the duration of the weekend. The young buck even had the slight accent of a prep-school graduate now. Tyler smiled inwardly. It was funny what happened when people received a little guidance now and then. He might turn out okay after all. It was as though the youngster had changed into a different person.

The elevator ride seemed to take forever and they rode down in silence. Tyler was thinking about making a good impression, but he was also thinking about that body! Shonda was a knockout and then some. There was definitely a classy lady, but she looked like she was ready to get her freak on!

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