Long Time Lovers

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My sister and I have been lovers for nearly five years now. I was thinking back to the time it all began. I was twenty and my sister Emily was nineteen. Our parents had gone away for the day to visit some old friends and left my sister and I at home. I had been in my bedroom. I remember I was so damn horny that day. I was on my back stroking my cock. I am not sure why but I was thinking about my sister. She was just down the hallway. I got up from the bed and walked to her doorway.

The door was closed. If I opened it I knew that Emily would either get pissed at me or she would invite me in. We had always been close but nothing like ever seeing each other naked. I slowly opened the door and stepped inside her room. Emily was sitting on the bed reading some magazine. She looked up and I knew her eyes were glued to my prick.

“What are you doing Brad,” she asked me.

“I think you know, I had to see you,” I said.

Emily didn’t get upset or tell me to get out. When she didn’t make a fuss I walked over to the edge of the bed. My hard cock was pointing directly at her face. There was this silence for a few moments before Emily reached out and took my cock in her hand. She slowly began to stroke my prick. This was it, I thought, the moment of truth. Emily moved over to the edge of the bed. Her face was just inches from my cock. She leaned in and took me in her mouth.

I know I let out this moan and my sister used her lips to suck on me. I reached out and put a hand on the back of her head. Emily was taking me right down to the root. I couldn’t recall a blowjob quite like this one. After some minutes had passed my sister broke away. I watched as she took off her shirt and the pair of shorts she was wearing. She moved back onto the bed and spread her legs for me.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it Brad?”

It was what I had thought about for a long time. I got onto the bed and I lowered my face to her mound. beyoğlu escort I think I went crazy using my tongue on my sister’s pussy. It was her turn to hold my head down to her opening. I was flicking my tongue up and down her gash. Emily got so wet that day. A few minutes of that and I had to have my sister. I crawled in between her thighs and I aligned my mushroom to her folds. I pushed my hips forward and entered my sister.

When I look back on that day, that was some of the best sex I ever had. Emily clamped down hard onto my rod as I fed her my cock. My sister had full breasts and I lowered my mouth to find a nipple. I took turns sucking each nipple into my mouth. Emily hadn’t wasted any time. She strapped her legs around my back and she had me tight against her body. I recall pounding my sister hard that day. I had fantasized all those times and now I had my dick buried inside my sister.

I wish I could remember how long we did it that first time. It seemed like hours went by. I fed my bone to my sister and she took every inch I had to give her. My balls were hitting against her bottom and they made a slapping noise every time I entered her pussy. I got to the point where I was getting close. I had no idea if my sister was on any type of birth control and I wasn’t wearing a rubber. I couldn’t make myself pull out that first time. I shot my load into my sister’s craving pussy.

I recall shooting one big load after another into my sister’s gash. Emily squeezed every bit of my steamy seed from me. I was gushing the whole time. I finally stopped stroking my sister and I held my cock in place. I felt Emily’s pussy going into contortions. I lowered my face and Emily and I kissed each other. Once I felt spent I pulled out from my sister’s hole. Large globs of cum came spilling out of my sister’s cunt.

Emily told me that she had been having the same feeling as I had. bostancı escort She just didn’t know if I felt the same way as her. My sister got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she got back she said what we had done probably wasn’t too smart. She wasn’t on any birth control and I had taken her bare. I told her she needed to do something soon. I wanted to have her as my lover.

We did make love another time that day before my parents got back. Emily mounted me and rode my still hard cock. She kept slamming down onto my prick as I drove my cock up into her passage. I reached out and cupped her large breasts. I could feel her hard nipples in the palms of my hands. Emily really got off having her tits played with. I was able to cum in my sister one more time that day. It wasn’t a lot but I gave her a small load of my cream.

We were all cleaned up when my parents returned. My Mom asked if everything went okay while they were gone. I told her everything was perfect. Emily did go to a clinic and got herself on the pill. Thankfully I didn’t impregnate her those first couple of times. We didn’t manage to be together much in the next few years. We were both at different colleges. We only saw each other during a few weeks in the summer.

After school we went our separate ways for awhile. My sister actually got married after college. To say I was bummed out could not describe my feelings. I thought we might be together but it wasn’t to be at first. Not too long after my sister tied the knot she paid me a visit. She hadn’t brought her husband, Jeff, along. For some reason Jeff didn’t like me. I wonder if he sensed that Emily and I were closer than he was to his own wife.

Emily arrived at my apartment one Friday afternoon. She told me all about her marriage.

“I should have never married him. It’s been nothing but hell.”

Evidently Jeff was the jealous büyükçekmece escort type. He suspected every guy was after Emily. He wasn’t happy that Emily was coming to visit me but I was the one person he least suspected to be after his wife. I comforted my sister that weekend. We hadn’t made love in a couple of years. We picked up where we left off. I took my sister in almost every position that weekend. Emily was on her stomach as I entered her from behind. I drove my long, bare rod deep into her belly. God, did my sister beg to be taken.

Emily said she wanted me to fill her with every drop of my hot cum. I did my best. I had saved up knowing that my sister was coming to see me. I must have had her six good loads of my baby cum. We even had anal sex together. That was something that we had never tried. Emily was afraid it would hurt too much. That weekend she said she wanted to give herself to me totally. I had my sister get on all fours. I lubricated my shaft and I eased into my sister’s tight bum.

She did scream a little. She said it hurts but that I shouldn’t stop. I managed to get all seven inches of my rod in the whole way. If I thought my sister’s pussy was tight, this was something totally different. It felt like my cock was in a vise. Emily was squeezing my dick with her ass muscles. I gave her scads of my love milk deep inside her bottom. Unfortunately the weekend ended too soon. Emily had to leave Sunday morning to drive back.

“Do you think there is any hope for us, Brad?”

“What do you mean,” I asked her.

“If I left Jeff, would you have me?”

I never thought it would come to that. My sister never wanted to talk about us living together. She said it would cause too many problems. I told her to let me think it through. I did want her to be with me but how would it go over if she divorced her husband and came to live with me. What would our parents think? I needed to come up with something so we could be together for good.

Emily is back home now. I get text messages from her all the time. She says life is unbearable with her husband. She thinks about my cock constantly and wishes I was buried deep in her pussy. Talk like this makes my cock hard. I am hoping that Emily can unload her husband and we can soon be lovers for good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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