Love at First Touch

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The day drug on endlessly as the clock seemingly refused to move. C.W. sat at the bench and ran through a mental checklist of everything. His roommate was planning on hooking him up with one of her friends for a proverbial “One night stand”. He had only met her once before and he had been absolutely cooked on that night. From what he did remember though, she was incredible. Megan was one of those once in a lifetime girls. She was five foot four, had long brown hair with soft, graceful spiral curls and deep brown eyes that a man could drown in.

“Davis!” C.W. snapped his head towards his supervisor. He had completely lost track of time.

“What the hell you starin’ off into space for? Get tools done, let’s go.”

C.W. got up and started the end of shift tool inventory, anxious to get on the road toward home.

The drive home seemed just as long as the shift that preceded it. He was still rummaging through that mental checklist he had earlier. He needed a shower. He looked into the passenger seat of his Expedition at the small jar of peanut butter. For some reason his roommate had asked him to bring one home, but he had no idea why. He decided to not bring it up until somebody asked for it. He pulled into the driveway, shut his truck off and took a deep breath. Show time.

C.W. walked through the front door of the house that he and his two roommates were renting and found the scene that he had both hoped for and dreaded for the past 12 hours. Megan was sitting on the love seat. She smiled up at him and said a sweet hello as he stepped around the couches on the way to the bathroom. He had no idea what to say, or what to do. He wasn’t a complete stranger to one night stands, but he didn’t altogether like them. It wasn’t just that he wasn’t comfortable with casual sex, but even though they had only met once, something about Megan stirred him to the core. He cared about her. That fact alone sent cold shivers running down his spine. If he went through with this and she never talked to him again, he would be absolutely crushed. Too late now, there was no way he was turning away from her tonight. Even if it killed him, he was here to give her whatever he wanted.

As he stepped around the couches on the way to the bathroom, he said a quick hello to the three ladies sitting around on the couches and kept his eyes on the goal. The bathroom. A small, white cubicle of porcelain and hot water that could serve as his sanctuary for at least the next fifteen minutes. He turned the shower on, stepped out of his clothes tuzla escort and immersed himself in the steam and hot water. He stood there for moments letting the water run over his head. What the hell was he getting himself into? Soon enough he would find out. The life that had repeatedly kicked him in the teeth over the last two years was about to pay him back with interest. He quickly washed himself, dried off and put on his flannel sleeping pants and a t-shirt. As he reached for the doorknob it was as if he was reaching out to fate itself.

As he stepped into the living room, his roommate and her friend stepped into the garage for a smoke. C.W. sat down on the opposite end of the couch as Megan and commenced what he can only describe as a courtship in fast forward. He knew why she was there; she knew why he was there. That being said though, there was something inside him that just had to make the effort. As time moved along, much more quickly now than when he was at work, he leaned closer to her and she mirrored his moves on the other side of the couch. Few words were exchanged in the process as the two of them maneuvered closer and closer. C.W. decided to try something. Something cheesy. Cheesy enough that it just might be perfect for this situation. He stretched his arms up over his head and extended them to his sides, letting his right arm settle around Megan’s shoulder. To his utter amazement he felt her weight shift and she nestled herself into his body. Her left arm reached around her torso and he smiled as he felt their fingers begin the dance that would ultimately end in the clasping of their hands, and the joining of their hearts. As he lay there on the couch, holding the hand of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, he thought to himself that the other two girls had been smoking for a good long time.

The two of them lay there for what seemed like an eternity, or maybe it was only a moment. He really couldn’t decide which was more the truth. What he did know, was that the night was growing long and he had to do something fast. While he wanted this more than anything, he had been putting it off all night. What came next was probably one of the most awkward proposals he had ever given.

“I’ve got a bed.” He said.

“Wanna use it.”

He looked at her trying to conceal his absolute terror. What he had just said was about as smooth as a porcupine with his hackles up. He waited for her answer. The next moment seemed to last three weeks. The sound that escaped from those sexy ruby lips was more the consistency tuzla escort bayan of fine silk.

“Sure.” She said.

As he stood and reached for her hand, she smiled a warm radiant smile and stood with him.

The bedroom door closed behind them and they were shrouded in darkness. He could just make out her beautiful silhouette as she glided toward his bed. Megan does not walk, she glides. She kneed up on the bed, the spun around and sat with her legs dangling off of the edge. C.W. wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. It was a deep, long, passionate kiss. He felt her part her lips and he had to stifle a moan as their tongues explored each other. He was lost in her feel, in her taste and in her scent. Everything about this girl was heaven. He moved his hand under the hem of her shirt and traced the silky smooth line of her backbone. She smile and laughed gently as she stopped kissing him just long enough to tell him that it felt good. As he was caressing her back and tracing the line of her bra, his other hand unbuttoned her pants. He could have jumped in glee as he heard the rough sound of her zipper opening and there was still no resistance from her. Holy shit, it was actually going to happen. He laid her down on the bed and she willingly raised her hips as he slowly pulled off her pants. Second awkward moment of the night; this beautiful woman was lying on his bed, exposed and vulnerable and he was lost. Suddenly he had no idea where he was. It only took a moment for him to regain his composure and he started to move again. In a flash his clothes were off and he climbed into bed with her.

“Lay down.” She told him, her voice full of desire.

He complied instantly, lying down next to her on the bed. She sat next to him and reached for his dick. This time there was no stifling the moan that came from somewhere deep in his soul. He closed his eyes, soaking in the pleasure and thinking somehow there was no way this was ever going to get any better. That thought didn’t last long. His eyes snapped open as he felt her take him into her mouth. His mind exploded with pleasure as he felt her lips close on the base of his hard shaft. She worked him in and out of her mouth, his cock soaked with her and he never wanted it to end. The sight of this beautiful almost stranger going down on him was so amazing that it almost made him come then and there. Sensing that he was on the edge, she pulled off of him, and gently stroked him with her hand.

“Did you like that?” She asked.

“Are you fucking kidding escort tuzla me?” He replied. It was barely a whisper. He couldn’t trust his full voice.

As he lay there trying to regain his composure and put the shattered pieces of his mind back together, she took steps to make sure that that was never going to happen. She crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. The look on her face told him that his eyes were about the size of silver dollars as she reached behind her back and unclasped the silky bra she was wearing. As she let the bra fall off of her shoulders, her perfect tits sprang free. He couldn’t control himself any longer. He sat up next to her, and devoured one nipple with his tongue as he squeezed the other one with his hand. He felt her lean back on her arms and arch her back, pushing her tits harder into his mouth and hand. As she craned her neck back, he released her hard nipple from her mouth and kissed his way up her neck as he laid her down on her back and climbed on top of him.

He knelt between her legs, and immediately began trying to kiss every square inch of her body starting with her left earlobe. Her breath became ragged and her body writhed in exquisite pleasure. He reached between her legs, and for the first time made contact with her lips. Shit she had a great pussy. He traced his finger along her lips and could feel he arousal. He dipped one finger, and then two inside of her and smiled as she thanked him by arching her back and smiling.

“Quit teasing me.” She commanded.

Who was he to say no? He pushed his cock against her pussy and felt it open to him. She was tight, but plenty wet enough to accommodate him. As he slowly worked his way into her, he could feel inch by inch of her pussy welcoming him. Her hot, wet pussy begging for more. As he fucked her, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled his face to her body. He worked her into a fever pitch, thrusting into her harder and harder. The smell of sex mixed with the sound of flesh pounding into flesh and the sexy sound of her ragged breathing and moans filled with desire. He felt his balls tighten and thrust into her one last time and he pumped load after load of cum deep within her pussy. He stayed inside of her for a moment, feeling her rock back and forth, milking him of every last drop. When he had given all of it to her, he rolled over and lay beside her. They kissed one more time and then her phone rang. She stood to answer it, and then began to get dressed. She hung up the phone and simply said “I have to go”. They said their goodbyes and she walked out of his room. He wondered if it would be forever. He closed his eyes and went to sleep, wondering if he would ever see her again.

To Be Continued…

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