Love For Her Mother

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Marina pulled her hand out of her vagina, the tips of her fingers touching the lips of her cunt as she sat frozen on the toilet seat watching the handle of the door turn. Guessing it wasn’t going to stop, she reached for a piece of tissue, hearing a short, sharp gasp as Dawn, Marina’s only child, walked into the bathroom, frozen in her tracks at the site of her mothers legs spread, Dawn for her part looking away as Marina stood breaking some tissue off and wiping it over her crotch, dropping it into the toilet bowel and flushing it down the toilet.

“Dawn, you could at least knock” Marina said crouching down, keeping her legs firmly shut as she lifted her panties up around her knees, pulling her trousers with them. As they moved up around her thighs, Dawn did notice the dark material of her mother’s knickers contrasting to the light texture of the cotton. Was her mother wet? she had probably just wet herself a little, a sign of old age.

“Sorry, just wanted to spend some time with my mother. Rosie called about half an hour ago, she can’t come around tonight” Dawn said watching her mother walk across the room, washing her hands. Dawn walked across the bathroom and rested her chin on Marina’s shoulder, placing her hands on her mum’s stomach and staring at her reflection in the mirror pouting a little.

“I’m sorry honey, I know you wanted to catch up with her. Doesn’t help she spends a lot of the time in the city” Marina said looking at the reflection of Dawn’s face so close to hers. She again saw those images in her head of Dawn’s soft lips kissing the flat of her stomach, her tongue pushing out from her mouth leaving a soft trail of saliva down to her vagina. She shook her head slightly, trying to block them out, and the very real knowledge that Dawn’s hands were ever so close to the elastic of her panties, her knickers that her daughter had got wet.

“One of the disadvantages of fame I suppose” Dawn said, her chin dropping a little, staring into blankness. Marina turned the tap off turning, lifting her daughter’s chin in her hand.

“I’m sure she will find the time to spend with you. You two have been friends for so long” Marina said. Dawn looked into her mother’s eyes, seeing a wealth of knowledge and history. Ever since that first time as kids when her mum had walked in and saw Rosie and herself lying half naked on the bed, both girls touching another vagina for the first time, their had been a rather liberal understanding between both mother and daughter in terms of sexuality and friendship. And Dawn considered she had turned out well enough without a father who had left at the age of 5.

“That’s true. But I want you to go out tonight and have a wonderful time at the exhibition” Dawn said resting her hands on her mothers shoulders and leaning in and kissing her lightly on the lips.

Marina pulled away grinning and walked out of the bathroom, walking towards her bathroom to get ready for her exhibition tonight. Dawn watched her go before feeling a slight pain in her gut. She pulled her jean shorts down and sat down on the loo, releasing a stream of pee into the bowel, leaving the door to the door standing open, her mother only now walking into her room.

She finished her wee, pressing a few loose droplets from her crotch and took a tissue, wiping the moisture away and pushing it down into the water between her legs. Dawn stood and flushed the loo.

“Dawn, I need your fashion advice” Marina shouted from her bathroom. Dawn pulled her shorts up, feeling some of her pee soaking into her panties and walked down the hall turning into her mother’s room.

Again Dawn was slightly phased at seeing her mother in her room. Marina stood facing the window overlooking their garden, dressed only in a pair of flowered CK knickers and a matching bra. She could hear Dawn’s short breaths as her daughter stared at her mother. Marina listened to Dawn walking across the room to face her mother.

Marina was comfortable with her body, and comfortable with how others viewed her. She had a decent body for her age, her breasts were still relatively firm after 47 years of age although a few red stretch marks had started to form along the length of her tits. Her stomach had pushed out a little since she was young and been on the swimming team. Her thighs were a little wide but it made her feel, and from what others told her, look like a real woman, not a fake blond little thing she saw from time to time driving in their convertibles down the street.

And when she looked at Dawn, she saw herself as a kid. Dawn herself was about an inch smaller than her own 5’6 frame, but her breasts had developed quickly during her time at college, her hips had pushed out a little but she kept in relatively good shape playing netball. Her legs were more muscular than fat but still not overly large. The only thing that surprised her was Dawn’s attitude to sex and relationships, only being with a few guys. She knew a lot of guys checked Dawn out when they were out shopping, maybe even herself, thinking of lewd, lesbian images, şişli escort but still Dawn kept herself to herself.

“I was thinking of the navy dress or the cream one” Marina said reaching down and picking up the dresses on the hangers. She held them in front of her body, smiling inside as Dawn looked away slightly disappointed.

“Depends what you are going for, the navy makes you looked depressed and the cream clashes with your skin” Dawn commented. Marina dropped the dresses on the bed, placing her hands on her hips. Dawn turned and walked to the wardrobe, opening the doors and looking at her mothers dress selections. She pushed and pulled some aside, finally noticing a black number at the back. She reached for it, pulling it out and standing with it facing her mum.

“Dawn, I can’t wear that. The last time I had that on was before you were born” Marina said staring at the dress she had worn the night her husband had fucked her, and conceived Dawn. She wondered what Dawn would say if she knew that she had been created while in that garment.

“Sure you can, you haven’t changed much from that hot honey in your year book” Dawn said walking up to her mother, hanging the dress out in front of her mum, pressing it against the frame of her semi-nude parent.

“That’s very sweet, how much?” Marina asked smiling as her daughter pressed it against her body. She did admit that it would feel good to wear it again, hide those marks of age, press her breasts up and get the looks she once enjoyed so frequently. But she couldn’t help but feel that weird feeling she had felt when masturbating over Dawns love of her body as Dawn pressed the hem of the dress against her thighs, so close to the point where Dawn had pushed out of 18 years ago.

“Come on lets try it on you, see how good my mum can look” Dawn said. She crouched low, watching as her mum stepped into the dress, pulling it up her legs, her chin brushing against her mum’s moist panties. Dawn pulled it up around her stomach, letting Marina push her arm into the short sleeves before walking around her mum’s body, letting her shuffle until it fit.

“It’s pretty tight, I can’t wear this” Marina complained reaching to pull it down. Dawn caught her hands pushing them away.

“Your going to wear this dress mum, you’ll look so good.” Dawn replied. She pulled the flaps at the back together, trying to pull the covered zipper up.

“Mum, it will do up but you will have to loose this. Besides, it’s pretty thick, and you’ve got big enough breasts, you don’t need this” Dawn said. As Marina turned her head to complain, Dawn had reached up and unsnapped the bra, pushing the straps down her mother’s forearms.

“What are you doing?” Marina asked turning, the top of her dress falling loose. Marina went to cover her breasts with her arms, neglecting her bra, which fell to the floor.

“Making my mum look good enough to knock everyone out at her exhibition tonight. Besides, everything you’ve got looks about 30 years old, and I’m not letting you go out in them” Dawn said. Marina turned, her arms falling to her side. Dawn caught a glimpse of her mothers brown nipples sticking out from her tits as she turned. Dawn took the flaps of her mothers black dress and pulled them together, holding them with her fingers as she pulled the zipper up. She released the dress and watched as Marina turned around, her mum dressed to kill. With a single dress, she had gone from the age of 47 to her late 20’s, Dawn might even had considered going out with her.

“How do I look?” Marina asked running her hands down the dress, feeling the smooth material stretching around the curves of her chest, around her hips and thighs stopping well above knee height. She felt like she had that night with Paul, a borderline slut with looks to kill. Dawn walked to the full-length mirror and pushed a towel aside revealing the reflection of her mother in the mirror.

“Look at you” Dawn said placing her arm around her mother’s shoulders, hugging her close. She did look the part, good enough to meet someone maybe, but would Dawn mind?, would Dawn even be a little jealous if she did?

Dawn looked once more into her mum’s eyes grateful she had come from such a beautiful person.

Marina turned her car into the parking lot, the powerful BMW not the only machine humming, the headlights illuminating several figures in the car park. She found a parking space and parked the car, climbing out and locking it with her black key ring, making sure she had her purse and walked towards the gallery.

Marina had been painting on and off for about 10 years now, a hobby she had shared with Dawn before her daughter had chosen sport in favour of creative arts. Still, while considering herself quite a novice at the skill, someone had seen one of her pieces in the local library and she had found herself nominated for best newcomer at the art gallery in this little town.

The gallery was filled with the usual types who frequented these events. suadiye escort She knew a couple of people, her friends who came around occasionally, but most were foreign to her. Until she spotted one person she did know. Marina crossed through her crowd and placed her hand on the shoulder of a small brunette speaking to an elderly couple.

Rosie turned, grinning at the site of Marina, her best friends mother, almost her own stepmother as she had grown up. She felt a little bad as she had blown her friend off to attend this event tonight but her artwork had been her fame and some things she had to attend.

“Hello Rosie” Marina said accepting a wine glass from a waiter moving amongst the crowd.

“Hello Mrs. Okan” Rosie said, leaning in and kissing Marina on both cheeks, feeling the soft hairs on her cheeks, extending the tip of her tongue slightly against the soft flesh. She pulled it back instantly, Marina seemingly unaware of this action.

“Dawn was pretty upset you couldn’t come around tonight” Marina said taking a sip from her wine.

“Me too, Andy called and said I had to attend tonight to promote my links to my home town. I think those who like my work here know me already but he’s my agent” Rosie said staring at the figure before her. Marina had to be at least in her mid 50’s, but this dress was very flattering on her figure, the flesh of her chest pushed up but the material.

Rosie remembered that day she had been touching Dawn in her friends room, and Marina had walked in, staring at the top half nude girls before walking out smiling. Was that how she was being seen now?

“I was having a look at some of your work, it’s a bit risquZ” Rosie commented. She turned walked towards the wall where Marina’s work hung. It was leaning towards the surrealist side, depicting the female figure beaten and broken, progressing through the 3 paintings to where he stood straight, Marina hoping to demonstrate through art the journey of the female journey in history.

“Interesting subject matter, the person looks familiar” Rosie said staring at the naked female figure in the painting. The brushes of paint surrounding the genitals and breasts blurred.

“It’s Mrs. Morris” Marina said. Rosie turned her head slightly, staring at the woman in the painting. She could certain features in common with her old baby sitter, although she had never seen her like this, naked and distorted.

“It’s really good” Rosie said placing her arm around Marina’s waist, the older woman shifting slightly, leaning against her daughters friend, glad for the comfort and warmth she was feeling. Was she drunk? Was she really this happy to have Rosie, a girl she had seen grown from a baby to this figure before her, so close to her.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask Dawn though” Rosie commented squeezing Marina’s thigh, feeling slightly more flesh than she imagined. She last time she had seen Dawn’s mother had been nearly 6 years ago, an accidental exposure when Marina had been changing her top in her bedroom after spilling ketchup down her front.

She had stopped at the doorway, rays of light from the summer sun shining through as she looked through into the room, Marina’s full body casting a shadow in the room, her hands pulling her white top over her head, her breasts cupped in her bra. Rosie had felt her breath caught as her friends mother had walked around her bedroom, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed in and out.

“Ask my daughter to pose nude for me? Please. I haven’t seen her that exposed since I used to bathe her” Marina said finishing her second glass of wine, accepting a third as Rosie took one from the tray and gave it to her, Marina promising it would be her last, she couldn’t give her speech drunk.

“That’s not entirely true.” Rosie said pointedly, continuing to stare at the twisted, naked, female form on display. Marina looked down at the girl with her arm around her waist, feeling Rosie’s fingers holding her flesh, wondering why Rosie had brought that moment up again, after all this time.

“It was so crap, he just shot his pop and boom!” Marina almost shouted laughing out loud. She picked up her glass and took a sip of the blue cocktail, wondering why she could still drink this much and still remain in control.

Rosie sat looking at the woman before her. Since she had left home, she had travelled to numerous countries displaying her artwork, her skill heralding her as a new artist. But in all honesty, she was searching, searching for something. And she knew she had found it in LA, on that summer day when she had gone shopping by herself. Whilst shopping for a dress to a premier at an art gallery, she had met a minor actress in a bit part soap, known mostly on the west coast. Conversation had struck up before she had revealed to Rosie she was a lesbian, and had more than a passing interest in her. She had freaked, and left LA shortly after the party, yet now she sat in her hometown, drinking cocktails with her best taksim escort friends mother.

“Paul was really that bad, it’s a miracle Dawn was conceived” Rosie muttered drinking a little of her mixed vodka drink, staring at the almond eyes of Marina, looking past that figure who had played with her and Dawn as little girls. Who had bandaged her knee when she had fallen over, and lent her a towel when she had slept over at Dawn’s house during her period.

“So with all your mingling in high society, you’ve probably fucked a lot of guys right?” Marina asked giggling, looking around the small bar in the gallery serving drinks.

“Excuse me, that’s a bit of a personal question” Rosie said, a little shocked, and stunned someone of Marina’s age was still thinking about that. Marina turned on her bar stall, the fabric of the seat pulling her dress up a little, enough to show the top of her tights in the dim lighting.

“Come on, I bet your just a regular little whore right?” Marina asked downing her cocktail in one, wiping some of the blue droplet away on her arm, the moisture mixing with her own sweat creating a radiant glow Rosie was quickly being drawn to.

Rosie grinned swirling the liquid at the bottom of her glass around, watching the patterns of light bouncing off it, wondering how far this question was going to progress before she made a move, or Marina passed out. Either could have good consequences, Rosie thought grinning, looking up at the figure she had once seen as a surrogate mother, now a potential fuck.

“I don’t sleep with men.” Rosie said slyly, dropping her hand onto Marina’s leg, feeling the fabric of her tights a little damp, the heat from Marina’s body pushing sweat up onto her skin. Marina, swaying slightly, stared at the beautiful girl before her.

“You’re a lesbian!” Marina said out loud, now drawing attention from a number of men, and a few women watching the two people at the bar. Rosie pulled her hand away as she noticed a bouncer walking towards the two women.

“Excuse me miss, but your making quite a scene. I’m going to have to ask you to take your partner home” he said formerly staring at the drunk woman on the bar stool.

“My Partner?” Rosie asked, before realising what he was saying and nodded. She placed Marina’s arm around her neck and began moving towards the door, feeling the older woman’s hand pushing into her silk top, Marina’s fingers moving under the fabric of her white bra, trying to inch down to her stiffening nipples.

They left the car park, Rosie digging around in Marina’s pocket and finding the car keys, seeing the grey BMW and unlocking the door. She rested her friends’ mother in the passenger seat and climbed in behind the wheel, turning the ignition on and reversing out of the car park onto the main road. She drove for a while down the near empty high way, glancing at the clock on the dash board, the figure standing at 00:38. She shook her head wondering what Dawn would be thinking, or would think if she saw her mother like this. Rosie turned off the highway and pulled into the motel she was staying in. She helped Marina out of the car and guided her to her single room, resting Marina on her twin bed.

“So you’ve brought me back to your love shack baby?” Marina asked giggling, her tight black dress now having risen up over her waist, her soaking wet knickers on display, pulled tightly into her crotch and ass crack. Rosie, grinning, walked forward, climbing onto her knees on the bed, crawling forward and moving on top of Marina.

She pulled her bed top off over her, her young firm breasts standing proudly from her chest. Rosie reached down, lifting Marina’s shoulders off the bed until Marina was upright facing her. She took her head with her hand and brought Marina’s lips against hers, tasting alcohol moving between their mouth, and Marina’s lips moving against hers. Marina’s tongue snaked out, licking Rosie’s, pressing against it manipulating the soft flesh of her tongue.

Rosie pushed Marina’s willing body down onto the bed, her ‘Mother’ breathing heavily, staring at the young woman sitting beside her. Rosie rolled Marina over onto her front, pulling the zipper down Dawn had down up. Rosie gripped the edges of Marina’s dress and pulled it down Marina’s body, her sweat helping the fabric slipping down until it rested at a pile at the bottom of her feet, Marina now lying in her underwear on her daughters best friends bed.

Rosie pushed her finger under the crotch of Marina’s panties, pulling her panties down her legs, the sopping wet garment dripping her sweat and cum onto her bed sheets. She lifted them to her nose, smelling her scent, for a moment placing them in her mouth sucking Marina’s taste from knickers.

Marina, now pissed and fed up turned and gripped Rosie’s shoulders pulling her down on top of her, Marina’s legs wrapping around Rosie’s body, the mature woman kissing the younger girl with a passion and willingness that had been building for a long time.

Rosie let Marina hold her down, the older woman’s hands pulling Rosie’s skirt down with her own panties, Rosie enjoying the feeling of Marina’s hot flesh rubbing against her own. She shifted up the bed, turning and sitting on the pillow, taking Marina’s head in her hands and pressing it between her legs, the older woman seeing Rosie’s bare vagina quivering with anticipation.

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