Love on a Train

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Big Tits

There is something about a uniform that turns me on. I haven’t yet seen a man in one that doesn’t make my pussy throb and wet itself just because of it. I guess that is why when I saw him on the train that day I couldn’t help myself.

I watched as he chose his compartment and I followed along hoping that no one else would come in to spoil the fun.

“Hello, mind if I share this with you?” I asked and then before he could say anything I added, ” The others seem to be full.”

He looked at me and smiled. ” Why no, do sit down.”

I lifted my bag into the overhead rack. My already too short skirt was rising up above the bands on my thigh high stockings revealing the cheeks of my ass. I wore no panties and he got a real good look at my ass just peeking under the edge of my skirt. I stayed that way to give him a good look too. Finally I turned around and sat in the seat across from him. He watched my every move.

When I finally was settled he introduced himself as Charles something or another and said he was going home on leave. He said that he wasn’t married, but something told me to look at the left hand. There it was, that little telltale line around the third finger. He had removed his wedding band. That was all right as far as I was concerned. If I didn’t see a wife I didn’t feel that I was cheating on her. He asked all the polite things and I answered them and as I was talking, little by little, I was opening my legs a bit wider all the time. I didn’t do it all at once, but just a bit each time the train car swayed or jostled us. That way he could see my smooth shaved pussy lips that were now terribly wet with my honey. I could feel his eyes burning into my flesh and it made me hotter.

After a while I shifted more so that my pussy was completely visible. I could feel the cool air on it. The fact that it was now fully exposed to his view made it throb even more. I was getting so hot that I could feel the juices running slowly out of it. He continued to chat about his family. I could see that he wasn’t looking at my face at all but at my wet pussy and his cock was hard as a rock. It strained at being confined in his trousers and he was looking more uncomfortable with every passing moment. I pretended not to notice and laid my head against the back of the seat as if to doze. I must have actually gone to sleep because I felt the touch of his fingers on the inside of my thigh. I shifted a bit. He stopped their movement but didn’t take them away. They stayed motionless and when I didn’t move any more he reached further and further. Looking from under my eyelids I could see that he had loosened his belt and zipper; his cock was in his hand and the head was swollen and red. I let him continue and once he was at my pussy lips he touched escort kartal them lightly, sliding his middle finger between them. I shifted forward a bit letting his finger slide further in than he had expected and he softly gasped. I shifted again and this time he slid it all the way in. I could hear him jerking his cock frantically while fingering my wet pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter by the moment. I moaned and opened my legs wider. My skirt was up to my waist and I was moving on his fingers. My eyes were still closed as if in sleep but I doubt that he even noticed. All at once I heard him move and felt him putting my legs on his shoulders and pulling my hips up and outward and the next moment was a most beautiful experience. He licked my wet pussy. Kissed and sucked at my clit until I thought I would go out of my mind. He pulled me closer and closer, sucking me harder and harder. I was moaning and working my cunt on his tongue begging for more and he gave me what I wanted.

“Yes baby cum more,” he kept saying. “Your pussy tastes like heaven”

I grabbed his head and ground my pussy into his face and frantically fucked his tongue. All of a sudden he slid his fingers into my pussy with his tongue. It was pure heaven and although I had been fucked like this before this time it was different. I hoped that it would never stop. In all the times that I had done this little trick all that I had gotten was a good fingering and some guy jerking off. Once the guy even slid his cock in just as he came. I guess that was sort of a “There you go bitch tease me again” salute. But this was good and I wanted more.

I raised myself and knelt before him and taking his swollen cock in my hands. Opening my mouth and let some spit drool down on the head. He moaned and I took him into my mouth sucking the swollen hard member deep into my throat. He caught his breath and moaned again and I went farther down; his cock hairs touched my lips. The vein on the underside was so engorged and his balls were so tight. He wanted to release into me but he held it as I pumped up and down on him. He seemed to get harder and bigger with each stroke I took. He then took his cock from my mouth and lying down on the seat he pulled my dripping pussy over his face and again began to lick my cunt, which by this time was so hot it screamed itself for mercy. I again went down on him.

After what seems like an eternity his balls tightened into a hard knot at the base of his cock. His attentions to my cunt grew frantic. I knew that he was way past ready to blow his nuts so quickly I stood and he sat up. Before he could say anything I sat down on his cock. My slick wet cunt sliding up and down as fast as I could move. He reached around me with one hand and rubbed maltepe escort my hard clit and with the other hand he wet his fingers with my pussy juices sliding his fingers into my ass. Oh God! How beautiful it was. I loved every moment of it. He was taking me into heaven and I wanted to go especially with him. It was such a fantastic feeling. He suddenly moaned loudly and his breath seemed to stop for an instant and then suddenly he pulled his fingers from my ass and I felt his cum blasting away at the inside of my cunt. It was such a feeling that I have never had before and have never had again. My juices gushed from me mingling with his and I started to shiver as if cold but in all reality it was just pure excitement. Even now thinking about the incident I get a chill up my spine and my cunt begins to drip its juices.

He lay back against the seat and rubbed at my back and shoulders. Then he pulled me back against his chest. Kissing my ears and neck he whispered, ” Get off the train with me, stay with me overnight, I need you.”

I don’t know why I did it but I agreed and he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a little squeeze saying,” Up now missy we have to get ourselves presentable before this train stops.” He looked into my eyes and smiled. Leaning forward he kissed me a long slow lingering kiss. I have never forgotten that kiss.

We cleaned ourselves up and sat there side by side, my head on his shoulder and his arms about me holding me as if I would disappear when he turned me loose. It was such a warm feeling. It was as if Fate had guided our footsteps to each other and what we were doing was right.

The train stopped and he rose taking me with him. It wasn’t his stop but we left the train and for a night I was Mrs. Charles Something or another and have never regretted it one for moment We made love until we were both totally exhausted and fell asleep, him on top of me, his still half hard cock in my pussy.

The next morning he woke me with tiny kisses on my face. With each kiss he dropped lower on my body. Taking my breasts in his hands he squeezed them until the nipples were hard and the areoles puckered with desire. His tongue continued to play between my breasts. Going lower and lower until he was at my navel, rimming it and darting into it with his tongue. He drove me wild. He continued to drop lower and lower until he was at my hot steamy pussy. Taking his tongue he opened the lips and as he licked he pushed his tongue deeper and deeper into my wet hole. I could control myself no longer and I pushed up his face into my cunt and holding it there I moved in rhythm with him. “Oh God,” I moaned. ” More give me more.”

“Yes baby oh yes baby,” he murmured. ” I will definitely give u more.” With those pendik escort bayan words he slid his fingers into my already dripping pussy and sucked my clit as he worked them. By this time I wanted him to slide that great swollen knob into my throbbing pussy. Wanted to feel it stretching it and bouncing off the cervix pushing into it making me scream with desire. I wanted that and more.

Suddenly he rose up and quickly replaced his fingers with that engorged cock and slammed it into me in one great thrust. ” Yes!” I screamed. “Yes! I want you, take me, and fuck me!” Raising my legs and placing them over his shoulders he drove himself into me deeper and deeper calling my name, “Ann! I Love you!” It was sending me towards the brink of no return and he knew it. His breath quickened and he spread me wider his eyes rolled suddenly back and he shuddered. Great gobs of hot thick cum spewed from his cock. I could feel the spasms as he unloaded his tight balls into my cunt. ” Oh God! Ann, I love you!” He shuddered again and as his spasms stopped he leaned on his elbows and taking my face in his hands he kissed me so tenderly. It was such a beautiful kiss. I will remember it always.

Slowly he rolled off of me. Sitting on the side of the bed he took my hand in his and kissed the fingertips. Turning he looked at me and smiled, and kissing my lips again he stood and went toward the bathroom. I heard the shower and the splashes as he soaped himself. I wanted to be there with him but time was growing short and I knew that we should leave soon. He returned to the room and I gave him a light kiss on the lips and went to clean up.

We repacked the suitcases and started for the door. He turned. Laying the key on the dresser and taking my hand he closed the door behind us and we walked the few blocks to the train station.

On the platform he kissed me and lovingly whispered, ” I love you. You have made me feel more a man in the short time we have been together than the woman I am married to has in 10 years.”

” I wish that we could have known each other before your marriage,” I replied. ” I wish that I could stay with you but I know it isn’t possible.” I smiled at him and he leaned and once again gave me a tender kiss.

Smiling he walked with me to the stairs on the train platform and helped me to board. Settling me in a compartment he again kissed me and then turned and left me there alone.
I saw him on the platform. He stayed there until the train started to move and he walked along with it until he couldn’t keep up with its pace and was left in the distance. I leaned back against the seat and closed my eyes. Reliving that one fantastic day and night again in my mind.

. In that one night a man adored me beyond belief. He was lonely and I filled his needs. I wanted the night to last forever but of course that was something that could not be. He has been with me everywhere. I am hoping to see him again somewhere, Mr. Charles Something or another. I need him now as much as he needed me then.

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