Loving His Sister

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To My Readers: For the first time ever, I am trying something. A lot of people liked this story but some said it was too short and one reader caught a blip that I didn’t. So — I have re-written it, expanded it a little and eliminated the glitch. For good or ill, here’s the revamped version and I hope you enjoy it! ~~BrettJ


Mitchell “Mitch” Martin hummed a happy tune as he walked into the building where he had been living for the past 3 months. Everything was going his way and his mood had improved since leaving home and striking out on his own. He really liked Chicago, despite the bracing cold of winters there. Luckily, it was swiftly passing by and his sister had told him that spring in Chicago was something to see. He laughed and told Felicia that he couldn’t wait to see that and hoped that she would show him around. She ruffled her hair and told her kid brother that she would make sure of it. It was fun having an older sister, he had wanted a brother or a sister all of his life but had been an only child.

He loved attending DuPaul University and was making great grades. His future was bright, although he still hadn’t decided if he wanted to go into law like his father, medicine like his mother or teach, like his uncle Gerald. Right now, he was leaning towards teaching as he didn’t want to have too much to do with anything that involved his father. At present, they still weren’t speaking, not even after a year, not even after his mother had forgiven her husband. Mitch was furious with Hal, although in a bizarre way, he was also responsible for a great deal of Mitch’s current happiness.

A little over 18 months ago, a long-held secret had come out. Bethany Martin had discovered that for the first 5 years of her marriage, her supposedly-devoted husband had been carrying on an affair with another woman. Worse, he had a daughter by this woman and this daughter was older than Mitch. With the slickness that only a lawyer could manage, Hal managed to turn the negative into a positive.

“Let’s be fair here darling, it was actually you who was the other woman when all of this started,” Hal told his wife. “I had been seeing Ursula for a year when I met you, she was a stewardess for Scandinavian Airlines I met while in Europe on vacation,” He told her. “We met and hit it off, she was this sexy, buxom 25-year old blonde and I was a 20-year old college kid. The sex was terrific and every time she was in the US, we would hook up. Even after I met you, I couldn’t give her up, the sex was that good. But because I loved you so much and I fell deeper in love with every passing year, I was finally able to make that decision and I’ve never once regretted it.”

Bethany was grimacing at her husband; Mitch wanted to punch him in the mouth. His dad could see sand to Arabs and was so full of shit that his ears were turning brown.

“It was also true that Ursula kept telling me that she didn’t want to get serious and when she got pregnant with Felicia, I promised to support her, which I have continued to do. Shortly after we ended it, about six months later, she quit her job to live in Sweden with her new husband and our daughter. Other than to talk about things concerning our daughter, we haven’t had contact in years, I’ve been totally faithful to you ever since I ended it with her,” Hal told his wife. Bethany looked in his eyes and knew he was telling the truth, they had a good marriage and were openly affectionate. Until that night, Mitch would never have suspected his father could do anything even remotely like this. He was angry — he had a sister who was two years older than he was and here he was an only child who had always wanted a brother or a sister — and he already hadone!

Bethany forgave her husband. She made him earn it and his pocketbook suffered, but Mitch wasn’t about to be as forgiving. He and his father barely spoke and it was tough on Hal, because he and Mitch had been thick as thieves. When Mitch announced his intentions of going to university in Chicago, Hal’s face went white.

“What’s wrong with that?” Mitch said testily.

“Your sister — your sister lives there, she has for the past year,” Hal confessed to his son. “We keep in touch, kadıköy escort here; let me give you her address. She knows about you — you can decide if you want to meet her.”

Every time his father said something like that, Mitch thought he was an ass. Of course he wanted to meet her — she was his fucking sister! He took the information and put it in his suitcases. He flew to Chicago and got a cab from O’Hare. He had not yet made living arrangements, he had a few months before university started and his father was sending him enough for a hotel until he found an apartment or moved into the dorms. It galled him a bit to have to take money from Hal, but he had to live and had no source of income as yet. He would do anything he had to do to make ends meet while in university, perhaps working as a busboy, a dishwasher, a waiter or a bartender. The less money he had to accept from his father the better he would feel about himself.

He stood in front of the address he had for his sister and stared at the building for a number of minutes. His sister lived in a nice area — swanky, in fact. The building was known as the Lake Street Lofts and it was beautiful, an old, historical building that was nicer than anything he could afford. He knew next to nothing about his sister, aside from her name — Felicia.

He thought he should leave her alone and then he thought again — it wasn’t right what their father had done, he had a right to know his sister. He buzzed her apartment and a soft, honey-toned voice answered. “Hello, may I help you?” It said in lightly-accented English.

Mitch took in a lungful of air. “If you’re Felicia, then yes, you may. I’m Mitch — Mitchell Martin. I’m — uhh, I’m kind-of your brother.”

He heard her squeal with excitement. “Mitchell, I don’t believe it, you came! Daddy said you might, I’m so glad you did. Stay there, stay right there, I’ll come down and get you.”

He was a bit nervous about meeting her because he knew next to nothing about Felicia and she knew about him. It had felt unusual hearing someone else refer to his father as “Daddy” but he supposed that he would get used to it. When the door opened, he almost gasped. His sister was tall, blonde and gorgeous, just the kind of girl he had always wanted to date back home. Of course, such girls were out of his league. Felicia was in stocking feet and could almost look him in the eye, so she must have been around 5’8″. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m very affectionate and I have always wanted a brother,” She smiled. “My mother and stepfather only have 2 girls. Come upstairs, I want to learn all about you.”

They went to her apartment which was huge, almost as big as one floor in his parent’s home. He saw an attractive brunette sitting in the corner, idly filing her nails. She was in black leather pants and a black silk blouse and he could see that both items fit her very nicely. The young woman appeared to be the same age as Felicia and was smiling at him.

“That’s Nikki,” Felicia smiled. “She’s my roommate.”

“I’m your girlfriend, dumbass,” Nikki corrected. “She comes from one of the most sexually liberal places on earth and she’s still uptight about telling people that she’s bi. It’s nice to meet you.” The brunette put out her hand and Mitch took it.

“Hi, I’m Mitchell, but everyone calls me Mitch. I won’t stay too long, I have to get checked in at my hotel and tomorrow I’m going to go apartment hunting. I start at DuPaul university in a few months.”

“Why do you need to go to a hotel?” Nikki asked, looking at Felicia. “Why does he Felicia, can’t he stay with us until he finds a nice place? We have plenty of room.” Mitchell looked at his sister’s girlfriend and found himself warming to her already, he thought her offer was a very kind gesture.

“Yes, he can and he can even live here too, if he wants to,” Felicia smiled at her brother. “It would give us a chance for all of us to get to know each other. We’d be like a family and you can throw in for food, but don’t worry about the rent. We both earn very good money, I am a costume designer for a local theatre company and Nikki is kartal escort — an entertainer.”

Nikki guffawed. “She’s doing it again. Look kid, I’m a former exotic dancer and now, I work as a Call Girl. I learned at a young age my best talent was fucking, so why not get paid for it? Everything I own is expensive, I wear designer clothes, drive a nice car, I eat in nice restaurants and I sleep with sexy, successful people. No losers for Nikki,” She grinned. “Any of that offend you, tiger?”

Mitch laughed, he liked Nikki more with every minute. He found her sexy and very open. “Not a bit, but doesn’t she mind?”

“Nope, she knew all about me right from the start. We met when I was `seeing’ a friend of hers and hit it off. We slept together the first date, your older sister is wonderful in bed. She always makes me cum and I can do the same to her.” Nikki told him.

“No boyfriend?” Mitchell asked his sister.

“No, I’m a lesbian,” Felicia answered quickly.

Again, Nikki corrected her. “Bullshit — you’re bi and you just don’t know it yet. I still say if you meet the right guy and you get a nice cock in you, you’ll agree with me. Some guys are dicks, so you would need someone who’s kind and loving, but still a little nasty, you’ll find out what I mean. Fuck Mitch, you’re a cool one — here we are both are, your sister and her lover, talking about fucking right in front of you and you’re not even batting an eyelash.”

“To be honest Nikki, it isn’t the weirdest thing that’s happened this year,” Mitch joked. They all laughed and the girls showed Mitchell where he’d be staying. He settled in and that night, he could hear them having sex, low, guttural moans and breathy pants. He wondered who was making what noise. He resisted the urge to jack off in case someone came to check on him. No one did.

The two women were bleary-eyed the next morning and both flashed him sheepish grins. Nikki was thrilled to see he had made blueberry pancakes and fresh coffee for the both of them. “A man who isn’t grumpy in the morning and can cook!” She jabbed Felicia in the arm. “Do you know how rare they are?” Felicia just groaned and sipped her coffee, although Mitchell did see a small grin cross his sister’s face.

Over the next several weeks, everyone relaxed and got cool around one another. He got used to seeing his gorgeous blonde sister wearing little or next-to-nothing most days, Nikki as well. He really dug Nikki, she had her act together. It didn’t bother him is she made her money with her body because there was some part of him that thought it made sense, in a odd way. Why had she been given a body that smoking-hot if she wasn’t supposed to use it? Although he couldn’t help but feel some pangs of envy. If Nikki hadn’t been four years older than he was and far more successful, he would have liked to ask her on a real date. The chances to date, let alone fuck someone as hot as Nikki were rare back home, although he’d had his share of pretty young pussy. Come to think of it, a guy could do worse than Felicia. He knew it was old-world thinking to think of it as “a waste” that his hot blonde sister was a lez, but he still felt that way. She was beautiful, feminine and graceful and Felicia would be a joy to any guy lucky enough to be with her.

One evening — or morning, as the case would have it as it was past midnight — he felt a weight joining him in bed. Someone switched on the light and it was Nikki, in sexy lingerie and heels. “My client got food poisoning and had to go to the hospital,” She confessed. “He’s a real stud and I’m really horny, I’d been waiting all week to fuck this guy. I have to confess that I’ve been grooving on you almost since the beginning and I get the feeling that you’re into me, so if you want to …”

Nikki didn’t finish that sentence. Mitch crushed his lips to the sultry brunette and traveled over her body with his lips, removing all of her lingerie aside from stockings and heels. “Your sister makes me leave those on, too,” She giggled. “It must run in the family. Eat me Mitch baby, eat my fucking needy cunt.”

Mitch did, he loved eating pussy and hers was perfect, neatly trimmed and wet. It was almost kurtköy escort hot to the touch, in fact. When he finished, Nikki took him in her mouth. She looked at him with her gorgeous brown eyes when she finished sucking him. “Wow, you didn’t cum — impressive. Can’t wait to see if you can fuck as well as you eat cunt! Do me baby — fuck horny little Nikki!”

The slender brunette was riding his cock when they both heard something in the doorway. Mitchell saw her first, Felicia stood there, watching them both in heated action. Mitch figured his sister would freak out, but she didn’t. Quite to his surprise, she walked towards the bed and kissed Nikki full-on the mouth.

“I fucking knew you’d seduce him,” Felicia grinned. “I knew it, you horny little slut.”

“I had to baby, he’s got those puppy dog eyes and he’s built like a surfer dude,” Nikki groaned as she rode Mitch’s cock. “Oh God, he’s hung too, I didn’t know, I didn’t know …”

“Is he good?” Felicia asked, watching. Mitch thought it was a bit off-putting having his sister watch him fuck her girlfriend, but decided that if she didn’t care, why should he?

“Uh-uh-uh-huh, real good,” Nikki groaned, swiveling her body around and down on Mitch’s cock. “You’re both so fucking nasty in bed, it’s so hot, having you both. Oh baby, I’ve got it — you should fuck him, your baby brother should be your first cock.”

Mitchell bolted upright, almost dislodging the brunette. He looked at her to see if she was serious and she was. Felicia looked over at them both. “I wouldn’t mind Felicia, I fucked your brother and you should fuck him too, we can share him, please baby …”

Felicia had no qualms about the incest because in Stockholm, it wasn’t totally uncommon. Her stepfather was her mother’s 2nd cousin, after all. Her only sexual fear was of a real cock, she had lost her cherry to a dildo. The thought of having a real, live prick had inside of her had always scared her, yet she knew that she could trust Nikki and she had come to love and adore her younger brother as well. She was still afraid but as Nikki got up and she saw the glistening tool, she knew she had to try it. She took it in her mouth and she tasted Nikki’s familiar flavor but as she licked away, she found Mitch’s flavor to her liking. Underneath her, Nikki’s tongue was getting her ready for her first cock.

“Fuck her Mitch, fuck your gorgeous big sister, fuck her slutty blonde cunt,” Nikki said, egging them both on. Mitch didn’t need to be told twice. He could keep a secret and so could they, so as he eased into Felicia’s cunt from behind, he just let go of his inhibitions and screwed her in a way he hoped she would dig. Evidently he was on the right wavelength, because she began to moan, sounds that were only silenced when Nikki kissed her repeatedly.

“So, not a lesbian anymore?” Nikki teased.

“No, you win, you gorgeous whore,” Felicia groaned. “Of course, this might just be a fluke — I’ll need to fuck him a couple of more times just to make sure.”

Nikki and Mitch both laughed and they told the blonde that they intended to make that happen before the night was over. Of course, they did. The trio slept in the girls’ bed, because Mitch’s was drenched when they finished.

After that night, Mitch never returned to his room. The girls moved him in with them, where he slept in the middle. No one kept score as to who fucked who more. The girls fucked each other, he fucked both of them, they fucked him and no one was ever without a sexual partner. Nikki still worked as a Call Girl, but Mitch told her he wanted her to stop in a few more years.

She looked at him with a puzzled expression. “Why would I want to do that? I’ll still be a young woman and I make really good money,” She said.

“I know you do baby, but a guy doesn’t want his fiancé screwing other men, now does he?” Mitch said with a wicked chuckle. Felicia let out a delighted holler and Nikki hugged him and peppered him with kisses while large tears ran down her face.

He was aware to some, it might seem absurd — a man who is involved with his sister and her girlfriend and plans to marry the girlfriend. So what, it was none of their business. Felicia loved the idea that her girlfriend will be her sister-in-law one day. Mitch is just happy and decided that he could finally cut his dad a bit of slack. If he hadn’t done what he done all those years ago, Mitch wouldn’t have lived this incredible life that so many men would envy.

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