Lucky Night Out

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A story about cheating. Please don’t read if this may offend.


He could not believe his insane luck. Sheer luck was all it came down to, of that he was certain. A few hours ago he was just a regular married man, enjoying a rare night out with the boys. Now, here he was, his aching balls deep in a stunning brunette, trying desperately not to blow his load in her prematurely.

He wanted the moment to last forever. He cared about nothing else in the world in that blissful moment.

* * * *

It had started as a regular night out. It was his monthly night out with his mates, a group of eight guys he’d known for years. Five of them were married, himself included, one in a relationship and two single.

A few beers down at the first pub. A few more. Some harmless flirting with a couple of cute girls who stroked their middle-aged drunken egos. A couple more pints.

He had noticed a gorgeous brunette girl earlier in the night. She was hot, a natural beauty. She was with a few friends, two which started chatting to the single guys in his group. She hung back slightly, allowing her friends the space to talk to his mates. He caught her eye. They started chatting.

They all started getting quite drunk. He found himself separated from the group with this gorgeous girl. They were drifting further from their friends as their conversation got closer, more intimate. She knew he was married. It didn’t seem to deter her from getting quite close to him. The sexual chemistry was intensifying and, before he knew what was happening, she had lightly kissed his mouth and whispered to him.

Those magic words whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck me tonight.”

The words that made him forget all morals and spoke directly to his cock.

“Forget everything. You need to fuck this beauty.”

So there they were. After a ten minute taxi ride in which he switched his mobile phone off and they began to drunkenly grope each other, they had reached her apartment. They made their way to her door, with a bit of difficulty; they struggled to keep their hands off each other, exploring, kissing… they entered her front door, her with her skirt almost around her waist and him with a very obvious raging erection.

As soon as she was down to her bra and cute lacy knickers, he pushed the fabric aside and buried his fingers inside her again. She leaned back against the front door, eyes closed, biting her lip and bucking her hips against his hand.

“You are incredible,” he said, his voice a throaty growl. He gazed over her incredible body. Never before had he been so intensely attracted to a woman. He wanted to fuck her and please her and make her cum, and cum in her, and do it all over again.

“Your wife is a lucky woman,” she purred, opening her eyes and staring at him with what he could only interpret as pure, raw, animalistic lust.

“We don’t fuck all that often” he found himself saying, three knuckles deep in her clenching cunt. Her hips bucked faster at this. Her chest heaved, her brilliant tits slicked slightly with sweat. She seemed to respond to mentions of his wife with increased horniness.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed in response. She clearly had no reservations about fucking a taken man.

His head was swimming now. Part drunkenness. Part lust and horniness. And a small part his conscience growling at him. Telling him to back out now.

His cock won out easily. She was kneeling now, wrapping her lips around the top of his dick. Her tongue flicked over and around the head and he felt a gentle sucking sensation. She gazed up at him, locking with his eyes, and slowly started to swallow his length. He groaned and stumbled sideways slightly. Her mouth clung around his cock. Her hands were now involved. He put a hand on the hallstand to steady himself, brace himself as she worshipped his manhood. He clenched his teeth as he tried intensely hard not to burst his cum down her eager throat. He gripped the edge of the hallstand and growled a string of expletives.

She was enjoying this as much as he was. Her loud moans vibrated around his shaft, sending him even further insane with lust. He noticed her fingers sliding to her pussy. She was slurping hungrily pendik escort over him, taking in as much as she physically was able to. She was touching herself now, her hand moving indicated to him that she was playing with herself as she engulfed his saliva-slicked dick.

He knew he had a massive cock. He wasn’t at all arrogant about it though. It was just a fact. He first knew he was larger than average when he was a young teen in the school sport lockers. His mates joked about it. But he had this happy fact confirmed when he started fucking girls at fifteen. Some would respond to his cock with nervousness and apprehension. Some would pounce on him desperately in an apparent quest to take on its full length. In his university years he quickly gained a lot of popularity with the females and enjoyed a heavily sexually active life. In his late twenties he met his wife and hadn’t fucked another pussy in twelve years.

He had forgotten that look of unrestrained lust. He was reminded of how females used to respond to his cock, the sheer excitement. The hunger. The expression on their faces when he penetrated them for the first time. The expression of pain mixed with rising ecstasy as they grew somewhat accustomed to his meat.

He watched her at work on his cock. She was a pro at whatever the fuck she was doing. He felt dizzy and horny and…

“Get up,” he grunted. She stood up quickly. She knew he wasn’t able to wait any longer. She grabbed his hand and started leading him down the hallway. He followed, cock pointing outwards, his gaze on her tight lace-covered, swaying ass. Before they could reach her intended destination, he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back on him.

She gasped in surprise but responded quickly. She reached out and planted her hands firmly against the adjacent wall. He ripped her panties to her ankles and pushed her thighs apart further. She steadied herself, ready for the exciting inevitable. She wiggled her ass at him, teasingly and he slapped it playfully. She bent further forward, bracing herself. She looked over her shoulder at him and mouthed, “fuck me”.

He aimed the head of his throbbing cock at the opening of her pussy. She was sobbing in anticipation, bucking back on him. He gripped her hips tightly to stop her moving and she cried out in frustration.

He started to ease his dick inside her. His head started spinning again, as pleasure shot through his body. He took a long, deep breath in attempt to prepare himself.

She let out a wail of obvious pleasure. Her head swung from side to side as he slowly inched himself in, deeper and slowly deeper inside her amazingly tight, wet cunt. He could barely breathe as he felt her pussy muscles contract around his thick shaft.

Breathe, you idiot, he told himself. You can’t screw this up. Make it last!

He tried to calm himself as much as possible.

“Oh. Fuuuuuck.”

She was shaking. Her whole body trembled against him. He ran a hand around her, her velvety skin, down her taught tummy and held her in firmly place.

“Oh my fucking God. Oh!”

She reached one hand around and dug her nails deep in his arm.

This set him off and he suddenly found himself slamming deep into her. Her small body fell forward but he grabbed her around the waist with both hands and held her as he let his full length sit inside her, pausing his thrusts.

“Shit. Shit… holy shit!” She gasped. He felt her whole body trembling and the he couldn’t help grinning inwardly. He knew she was beside herself with pleasure. Her ass was bucking back on him slightly. She was panting and letting out little moans.

He was waiting for that final encouragement he needed before he really himself let go. He needed that from her.

After about one minute of them both just savoring the raw sensation of his cock buried deep inside her, he pulled her face towards his and kissed her. Passionately. He accidentally groaned into her mouth and she responded with a groan of her own.

She started squirming a little as they kissed. Her hips began moving again. Rotating ever-so slowly.

She broke their kiss and looked up at him.

“Please fuck me… I need you to fuck me… I need it.”

That maltepe escort was all he truly needed to let go. He pulled out his entire,and drove back into her. Again. And again. And again. And harder. He watched his cock, slicked with her juices, pound her beautiful cunt.

She responded by screaming and slamming back on him, her tight little pussy stretching for him, just enough to allow him to fuck her – but also remaining like a vice grip on his dick.

He had to last. He couldn’t blow just yet. He wanted this fuck to last longer than life. He never wanted it to end.

With her hands planted firmly on the wall, she seemed to finally regain some physical control. Her bucking became more assertive, yet still somewhat frenzied. Her little screams and sobbing had slightly subsided. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at him. Then she proceeded to fuck back on him, sinking over nearly his full length. He slowed his own pace in order to enjoy her sensual rhythm.

After a good few minutes of this, he pulled out abruptly. She cried out in frustration, her body still moving, fucking the air between them. Her disappointment at him stopping made him grin. This girl wanted him as much as he wanted her. They were fucking as equals.

He spun her around and picked her up, with ease. She cling to him, kissing his neck, sending shivers of pleasure through his body. He carried her into where he correctly guessed was her bedroom. He lay her on the bed and climbed on top, kneeling between her parted thighs.

“Hey,” he said, leaning down to kiss her softly. After their furious screwing in the hallway, this kiss was different. More tender. Her lips parted and their tongues met and played gently. She moaned softly into his mouth.

“You’re gorgeous,” he muttered. He couldn’t see her clearly in the dim room, but he could make out her body laying in front of him. Legs wide. Her longish dark hair was messy now, splayed across her pillow. Her breasts heaved with her deep breathing, still encased in a cute bra. They were big breasts, not huge, but they were enough to make his mouth water.

“You’re pretty handsome yourself,” she responded. She propped herself up on one elbow and unclipped her bra. She must have read his mind…

They were incredible. Before letting himself touch them he looked down longingly at them. Two perfectly round breasts, not enormous, but so round. He could make out her nipples in the near-dark room. He yearned to wrap his mouth around them, to suck on them…

“When I first started talking to you I wanted you,” she said softly. “I was so disappointed when you said you were married.”

He stared at her. Entranced.

“But here we are,” she added after a pause.

“Here we are,” he repeated in some sort of agreement. He was still kneeling between her parted legs. His right hand ran over her left thigh. His still rock-hard cock stirred.

In one quick movement he plunged downwards deep inside her. They both yelled out. She wrapped her legs around him tightly and pulled him down by the neck to kiss him. Their tongues met and played as he thrust his weight inside her. He moaned in her mouth and she clenched her cunt tightly around him, again and again.

He broke from her kiss and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking it and flicking his tongue around it in a circular motion. She thrashed in pleasure, her back arching slightly. He moved to her other breasts, taking this hard, perfect nipple in his mouth and sucking it. Her body heaved and her backed arched higher. Her cunt contracted around his shaft indicating she approved and appreciated his attention to her breasts.

“You’re fucking delicious,” he said to her. He was still thrusting into her, slowly.


She responded with only a moan. Her eyes were glazed and she looked as though she was experiencing some intense bliss.

In that moment, as he was about to kiss her again, an intense guilt started to wash over him. His drunk, clouded mind started to clear and reality crept it. He was balls-deep in a woman who was not his wife.

He pulled back and, still with his cock inside her, he looked down at her. He had strayed. He was cheating. Right now, kartal escort he was a cheater. He was having sex with a stranger. A fucking sexy, horny, beautiful stranger. But a stranger nonetheless.

“Are you okay?” She asked, quite softly. She could probably detect the panic in his eyes. He stroked her breasts slowly, his cock remaining still inside her. He was still hard.

“Just… uh…”

He didn’t know quite what to say. He felt like a fucking fool.

“Are you having second thoughts?”

He nodded slightly. He cock twitched in protest.

She was silent for about a minute. He feared she would cut this short, he didn’t want that. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to keep fucking her glorious pussy and make her scream his name.

“Well, look,” she began in a soft voice. “We can stop now if you really, really want to.”

He stared stupidly at her. He didn’t want that. Neither of them did.

“Or…” she said slowly, with a little bit of her lip. “Or we can finish what we both started. Finish fucking me. You want it as much as I do. I can FEEL it.”

She clenched her pussy muscles tightly and he winced. He nearly started cumming right then.

“We have already started. There’s no difference now.”

He was frozen in a state of horny, slightly-drunk confusion.

She sighed.

“Fine. Let me fuck YOU. You lay there and I’ll fuck you. You don’t need to move.”

The next thing he knew he was in his back. His cock stuck up in the air. The gorgeous beauty was lowering herself on him. In one slow, sensual movement she sank on his cock.

“Stay. Still,” she ordered. She sat up on him, feet either side of his waist and hands on his chest. He lay there in awe as she slowly raised herself off him, then impaled herself over nearly his entire length. He could feel her cunt spasming. He gripped her hips and willed himself to remain still.

SHE was fucking HIM. He was powerless. He clenched his teeth and watched as she increased her pace. Her body moved up and down, faster and faster. Her perfect breasts bounced with each downwards thrust. Her eyes were closed now. She seemed to be in some kind of trance.

She pressed her hands harder into his chest and then he seemed to suddenly lose all control. Her eyes snapped open in surprise as he gripped her hips and drove himself up into her with intense force. She cried out as he held her down on his cock, and snaked his fingers around her, finding her ass hole. He slipped a finger inside and all chances of exercising any amount of self control was forever lost.

As he slid a second finger inside her she started shaking. Her body stiffened and he had to hold her up as she shock.

“I’m coming! Oh shit, oh shit… oh fucking shit!” She cried.

Her orgasm sent him insane. He pulled out of her and positioned her on all fours. He drove into her, grabbing her hair forcing her back to arch back towards him. She scrambled for some support but he held her spasming body tightly. He pounded into her with relentless passion. He used one hand to grab her left ass cheek and the other to pull her up by the hair.

The sound of their sex filled the room. Her moaning, the thump of the bed against the wall, his deep guttural growls as he slammed into her, her wetness, the slapping of his balls against her.

They came. Hard. Loud.

The most intense orgasm he could ever remember experiencing tore through his body. Her contraction sent him into a state of pure ecstasy. He exploded with a loud, long grunt and she gasped as she felt him shooting his cum deep inside her. This seemed to send her over the edge and she cried out, her body shuddering uncontrollably.

He fucked her until he felt empty. Her pussy had milked him dry. Her orgasm seemed to subside.

They lay entwined, panting. Content.

“Do you have to leave yet?” She asked after a while. She meant go home to his wife. He ran his eyes over the beauty he’d just screwed like an insane lunatic and sighed.


She reached over and ran her hand through his hair. “Will I see you again?”

“I hope so…” he said. He had to go but he knew more than anything that he wanted more.

“Okay. Well, you better shower first before you leave,” she said, biting her lip. She turned the lamp on beside her bed and stood up. He watched her walk to the doorway of what was probably her ensuite.

He grinned, got to his shaky feet and followed her into the shower.

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