Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 04

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Dee finally had accepted my rationale of why I was driving, though she had asked me out.

She wanted us to go to Milly’s, a fern bar/café that catered to the lesbians of our fair city; it wasn’t unique, there were several gay/lesbian-friendly places in our metro. Milly’s was known far and wide for its calamari appetizers, so I was okay with going there. But her place was between my place and Milly’s so, duh!

She was out the door and locking it as she saw my lights in her drive. Jumping in on the passenger side, she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, saying, “It’s really good to see you.”

“Thanks, you too,” backing out of her drive.

The ten minute drive was used to bitch about our respective work-weeks, and with her having three different hotels in three different cities, I awarded her the ‘right-to-bitch’ championship blue ribbon.


Knowing we were going to Milly’s, I dressed for ‘the ladies’ and, of course, for ‘my date’. A pair of slacks that showed the curves of my ass favorably, and a blouse that showed the cleavage that my French bra provided, accentuating my C-cup boobs. The combo looked good on me, and I liked that.

Handing her coat to be hung at the check closet, as I had done, Dee whistled softly, saying, “Damn girl, you clean up nice!” I smiled at her compliment, complimenting her back, because she really looked hot in her outfit; her small perky boobs showing through her thin blouse. We were ‘watched’ as we were led to our table by several pairs of eyes throwing sly glances our way.

You’re beginning to like this ‘new thing’ a lot, aren’t you?

I suppose I am.

You like these leering glances from the women in this place, don’t you?

I suppose I do.

Is that why you smiled back at that cute blonde chick a second ago?


It was a slam dunk for splitting a large order of calamari, and a side salad. We both chose Sunrises as our drink of choice, and talked the night away, the time flying by as we drank and noshed.

Her story was similar to mine except she had been married. She endured sex with her husband, because that’s what a wife should do, and faked every orgasm he thought she had. Like me, her best friend was her right hand in the shower. He suspected that their sex life was ‘not as good as it should be’-Ya think?

So when he suggested bringing another woman into their bed, to ‘shake things up’, to ‘spice up things’, she thought, what the hell? Why not. It certainly couldn’t be worse than she was having anyway, so she agreed. She even let him take pictures of her nude, artistically done she said, showing her body in provocative poses but her face never shown. He joined and posted an ad on a website, “looking for females to give wife her first bi-experience.”

They both traveled for their jobs, but she would use her personal laptop on the road to check the ad for responses; she’d read them, discard the ones without pics, cull through the illiterates and at the end of a week, there were usually three or four that ‘might work’. Agreeing on their first ‘playmate’ after a couple of weeks, they answered; emailed each other for a week, and set up a coffee date to meet in person. It went well, Dee said, the woman was cute, average in many ways but very sexy in some sort of way. An invite was issued to her for the next evening to come to their place for a ‘date’.

“From the first time she kissed me,” Dee said, signaling our server for another round of drinks, our third, “I didn’t care that my husband was even there. We played around with him and when she offered to go down on me while I sucked him, I agreed and gave him the best blowjob he’d ever had from me,” laughing at the memory. “He came quickly, and retired to the sidelines to watch, and he had a show.”

“Whatever she did to me, I did to her and had orgasms that rocked my world,” she said, “and I’ve never looked back.”

She went on to say that the dumb schmuck actually believed she embraced the threesome thing because it made their marriage better.

“It didn’t, of course, but the sex from the threesomes took care of my needs,” smiling as she said it.

Eventually, the truth was found out, they divorced. She began perusing the same website under a different screen name, using some of the previously unposted pictures that he had taken, and took out her own ad. This was ‘looking for couples or women who wanted to have their first bi-flings’.

“Ironic, isn’t it?” she said.

So now, she still looks at the site every once in a while, hooking up with a chick that hits her hot button. She was happy and that was that. She met Brie through a mutual ‘friend’ at a party on New Year’s Eve.

“Brie poker oyna and her ‘date’, a young thing, invited me to join them in a New Year’s toast and at midnight, they took turns kissing me for the New Year. The next thing I knew, I was going home with them; Brie drove while the ‘young thing’ worked me up in the backseat.”

“I can’t remember the ‘young thing’s’ name but I certainly remember how she loved it when Brie used the strap-on with her as she gave me head.”

Strap-on? Brie didn’t do that to you.

Not yet, but it’s something to think about.

“Brie and I have been friends ever since and that’s how I joined out little Social Club,” Dee concluded, smiling.

We were silent for a few moments when she asked, “Did you see that cute blonde a few tables back? She was a little ‘hottie’ wasn’t she?”

I agreed, returning her smile, watching her watch me.

I was downing the last of my drink when she put her elbows on the table, framed her face with her hands, and said, “So, you wanna go back to my place and fuck?”

“Why you silver-tongued devil, you; you sure know how to sweet talk a girl,” laughing softly. Putting my glass down, “I think that’s a fine idea,” I said.

Walking out, there were appreciative glances tossed our way, again, and even a wink or two, which made me, feel, I don’t know, sexy? Wanted? Horny? Take your choice.


My car’s heater had just started to warm the inside of the SUV when we arrived at Dee’s driveway, both of us a bit ‘chilled’ and Dee remarked that she was glad she left the heat on in her house.

Me too, it was fucking cold!

Taking my coat from me, she hung it in the entryway closet, along with hers. Turning to me, she put her arms around me and kissed me; a sweet, gentle kiss, my hands rising to caress her small waist, the kiss very arousing. Breaking off the kiss, she took my hand and asked, “Do you want the ‘nickel’ tour of my place?”

I did, and hand in hand, she led me through her place.

The main level had the kitchen/dining nook and her living room on one side, with the main bath, remodeled and enlarged, her study/office area, and the foyer, of course, on the other side. Upstairs housed her master bedroom with a private bath, taking up one whole side, and two smaller guest bedrooms, one used for ‘storage’ and the like, and a shared bathroom between the smaller bedrooms. Like the exterior of the house, the interior had also been restored to its original grandeur. It was tastefully decorated and furnished and I told her so, as we descended the stairs to the kitchen area.

“Would you like a drink? I’m having one,” Dee asked.

I did, and she fixed us a couple of Scotch and waters, she, like me, an aficionado of Single-Malt Scotch. Drinks in hand we walked to her living room, choosing the large couch in front of her entertainment center as our sitting spot. Looking at the entertainment center, I was drawn to the many DVDs that were sitting on her shelf, and rising, I walked over to look at the collection.

There were many ‘Classics’ from the film industry, mostly drama and mystery flicks, sprinkled with some comedic films as well. On the very bottom shelf, not quite hidden from view, was a selection of ‘porn’, most with lesbian themes-no surprise-but a few with males and women, threesomes, swaps, and the like.

“Do you watch porn?” Dee asked as she walked up behind me, placing her hand on my back, her fingers stroking up and down my spine through my thin blouse.

“I have a few that I keep around for entertainment purposes,” I admitted to her, smiling a bit. She smiled back, asking, “Want to put one on and watch it a while?” she asked after a short pause.

“Sure, why not?”

Why not, indeed?

Choosing one, she slipped it into the player, walked over to the wall, turning down the lights with a dimmer switch, casting the room in a very soft, dim light. I had returned to the couch and she joined me there, sitting close to me, our legs touching. We placed our drinks on the coffee table as the DVD started.

Like most porn, it took about a nano-second for the first sex scene to begin. The two girls in the film were beautiful and well-built, both of them with silicon breasts to die for. The action between the women in the film was very hot, plain and simple, and their romp held our attention; for a while, anyway.

We had both kicked off our shoes when we had taken off our coats and both us had stretched out our legs, using the coffee table as a hassock of sorts, our bodies lying against the couch-back. As we watched the action on the large, flat-screen TV, our hands migrated to each other’s leg, stroking gently, with fingertips canlı poker oyna brushing the skin over the material.

She moved her hand to my blouse, slowly unbuttoning it as she leaned in and kissed the side of my face. I continued to watch the screen, getting turned on by what was going on in the movie, and by her warm tongue licking my ear and neck. Her hand was now inside of my blouse which was unbuttoned to my skirt-waist; her hand squeezing and cupping my breasts over my bra, her kisses now moving towards my lips, up from my neck and face.

I turned towards her and met her lips with mine, reaching with my hand to caress the back of her head as our kiss evolved into a passionate, gasping meeting of our mouths and tongues. Dropping my hand from her head, I unbuttoned her blouse as she had done to me, my hand slipping across her smooth skin to caress her breasts, braless, small, and feeling wonderful under my hand.

She was nuzzling and kissing the swell of my breasts over my bra, her fingers peeling down the bra to suck on my nipple, her nipples hard against my hand’s wanderings.

Looking up with her eyes as she sucked on a breast and nipple, she pulled her mouth from my wet nipple, asking, “Wanna go upstairs?”

“Yes,” I answered, my breath slightly gasping, my heartbeat thumping under my skin. I believe the proper phrase for my condition would be ‘hot and horny’; simple, but accurate in its description of what I was feeling.

We climbed her stairwell, our arms around each other’s waist, stealing small kisses with each other. We each watched the other undress as we took off our own clothes, our eyes feasting on our nakedness as it evolved.

Dee’s body was on the slender, thin side; small waisted, small breasted, her skin smooth and flawless. Her breasts were not quite a B-cup, I had decided last weekend at Brie’s when I kissed and suckled them, but larger than an A. Regardless, they felt wonderful to me when I played with her in Brie’s bed, and tonight, as well, when I fondled her downstairs a few minutes ago.

We climbed onto her bed from opposite sides and ‘knee-walked’ to the middle of the bed, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss, our arms embracing each other’s bodies, our pussies rubbing against the other. We fell together onto her pillows, our bodies melding together, our kiss still not broken, my knee slipping between her legs to rub against her pussy, which was beyond damp, her juices clearly flowing with desire.

It took her but a minute or two before I was looking down my body at her hands caressing my boobs as her head bobbed between my legs, her tongue making delicious swipes up and down my pussy, pausing to twirl around my love-bud. I enjoyed her attentions until my insides screamed for release, and just that quickly, I climaxed, surprising me and pleasing her.

She lasted longer than I did and I was glad; savoring her tastes and scent as I relished what I was doing to her, with her, a small orgasm building within myself as I assaulted her womanhood with my quickly developing oral skills. When she came, her hands pulling my head deep into her grinding pussy, I came as well, small but satisfying.

And so it went, until we fell asleep from exhaustion, sated but tired.


Awakening the next morning, it took a groggy minute or two before I remembered where I was; more specifically, in whose bed I was lying.

The aroma of fresh coffee was wafting up from downstairs, waking me even more so, so I got out of bed and padded to her master bath.

Walking into her bathroom, she had left out a tube of toothpaste, a clean drinking glass, and an unopened toothbrush, still in its sterilized package. I peed, the relief bringing a smile to my face and then brushed my teeth, splashing my face with cool water, drying myself afterwards. I noticed, then, that she had also left a folded ‘sleep shirt’ on a shelf near the basin. Slipping it on, I followed my nose to the kitchen, hearing her in her office, her fingers tapping on the keyboard.

“Morning, baby,” she said, hugging me from behind as I stood, fixing my coffee. I leaned my head to the side as she nuzzled my neck and the side of my face with her lips.

“Morning, Ms. Dee,” I said, and then thanked her for her thoughtfulness of the toothbrush and all.

She had a nightshirt on herself, the house a bit on the cool side; I understood the chill, since I also slept with the thermostat turned down. She fixed herself another cup, inviting me into her office afterwards.

“Checking my ad-site,” she explained as I took a chair next to her desk.

“Any ‘hotties’ looking for a licking?” I jokingly asked her.

Laughing at my poor attempt internet casino at alliteration humor, she said, “A couple worth checking out, here, slide your chair around, next to mine.” And, I did.

“She’s a little cutie, isn’t she,” Dee said as she clicked on the attachment of a response, opening a jpg file which revealed a smiling, Asian girl in a thong, hands on her hips with small breasts, high, firm, and proud. She looked young, really young, and I said so. Dee read her reply’s text, commenting, “Says here that she’s a twenty-four year old graduate student.”

Twenty-four? I would’ve have guessed younger but I’ve guessed wrong before about that kinda stuff. I stayed next to Dee as she checked out a few more replies, but she kept returning to the Asian girl’s reply, comparing? I wondered.

Grabbing her empty cup from in front of her, I fixed us each another cup of her really good brew, returning to my chair next to hers. Looking along with her, she surfed the site, checking out other ads, many of which had pics that ranged from disgustingly lewd and vulgar to tastefully sexy. After a half-hour or so of looking at naked bodies and reading some incredibly sexy ads, I admitted to myself that I was developing a problem ‘down there’. The thing is, I wasn’t as much thinking about Dee ‘doing’ me as I was thinking of me ‘doing’ her.


“That really feels good, Lynn,” she said to me as she continued to surf through the site, pausing to click on a couple. What was ‘feeling good’ to Dee was my hand between her slightly parted legs, stroking the insides of her thighs, my pinky finger reaching to ‘tease’ her pubes and her button. Going with ‘the moment’, I abruptly spun her office chair to face me as I slid off of my own chair, dropping to my knees as my hands lifted her nightshirt to her waist, exposing her pretty pussy. Slipping my hands under her firm ass, I lifted her pussy to meet my mouth as my head dropped between her legs.

She leaned her head back against her chair and closed her eyes, her hands running through my hair as I slowly teased and tasted her with my tongue and mouth, soft murmurs of contentment coming from her throat and mouth. Her legs lifted and crossed behind me, ‘trapping’ me to her Vee, my tongue now probing deeply into her essence, her murmurs now loud moans with her breaths coming faster and harder as her excitement mounted. Her climax erupted from deep down inside of her, her moans growing in volume as she orgasmed, her hips grinding against the pressure of my mouth and tongue. Her juices tasted just wonderful to me, my mouth shining with her wetness when I finally came up for air.

She drew my face to her lips with her hands and kissed me deeply, for a very long time, as I kneaded her breasts with my hands, under her sleep-shirt. Begging me to let her ‘do me’, I acquiesced and she took me there, on the carpeted floor of her office, my own contented sounds filling the small room.

She asked me to spend the day, and night, but I explained that my newest niece’s Christening was tomorrow, and I was expected to be there. We kissed each other before she opened the door for me to leave, long, lovingly soft kisses, that were hard to leave, truthfully. Waving as I pulled away, I headed to my place.

Quite the ‘carpet muncher’ you’ve become in three short weeks.

What’s your point?

I’m just saying….

Shut up; just shut the fuck up, okay?

Standing in the Mail center of our condo complex, I was going through my mail, tossing the trash mail, of which there was a lot, when she walked through the door. Glancing from my mail perusal, we made eye contact; both of us, for a brief second, giving a look of ‘where do I know her from’. We politely smiled at each other, letting the moment pass, her cute blond hair falling to her shoulders as she reached into her mail box.

Cute, I thought to myself, returning to my own mail. Walking to the trash can near the standup table where I was going through my mail, she said, “Hi,” and I returned her greeting, watching her as she walked towards the door.

The blonde. The blonde that eyed me at Milly’s last night, that’s who that is, I quickly realized, that’s why she looked so familiar. At least, I think that was her; no, I was sure that it was her, I finally decided.

“Huh,” I said out loud to myself in the empty mail center. “How fucking weird would that be?” I said, again out loud, gathering my ‘good’ mail and returning to my car and driving to my patio home and its enclosed garage space in the rear.

Checking my phone messages, there was one from my mom, suggesting that if I wanted to bring whatever young man I was dating, that he’d be welcomed; but of course, that’s only if you want to, she ended.

Chuckling to myself, I talked back to my message machine, saying, “Oh yeah, that’s a great idea, mom, I’ll bring my date from last night and watch the jaws drop.”


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