Madrid Ch. 03

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On the Saturday evening, I had a shower about eight, shaved and applied lots of aftershave to my belly as well as my face before getting dressed. Deciding to be semi-formal, I wore a shirt and tie with slacks then sat down to wait. Just before nine, there was a gentle knock at the door and, on opening it, I was delighted at the way Esmeralda looked.

She had her coat over her arm to show off what she was wearing underneath. It seemed to be the same style as the black one that I’d seen before, but this was a shiny bottle green complemented by green tights and black high heeled boots. Her hair was piled on the top of her head and she had that look on her face which said “enjoy the view, it’s good enough to eat”.

We kissed on both cheeks as she walked in and I made drinks as she sat on the couch. I asked if she new the fish restaurant that I’d booked and she said that she did, but had never been there although she’d always wanted to. We started petting but, as I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, I told her to slow down and that we had all night for love.

When we’d finished our drinks, I helped her on with her coat before putting on my jacket and leaving the apartment. The guards at the entrance wished us a cheerful buenos apetitos as we went out into the night. It was much colder than I’d thought, and was pleased that we didn’t have more than a short walk.

The restaurant specialised in Galician seafood, which was brought in daily from the coast. We both had the same, mixed shellfish to start, followed by baked hake in a mouth-watering sauce, washed down with a bottle of dry white wine. To complete the meal, we had sorbet followed by coffee and anis dulce, a sweet Spanish liqueur.

It was after eleven by the time we got back to the apartment and she asked me for more coffee while she poured us another drink and took her boots off. We sat close together on the sofa and talked while our meal digested and we finished our drinks. Esmeralda then turned to me and asked if I would like to see some photographs she had with her.

When she went over to her bag and bent down to open it, I thought that I could see the dark band of stocking tops and I whistled at her. It was obvious that wolf-whistles were welcome as she looked over at me, smiled and then bent over a little further to improve my view. She came back with a large packet of photographs and lay across my lap, taking them out and holding them so that we could both see them.

The early ones were of her at the beach, wearing a very brief thong that was pulled so tight into her crotch that I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips. They’d been taken from all angles, including one which look as though she’d been standing with her feet each side of the photographer’s head. Feeling a pang of jealousy, I asked if her boyfriend had taken them.

She laughed and said no, the pictures I had taken were private, and that these had been taken by one of her girlfriends when they’d been on holiday together the previous summer. The next photograph caused me to whistle again and she asked if I liked the look of her girlfriend. It was a three quarter view with the head turned in profile. She was statuesque, with a straight back, large firm tits, a flat belly and a mane of flaming red hair. Like Esmeralda, she too was only wearing a thong which, from the way it was cutting into her hips, was also pulled up as tight as possible.

Esmeralda said that her friend’s name was Pilar, that they went to University together and shared a bed sitter here in Madrid. There were a few more pictures of Pilar and then one of them sitting back to back on a rock. The final picture was of them standing facing each other. Their noses and lips were just touching, as were their nipples and bellies, and they rested their hands on each other’s hips. It was one of the most erotic photographs that I’d ever seen.

During this time, my free hand had started at her tits, worked its way down her belly and was now stroking that glorious flesh on her thighs, just above her stocking tops. I felt her legs open a little so I slipped my hand between them and slowly up. Her panties were soaking, and my fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips.

She put the photographs down and slipped off her panties. She took off my tie and shirt, then put her arms round my neck and kissed me while I continued to stroke her. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb while she rocked güvenilir bahis her hips against my hand and sucked my tongue into her mouth. As we speeded up, all was in unison, her sucking and rocking and my stroking and finger-fucking. Faster and faster until she broke her mouth away from me and turned to bite into my shoulder as she moaned and came.

I continued to gently stroke her while she came down from her orgasmic high, just shuddering occasionally as she slipped into smaller, lighter ecstasies. My fingers were dripping as I finally pulled them out of her. I breathed in the heady scent as I ran them under my nose, and then ran them over her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me as she slowly parted her lips and drew my cunt juice covered fingers into her mouth.

She reached down and started to stroke herself while she continued to lick and suck at my fingers, then brought her fingers to my mouth and started to run them round my lips. I opened them and, for the first time, tasted her juices. I was not disappointed, for the taste was as good as I’d imagined from her smell.

I told her how good she tasted and asked if she also liked the taste. She said yes, but sometimes the taste was a little sharp. I asked what she meant, and she said that some of the other girls at the club did not always wash before making love! When I asked how she knew, she said that sometimes they would go off in pairs with a client for a threesome.

The thought of Esmeralda with another girl excited me again as I kissed her again. I slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders and pulled it down to her waist. I kissed down her neck and over her chest until I reached her nipples which I kissed alternately, gently sucking the hardened points between my lips and nipping them between my teeth. I took hold of her dress, and she lifted her hips off the seat so that I could slide it completely off.

Her lower belly and pubes were now framed by her black stockings and suspender belt. I continued kissing down her belly, licking round her navel and rubbing my nose in her soft fur, going light-headed with the scent of this excited woman. In the meantime, she was pulling off my slacks and underpants to release my throbbing tool which she licked from tip to base and back again.

Pulling me over her, I stayed on my knees as she lifted her head to nibble the end of my prick before sucking it deep into her throat and rubbing round it with her tongue. She opened and lifted her thighs and I licked her pussy, starting with her clit and working down to the entrance to her flowing cunt, then back up again. With my fingers, I pulled her lips open, fully exposing her little nub and flicked it with the tip of my tongue.

This caused Esmeralda to groan, and she started playing with my balls with one hand while wanking my prick into her mouth. My tongue now slipped into her hot cunt as far as I could reach, I rolled it round and then withdrew before repeating the exercise in time with her wanking and sucking. My hands gripped her cheeks and the tip of one finger played with the entrance to her arse which was becoming slick with a mixture of her juice and my saliva. She licked her middle finger and I felt it slip into my arse as she continued to rub my balls with her thumb and forefinger.

All our actions speeded up, and she bounced her hips against my mouth as one of my fingers slipped into her arse. I pushed all the fingers of my other hand so deep into her cunt that I could run my fingertips round her cervix while lapping at her sensitive clit. I felt the pressure to come build up in my balls and I exploded in her mouth. This seemed to tip her over the brink of yet another orgasm as she sucked my prick so hard and long that I thought that she would suffocate.

We rolled onto our sides but left our heads between each other’s thighs, gently stroking and kissing as far as we could reach without moving from the comfortable pillows we had each found. Eventually, we slowed down even further and drifted into a light sleep before she slipped away into the bathroom. I heard the bath run, and after a couple of minutes followed her, as the need to pee was becoming uncomfortable.

I found her sitting on the loo, wiping her backside. She laughed, pressed the flush and jumped into the foamy bath. I stood at the side of the bowl so that I could watch her as I peed. As I was finishing, I realised that I also needed to empty my bowels after the large meal türkçe bahis we had eaten, and so sat down and performed as if it was the most natural thing in the world which, of course, it was.

As I wiped myself, she asked what we were going to do on the Sunday. I suggested that after breakfast, we could perhaps go for a walk in El Retiro, the park in the middle of the city, followed by lunch in one of the fashionable restaurants nearby. This seemed to please her and I got into the bath and washed myself. After the bath, we went to bed and quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms. Satiated by good food and even better sex.

The next day, we woke to the early morning sunlight streaming through the windows and made slow love together; without the urgency of earlier couplings, but with even higher sensations. I learned that she liked long slow strokes that took her to the brink of orgasm, followed by short fast thrusts as she came, which she did several times before I could hold back no longer. I didn’t move as I came, but pressed deep into her so that she could feel my prick jerk as I spurted inside her while she used her muscles to milk all my cream into hungry her cunt.

Without coming out of her, we rolled onto our sides and dozed again while I sleepily sucked at one of her nipples like a contented baby. It was only later, as my now soft prick plopped out of her that I realised that I hadn’t used a condom. I woke her and apologised, asking if she took the pill. She said no, she didn’t want to put any artificial drugs into her body, but that she’d had a coil fitted for a couple of years and so was safe.

She then told me that I was the first man, apart from her boyfriend, that she’d allowed to come into her without protection, and so that I had no fears of catching anything from her. Also, she said that she’d believed me when I said that this was the first time I’d been with anyone else other than my wife, and so she too felt safe from picking up anything from me.

I got up to make coffee, and she went into the bathroom. When the coffee was ready, I took it into the bathroom to find her in the shower. I pulled the curtain aside and joined her. As she was washing her hair, I took over this chore and continued to wash all over her upper body while she did my lower half. Then we switched before rinsing the Badedas foam off and getting out.

Esmeralda held the towel out for me, and I dried her hair with it, being careful not to tangle it or make any knots. While I was getting dressed, I loved watching her standing in front of the full length mirror to brush her hair. She stood on tip toes and stretched, turning and admiring herself as she brushed, laughing at me looking at her in the mirror. Then she bent over the hand basin to be close to the mirror while she used my toothbrush and carefully applied her makeup, giving me a beautiful view of her legs and backside.

Her hair was completely dry by the time we’d finished in the breakfast bar, and she went to the ladies to give it a final brush. We hadn’t seen the doorman as we’d left the apartment, but now I wished us a cheery buenos dias as we returned and went down to the underground car park.

She was impressed by my car, a rented Peugeot 405 SRI, with only a few thousand kilometres on the clock. It was a glorious spring morning and I opened the sun-roof as we sped down Orense and onto the wide, tree-lined boulevard of Castellana towards the park. As it was still quite early, I quickly found a parking space close to where we would eat, and then we crossed the road into the park.

The Madrilleños love to display on Sundays, and the park was quite full of people in their Sunday best strolling and listening to the buskers, having their fortunes told by old gypsy women and buying candy floss for the children. There’s a small café in the centre of El Retiro, and we found a table in the sun and drank coffee while watching the world go by. When we’d finished, we took another turn around the lake, holding hands like young lovers and dropping a few coins in the busker’s hats before going for to the restaurant for lunch.

As it was only about one-thirty, we had no trouble getting a table in the window, where we could continue watching the people walk by while we enjoyed a meal of cocinio, roast suckling pig, washed down by a bottle of cariñena. Over coffee, I asked what she wanted to do in the afternoon. She smiled and looked at me through half open eyes and said that güvenilir bahis siteleri she’d like to got back to the apartment, but she couldn’t stay too long as she has some homework to do before Monday.

Before we went to the car, I told her to go to the ladies and take off her panties. Her eyes widened and she laughed, but got up and slowly walked across the room, knowing that all the men were looking at her. When she emerged a few moments later, she walked even more slowly and seemed to be crossing her thighs over one another as she took each step. By the time she reached the table, she was flushed and her eyes were sparkling. She said that if we didn’t go immediately, she would have to sit down and make herself come then and there.

Although the idea of this excited me, I had other ideas and got up and rested my hand on her bum as we crossed the room. The feel of her flesh through her dress, knowing that she had nothing else on except a suspender belt and stockings, heightened my excitement so much that I had to stand close to the cash desk while paying so that the whole restaurant wouldn’t see the effect she was having on me.

At the car, I held the door for her and she rewarded me with a long look at her naked pussy as she parted her legs to get in. I went round to my side, got in and, as I leaned over to kiss her, pulled her skirt as high as it would go and slipped my fingers into her wet pussy. She slipped down a little in the seat and parted her thighs to make more room for me. As she started to come, I took one of her hands and pressed it to her breast, the other I put between her legs. Then I sat back and started the car.

It seemed as though the journey back to my apartment was, for her, one long orgasm; peaking as we stopped at a traffic light next to a tourist bus. The driver’s eyes nearly popped out of my head as I looked through the open sun-roof to see Esmeralda playing with herself. I told her to look up and, when she saw that she had an audience, blew me a kiss then closed her eyes as she frigged herself to yet another orgasm.

In the car park, I slipped my hand under her dress and between her soaking thighs as I followed her up the stairs to the foyer, but had to position her between myself and the doorman to hide my erection. In the lift, she unzipped me, took out my straining prick and knelt to lick the pre-come that was oozing out. I tried to cover myself when we arrived at my floor, but she wouldn’t let me. She just held my prick and led me to the door of my apartment as if I was on a lead.

This was no time for the long, slow lovemaking we had enjoyed that morning. Instead, we pulled each other’s clothes off as we went inside. I was in too much of a hurry to go through into the bedroom, and bent her over the settee in the lounge and drove straight into her juicy cunt from behind. We both came almost immediately, me arching my back as I pushed forward and shot into her, she pushing her hips backwards to meet me before her legs gave out and we collapsed, laughing with joy onto to the sofa.

I got up and went into the bathroom. After peeing, I turned on the bidet, regulating the temperature and strength of the flow and called out to her. By the time she came in, I had already soaped a shower glove and was waiting for her. She immediately squatted over the bidet and allowed the inverted shower to wet her all over. She put her arms around my neck and kissed the top of my head as I bent to see what I was doing. After I’d washed and rinsed her, I kissed her before drying her pussy and backside, then sprinkled a load talc onto my hand and patted her between the legs.

As she was getting dressed, I asked when we could meet again. She said not until Saturday night, as on Friday she was already booked for a threesome with Pilar and one of the bar owner’s old clients. The thought of this intrigued me, and I asked if I should come to the bar on Saturday instead. She said no, but that she’d come to the apartment about nine.

I assumed that this meant she wanted to go out to eat again but, as I was running short of my allowances until the end of the month, I suggested that I cook for us. She seemed delighted with the idea of a man cooking for her, and said that she’d bring some wine and a nice surprise for me, so I said that I’d put some champagne in the fridge and have it open and waiting at nine.

I offered to run her back home, but she said no, it wasn’t far and she’d take a taxi. This reminded me that I hadn’t paid her, so I rummaged in my clothes for my wallet. She said not to pay her, as she’d enjoyed herself so much, and that I’d already paid for both lunch and dinner, but that she would like some money for the taxi.

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