Magic Girl Ch. 02

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I shook my head.

“Well, if that’s just all natural,” she breathed, “Then I’m a dead woman!” Then she laughed and I just fell in love with her right then and there. I looked at her, at her gorgeous face, her nose, her big eyes, and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I got off the couch, went around the coffee table, knelt and then grabbed her feet and started kissing them. She didn’t resist. I heard her gasp and then she was turning and laying down on the floor, letting me stretch her legs out and not trying to pull back. She just totally gave herself to me and that by itself I could totally new and totally exciting. I went on kissing and basically just touching my lips to the dark, silken skin of the tops of her feet, mesmerized by what I was doing. I could still hardly believe I was actually doing it. I’d thought of this and had fantasized about it so many times that it seemed familiar, but it was better than I remembered. The way her feet stretched out straight at certain times, the way she’d sigh or gasp when she did that, and the whole tense, breathless mood that seemed to fill the very air of the room – all of those were things I’d never fully thought of or imagined. Even the way her heels and ankles were so soft in my hands. I’d only ever thought of sucking her beautiful toes and licking them and…doing other things with them, but this was so much better.

Then I relived one of my fantasies and pushed my lips gently and slowly down around her left first toe. There was another breathy gasp. She called my name softly and then her leg shivered. It felt like it was going to pull back, so I held on tight and kept pushing down and down, feeling every contour of that one toe gliding through my lips. It was almost as if I was memorizing it, but then I had it all in my mouth and I just stayed like that for awhile, enjoying the sensation, the sounds she was making and the whole idea that this was really happening. I rubbed my tongue on the underside of it, around the sides, and then tickled its tip. Angela sighed again, so beautifully and with such a pleased sound that I just kept doing the same thing. I loved hearing make those sounds, loved being the one who was causing her to make those sounds and I never wanted it to stop.

But then the second toe seemed to remind me of its presence and I went on to that one, then the next and the next. Each one was long and smooth and lovely and I took care with each one, not wanting to miss a single thing about any of them. It was like being in a dream, living a fantasy. They were softer and more delicate than I ever imagined. I had, I admit, done similar things to my own toes. I’m very flexible physically, so I can do things like that, but doing it to someone else and not knowing how it felt on the receiving end was really different. Like how it had been when I’d been on the receiving end. I’d never felt anything quite that wonderful before. But now all I wanted was to enjoy myself, to indulge in this one thing and not think about anything else. Anything else but the sounds Angela was making. They by themselves were totally exciting. Each time she gasped or moaned it got me more turned-on, to the point where I felt that a little more time would go by and I’d actually come just kneeling there, not even touching anything. Just in thin air.

Then I was licking between her toes and her toes spread for me. Wide. They were so cute like that! I started licking the ball of her foot and there were more sighs and little moans. She lifted her foot straight up for me and then I had my head down, licking her arches and nibbling on them. I was so into it I totally forgot about myself after awhile. All I wanted was to please her and keep pleasing her and to keep those sounds filling the darkness. I started to lick and kiss the sides of her feet, the insides, and then I was licking her ankles, and then I did what I joked about; I ran my tongue straight up her leg, from the ankle, right up the shin to her knee. I stopped there and looked up at her. Her head was tossing slowly back and forth but now she stopped and looked back at me. She had this look of wonder and satisfaction in her face and I was so proud to have done something she liked, I felt all choked up. I thought she was going to say something, but when she didn’t I decided I was going to lick every portion of each of her legs and when I got to where they met, I was going to just bury my mouth on her and make her come.

Before I could do that though she sat straight up – her tummy muscles, exposed by her slightly lifted tee-shirt – just six-packed out! Then she leaned to me and kissed me on the mouth. She hugged me and we just went on kissing and I finally settled down over her leg, straddling it as I kneeled there enjoying my first real kiss. When she stopped and sat back I think we both had that look of wonder on our faces. I know she did, and that was the exact way I was feeling. It was awesome! I was shocked and surprised to find out how wonderful this all was, how much I was relishing it, and poker oyna everything just added up and there were no words for it really.

“Magic Girl,” she breathed. “You are just something else, you know that?” My face got hot.

“You’re the one who’s something,” I told her. “The more I kiss your feet, the more I want to. You’re like a drug or something.” I smiled, but I was feeling so hot inside, so completely aroused that I didn’t know if I could just remain sitting there like that.

On her knee.

And just as I was thinking it, Angela bent her knee up slightly under me. It made contact with my pussy and my eyes rolled back. It felt so nice I couldn’t even moan. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of having something pushed up under me like that. The knee started moving under me, rubbing me, pressing upward and I melted. My bottom started to roll and push and rub involuntarily against the bump of her knee and in moments I was lost in this wonderful, building pleasure that seemed to want to burst out of every pore in my body. I remember leaning back on my hands and really rolling and twirling my hips, feeling Angela raise her knee even more, and then the pressure just built up and built up inside me. I lost myself in the warmth and comfort and the almost frightening level of release that seemed to be welling up inside me. I wanted to come but I didn’t know if I wanted to come that hard. I’d already endured more than I’d ever experienced before in my life, but this felt like it was going to make my insides rupture or tear and it was really scary. I finally stopped my motion and lifted up off her knee. I looked at her and she looked disappointed.

“Something wrong?” she asked. I shook my head. I smiled at her and realized there was so much about her that I hadn’t explored yet. I wanted to. I wanted to have nothing left to fantasize about.

“Yah,” I said, grinning. “I’m just so not done with you!” Then I pushed her back, slipped backward off her leg, leaned over and began licking my own pussy goo off her skin.

It was about 9:30 when I finally sat back and stopped. It was dark. There was a panting, gasping sound coming from the girl on the floor before me. I took a breath to steady my own nerves. I was so flushed and excited I didn’t know what to do but kneel there and try and catch my breath. I wiped the wetness off my mouth with back of my hand and just had to smile.

Angela was so beautiful like that, totally naked, barefoot, breathing so hard I could see her ribcage clearly. Her skin was glossy from all the sweat. She looked like she’d just gotten out of the pool or something! She had her right wrist over her eyes and was just laying there trying to recover.

From what I’d done to her. Me!

Finally I caught my breath. I sat back and leaned on my hands, watching her and adoring every part of her. She was really so completely beautiful, from her toes all the way up to her nose. Every luscious, black inch of her – and I could talk because I’d explored every square inch of her body! I’d licked her legs to start, but when I’d gotten to her crotch I yanked her shorts roughly off, really just stripping her, then slid her panties off and let her lay there while I took a few moments to hold her undies to my face and breathe in her wonderful scent. I almost got carried away doing that, but then I remembered her, how exposed she was, and I decided to torture her by not licking her there. I went past her pussy and licked her belly, tongued her navel, kissed and stroked her hips and waist – all very slow and very delicately. She was just totally squirming where she lay and I loved it. Just totally out of control and totally in mine. Just as it had been when she’d done all those luscious things to my feet!

It was revenge time and it was sweet.

Then I’d kissed and licked and caressed my way up to her chest and her tee-shirt, even all pushed up like it was, was in my way. I stripped it off her, tossed it aside and then she was laying there, just completely and totally bare and for a long moment I just knelt there staring at her, looking at her concave belly, her ribs, her hips, her boobs.

Her pussy bulge.

I breathed in and could still smell her pussy scent all over my lips and nose and face. I’d buried my face there – right there – and had licked her out until her whole body was shuddering and twitching. She’d grabbed her knees and spread herself wide open for me and I’d just lain there, in total contentment, licking and sucking and swallowing and tongue-fucking her forever. So sweet. So sweet and wet and delicious. I wiped my chin with my wrist and found a lot of goo there. I smelled it and then licked it up. Her. All over me.

So beautiful.

Now her breath was calming. She was still glistening like some slim African princess, and I fell in love with her even more than at first. I went and lay against her side and she put her arm around me. We just stayed like that, not saying a word for a long time, just enjoying each canlı poker oyna other’s presence I guess – at least that’s what I was enjoying – and I was so happy I wanted to cry. It was so beautiful, the whole thing, the touching and exploring and kissing and those incredible ‘foot things’ we’d done to each other. And to top it all off, I’d made love to her, to her entire body, but had eaten her pussy – my very first time! – and it had been better than anything I’d ever imagined. I’d always imagined that too – apart from the foot loving – and everything had turned out more wonderful than my imagination could’ve dreamed up.

After awhile Angela sat up and got on the couch. I went with her and for another long while we just sat there holding each other, not saying a word. I’d calmed down too. I wasn’t on the verge like I’d been. It would’ve been nice to orgasm with her, but what I’d gotten was enough. I was happy, content. I had a naked girl against me and even though I was still fully clothed, it was wonderful.

I fell asleep like that.

I didn’t know how tired I was until I opened my eyes and it was the next morning. I was on the little couch still, but Angela wasn’t. I sat up, looking around. I discovered that I was covered up nice and snug in a blanket. I looked at my watch – I hadn’t even taken that off! – and saw that it was nearly 10 in the morning. I panicked for an instant before I remembered that yesterday afternoon’s practice had been Friday’s practice. No practice today, no classes. I breathed a sigh of relief, but still wondered where Angela had gotten too. I felt wonderful though. Like I’d slept for a hundred years. Refreshed, happy, content. Then I remembered why I would be so content and blushed. I was just glad nobody was there to see it!

I stretched, yawned, stood and folded the blanket. I laid it on the unused bed then went to use the toilet. When I opened my pareo I noticed that there was a little note tucked inside the waistband. I sat on the toilet and started to do my business while I read the note. It was handwritten. As I opened it I remember thinking that it was probably Angela telling me it was ‘great’ but please don’t forget to lock up when I left. Instead it read:

Magic Girl: I can’t believe what happened, happened! You’re so yummy I masturbated this morning when I woke up – while looking at you sleeping! I came so hard I almost screamed but didn’t want to wake you. You look like an angel when you’re sleeping.

I wonder if I’m the first one to see you this way?

Anyhow, I’ve gone to the McDonald’s to get some breakfast stuff. Be back probably by 10:30. If you have to go someplace just remember to lock the door, but if you want to leave because you regret everything that happened and hate me, then that’s okay too.

But you’re still beautiful! That’s all I can say. Beautiful and sweet and precious and a living doll and cuter than shit, highly lickable, incredibly fuckable and suckable. If you don’t regret what we did and you don’t have to be anywhere and are there when I get back, we might those last few things I mentioned – the lickable, fuckable and suckable part.



Then I heard the keys in the door, heard the door open and heard Angela say “…shit…she’s gone!”

“In here!” yelled through the door. I hurried my pee and for a moment had a flashback of what seemed like my former self. I felt a moment of embarrassment that my pee was making such a splashing sound in the toilet and almost clamped it off and lay a piece of toilet paper on the water like I sometimes used to do. I smiled at myself and then felt even bolder and opened the door a crack and peeked out.

“Hey there Magic Lady!” Angela cheered. She had several McDonald’s packages and was putting them down. I wondered if we really could eat that much, but then realized how famished I was. We’d spent the night making love – the thought just made my mind blank for a moment – and then had fallen asleep. We hadn’t had anything to eat and especially after training I really felt it. I felt so strong though; so powerful in a…weird way. Like I was still that other Kyra – the one who was uninhibited and strong and sexy and unafraid. Usually I’m shy about having someone see me while I’m on the toilet, but this time, I don’t know: I clamped Angela’s note in my teeth, wiped, stood, flushed, and then put my pareo back on but without pulling my panties up first!

Well, it was bold for me anyhow.

Then I strode out of the bathroom with a huge grin on my face. I wasn’t trying to smile, it was just that I was so in-love and so happy to see my Angela again. I went right up to her and she stopped unloading the food, turned and then we hugged. We kissed and hugged and held each other and squeezed each other and kissed some more and I suddenly didn’t mind if we ever ate again. But then the kiss just sort of ended and she sat on one side of the table and I sat on the other. We were just smiling at each other for a moment. I couldn’t help internet casino it. She was just so beautiful. Especially with the morning light making the whole place glow.

“You read my note?” she asked.

“Note?” I asked, coyly. “You left me a note?”

“Yuhh,” she said, furrowing her brow in disbelief. I felt playful though. All over.

“No note,” I said. “Except for something about ‘lickable, fuckable, suckable?”

“Damn girl,” she laughed. “Don’t you start. At least not until we’ve had some food.” I laughed and then we dug in and it was the best damned McDonald’s breakfast I’d ever had in my life!

Afterwards we went and snuggled on the couch again, watching her little television. Well, it’s bigger than mine is. I still had on my pareo and tee-shirt and she had on her shorts and tee-shirt so it was ‘safe’ mostly. Nothing rabidly sexual. I did have a good time getting used to being with someone, with touching them and having my hand on them and having them hold me and touch my hair every now and then and laugh with and smile when I smiled. It was alien. I felt like I’d just been born I was so unused to it!

Then the programs got really stupid and we turned the television off and turned to each other and started kissing. We kissed and touched and then that ‘Krya, the Sex Kitten’ side of me came out and I was reaching up under the front of Angela’s shirt and squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples gently and she was breathing hard into my mouth as we kissed, and then I finally slid my mouth down from her mouth, down her throat, snuggled myself downward and sucked her nipples. She gasped, leaning back in the chair and arching toward me. I sucked back and forth, squeezing her boobs with my fingers, feeling them up, massaging them, enjoying them. Hers are pretty full and I loved playing with them and licking them like that. She did too.

But then I was kissing downward, heading to her navel, and after just tonguing that for awhile I was starting to slip my fingers under the waistband of her shorts and she suddenly stopped me.

“Magic Girl,” she sighed. “You are a vixen; completely. Damn if you’re not just the hottest little thing I’ve ever met! Take it easy now.” But the vixen part of me just shook her head and started yanking on Angela’s shorts and panties. Angela finally gave in and lifted her butt up so I could remove her bottoms and then she sat back down with everything exposed. I went right down on her without a word or asking or anything else. She spread her legs around me and after the first tense explosion, she placed her feet on my shoulders and lay back more. I went straight for her clit this time and wiggled my tongue against it. I heard gasps and a low moan and then it was just like the night before. Just an ongoing, trancelike state, me totally wrapped up in how she tasted and smelled and moved and sounded and her just laying back with a hand over her mouth, coming.

I loved it!

An hour later I stopped long enough to get up, grab her hand and make her stand, walk her to the bed and push her down on it. She was laughing even though she looked frazzle, but once on the bed she squirmed luxuriously, spreading her legs straight out. She was so captivating like that. I just looked for a moment. She still had her tee-shirt on but even so she was the sexiest lady I’d ever seen in my life.

Then I knelt on the bed between her legs. She was looking at me, smiling and almost daring me to go on, so I did. I grabbed her shirt and started to push it up and she helped and stripped it off, threw it aside and then lay back, arms and legs spread, a big smile on her face, completely open for me.

I didn’t know what to do or where to start, but then a thought came to mind and I simply lay down on her with my crotch bone/bulge right against hers. I started to thrust and rub and push and bump her there and she suddenly curled up under me, her legs up and around my sides, and started to grip me with her feet and pull herself up against my thrusts. It was just like I was a guy on top of her and it felt so great I just kept doing it, pushing harder, making my bone slip up against her clit – I could feel it, it was so hard! – and the longer it went on, the more and more close to the edge Angela got. I could see it in her face. That’s another thing I loved about being in that position; I could look straight down into her face and see everything.

Then I wanted to spread my knees out under her bottom but my pareo prevented it so without thinking I stripped it off and went right back to smearing myself against not only her pubic bone now, but because of how she was rolled up against me, her actual pussy.

The thing is though, now there wasn’t anything between my pussy bone and her body and when I felt her warm secretions start to ooze up into my pubic hair I thought I would lose my mind from how good it felt. It was like squishing a handful of lotion on my bush. It got instantly soaked, and then just feeling it, thinking about what it was, made me want to just go for it. I started to really grind and bump against her and the more I did the more she moaned and gasped, the wetter I got, and the hotter I got. It was spiraling upward and out of control almost.

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