Making Maggy

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Our next encounter was some eight years later on a Friday night in the local nightclub. I worked for the club DJ who had a record shop in the centre of town with his flat above.

We were in the club early for ‘Happy Hour’ 10.00 till 11.00pm. It was about 10.15 when I was approached quite secretly by Maggy.

“Julia and Denise having been telling me that you are quite good in bed!” she whispered in my ear. And then before I could respond, she added. “Would you like to get the key to the flat in town and take me back there?”

“Yes, of course I would like to! We could continue where we left off 8 years ago.” I remarked, “But I have only just arrived. Just give me half an hour and then I will come and find you. Is that ok?” I asked.

“Yes, see you then.”

Well, it wasn’t 30 minutes later was it? It was a good hour and when I caught up with Mags, she said I had drunk too much, and she refused to go!

Asking for that extra half hour is still one of the biggest regrets in my life!

I saw Mags often over the next ten years, before I left my hometown, and tried on a number of occasions to get into her knickers, but it never happened.

In the last 40 years I have often fantasised about what might have happened if we had gone back to the flat.

What follows is my favourite fantasy!


The flat is about a fifteen minutes’ walk from the club. We are both giddy as we set off, not knowing what to expect and how the evening might unfold. We are going to have at least three hours on our own together.

“So, when were you and your mates talking about me then?” I ask.

“Oh, we were out on a girls’ night out last week and you came up!” Maggy replies.

“Ah, what did they have to say?” I asked, intrigued to know.

“Erm, they said you were considerate, keen to make sure they enjoyed themselves. They said you were very energetic, able to hold back so you could keep going for quite a long time and liked to try lots of different positions. They also said you were quite well endowed! Has it grown since I last had hold of it?”

“Probably! You will soon find out won’t you!” I quip.

“Maybe! Depends how things go.” She teases, as we push on toward the flat.

On arrival, entry is through the shop main door. We move through to the back of the shop where I sort the alarm and then we climb the stairs to the flat above. I let Mags go first.

Have I told you what Mags was wearing? Well, she has on a navy-blue silk jumpsuit which buttons up the front, together with navy heels. It is quite a tight fitting and it is obvious she is not wearing a bra. And her panties were very skimpy.

As she climbs the stairs in front of me, I watch her tight buttocks rise and fall with each step. The sight starts the blood surging into my member for the first time of many that evening.

As we get to the top of the stairs, the kitchen and lounge doors are off to the right, with the bedroom door dead ahead. The bedroom is quite small with only just enough room for a large double bed, a small dressing table and a narrow wardrobe; oh, and a very big mirror!

Walking through the door, which is open, the bed is to the left, immediately behind the door and up against the left-hand wall. A large mirror, the full length of the bed and about 5 feet high is propped up against the right-hand wall giving a full reflection of the bed area. The wardrobe is on the left-hand wall, at the foot of the bed. On the far wall, opposite the door is a large window which has the dressing table beneath it.. The curtains are open.

As Mags goes to close the curtains, I quickly close the door to and hurry up behind her, taking hold of her hips to pull her back toward me so my now erect cock presses against her buttocks.

“Oooh; feels like someone is getting frisky!” She says, repeating something she had said to me when we were in bed together 8 years earlier.

I don’t reply. Instead, I reach around with both hands to grab her now ample boobs (she was at least a 36 c, possibly even a D!). They may be big, but they are very firm, and her nipples are so long and hard. As I fondle her tits and play with her nipples through the silk of etlik escort her jump suite, I take her right ear in my mouth to nuzzle it! As I do, she reaches back with her right hand and slides it between us, to grab hold of my erection and squeeze it through my trousers, as she did 8 years ago.

“That feels interesting!” She says. “It feels just as hard as I remember, but it is definitely bigger!”

“You say the nicest things!” I whisper in her ear.

“I just hope it’s not too big!”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be, both Julia and Denise coped with it.” I say as I now move my right hand down from her boobs towards her crotch. At just above waist level, I manage to open one of the buttons on her suit and slip my hand in, sliding it down through the waistband of her panties and through her thick, curly dark bush to the top of her labia. In my experience, once you get your hand inside a girl’s knickers and start rubbing her pussy, you are on to a winner!

“Oh yes!” She moans as I now begin to nuzzle her long neck and slide my index finger up and down along the length of her labia.

“Do you like that?” I ask.

“Oh yes, I love it she moans.

“Then you are going to love this!” I say as I now target her erect clit and begin to twiddle it.

“Oh, I do, I do!” She groans. “Did you do this to Julia?”

“Yes, and to Denise. They loved it too, especially when I made them cum.” I add, as I rub her clit more quickly now.

After a couple of minutes of attention to her clit I feel her body starting to tense.

“Fuck, I am gunna cum!” she moans as I rub ever faster. “Yes, that’s it, that’s it! I gunna cum! I gunna cum!’ she groans, as her body goes stiff and then starts to shake and shudder.


As she recovers her composure, she quickly unbuttons her Jumpsuit, letting it fall to the floor around her feet, and I can now see her stunning boy and great tits for the first time. She has a dark thick bush just as I expected, great athletic legs and ass and super long, hard nipples sticking out proud from those gorgeous breasts.

As she slips of her heels and steps out of the suit, I quickly take off my shirt and unfasten my trousers, letting them slide to the floor. Taking hold of my erect member I push the top down and move back behind her sliding my cock between her legs, so it pushes up against her labia. Immediately she starts to move her hips, so her labia are sliding back and forth along the length of my rod. She moans each time her clit rides over the rim of my swollen cock head. As she continues, I reach around to grope her tits again and tweak her nipples.

We must both have decided simultaneously that now was the time to introduce my throbbing cock to her tight pussy as she stops rubbing my cock with her pussy lips and urges me to move back and sit on the edge of the dressing table behind me. Sitting there, I have a great view of her pussy; it is like an over-ripe peach covered in dark curly hair. I can’t wait for my cockhead to part those puffy pussy lips.

“Hold it for me so I can mount it.” She instructs, as she steps back toward me. So, I take hold of the base of the shaft and aim it at the centre of the peach. Mags moves back further pushing out that delicious ass until her labia hits the tip of my rod; the heat from her pussy is incredible.

“At last!” she cries as she pushes back further, and my cockhead slowly slips between her pussy lips and into her love hole. So, after eight years her pussy and my cock finally meet!

She doesn’t push any further for now, she just starts to rock back and forth on the end of my rod. She is really tight, despite being so wet her juices run down the shaft.

Soon though, as she begins to get used to the girth (my cock is a good 6 inch in circumference!), she gradually begins to take more in, slowly sliding back on the shaft, inch by inch. I take hold of her by the hips as I watch it slowly disappearing inside her.

“How much is left?” she gasps.

“Just a couple of inches.” I reply, prompting her to make a final lunge back and bury my member up to the hilt.

“Jeez, that is big!” she groans as she now grinds her ass into my etlik escort bayan groin.

“Are you complaining?” I ask.

Certainly not!” she replies as she now starts to fuck me, her tight ass slapping against may groin after each stroke.

“Ah, ah, ah…” she moans, as each length slams home.


“Hey, how come I am doing all the work?” she asks after a short while. “I thought you were supposed to be fucking me!” she says with a grin, pulling off my cock and moving toward the bottom of the bed. “Come on big boy, it’s time for you to put some effort in.” she adds, climbing onto the bed on all fours and offering me her ass. “Denise said you were good at doggystyle, so come on and fuck me.”

How could I refuse! I shuffle forward, with my trousers still around my ankles, aim the head of my cock at her now peach perfect pussy and slip the head into her. Then taking hold of her by the hips, I slowly pull her onto my length. She groans as inch after inch slides into her, until her ass hits my groin again.

I hold it there deep for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of her hot, wet tube around my hard pole, as the tip butts up against her cervix, until I start to shaft her, slowly at first, with long deep strokes.

As I fuck her, I look down at her with her dark hair, pale skin, a long back slimming into her narrow waist and a tight round ass that is slapping against my groin. I am feeling rampant now, so I start to quicken the pace, still keeping it deep so that her ass continues to slap into my groin as I bury each length. “O!”, she moans with each slap. “O! O! O! O! …”

I look in the big mirror to our left to watch her large, pendulous breast swinging as I ram home each length. Spurred on by this view, I really go for it for about 30 seconds or so, as fast and as hard as I can.

“Fuck!” she squeals as I pound her such that eventually she puts her right forearm across her tits to stop them swinging so vigorously.

“Make me cum, make me cum.” She begs. As I bang away.

Then, “Gunna cum! Gunna cum! She squeals as her whole body goes tense before she starts to shudder.

“Cumming! Cumming!” she cries as the orgasm rips through her body.

Conscious that I don’t want to shoot my load to soon I slow my pace as her climax starts to subside until she is calm again.


As she recovers, I pull out of her and urge her to move forward further on to the bed and lie on her front., with her head turned to face the big mirror so she can watch me fucking her.

I quickly remove my trousers from around my ankles and take off my shoes and socks, so I am naked too. I climb onto the bed on my knees, my erect cock bouncing in front of me as I do so. I crawl up behind her, straddling her legs, until I am over her upper thighs. I now sit back on my haunches, push my erection down, pointing it at her pussy and ease forward, slipping it into her.

One attraction of this position (called the ‘speedbump’ I believe) is how deep you can bury your cock! Every last millimetre in fact! Truly up to the hilt!

So, I take hold of her by the waist with both hands and ease forward slowly until just the last inch or so remains, and then I ram into her.

“Fuck!” she cries, “That is deep!”

“Do you like it though?” I ask as I pull out a couple of inches before ramming back in.

“I love it!” she admits.

“Good!” I say as I repeat the manoeuvre again and again.

Lifting her up slightly by the waist to improve the angle of penetration, I then start to ream her pussy with long, deep, steady strokes, each time driving in up to the hilt. She moans and groans beneath me.

“That’s it, fuck me deep! Fuck me deep!” she begs as I bury length after long length deep into her tight chute.

“Oh yes, I am gunna cum again,” she moans after a few minutes of my steady shafting.

So now I start to quicken the pace, trying to judge it so I don’t shoot my first load just yet.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes,” she cries as I pound her long and deep and her next orgasm starts to build.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she begs as I bang her hard.

And then her body escort etlik goes rigid momentarily before she starts, “Cumming! Cumming!” she yelps as her latest climax rips through her slender body.


“That was fantastic!” she enthuses, as soon as she has caught her breath and can talk again. “The girls were right; you really do know how to pleasure a woman!”

“Ewell, thank you,” I reply, appreciating the compliment. “If you liked that, then I bet you will like this too,” I suggest as I pull my rock-hard cock out of her so I can manoeuvre her in to the next position.

“Why, what are you going to do to me now?”

“You will see,” I reply as I take hold of her left hip to raise her up to lay on her right side facing the mirror so she can continue to watch us fuck. I then push her left thigh up toward her waist and crawl up on my knees to straddle her left thigh.

As before, I sit back on my haunches, so I am at the right height to fuck her. I take hold of the base of my cock with my right hand and aim the tip at her pussy. I ease my hips forward and the tip slides between her labia and into her chute again.

This is another position (Pretzel Dip) that enables deep penetration so with one long lunge I slide the whole length deep into her and hold it there.

“Jeez, that is deep too!” she moans as I hold it deep.

“Yeh, I really like this position. Does it feel good to you?”

“It sure does! It is so deep”

“Yeh, and it means is can do this,” I add, placing my right hand on left hip and leaning forward to grab her left breast with my left hand, kneading it and squeezing it, feeling her long hard nipple in the palm of my hand.

“Oh yes squeeze it hard!” she begs

“Right, I am gunna cum too now so, why don’t you rub your clit?” I suggest, as I start to shaft her, driving it up to the hilt with each length.

As I start at a steady pace, she thrusts her right hand between her legs and goes to work on her swollen clit.

Within in a couple of minutes I have picked up the pace and am really ramming home length after length deep into her hole, my groin slamming against her left buttock with each stroke. I can feel my spunk rising.

“I am going to come soon!” I warn as I quicken the pace.

“Me too!”

“Good, let’s see if we can get the timing right!” I say hopefully as I bang her hard and fast.

“I’m nearly there! Nearly there!” I warn.

“Me too! Me too!” And I can see that her body is starting to tense, and her breathing has shortened.

“Gunna cum! Gunna Cum!” And then “Ahhhhhhh!” I groan as with the next length I squirt my cream up against her cervices. As I hold it there for a millisecond, Mags latest orgasm has erupted, and she is shaking and moaning. I pull back and then luge again squirting the next shot into here, and then the next and the next until I have unloaded into this pretty young thing for the first time.

“Wow, do you always cum that big” she asks.

“Only when I am really horny.”

“Well, you must have been really horny then!”

“I sure was!” I admit, as I hold my cock up to the hilt in a girl I have wanted to fuck for the last eight years.


After holding it deep for a while, I pull my shrinking cock out of her pussy and watch my cream dribble out of her labia as I it drops out. I move to lay to her left on my back between her and the wall. Mags immediately rolls over onto her left side, to face my and right hand immediately goes to stroke my now limp member.

“Does it take you long to recover?” She asks.

“Why, do you want to go again already?”

“Well, not straight away but I don’t want to be waiting all night!” she teases.

“Oh, you will not be waiting all night, particularly if you where to get up close and personal with my todger!”

“What, you mean like this?” She asks as she quickly moves to kneel by right hip and bends over to start to lick my lip shaft. As she is bent forward her pendulous breasts hang down and her long hard nipples brush against the top of my right thigh.

“Well, that is a start! Why don’t you see if you can suck it back to life?” I suggest and she immediately takes the whole length into her mouth and starts sucking hard.

In no time Mags revives my cock and now it’s her turn to do the work, so she mounts me for a bump and grind cowgirl ride.

We have only been at it for an hour so far, so we still have time for another two hours of fun.

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