Mandy , Mikey

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My name is Amanda or Mandy. I’m 18 y/o and live in a small town in Arizona. I live with my mom and my brother Michael who is 3 ½ yrs older than me. I’m not a popular girl in school and am quite plain to look at but I think I’m cute. I’m 5’2″ tall I weigh 92lbs and don’t have much of a figure to talk about. I’m what guys consider flat chested though I do have small boobs but not enough for a bra, but I do have great hips though.

My brother is if I guess probably 5’9″ tall and about 180lbs. He’s not all muscles he kinda pudgy from his high school and now college beer drinking but he’s still cute.

My mom is the typical mid-aged mom. She’s put on some pounds since my dad left 8yrs ago but I think she’s still cute. My mom doesn’t date she just works to keep us all.

Enough about us and onto my story. It all started a fews years back when I was about 15. It was early in the morning about 6:00 when I woke up with the need to pee. I rolled over and groaned to myself as I noticed the time. I was seriously considered trying to go back to sleep but my pee was having nothing to do with it. I rolled out of bed wearing my pj bottoms and tank top and dragged myself down the hallway to the bathroom.

I noticed that the light was on and the door was slightly open. I thought it was weird but I’ve never been up this early before so I didn’t know who was in there.

I walked slowly up to the door to peek inside. In the mirror I could see Mikey facing away drying himself after a shower. I could see his back and his butt, and a cute butt it was. I haven’t seen Mikey naked since we were kids and so it was really weird.

I stepped back a little from the door and stood in the darkened hallway so I could watch. Mikey finished drying off and threw his towel over the shower rail as always which pissed my off as I had to hang it up. He turned toward the sink in front of the mirror I was watching in. I panicked a little, what if he saw me, I froze and waited. He looked at himself in the mirror rubbed his chin, checking the stubble I guessed, and reached for his toothbrush.

I watched as he started to brush his teeth. His left hand was resting on the counter top as he brushed with the right. I followed his body starting at the muscles flexing in his right arm as he brushed to his face down his chest to the smooth area where his pubes should be. I giggled to myself as I though about my brother trying to shave his pubes.

The movement of his left hand broke me from my thoughts as he hefted his cock and balls up on the counter ledge. I had the perfect view. It wasn’t huge but it was pretty thick. I was impressed although this was the first cock I’d ever seen. It hung over the top of his balls pointing into the sink. A look of relief came across Mikey’s face as a sudden stream of piss pushed through his foreskin and blasted into the sink. I watched in fascination as the golden stream eased to a slow dribble. I was disgusted but also slightly turned on. He pulled the skin back and forth over the purple head as he squeezed out he final drops. I quietly turned and went back to my room to satisfy the tingling in my pussy.

This scenario played out many times over the last 3 years, almost every morning. As I said I have watched Mikey piss in the bathroom sink for years now but I had never seen him hard that is until last week

He had just finished his usual piss in the sink when I decided for the first time to see what else happens. You see I usually get horny and go back to my room to take care of myself.

Mikey washed of his toothbrush and put it away. I noticed his cock move by itself. It flexed. Mikey stared at himself in the mirror and grinned as he slowly got harder. I watched as it grew to it’s full length and stood straight up. He wrapped his right hand around it in the middle of the shaft and slowly brought it up and over the head. In my head I was groaning with every stroke, ataşehir escort I looked at his face as he watched his foreskin slide back and forth over the head. Mikey was really enjoying himself and I felt my panties getting wetter. After a few minutes he threw his head back and 4 hot streams of steaming cum shot from the end and hit the mirror. It was the most erotic thing I’d seen in my short life.

I went into my room and quietly closed the door. The images of what I witnessed racing through my mind over and over. I quickly stripped off my tank and pj’s and leaned up against the wall. I slid my hand down to my pussy and pulled on my lips. You see I have some amazingly huge pussy lips and a big clit. I pulled them until my clit popped free from it’s hiding place. My other hand raced down my stomach and started stroking my clit like a little cock. I closed my eyes and envisioned my brother’s cock pushing inside me. Sliding in and out of my pussy. I imagined my huge lips clinging to his shaft as he pounded me getting closer to cumming. I felt the enormous wave coming. It rose from my feet through my pussy all the way to my hair. My pussy convulsed my asshole tightened and my cum overwhelmed me. My knees bent and collapsed and I sank to the floor.

It seemed like hours but it was probably only minutes when I realized I was sitting in a wet spot on the wooden floor. On shaky legs I slid back up the wall and wiped up my mess with my pj’s. I laid back on my bed gently caressing my pussy thinking about Mikey.

I knew I wanted it but was conflicted with the fact he was my brother. Even if I got around that would Mikey want me.

I finally got my mind around it. I was to horny for his cock. My plan was simple.

I set my alarm for 5:00 the next morning although the nervousness kept me awake most of the night. I crept from my room and down the hall. I knew he wouldn’t be up yet. I closed the bathroom door behind me. First things first, I had to pee. I dropped my pj’s and panties to the floor and was about to sit on the toilet when it came to me. I wanted to pee in the sink like Mikey. I pulled my pj’s over my feet and left them on the floor as I turned around at the counter and pulled myself up onto it. I sat back and leaned on the mirror perching my ass over the sink. I giggled slightly as I felt the tingle of pee approaching. I looked down between my legs and watched as the dark yellow hot pee splash into the sink. I felt so dirty. My pee finally came to an end and I leaned back against the mirror once more. I put my hand between my legs and felt that the pee had soaked my entire pussy. I gave my lips a gentle tug before I pulled my hand away and looked at it. I could see the pee on my fingers. Without thinking I brought them to my mouth and sucked them clean. The taste was different but not disgusting.

I hopped off the counter and peeled off some tp and wiped my pussy clean but not before getting another little taste with my fingers. Now for my plan, Mikey will be up in a couple of minutes.

I picked up my warm panties and put them on the floor behind the door. I wanted him to find them but not be too obvious about it. I grabbed my pj’s and ran back to my room. It was just in time because as I was closing my door Mikey’s was opening.

I waited in my room as I heard the shower running. I waited until he was done before approaching. For the second time that morning I crept up the hallway. As usual Mikey was brushing his teeth, then came the cock and ball lift.

It was a while but Mikey was still brushing his teeth when he noticed my panties. He stopped mid-brush. I saw his eyes move to look at the floor behind him in the mirror. He turned. I could see the hesitance in him. He wasn’t sure what he should do but knew what he wanted to do. It was quite comical. I got my first view of his asshole as he bent over and picked up my panties. Unlike bagdat caddesi escort most guys his ass is smooth and his crack is almost hair free. Mikey turned back around and put the panties on the counter by the faucet and continued his brushing.

He was killing me.

Once again his cock made it onto of the counter as Mikey reached for my panties. He held them as if they would break. He lifted them up and tried to sniff them from a distance. It was almost if he was scared of them. His cock was half hard and pulsing. The little cotton panties slowly got closer to his nose until they finally made contact. Mikey inhaled deeply, he sucked in all the aromas of my hot juicy pussy. His cock was bouncing up and down with his heartbeat. Mikey never opened his eyes, he just reached down with his left hand and gave his cock about 4 pumps before it erupted all over the counter as it had the previous morning.

I moved close and stood behind the door but in the doorway. Slowly Mikey lowered my panties and opened his eyes. His cock was starting to wilt in his hand. He looked down and saw the cum all over the counter before bringing his eyes back up. He looked to the left of the mirror and saw me watching.

He freaked out, from shock, embarrassment I don’t know. I pushed open the door and quietly shushed him. He stepped back and sat on the toilet looking at me. All he could say over and over was “I’m sorry”.

I crouched down in front of him and smiled as I saw his cock hanging between his open legs.

“Mikey”, I said ” there is nothing to apologize for”.

I could see the confusion in his face as he looked at me. I looked down at his cock once more. His poor little boy was still covered in cum and it was drying quickly.

I stood and went to the sink. Mikey watched as I whetted a washcloth with warm water and approached him once again. He never moved as I reached out and cupped his now shrunken cock in my hands. I caressed it with the washcloth easing the fear out of Mikey. I gently pulled back the skin as I had watched him do over the years and wiped up all the cum. Mikey groaned and I looked up and smiled.

I took the panties from Mikey’s hand, and he reluctantly released them to me. I held them for a second as his gaze met mine. I raised them to my nose and inhaled my own musky scent. I held them out for him. He looked into my eyes as he leaned forward. He closed his eyes as his nose made contact with the pee/cum stained gusset. He inhaled once again smelling my personal smell.

I smiled as I watched his cock rising again.

“Mikey”, I whispered, “do you like my pussy smell”?

He paused, his eyes still closed.

“Oh yeah”, he replied.

I smiled as his cock reached full hardness. “I have something that smells better Mikey”.

His eyes opened and widened as he realized what was suggesting.

I stood and hooking my thumbs in my waistband. “Do you want to sniff Mikey”?

He looked up at me and nodded dumbly as I eased my pj’s down my hips. I stopped just as I was to reveal my pussy.

“Say please Mikey”.

He looked at me as if he thought I was run out as soon as he did. “Please Mandy, please let me smell you pussy please please please”, he begged.

I turned and bent at the waist as I pulled my pj’s to my feet. Mikey had the perfect view of my pussy. My huge lips hung down and 1 ½ ” from my crotch. I heard a groan. I stood once more and kicked my pj’s loose and turned around.

“Did you like seeing my pussy Mikey”? I questioned.

OK so I was teasing a little. He moaned in response and nodded dumbly once more.

“And you really want to smell my pussy”? He nodded again.

I leaned down and gave his cock a couple of strokes before closing his legs for him. I stepped forward placing my right leg next to his left and my left foot up on the counter. As I lifted my leg bostancı escort up I felt my pussy lips open up like a flower allowing the cool air to caress my inner parts.

Mikey looked up at me then at my pussy and up at me again. I nodded and he moved his head forward. He got close and sniffed. His eyes closed and he sniffed again. I reached down and placed my hand on the back of his head and pulled him in.

His nose made contact with my big clit before sliding between my lips. Mikey inhaled deeply.

“Does she smell good Mikey”? I moaned.

“Uh-huh”! He replied.

I reached down and pulled Mikey up by his arm. He looked at me questioningly. I dropped my foot to the floor and turned around.

I raised my right foot up and placed it up on the counter. Looking in the mirror I saw Mikey was confused. “Come closer Mikey”.

He took a step forward, his steely cock bumped up against my asshole. A flash entered my mind as I pictured it pounding my behind. That will have to wait, I screamed in my mind.

I reached between my legs and grabbed a hold. Mikey just stood there dumbfounded. I don’t think the realism of what was about to happen had hit him yet.

I pulled back the skin once more and separated my juicy lips with his cock. I held it still as I rocked back and forth masturbating myself on his cock. Mikey looked down and watched as his cock appeared and disappeared between my legs.

I was already close to cumming as I was cleaning his cock and now I was having little mini orgasms as he moaned behind me. But this was not about Mikey at this moment. It was about my need and the thick cock between my fingers.

I stopped rocking for a second and raised up on my tippy toes. I angled his cock up and aimed. I pushed the head inside. This was going to hurt, I knew it would, it’s my first.

I made little circles with my hips rotating Mikey’s cock head inside of my pussy. He gently held onto my hips. I opened my eyes and looked at Mikey in the mirror. He looked at me, I don’t think we have ever loved each other more.

Watching his eyes I slammed down onto his rod. A searing pain coursed through my body and tears welled up in my eyes as he tore through my virginity. I threw myself upright and back into him. As suddenly as I had moved his arms were around me and holding me tight. His face was in the crook of my neck and he was giving me butterfly kisses.

The pain eased a little. Mikey put his right arm around my waist and lifted me up a little. He pulled his cock out and slowly slid it back in. It felt wonderful and horrible at the same time. The pain was still there. It was subsiding but I still felt it.

He pumped again. It felt better. I heard myself moan.

I grabbed Mikey’s right arm and made him release me. I reached out and placed my hands on the counter. He grabbed onto my hips again, this time not so gently.

He pulled out and slammed back into me. “Again”, I said in a loud whisper.

And so he did, again. Mikey’s cock felt so huge inside me. I felt my lips gripping his cock and it felt as good as I imagined. He continued to slam into me and I felt myself cuming.

“Mikey soon….I’m cumming now”, my voice hoarse and raspy.

He grunted and sped up. I knew he was about to cum and I slammed back into him.

There we were slamming into each other over and over, we were sweating like a couple of horses after a race and panting like a couple of dogs in the summer heat.

Over and over you could hear the slapping sound as his groin made contact with my ass. I looked up in the mirror and saw he was watching his cock fly in and out of my pussy. Suddenly he pulled out leaving me empty and grabbing at my clit as he stroked his cock.

I jerked and jerked on my clit as he jerked and jerked on his cock. Once again I looked up at the mirror. I saw our mother.


Watching us fuck. Her hand was in her panties and her eyes were focused on Mikey’s cock. I smiled as our eyes met. Hers went back to Mikey’s cock as hot sticky cum shot all over my back and ass.

My cum hit me as my eyes once again met hers and her orgasm overcame her.

I looked up again and she was gone.

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