Marsha’s Ass Gets Her a Raise

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Ronald Stone, the lecherous office manager hired Marsha as a clerical employee, paying her much more than she was worth in hopes of enjoying some hot sex with her. This is detailed in “Marsha Works Overtime”.

For eight weeks, Ronald Stone enjoyed sex with Marsha, eating her pussy and fucking her once or twice a week, always on company overtime. After the fourth week, when she was in her period, he persuaded her to suck him off and after that she sucked his cock frequently, either as foreplay or until he ejaculated into her mouth.

“Marsha,” he said to her quietly, stopping at her desk early one morning about two months after she had started work. “I have to do an evaluation of your work here. It is required of all new hires after 60 days on the job. You are doing a really great job and there should be no problem but I will need you to stay overtime tonight to help me do it. We should be able to find something else for you to do after we finish the probation report.” He smiled at her when he said that.

“Yes Mr. Stone,” she replied, smiling back. From the smile on Mr. Stone’s face, Marsha knew more or less what else he had in mind and she relished the prospect. She thought of her job as the best in the world; it paid quite well and the work was easy. The best part was the overtime work she got to do, which was always staying late and having some good, hot sex with the office manager. She loved the way he ate her pussy and fucked and she even liked sucking his cock. The first time, he had forced himself on her but she had a great time after she stopped resisting. Since then, Marsha was willing, even eager to stay late, for the additional money, of course, but also for the great sex they were sharing. She suspected that the reason she had been hired in the first place was because of her good looks and the office manager hoping for sex with her but that didn’t bother Marsha. She worked diligently and completed her assigned tasks, and believed she earned her salary, even if the overtime “work”, for which she was paid, was almost entirely sex. Marsha was not very bright, which was probably to her advantage, at least regarding her current employment.

At 5:00 o’clock, she went to the ladies’ room to re-apply her lipstick and otherwise prepare herself, including taking off her panties and stuffing them into her purse. After everybody else had left, Marsha went back to the office, which was also empty except for Mr. Stone, or Ronald, as she called him during their after-hours meetings. He was waiting for her in his private office in the corner and he had removed his suit coat and tie. Marsha glanced at the sofa and smiled expectantly as she entered the office and sat across from her boss.

“Hello, Marsha,” he said, also smiling expectantly. “Before we do anything else, I want to show you the draft of your probation report I have prepared. After I copy it onto the final form, I will sign it and turn it in. You will be a permanent employee, with added benefits and a ten percent raise. I see you like that idea,” he added referring to the smile that creased her face. The report was laudatory, showing Marsha to be outstanding in all aspects of her employment, which she was, at least in the most important one, although that one was not included on the report.

“Thank you, Mr. Stone.”

That concludes the work part of your overtime so call me Ronald now. Let’s get over to the sofa; I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

“So have I, Ronald.” Marsha was removing her blouse as she walked to the sofa, and her bra and skirt were taken off next, leaving her naked except for her stockings. Ronald happily noted that she had removed her panties earlier, in anticipation of what the two of them would be doing. He was glad to see she was so much into it because he wanted to introduce something new this evening.

Marsha sat naked on the sofa and Ronald joined her, wearing only his pants. As usual, he started by licking her nipples, switching from one to the other and back. She enjoyed the attentions being paid to her and after a few minutes, her upper body was squirming on the sofa, offering her breasts to Ronald to be licked and nuzzled.

And sucked. After a few minutes of licking, Ronald took one of the lovely globes in his mouth and started sucking on it. “Ooo, I love it when you do that,” Marsha murmured and juices started trickling from her pussy. Ronald enjoyed it too and he spent several minutes on either lovely breast. By the time he started licking his way down her belly, Marsha was murmuring her pleasure; her pussy was thoroughly wet and already fucking into the air.

Ronald stood up and removed his pants after taking a package of condoms from the pocket. He also had a tube of KY Jelly and he set it and the condoms on the floor when he knelt in front of Marsha. She recognized the condoms and knew what they were for but she was not familiar with the jelly or its purpose. Marsha was not concerned about it however, because she knew what Ronald was about güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to do and eagerly slid forward to the edge of the sofa so her pussy would be even with his mouth. He ducked down; she lifted her legs over his shoulders and both were ready for one of the things they had been anticipating all day.

Before he started eating Marsha’s pussy, Ronald opened the KY Jelly and coated the middle finger of his right hand. “Reach under yourself and spread the cheeks of your ass,” he told Marsha. She didn’t know what he had in mind but, so far, all their sex, every time she had worked overtime, had been highly pleasurable for her so she could see no reason not to comply.

While she held her ass open, Ronald placed his lubricated finger on her ass and twisted it so the tip entered. “Oh,” she said in surprise.

“Did that hurt?”

“No, it just felt funny. What are you doing?”

“You’ll see. Let me know how this feels.” Ronald slowly inserted his finger into Marsha’s ass, twisting it back and forth to avoid pinching any skin. When his finger was inside her up to his knuckle he asked, “How does that feel?”

“Okay. Kind of funny but okay. It doesn’t hurt.” Ronald fucked his finger in and out of her ass a few times. “Oooo, I like that. It feels good,” she responded.

He wrapped his left arm around Marsha’s thigh so his fingers were in her pubic hair and leaned forward to start doing one of the things he had been looking forward to all day. Ronald’s finger continued to go slowly in and out of Marsha’s ass, to her murmurs of enjoyment. This was the latest in a string of new and, so far, very pleasant experiences for her on the sofa in the office manager’s office.

But, there was nothing new about the way Ronald started to eat her pussy. Over the last two months, he had learned where Marsha’s sweet spots are and, as he licked up one pair of lips, he caressed those spots with his tongue, enjoying the taste of her pussy and the way she fucked into his face. Like most men who like to eat pussy, a major part of his enjoyment is having the women react with pleasure, and that’s the way Marsha always reacted, especially that evening.

“She’s unusually hot today,” he thought. “She seems to like my finger in her ass, and I hope she doesn’t balk too much when I want to put my cock there. I really don’t like to threaten her to get her to do things.”

Marsha really was unusually hot that evening. Ever since she had been told about working overtime, she had been anticipating some good sex, and the anticipation had magnified her pleasure she was feeling. Now that the good sex was happening, the probing tongue on her pussy lips was sending shivers of delight through her body. The pleasure quickly mounted, causing involuntary reactions, her upper body writhing on the sofa and her pussy fucking up into the face of the man who was eating her so expertly. The finger fucking her ass was new, and Marsha could feel waves of pleasure from there too, joining those from her pussy as she was already building toward a climax. Her ass felt so good that she was hoping Ronald’s finger-fucking her there would become a regular part of their overtime sex. Ronald intended that it become at least a preliminary to an occasional part.

After he licked all the way up one pair of Marsha’s pussy lips, Ronald feasted on the plentiful juices she was producing. They were as delicious as ever and he licked her other pair of lips the same way. Marsha was already moaning from the pleasure of what Ronald’s tongue was doing for her pussy and what his finger was doing for her ass, even before his tongue started caressing her clit.

“This is really great,” Ronald thought, as he finished licking the second pair of Marsha’s pussy lips. “If I draw this out for a long time and she really cums bigtime, she’ll be less likely to object when I want to fuck her ass. So, let’s take a long time before I start on her clit. Not to mention, this is a lot of fun anyhow.” For about the thousandth time, he was glad that Marsha had come there looking for a job. After again licking up all the juices from her pussy, he started caressing her clit hood with his tongue.

The pleasure continued to wash over Marsha’s body, emanating from her pussy and ass and saturating her in waves of joy. Her body thrashed around on the sofa while her hips swiveled under Ronald’s face, thrusting her legs out over his shoulders. By that time, her moans were mostly no more than whimpers. Marsha continued fucking her pussy up into the face of the man who was giving her so much pleasure, giving him pleasure in exchange, as well as giving him a steady stream of her delicious juices. For a long time, Ronald expertly licked all around Marsha’s precious clit, keeping her on the verge of cumming until he finally decided the time was right.

Her precious love toy was so swollen it had pushed its way completely free of her clit hood, so Ronald’s tongue easily reached all parts. His tongue swirled around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the sides and the top, caressing Marsha where she so badly needed to be caressed until a massive wave of pleasure crashed out from her ass and her clit, driving her over the edge. She cried, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” and started cumming. Her hands pressed on the back of his head and her thighs squeezed Ronald’s temples while her hips continued to swivel, jerking him around like a toy. Marsha was immensely enjoying cumming and Ronald was too, keeping his tongue busy on her clit and his finger deep in her ass. Because of the way her muscles had clenched, he could no longer fuck it in and out of her but the presence of it continued giving her pleasure. After several minutes of violently pitching and thrashing on the sofa while she was cumming, Marsha climaxed, her whole body giving a great spasm.

After her tremendous orgasm, Marsha completely relaxed, her hands and her legs releasing Ronald’s head and her pussy gushing out fresh juices, which Ronald licked up enthusiastically. Because he intended to fuck Marsha’s ass using KY Jelly, he had no need to leave any lubrication in her pussy, so he was free to devour it all, which he did with gusto, after pulling his finger free from her ass. While Marsha was recovering her strength, Ronald removed his boxer shorts and wiped off the finger that had been in her ass. Then he put on his condom and coated his cock in the KY Jelly.

When Marsha was ready, she moved over to lie on her back on the sofa expecting to be fucked in her pussy. “Not this time,” Ronald told her. “Kneel on the floor leaning against the sofa.”

Marsha had fucked doggy style before with boy friends and she anticipated that was what they were about to start doing. Although the missionary position was her preference, she had no objection to what she thought was going to happen. “Take hold of the cheeks of your ass and spread them,” was Ronald’s next instruction. Marsha did as she was told, still expecting to fuck using the doggy position.

She soon learned otherwise. “What are you doing,” Marsha asked as she felt fingers touching her ass, seeming to apply something greasy. “That’s my fanny.” She released her ass cheeks, no longer being cooperative.

There was already some of the lubricant left from the finger that had been there earlier but Ronald believed more would be needed and he quickly added it. “Don’t worry, Marsha. You’ll like this,” he assured her. “You liked my finger, didn’t you? This will feel even better.”

“Will it hurt? Isn’t your thing too big?”

“No, Marsha, it’s not too big. It will hurt, just a little at first but then it will feel good, even better than my finger did. You ought to know by now that I’ll never ask you to do anything that isn’t fun for you too.”

Marsha thought about that. So far, everything had been fun but this was a big change and she really liked the more conventional way. “Can’t we just do what we usually do?”

Ronald’s voice became much sterner. “Tonight, I want to do it this way. You know, Marsha, I haven’t signed the probation report making you a permanent employee yet and giving you a raise. I want to sign it but I won’t if you can’t follow orders. I’m telling you now to take hold of your ass and spread yourself open.”

That ended Marsha’s reluctance and she became cooperative again. Marsha didn’t really think anything bad would happen to her and she had liked his finger in her ass earlier. She also liked the idea of being a permanent employee and getting a raise so she reached back and allowed her boss to finish greasing her up for what he wanted to do.

“That’s better,” he said and finished lubricating Marsha’s ass. “Like I said, you might feel a dull pain at first, but that will pass and everything should feel good. Let me know if you feel a sharp pain though because that will mean something is wrong and I will stop.”

While Marsha held her ass cheeks open, Ronald reached in with his fingers and opened her sphincter. His other hand guided his cock toward the waiting hole. With the tip pressed against Marsha’s ass, he gave a short, firm thrust and the head of his cock wedged its way through the tight, greasy opening.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.

“Did that hurt? Does it feel okay?”

“Just at first. Just a little, like you said it would but it feels okay now.”

“Good. Leave your hands where they are and keep yourself pulled open.” He let go of his cock and used the fingers of both hands to keep her sphincter pulled open. With another firm thrust, another inch of cock entered Marsha’s virginal ass.

“How does that feel? Let me know if it hurts.”

“It doesn’t hurt. It did a little, just at first, but now it is starting to feel good.”

Ronald smiled at that. It felt good to him too and he expected it to feel much better to both of them before they were through. He gave another thrust and two more inches of his cock was inside Marsha’s ass.

“Oooo, güvenilir bahis şirketleri that feels nice,” she murmured. “It doesn’t hurt at all; it just feels good and it keeps feeling better. I like it.” Marsha’s hands pulled her ass cheeks slightly more apart, urging Ronald to continue to enter her.

He didn’t need any urging. Ronald’s fingers still stretched open Marsha’s sphincter and he continued to move his cock in and out, going slightly deeper with each thrust. As he went deeper, Marsha expressed her enjoyment, holding her ass cheeks open to increase the pleasure for herself and for him. After many strokes, bringing murmurs of joy from Marsha and sighs of pleasure from Ronald, his cock was completely imbedded in her ass. This was the first time she had ever had a cock in her ass and the tightness that squeezed the entire length of his shaft brought immense pleasure to Ronald. Very slowly, he drew back from her, preparing to stroke forward again.

“Ronald, that feels so good. I’ve never felt anything like that before. What do you want me to do?”

“Just relax and enjoy it. Let me know if it hurts.” After he had drawn his cock most of the way out, Ronald applied more lubricant to his cock and to the edges of Marsha’s ass, noting happily how stretched her puckered hole was. With the additional jelly in place, he stroked his cock back into her.

“Ahhhhhhh” Marsha crooned as she felt his cock surging back into her ass. “I love the way that feels. I can’t believe it could feel so good.”

She believed it more and more as Ronald slowly plunged his cock in and out of her ass, every stroke feeling better than the last one. She was still tight but, as the jelly liquefied, his cock moved more easily inside her, sending pleasure all through her body with every movement. “Ronald, I love what you’re doing,” she enthused. “It keeps feeling better and better every time you do that.”

“It can feel even better, Marsha. Push back to meet me when I drive my cock into you.” Ronald had his hands on her hips when he said that and pulled back on her to guide her ass back around his cock, demonstrating what he meant.

“Oooo, yes, that is better,” Marsha exclaimed and, as Ronald slowly plowed his cock into her ass, she pushed back to meet every stroke.

They continued fucking, the only sound the creaking of the sofa as Ronald drove his cock deeply into Marsha’s ass and two happy persons moaning in pleasure. She could feel her climax building as the pleasure poured from her sphincter as it was stretched with every stroke of his cock and from her rectum as it was filled over and over. The pleasure poured throughout her body, even all the way to the ends of her arms and legs, causing involuntary reactions. Her upper body thrashed on the sofa and her fingers and toes were clenching and relaxing but Marsha was only aware of the incredible feeling in her ass. The pleasure continued to mount until it was even higher than it had been earlier but she couldn’t seem to cum.

“I need to cum. Please make me cum.”

That was what he wanted to hear. Ronald also wanted to cum but he had been holding back until Marsha was ready. His arm went around her waist to her pussy, which was flooded with her fragrant juices, and he started caressing Marsha just above her clit. He marveled at how swollen the precious love toy had become and he gently caressed it. Having no need to hold back any more, Ronald starting thrusting his cock into her ass even faster and just as deep, slapping his balls against Marsha’s pussy at every thrust.

“Oh! Oh! Yes!” she cried. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Marsha’s ass continued to fuck back to meet the surges of Ronald’s cock and she rocked from side to side on her knees. Her upper body thrashed wildly against the sofa and her arms pounded the cushions as the waves of pleasure emanating from her ass and clit coursed through her body. Ronald pounded his cock in and out of Marsha’s ass while his hand massaged her pussy until she climaxed with another great spasm that caused her back to arch as she cried out, “Oh! Yes! Yes!” and fell forward against the sofa. He continued ramming his cock into her ass until he also climaxed, ejaculating heavily into his condom as he drove his cock into her ass. When his cock was through pumping his semen, he fell forward on top of her.

They both lay against the sofa, Ronald sprawled on top of Marsha with his cock, now softening, still imbedded in her ass. After recovering their strength, they got up and got dressed, after Ronald removed the used condom and prepared it and its wrapper for disposal. Moving slowly in their contentment, they straightened up the office and eliminated any evidence of what they had been doing.

Just before they left, Ronald patted Marsha on her lovely ass and told her, “You definitely get the raise and I will turn the report in tomorrow. You are one of the best employees we have here.”

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whatever you think of it, I, and all writers, appreciate readers expressing their opinions by voting and I especially appreciate feedback, either public comments or emails sent to me. I always answer all feedback, and I will consider any suggestions you may have for improving my writing or for future stories.

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