Mary’s Introduction Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Mary still had her arms around Alisha’s neck after she had kissed her and looked at her cum smeared across her friend’s face. She leaned forward and licked Alisha’s lips, “Ummmm, I don’t know what tastes better, my cum or your lips.”

Roger and Steve both laughed simultaneously and then Alisha. I was sporting a huge grin and started to stroke Alisha’s nipple. On impulse, I bent down and started sucking her nipple; flicking my tongue over it and teasing it before increasing suction again. She leaned back slightly and inhaled deeply.

Alisha’s hand stroked the side of my face, “Love, don’t you think you need a nap?”

I sat back up and laughed slightly, “You’re kidding, right?! I’m too excited and have a lot of pent of energy to release. I’ll be damned if I’m going jogging this time. Besides it’s my turn to explore your body so just trade places with me.”

Roger eased over; his right leg in the cast resting on the bed. Steve was still sitting on the edge of the bed on the other side of us. Alisha and I traded places and she sat on the pillow and eased back. She was so beautiful and her breasts still so firm.

I straddled her trim and tanned body and rubbed my cunt on top of hers. Once again the sensation excited me and my own nipples were hard. As I moved my hips back and forth pressing down on our clits, I pulled and pinched my nipples. I heard both Steve and Roger intake a breath. I looked up to see both of them mesmerized by my actions.

I leaned down to suck on Alisha’s nipple and tease it with my tongue. She moaned lightly and closed her eyes. I used the edges of my teeth to lightly scrape and nibble her nipple. Alisha arched her back and let me know that she really liked what I was doing.

Roger’s hand was massaging her other breast and gently tweaking her nipple. Steve leaned over and offered her a deep passionate kiss and then concentrated on kissing and nuzzling her neck. Alisha’s breathing picked up a beat. I laid the side of my cheek between her breasts and felt her heart racing and smiled.

I kissed Alisha, using my lips and tongue, trailing down her chest, stomach, hips and then her mound. I looked back up at her; Roger and Steve each were working one of her breast. Her legs were spread wide and I looked at her cunt; the only other one I had seen was my own. I sucked her outer lips and tasted her juice. She tasted just as good as mine own and this excited me too. My felt my own pussy getting excited and getting wet.

I decided to mimic what Alisha had done to me. She would let me know if she wanted something else. My tongue licked and sucked all of her wet juices that had already dripped out. My tongue reached up to rub her clit hard and she gasp, “Oh God Mary! Yes!!!”

I placed my mouth over her clit and sucked hard. Alisha started to moan louder and thrash her head side to side. I inserted my fingers into her very wet pussy. She was so open; I was surprised when I discovered there was room for my entire hand. I slipped my hand into her cunt and she started to buck forward onto me. I wet a finger of my other hand in her juice and swirled little circles on the anus bud. Her rhythm increased and I inserted my finger.

I couldn’t keep my mouth on her clit; Alisha was bucking too hard. “Steve, take over her clit for me.” He bent down and placed his mouth over her clit and Roger took over sucking and massaging both of her breasts. I started to fist fuck Alisha’s wonderfully hot pussy slowly; trying to set a rhythm and speed that wouldn’t tire me out. I was feeling the smoothness of her inner walls and the way her muscles were clinching around my hand and wrist. It was so hot just watching her and feeling her tighten up around my hand.

Alisha was antalya escort reaching her peak and I increased speed of my fucking motions. Suddenly she arched and screamed as she came all over my hand; her juices dripping down my arm. I decreased my speed a bit, but kept up fucking her cunt for a minute more. I stopped and kept my hand in her pussy; feeling the contractions lessening as she was coming down from her orgasm.

I eased my hand out and slowly started to lick her juices from my hand. I looked up to make sure Alisha was okay. She was lying there glistening from her orgasm and taking in deep breaths. Steve reached for my arm and licked some of her juice also. Not wanting to leave Roger out, I stretched forward and offered him my arm also.

Alisha opened her eyes, “Damn Love. That was great!” and smiled at me. “Are you sure you haven’t been with a woman before?” Alisha laughed.

I laughed back, “Only myself. I get months of practice.”

Steve got up on his knees and stretched out beside Alisha. They tenderly embraced and kissed deeply. “You were wonderful Babe, as always,” and he kissed her again.

My eyes trailed down to his crotch as his pants were tented in front. I immediately looked over at Roger and his were tented as well. Then I looked up and Roger was looking at me with a tenderness I had never noticed before. I eased off the end of the bed and went over to a chair in the corner of the room that was stacked with pillows. I brought one back and crossed over to Roger.

“I know what it’s like to have a broken leg,” I said as I gently raised the leg with the cast and placed the pillow under it. I unlaced his shoe and removed it and his sock. I trailed my fingers up his cast to his knee. “Are you in pain Roger?”

Roger smiled at me and it seemed to penetrate me with warmth, “Not the leg. Doc gave me some pain killers.”

I tilted my head a little to the side and smiled. My fingers trailed up to his crotch and I lightly traced his hard cock through his pants. “Any place else?”

Roger’s hand caught mine. “I won’t if you don’t want to.” He gave my hand a little squeeze, “Please never feel that you are obligated to anyone for sex. Alisha, Steve and I have been together for a little over two years now.”

I smiled and sat next to Roger; our hips touching. “I don’t feel obligated and I’m not doing this to get even with Dan. Please don’t think that either. Dan and I have been drifting apart now for three years. Apparently he is not satisfied with what I can offer and is looking for it elsewhere.”

My tears started again and I just let them fall. “There’s something you guys don’t know,” I said as I hung my head. “I confronted Dan when I first found out what he was doing.”

My tears started to increase. “I told him that I wouldn’t let him touch me again because I didn’t want any sexually transmitted disease from one of his whores.”

Alisha took in a breath, “Oh my God. I understand now. That Son-of-a-Bitch! That God Damn Son-of-a-Bitch!”

Roger and Steve looked confused over at Alisha’s outburst. I looked up at Alisha with my tears still streaming and nodded ‘yes.’ “Love, if I’d known then I would have helped.”

“I know,” I said looking into Alisha’s sad eyes, “but our friendship had just started a couple of months before that. I didn’t know you well and didn’t have anyone to turn to.”

“Well?” said Steve. “Let us know.”

I looked over at Steve and then at Roger. I swallowed hard, “He tied my down, beat me, raped me and broke my leg.” I hung my head down again.

“Shit,” Roger said and sat up and hugged me tenderly. I leaned into his arms much the same way I had done Steve’s in the parking lot. I curled my head alanya escort into his shoulder and felt him shaking. I looked back up into his face.

“He’s a dead man when I see him again,” said Roger. The anger in his voice frightened me. I put a hand on each side of his face and lightly kissed his lips.

I looked into his eyes then and said, “No. He’s not worth the jail time. It’s better if I just file for divorce and get away from him.”

“We’ll help you Mary. You’re not alone any more,” said Roger and he pulled me to him again and started to kiss my neck. Then he pulled away and looked into my eyes and gave me a deep probing kiss. Our tongues swirled, probed and fought for dominance. It quite took my breath away.

He pulled back and smiled at me, “Alisha and Steve know this already, but Mary,” began Roger, “I’ve been attracted to you for some time now. I’m the one who asked Alisha to feel you out to see if you might be interested in swinging with us. From what I heard about Dan, I thought he might be interested. But now …”

I just smiled and started laughing; wiping the tears off my cheeks. It had felt so good to finally get that dark secret off my chest. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my soul.

“Well, now you know.” I looked over at Alisha and Steve, “I think we are going to have a wonderful relationship. I do think I have just one more problem,” I stated trying to keep a straight face.

“What?” they all said almost in unison. “Well, I really am getting hungry. What’s for dinner?” and burst out laughing.

My laughter made them laugh also. “Okay, I’ll go order said Steve,” and started to get off the bed.

“No,” said Alisha. “You stay here with Roger and Mary and I’ll order.” She quickly scooted off the bed and was gone.

“Hmmmm,” I started, “I think you two just have way too many clothes on. It makes me feel absolutely naked!” and I laughed again which was instantly picked up by both of them.

I reached over undid Roger’s buckle and unzipped his pants. His cock had softened with my revelation, but was starting to respond to me again. “It’ll be easier Roger if I pull both down at the same time. Can you raise your hips?”

Roger raised his hips enough for me to ease both his pants and underwear down. His cock was trying to spring to life. I smiled. I eased his pant leg over the cast and removed his pants and briefs. I folded his pants and placed them on the chair. He handed me his shirt and t-shirt and did the same to them.

I looked over and Steve had stripped and was stroking his cock. I stood beside the bed and thought for a moment. “Roger, can you swing your legs off the bed? Will that hurt?”

Roger smiled, “I think I know what you have planned and Yes! Definitely Yes! It’s so alright with me!” I smiled at the way he said that.

I helped him swing his legs off the bed and stepped in between his legs. I stood and bent at the waist with my ass in the air. I felt the air hit my exposed damp pussy. I reached out my tongue and tasted a drop of pre-cum that had oozed out of Roger’s cock. When I placed my mouth over his cock head, I enjoyed the spongy and smooth texture. I trailed my tongue around and around, tasting, probing the slit and enjoying feeling his cock becoming harder in my willing mouth.

Roger leaned back and moaned softly feeling my mouth envelope the head of his cock. Steve stepped behind me and started licking my pussy; exploring it with his tongue and fingers.

I moaned as I started to suck Roger’s cock into my mouth. He was getting harder and wider. I loved to feel the bulging veins and ridges of his cock with my tongue. I relaxed my throat and sucked alanya rus escort him all the way back.

I took one of my hands off the bed and tried to massage his balls. I started losing balance and had to return it to the bed so I could brace myself.

“It’s alright Love, I’ll do that,” said Alisha as she started to massage Roger’s balls. Roger moaned loud and tried to raise his hips.

I increased the intensity of my suction still riding my mouth up and down his hard cock. When Steve started to slowing insert his hard cock into my pussy, I let go with a loud moan that sent vibrations through Roger’s cock. That, in turn, caused him to start thrusting faster into my mouth. He had already released some more pre-cum and I knew he would reach an orgasm soon; especially with Alisha massaging his balls.

I closed my eyes feeling Steve’s hard cock gliding in and out of my throbbing pussy. It wasn’t hard and harsh, but a slow, deep and fulfilling fuck. I could feel my own orgasm building. I also thought my legs were going to give out when Alisha reached down with her other hand and started to massage my clit.

My moans were increasing along with my suction on Roger’s cock. He was humping faster and moaning also. I felt his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I was still sucking and moaning, but eased up just a bit on my hard suction. Every load he shot I swallowed. When his cock started to soften, I just kept it in my mouth until it was flaccid. It fell out of my mouth and I was breathing hard on top of his cock.

The familiar hum of my orgasm hit me, “Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed as I felt my orgasm warm through my body. I felt Steve scream behind me also and his hot cum hit my cervix and intensified my orgasm.

I leaned my head down and rested it next to Roger’s flaccid cock. When Steve removed his cock, Alisha was there and sucked it clean in her mouth. “No sense in letting this go to waste Love,” she said and then I felt her licking the dripping cum out of my pussy. I was still light-headed and kept my head nestled on Roger breathing in his sex; feeling Alisha lick at my cunt.

The doorbell rang and she stopped, put on her robe and said, “I’ll get it. I don’t think you three have the strength.”

I smiled and laughed. I lifted myself from my position and saw first Roger’s smiling face and then Steve’s.

“That was simply great Mary. Wow!” replied Roger.

I lifted Roger’s legs to the bed and again placed the pillow under his leg. I crawled up beside him and Steve sandwiched in on my other side.

“Gee, now I know why you and Alisha have a king-size bed. I always thought you two would get lost in all that room.” I smiled and laughed. So did Roger and Steve.

I reached over and gave Roger a deep passionate probing kiss. When we came up for air, I smiled and said, “Thank you. That was wonderful too.”

I turned to Steve and gave him and equally passionate probing kiss. “And thank you too. It was wonderful.”

“Thank you too Mary. You are exceptional also and I think I speak for Alisha too,” said Steve.

“Damn right you do!” said Alisha smiling. “Come on in before dinner gets cold.”

I hated to leave after we just got comfortable. I scooted off the bed and got Roger’s crutches that were leaning against the wall. We made our way to the kitchen table and the smell of the food made me realize I was starving.

We ate and discussed plans. Roger was taking leave also, but said the chief told him to report Monday and then he would get his leave. We all decided to wait and drive together. That would give us the weekend to get to know each other better. The prospect made me smile and laugh.

Roger reached over, squeezed my hand and smiled, “I like to hear you laugh.”

Alisha sighed and drew all of our attention, “We’re going to need some groceries then. All I got in the fridge are condiments and whipped cream.”

“Oh really,” smiled Roger, “I think I just figured out what I’d like for dessert.”

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