Master’s Long Day

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Masters had a long hard day at work, I made his favourite meal as he arrives home. After finishing his meal, he decides to relax on the sofa with his best whiskey in hand. Master looks at me expectantly and pats the seat next to him on the sofa and beckons me to curl up next to him as we unwind for the evening listening to his favourite relaxing music. I can feel the relaxation rolling through his body as he slowly sips his drink. I decided to take advantage while his guards were down. I politely gesture for my Master to sit in front of me and he kindly obliges. I slowly rub his neck trying to release some of the tension held there.

I knead my fingers up his neck in small circles and back down then follow along his strong muscular shoulders, Master removes his shirt so I can rub his shoulder with more ease. I can feel the tension begins to leave his body. My hands flow up over his shoulder and down the front of his pecks, I gently caress my finger through his soft chest hair, continuing to run my hands further down his front causing me to lean forward pressing my chest into his back. I take the opportunity to extend my tongue and lick his earlobe and gently tug it between my teeth knowing how sensitive his ears are, Master sucks in his breath through gritted teeth. I move back and continue to roam my tongue down his throat until I reach the base of his neck where I nip causing him to moan slightly.

I moved around to the front of my Master and pushed him back allowing him to lean back into the sofa. Master’s darkened gaze heavy on my heaving chest. It’s not often he allows me to call the shots, I lean forward and kiss him gently on the lips and wait for his reaction, to which he kisses me firm yet carefully. Satisfied with his reaction and my newly found confidence, I place his arms outstretched on the back of the sofa and purr “Don’t move” in his ear. I placing small kisses to the corners of his lips and trailing down his neck and along his shoulder, biting at his collar bone as I move down the front of his chest, I playfully lick at his nipple as he starts to groan and then quickly nip his nipple causing him to catch his breath and pin me with a daring stare. I lick my way across to his bulging bicep and playfully bite, a smile plays on his lips as he knows I am worshiping him as a God.

I move down his body, eryaman escort licking, sucking and nipping at every part I can touch. I motion for Master to lift his hips so I can remove his trousers and boxer’s making him exposed to my wandering eyes, his manhood slaps back onto his stomach. It always shocks me at how big he is, my juices start to flow as my thoughts drift back to when he took me hard on the foot stall. His manhood always stretches me to full capacity.

I slowly run my hand up and down his thick velvet steel, admiring my favourite vein that begins to throb as he grows harder in my hand. I have to resist the urge to poke my tongue out to trace every detail of it. I run my hands from base to tip, rolling my thumb over the head to smear his pre-cum over the rest of him, Master moans and places his head on the back of the sofa. I continue my attack as Master’s breath becomes pants, his taut, hard body tensing underneath me.

I stand up and remove my skirt and tights and allow them to fall to the floor, he lifts his head and looks at me admiringly and tells me to remove my top, who am I to argue with my Master after all I know not to displease him.

My top and bra fall to the floor as I lean over and take his whiskey from his hand. I take a sip and the burn reminds me of the time Master rammed my throat so hard it ached for days, he fed me whiskey to help soothe the pain, just the thought causes my juices to flow faster. As I sip the whiskey I hold it on my tongue as I make my way back to Master’s warm beast, I swallow the whiskey and slowly trace my tongue up Master shaft and quick flick the his head, he hisses between his teeth from the slight sting of the whiskey his gaze pins me to the spot with those eyes now pitch black filled with need and hunger, a coy smile plays on his lips he clearly liked my little surprise.

Pleasure and pain go hand in hand as long as you have the right amount. I go back to licking every beautiful inch of his cock and gently suck one of his smooth balls into my mouth and then the other, then gently graze my teeth along Masters favourite spot under his balls. I take another sip of whiskey and suck his head into my mouth this a loud sloppy pop and suck the head firmly bobbing my head, Master slams his head on back on the sofa resisting the escort eryaman urge to grab my hair and thrust up into my mouth. As I suck Masters head, I roll my finger along my clit and feel the slick juices starting to dribble out of my tight pussy. I roll some of my juices on the underside of his balls and gently rub the tip of my Master’s hole waiting for him to allow me to slip my juice cover finger into him.

Master began to tense more underneath me, time for a change. I wasn’t ready to let him cum yet. I pulled out 2 cock rings from the pocket of my skirt and placed one of them into my mouth, a look of curiosity washes over Masters face.

I wrap my lips over the head of Master cock and slowly lower my mouth down his thick length rolling the cock ring down his shaft with my mouth and tongue, I suck him deep into my throat to get the cock ring right to his base. Once in place I release Master from my mouth and take him in my hand working him fast as his cock reaches a new level of hardness, I place the other cock ring around his balls caging them causing them to get tighter, throb and swell.

I drag the footstool in front of Master and settle my bum on the edge facing him, I place each of my feet on his knees causing my legs to spread in front of him giving him a full frontal view of my pink pussy. My juices begin dribbling down to my ass. I slowly rub my finger across my clit making it swell harder, Masters eyes are fixed on my finger waiting for me to dip my finger into my sweet hole, the pressure makes me gasp.

Master’s eyes snap up to my face with a slight wild look on his face, I know I am close to pushing him too far. I dip my finger in and out of my sweet hole my breath catching in my throat, I am getting closer to cumming. Master cock bouncing against his stomach dripping his creamy salty pre-cum down his beautiful body turning me on even more knowing just how much this is pushing him closer to the edge.

I decide to stop toying with Master and push myself up off the footstool and onto his lap, his breathing heavy, his eyes dark and wild. I hold myself just over the tip of his cock and allow some of my juices to run down onto his head, down his cock and gather into a little pool on top of his balls. I move back and run my hands up and down his thick, hot shaft eryaman escort bayan slickening every part of him readying him for my tight hot sheath. Master tilts his head back and grits his teeth, he won’t hold on much longer if I keep this up. I position Master just below my hot core and gently press down onto his head, Master stares at me with a daring look to tease him some more, inch by painful slow inch I sit down further on his hot velvet steel feeling it stretch me wider than ever, the cock rings making him impossibly hard, the ring pressing on all the sweet little spot inside me, begging for me to bounce hard on his cock. I can feel my core starting to unravel already, I am not sure how much longer I can hold this.

Once I have the full length of Master deep inside me, I wiggle my hips from side to side causing Master to growl in warning and press his sweaty head against my forehead and grip the back of the sofa hard. I know he is resisting the urge to thrust up into me, that he was slowly losing. I gently raise myself back up his thick meat and just as I get to the tip of his cock I slam back down hard, a primal growl erupts from Master his knuckles turning white with his grip. I playfully smile and kiss his lips. I slowly painfully slowly pull back up his cock squeezing him tight with my core and I hover just over the tip waiting for what seems like eternity, I run my hand through his hair making him look into my eyes and just as he least expects it I slam back down on his cock hard.

We are both panting and tense with unreleased pleasure. While deep within me causing a small amount of delightful pain, I kiss him again and he returns the kiss with a rough wanting need for release. I wiggle my hips feeling him throb inside me finding every sensitive spot. I begin to bounce slowly at first up and down his cock, I moan “Yes Master, fuck me!”. Master wastes nothing, grabs my ass in tight in his fists and crushes me down on his cock harder and harder, I can feel myself tightening, I can feel Master stretching me further getting even harder. I don’t think I can take much more of it. Faster and harder, faster and harder. Every inch of us is on fire, inching us closer and closer. Master bruising my flesh, the sting feeling so good, my core tensing I feel as though I am going to be ripped in half. Every muscle in his body tenses, leaning forward he bites down on my collar bone making me scream and my core explodes into thousands of pieces mixing our cum together as it flows out of me and down Master’s balls. We sit there motionless panting catching our breath and already I can feel Master hardening again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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