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I feel a weight pressing down on me as I open my eyes it’s my little pup cuddling on top of me. Her head snuggled on my chest rising and falling in tandem with my breaths. Last night I made a mess of her as per her request but now she looks all cleaned up, must have had her morning shower before I’d awoken. I should get up and make her some breakfast she must be starved. I place a hand on her head and gave it a rub as she slowly opened her eyes and gave a cute yawn. “Good morning pup, get off master so I can make you your favorite for breakfast.” I gave her a smile which she returned the gesture by wrapping her hands around my torso and giving me a quick “WOOF!” then bolts to the kitchen to wait for me. I get up, put on a shirt, and went to meet up waffles at the kitchen. I took out the waffle cooker from the cabinets and some ingredients from the fridge then got to work on making us some waffles. “Hmmm, today I’m feeling like strawberries. Want some strawberries and whipped cream with your waffles little one?”

I say grabbing the carton of strawberries. She gave a loud “WOOF, WOOF” to confirm and I poured the waffle batter into the waffle cooker mold closing it up, rotating it then setting the timer for 3 minutes then walking away to grab a plate for me and a bowl for pup. TING! Goes the alarm. I take the waffle out and stack two for pup swirling the top in whipped cream and throwing a couple half cut strawberries travesti istanbul on top. “Voilà! Enjoy.” I set he bowl down and watch her stick her face inside making a mess of her food. She finishes and looks up, whipped cream dripping from her chin. “Did it taste good love?” “WOOF!” she responded. I grabbed some wet wipes and got to wiping off the crumbs, syrup and whipped cream on her face but it wasn’t coming off. I sigh, “Guess you need another bath darling.” Her eyes got wide and she bolted across the house making me chase after her. “Come back right now or Master will make sure to punish you after your bath!” I yelled out to her which got her to slow down enough for me to catch up. “Good little pup, now follow me to the bath and I’ll bring you some toys to play with.

I walk her to the bathtub turn on the hot water then start undressing her throwing the sticky PJ’s into the washing machine so it wouldn’t turn all crusty. I fetched a rubber ducky and some other toys that float for her to play with from the room outside when I felt her jump onto me while my back was turned and start attacking me with kisses and licks. “Eww, you’re getting me dirty. Ugh now I need to wash up too.” I lift my shirt which made her blush at my uncovered chest. “Oh? Now you’re feeling shy? Guess my mutt only gets shy when her master undresses in front of her. Aren’t you just adorable.” I keep teasing her as she raced back istanbul travestileri to the bathroom. I grabbed a bath bombed and joined her in the bathroom dropping it in then throwing my clothes alongside her’s in the washing machine before getting in. “Want to join me hun?” She splashes my face with a devilish smile. Me being unimpressed just lifted her up from besides me and dumped her right in front of me in the bath. When she surfaced her hair covered her face entirely making me burst into a fit of laughter. “Ha, Ha, Ha! you look like the girl from the ring!”

She pushed her hair back and frowned before breaking down and laughing with me. Once we got done with our fit of laughter I got to work on shampooing her hair while she played with her rubber ducky, splashing the water underneath us. I rinse out her hair and got to rubbing soap along the outline of her body, Waffles started breathing heavily when I got to her butt and thighs, rubbing ever so close to her flower before pulling away at the last second. She reached out for my hand when I went back up and hugged it close to her. “Look at you, acting like a bitch in heat. Do you want master to let you play with his hand?” Waffles whimpers and starts licking my biceps as she grinds against my hand. “How cute, you look so desperate for Master. Here have a drink you’re obviously thirsty as all hell.” I grab her face, heart eyes outlining her pupils istanbul travesti I open her jaw and took out my tongue letting my spit dribble onto her mouth. She kept grinded against my hand, leaning her whole body against my arm she desperately swallowed up my tongue fighting against it with her own.

I move my hands from her jaw to her neck and squeezed making it harder for her to breath which in turn turned her on even more grinding more fiercely against my fingers before shaking violently due to her orgasm. “Oh how selfish of you hunny, using me to cum all by yourself? Well now it’s daddy’s turn to use you so that I can make myself cum.” I smirk as I stand up, smacking my fat cock across her face as I do. “Now be a dear and open that pretty mouth of yours.” Princess listened obediently with flushed cheeks. “Good girl, now take a deep breath.” I grab her head and thrust deep into her throat, balls against her chin as all nine inches of me throbbed inside her. “God you feel so good princess, now show me how tight you can make your throat for me.” I stay inserted while Waffles practices tightening her throat around me, gagging and eyes rolling backwards all in the hopes to please me. “Fuck, you’re such a good girl. Daddy’s real proud of his princess. Keep it up darling I’m almost there.” I start thrusting in and out of her glog glog sounds escaping her throat every time I forced my girth into her.

“Shit baby I’m right there make sure to swallow all of Master’s baby batter. FFFFUUCCKK.” My dick stiffens to the max while I release all my white jelly down into Waffle’s stomach. “Good girl, you’ve made Master very happy. How about a walk after we’re done washing up?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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