Matriachy: two Moms and a Son (part 1)

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Matriachy: Two Moms and a Son (Part 1)

Bernie’s next door family was the Tomlinsons. The couple were divorced a year ago. Mr. Tomlinson moved out and their son had left for college in another city. So the ex-wife now owned and lived in the house alone. Bernie’s neighbour Kendra, was the life long best friend of Bernie’s mom, Elliza. Kendra was a gorgeous thirty-six years old woman, who did not look one bit older than maybe twenty-nine. For years, all the high school seniors in the neighbourhood had, at one time or another, fantasized sexually about her. To put it bluntly, this 5′ 10″, 160 pounds voluptuous woman was the perfect MILF. Among her young admirers Bernie had the unparallel advantages of being her neighbour and the son of her best friend. Unlike the others, Bernie actually thought he had a chance with her. Whenever he was asked to do some household chores or run some errands for Kendra, he would try to draw her attention to his erect 8″ cock. For example, when he was mowing her lawn or up a ladder clearing out her gutters, he made sure that his cock would tent in his baggy pants. Kendra just pretended she did not notice it. A 5′ 10″, 140 pounds teenager was simply not her “type”.

Since her divorce she was never without a man for longer than maybe a month or two. She dated men between twenty-five and forty. They were all over six feet and were either mascular or heavy-set. That day Bernie came home from a trip downtown to stock up on groceries and stuffs for his own family and Kendra. He found his next door neighbour talking to his mom in the kitchen. She gave him the keys to her house so that he could store the stuffs in her pantry and kitchen, and also move some heavy and bulky rubbish out of her garage. As usual, Bernie took this opportunity to enjoy sniffing some of her dirty laundry. He then took one of the panties up to her bedroom, wrapped it around his cock and masturbated while lying on her bed. When he was close to cumming he went to her bathroom and shot his jizz into her bottle of hair lotion. As he turned to leave, he noticed an open laptop on the floor next to the bath. He pressed the “enter” key and the screen opened up to an on going video. Kendra was naked on her bed and a woman was eating out her pussy. They then switched positions. Bernie then got the shock of his life. Though it was a small screen the other woman was unmistakably his mom, Eliza. He took a few shots of the video with his handphone and hurriedly headed home.

For the next few days, Bernie thought long and hard about the possibility that this secret had opened up to him. Since Kendra had branched out into bi-sexuality already, she might also consider sex with a teenager too. Bernie thought this would be a less radical move to Kendra than lesbian sex. He was certainly enbolden by this new insight. He decided to send her a picture of his fat, fully erect, eight inch cock. Together with those shots he had taken of her lesbian sex and a sincere plea for her to try him out. demirlibahçe escort

Upon receiving the pictures and message from Bernie, Kendra was not too surprised. Aterall, this was not the first time that the kid had tried something with her. Further more, it occured to her that she might actually turn this into something to help Eliza out. Eliza might consider having sex with a man within her nucleus family, as it would be less risky to her marriage. Kendra would try to initiate an incestuous relation between Bernie and Eliza. As a first step, Kendra invited Bernie for sex on Saturday, at around 2pm.

As Bernie stepped through the front door, a voice from the upstair bedroom told him to come right up. There, lying on the bed was his long fantasized woman, naked and inviting. One of her hands was playing with her tits and the other carassing her labias and clit. It looked like she was getting ready for Bernie already, because she did not want to spend too much time with him that afternoon. Bernie let his pants dropped to his ankle and his hard cock sprang out. Kendra got him to put on a condom to ensure that the fucking would last long enough for her to get an orgasm out of it. What Kendra did not know was that Bernie also had the same concerns. As such, half an hour ago, he had already masturbated to an orgasm !!

Bernie entered Kendra in one smooth push and took off. He wanted to impress her so every push-in reached its limit and every withdrawal left only the crown of his cock inside her. So five minutes into the fucking his cock was already sloshing in her dripping cunt and Kendra got her orgasm. Bernie kept going and Kendra continued to take it like a champ. She broke out in dirty talk and a string of “fuck, shit, oh god, my god, fuck jesus, ah, aw, ho, ho,”. After another five minutes or so she reached another peak. Bernie slowed down but would not stop. He only shot his load a few minutes after the cunt started to feel dry, like Kendra had run out of juice. For sure, Kendra’s cunt was going to be sore after this.

“That was impressive. Wouldn’t you like to help out your mom too? She needs it more than I do. I have lots of other men but she only has your dad. I can do my part in persuading her to go that way.”

Bernie did not expect this. He could not give her a reply. After kissing her and caressing her neck, arms, tits, tummy and thighs for a while longer, he thanked the smiling, contented Kendra and got up, feeling proud of himself.

In the next few days, Bernie went over several times in his head what Kendra had suggested he could do with his own mom. Was she serious? Bernie waited but Kendra did not contact him again for sex. Two more weeks went by and Bernie began to wonder. Was incest with his mom her precondition for more sex with her? Fuck.

For the next few days, Bernie tried checking out his mom, Eliza, in a sexual way. it was close enough to say that she had the looks and the body dikmen escort type of a more athletic Ellen Dejanerus, the commedinne and TV personality. Her body was fit and toned, with small tits, a narrow hip and a flat butt. She was the opposite of voluptuous Kendra. To Bernie, her sexiness was zero, even without considering the fact that she was his mom. Sex with Eliza was simply unimaginable.

Then, out of the blue, Bernie got a call from Kendra suggesting that they meet again. Bernie arrived at her place at around 11am. Kendra was still in her sexy silk night gown. She invited Bernie to come up to her bedroom to watch some videos with her. They sat up in bed, leaned against the headboard and watched video after video of Kendra and Eliza having lesbian sex on the big screen.

The first video showed naked Eliza on top meshing her body tightly with Kendra’s voluptuousness. She slid up and down Kendra’s oiled body, with Kendra’s strapped-on red cock going in and out of her pink, round, dripping hole. One video showed Eliza fucking Kendra’s pink cock cow-girl style and reversed cow-girl style. Another video showed Eliza fucking Kendra doggy-style with Eliza’s strapped-on big black cock while Kendra was on her hands and knees. This video showed Eliza slapping and squeezing Kendra’s big round arse while fucking her. Eliza seemed to be playing the active male role in most of the videos. It was really mesmerising to watch Eliza when she was fucking with the cock inside herself. Watching her moaning loudly, tossing and flingging her long hair with abandonment in her passionate, orgasmic “rapture”, Bernie could not help but felt that his mom was kind of wild and sexy. Finally he had to admit to himself that his mom was indeed sexy.

Her pussy was still a young fat camel toe when not penetrated. And with the dildo jabbing it, her long clit was pink and clearly visible. It made Bernie wished he could suck it. Her butt, though small, was firm. Her thighs were well-toned and her calves shapely. Bernie’s eight inch cock was now swollen to the bursting point. Kendra reached into his pants and pulled his cock out.

“Is this cock hard for just Kendra, or is it hard for Eliza too?” Kendra squeezed the cock hard.

“It is for both Kendra and Eliza.”

“That’s a correct answer. You are going to get a reward today.”

Kendra simply wriggled her body down the bed from the sitting position to lie flat on her back. She flunged open her silk gown. Bienie leaned over her and started sniffing her hair and armpits, licking her face and neck and kissing her lips. He went on to squeeze her large tits and suck her nipples. He moved down her body, first caressing and licking her tummy and pubic mound, and then jabbing his tongue into her belly button. Then he covered the whole camel toe with his open mouth and sucked noisily, dripping saliva down to her anus. Next he ran his stiffened tongue up and down her labias and jabbing it into her fuck ankara escort hole. When he started on her clit, Kendra was ready to give him the reward.

She got off the bed and took off the night gown. She sat on the edge of the bed with her feet on the ground and then laid down. She lifted her legs and thighs up against her tummy, and turned to lie on her right side. In this position both her fuck-holes were now available to him. She told Bernie to squeeze some jelly into her rectum and smear some on her anus and his cock.

Bernie knelt on a cushion and lined up his cock to her arse. He pushed a couple of times and got his cock passed her sphincter. He pushed his cock smoothly but tightly into her rectum. The anal fucking was slow but still rythmical. His two fingers, targeting the G-spot in her cunt, was moving at a faster rate.

“Fuck. Fuck. Yes. Yes. Go deep. Go deep. Ah. Ah. Oof. Shit. Oh shit. Good. Awwww. Awww. My God.” Kendra’s vocalisation was very sexy and heliped Bernie to reach his climax in sync with hers. He pulled out but stayed in that position admiring her glorious arse until Kendra told him to move aside so that she could get up. At around four in the afternoon, Bernie got a message from Kendra on his phone.

“Our first fucking was recorded and had been sent to your mom earlier on. And our fucking today was also available to her on the web. I had also told her that you knew about the lesbian relationship. After some persuasion I think she is now ready for incest. She is at an age when she really needs more sex. After watching the videos, I am sure you know how starved for sex she really was.” However, Bernie himself still had some doubts about incest.

Because of some emergency, as the project manager, Bernie’s dad had to spend the night at the construction site. Being an early-riser, Eliza already had her morning run and her shower before Bernie woke up. She changed into a pretty dress and went up to Bernie’s room. She found him lying there naked with a “morning wood”. Bernie was not fully awake yet. Eliza sat down next to him on the bed. She took the cock in her hand and stroke it up and down.

“Good morning, Bernie. Kendra had told me what a wonderful partner you had been in bed. I am not as sexy as Kendra but would you try it with me too?”

“I guess I am OK with that.”

Before he could say another word Eliza had already taken half of his cock in her mouth and was sucking and twirling her tongue over and around it. She also had her hand under her skirt playing with her cunt. She came ready for sex as she had no pantie on. She was wet and ready quickly. She simply lifted the front of her skirt and straddled him. Just as smoothly she aimed and sank her cunt down the cock and started fucking him cow-girl style. She was fucking him fully dressed, with full make-up on and well-coifed hair. Except for some moanings and panting she was quiet, and she got her orgasm quickly. She must have been without sex for quite a while. Eliza offered to bring him to orgasm with a handjob or with her mouth. Bernie declined, saying that he did not need it. This was an entirely new experience for Bernie, fucking not only his own mom but a fully dressed woman. It was sexy.

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