Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 04

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Here is the fourth chapter. I hope you have as much fun reading it as i had writing it.

It will be helpful to read the previous chapters first.

Comments are always appreciated. They go a long way in motivating me to continue to add chapters.


“You ready to go?” I asked as I took a final sip of my coffee.

Kimberly was wiping her mouth with a napkin. She nodded to me and I got the attention of the waitress. I paid the bill and Kim and I stood up from the diner counter and made for the exit. As we stepped outside we were immediately greeted by a whirling gust of wind. Kim squealed as the swirling wind blew up her white linen dress, raising the material to briefly reveal her yellow bikini cut lace panties. I lowered my hands, wrapping them around her waist, trying to hold down Kim’s dress.

“I’ve got you, I’ve got you,” I whispered, as I attempted to save Kim some embarrassment as a group of high schoolers walked past us, giggling as they made their way into the diner.

Kim held onto me as we walked over to the pier. Staring down, we watched as the waves rushed in violently.

“Wow, I’ve never seen it that rough,” Kim commented.

Her hair was whipping round her face, the wind was really picking up.

I stared up to the overcast skies,

“Come on, we better get going before the rain comes,” I stated.

We made our way to the car, just as a few drops of rainfall began drizzling down.

When we entered Kim’s apartment, Adam and Summer were on the couch watching television.

“Have you guys seen this?” Adam asked, directing our attention to the television screen. There was a newscast on about the impending class one hurricane bearing down on our area.

“I thought they said it was going out to sea?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, but it took a last minute turn, they said the really bad stuff will be here by tomorrow afternoon,” Summer explained.

“Hey do we still have those boards in the storage locker?” I asked, turning to Adam.

“Yeah, they’re there.”

“Is it enough for both apartments? It’s only like two windows a piece.”

“Yeah it should be, we should get down there and check,” Adam replied.

I picked back up my car keys and turned to Summer and Kim,

“Okay, Adam and I are gonna board up our apartment, we’ll be back to do yours after. You two should gather up some supplies and put them in one place, water, flashlights, some food.”

“Okay, you two be careful out there,” Summer warned as Adam and I walked out the door.

Adam and I returned an hour later, having boarded up the windows in our apartment. It was getting into late evening so we were in a rush to get the girls’ apartment done. We walked in the door, toting the wooden boards in through the living room. Kim and Summer were in the kitchen packing away some supplies they had picked up.

“Classes are cancelled for the next two days,” Kim informed, “It’s up on the university website,” Summer added.

Adam and I got down to work, quickly boarding up the windows throughout the apartment. Summer turned on the lights as the rooms now became dark. She handed Adam and me some bottles of water as we finished up with the last window.

When we were done, the four of us sat in the living room and had a quick dinner, some sandwiches Kim and Summer had whipped up.

“Do you guys have enough food here for four, for the next couple days?” Adam asked.

Summer nodded her head affirmatively.

“Well you wouldn’t mind if Matt and I camped out here for the couple of days would you?”

“Babe, are you suggesting that Kimmy and I need two big strong men around to keep us safe during a storm?” Summer jokingly asked.

“Not at all,” I interceded, “It’s just that I’d feel much safer with you two protecting me,” I joked, wrapping my arm around Kim’s waist and pulling her close to me.

The table broke out in laughter,

“Okay Matty, you two can stay,” Summer said with a smile.

After dinner Adam and I made a quick trip back to our place for some clothes and toiletries. When we returned, the four of us gathered in the living room and watched a movie.


The next morning I awoke to the sound of torrential downpour outside. I couldn’t actually see anything due to the boarded up window but the sound alone was enough to know it was pretty bad. Kim was still sound asleep as I sneaked out of bed and into the bathroom. I threw on a t-shirt and wandered into the kitchen.

“Hey Matt, want some waffles?” Summer asked from the kitchen.

“Sure Sum, Adam still asleep?”

“Yep, he’ll be up in a bit though.”

I sat at the kitchen counter, smiling at Summer as she set down a plateful of waffles infront of me.

“Looks like it’s pretty bad out there,” she stated, directing my attention to the television behind me. I took the bottle of maple syrup she was holding out and arched my neck to catch a glimpse of the storm coverage.

“Coffee or juice?”

“Juice is fine,” I replied as I ate a mouthful of warm waffles.

“Thanks Sum,” I stated as she set down a glass of OJ for me.

Adam came wandering in as güvenilir bahis I was getting done with my plate of waffles. Kim was soon to follow. They sat at the counter and I helped Summer serve them breakfast.

After breakfast, the girls washed up while Adam and I satisfied our curiosity and ventured outside to get a firsthand view of the storm.

“So how is it out there?” Kim asked as Adam and I bustled through the door.

“Pretty rough Kim, there was a down tree out in the parking lot,” Adam replied.

Being stuck inside, the four of us lounged around the living room getting some class work done. We were all startled by the loud booming sound of thunder that felt as though it shook the entire apartment. The lights flickered but remained on.

“Wow, I better get lunch done incase we lose power,” Kim announced as she made her way to the kitchen.

“What are you making Kimmy?” Summer asked from the couch.

“Ohh just some chicken panini,” Kim replied from the kitchen.

“Want some help?”

“No thanks sweetie, I’m okay.”

Summer, Adam and I had taken a break from work and were watching the news. The scent of grilled chicken filtered through the apartment and caught Adam’s attention.

“That smells great Kim,” he commented.

“Thanks Adam, another five minutes and they’ll be ready.”

After lunch, Adam and Summer cleared the table. There was another loud boom and thunder and the lights suddenly went off. The entire apartment went dark and silent. All that could be heard was the pounding rain and swirling winds outside. I immediately felt Kim’s hand grab mine and smiled to myself.

“Holy shit, I can’t see a thing,” Adam commented.

“I’ve got the flashlights over here,” Summer stated. There was the sound of cupboards opening and closing. Then a bright light, shining on Summer’s face. She handed the flashlight to me and switched on another.

We gathered on the couch and chatted in the darkness, deciding to save the batteries in the flashlights.

In the evening, we decided to retire to our rooms, hoping that and an early night sleep would mean waking up to the power being back on in the morning.

“Be careful if you guys light any candles,” I warned as Adam and Summer left for their room.

“Okay Matt,” Summer replied before closing their door.

I was about to follow Kim into her room when my phone rang,

“Hello?. . . .Hey sis, yeah we’re okay, no power though. . . .Yeah, we’re all at Kim’s apartment. . . .Okay will do, tell Kelsey hey for me. Bye, love you.”

I joined Kim in her room shortly afterwards,

“Was that your sister?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, she said to tell you hello.”

“That’s nice, mom and dad called this morning, they were pretty worried.”

Kim and I crawled into bed and lay there chatting in the darkness.

After five minutes of silence, I felt Kim wiggling around,

“Babe I can’t fall asleep, it’s way too early,” she whined.

“Well what do you wanna do?”

“I dunno, what do people do when they’re locked up in a storm?”

“I’m not sure baby,” I replied.

There was a brief pause.

“How about a game?” Kim asked.

“Okay, what did you have in mind?”

“Ummm, I have cards, we could play blackjack or poker or something,” Kim suggested.

“Okay,” I agreed.

I heard Kim get out of bed,

“I’ll light some candles,” she said as I heard her moving around the room.

Soon the room was nicely lit; Kim had lit several candles and spread them around the room.

“Come sit on the floor with me,” Kimberly instructed.

I rolled off the bed and sat opposite of Kim on the soft carpet floor. Kim reached behind her and retrieved a deck of cards from off her table and began to shuffle them,

“So what’ll it be sweetie? Poker? Blackjack? Something else?”

I thought for a second,

“Blackjack’s fine with me.”

Kim began to deal and we played a couple hands of blackjack. It was passing the time, but became pretty repetitive real quick.

“Babe do you mind if we spice this up?” I asked.

She looked up to me and smiled,

“What are you thinking?”

“How about strip blackjack?”

Kim giggled at my suggestion,

“I take it that’s just like strip poker?” she asked.

“Yep, you win, I lose a piece of clothing, I win and you lose something.”

“Okay, but I have a suggestion,” Kim stated.

I listened intently.

“If I win, you get to choose the piece of clothing you lose, but I get to take it off, same goes if you win.”

“I like that,” I replied and watched as Kim dealt another hand.

On the first hand I had a 4 and a 5.


I got a queen. . .19.

“I’ll stay.”

Kim had two 6s and took a hit. . .jack of spades, 22.

“Okay baby, what’ll it be?” I teased.

Kim stretched out a foot over to me,

“I think I’ll start with my socks.”

“Socks?!?” I asked disappointingly, “Well do I get the pair or just one?”

“Just one mister, it’s one piece of clothing per hand,” Kim admonished.

“Okay,” I replied.

I reached out and held türkçe bahis Kim’s foot in my lap, slowly tugging on her powder blue ankle socks.

Once off, I watched Kim wiggle her cute toes. I placed her sock on the floor beside me.

“Aww, my toes are all cold now,” Kim fake complained.

“I’ll keep them warm sweetie,” I whispered as I gently rubbed her feet.

“That tickles!” Kim giggled as she pulled her foot from me and went back to sitting indian style on the floor.

She dealt another hand; I got a king and a jack right away and stayed.

Kim started off with a 10 and a 2 and hit until she got up to 18. Another hit gave her 6 and she busted.

“Okay, that other sock is mine,” I teased.

Kim stretched her other foot out to me and I peeled off her soft cotton sock.

I lost the next hand.

“Finally!” Kim exclaimed.

I smiled at her and tapped on the collar of my navy blue t-shirt. Kim crawled over to me and lifted my shirt over my head.

“Hope you’re not too cold baby,” Kim teased as she threw my shirt onto her bed.

“I think I’ll manage,” I replied as Kim dealt another hand.

I chuckled when I saw my hand, Ace and a queen.

Kim sighed as she gave her two 8s a hit and turned up a 7.

“This thing is rigged,” she complained.

“Baby. . .you’re the one dealing,” I laughed.

“You can have my tank top,” she replied.

I leaned over to Kim and grabbed the base of her white cotton tanktop. She raised her arms and I lifted the top off her. I stared longingly at her as she sat in her yellow lace bra. Kim allowed me a few seconds to ogle her before she dealt again. Remarkably, I won that hand as well.

“Now we’re having fun,” I whispered as Kim indicated to me to remove her bra.

I leaned in close to Kim and reached behind her.

“You never took this long before,” she commented as I fiddled with the hooks on her bra. Her face was mere centimeters from mine.

“I just like being close to you,” I replied and we both laughed.

I was finally able to unhook Kim’s bra and I lifted the lace garment off her. I stared at her chest, her breasts were perfection. Petite handfuls of smooth flesh, soft curves, topped with rosy puffy nipples. I was fighting every urge to press my face against Kim’s chest and I was sure she knew it.

“Okay, next hand,” she announced as she dealt the cards.

Kim was gleeful when she dealt herself two kings.

I looked down at the 6 and queen that sat before me.


Kim dealt me a card and laughed manically when the card turned out to be a 10.

“I’ll have those pants mister,” she proudly stated.

I stood up and Kim knelt before me. She smiled up at me as she unbuckled my shorts, then tugged on the khaki material. My shorts fell to my ankles and Kim stared at the bulge that pressed against my black cotton boxer briefs.

We sat back down and continued the game.

Another of Kim’s sighs meant she lost the next hand. She stood up and I excitedly knelt before her. I placed my hands on her bare knees, and slowly slid my palms up her smooth toned thighs. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her grey cotton shorts then gently tugged on them. I watched eagerly as Kim’s shorts slid from her waist, revealing her white cotton panties. I pulled her shorts to her ankles then stared at the wondrous sight that was Kim’s panty covered vagina. I could see the crease of her pussy lips, pressing against the soft cotton. Kim wiggled her waist a little, adjusting her underwear before sitting down.

“So next person to win is the winner,” she murmured, trying to build tension.

The next hand ended in a draw, both of us choosing to stay on 18 each.

Kim dealt another hand; I groaned seeing her get two jacks. I got a 10 and a 2. One hit gave me a queen.

“Those boxers are mine,” Kim boasted as she rushed me to my feet.

I stared down at Kim’s angelic smiling face, bordered by her flowing brown hair. She looked so sweet. Any notion of innocence however, was thrown out the window as she caressed my arching erection with her delicate palm over my tight cotton confines. Kim pulled my boxers down my legs, watching excitedly as my cock bounced free, inches from her face. She left my boxers around my ankles and raised her hands to my crotch, combing her fingernails through my dark curls.

“I guess I’m the winner,” Kim stated as I sat back down.

“I was thinking we could continue playing, for my benefit,” I replied with a smile.

“And what do I get if I win?” Kim asked.

“We’ll figure that out once you’re naked,” I replied.

Kim dealt another hand which thankfully, I won.

“You lucky little bugger,” Kim complained.

“Luck has nothing to do with it babe,” I quipped.

I patted the floor infront of me, directing Kim to sit there. She shimmied over and sat where I indicated. I ran my hands along her legs, then held them together and lifted them, resting her feet on my shoulder. I reached down and tugged on Kim’s underwear, pulling them from her waist along her thighs, up her legs, finally off her ankles. Kim giggled güvenilir bahis siteleri as ran my hands back down her legs, between her thighs. I raised one of her legs, lifting it over my head and resting it on my other shoulder. I now stared directly down at Kim’s heavenly femininity. She ran her fingers over her neatly trimmed pubic hair, taking delight in teasing me.

“So do you wanna continue playing?” Kim softly asked.

“What are you proposing for stakes?” I asked as I let go of Kim’s legs and she returned to her seated position.

She thought for a few seconds,

“What about kisses?” she suggested.

“Kisses?” I asked.

“Yeah, we could trade kisses. Winner chooses a spot on their body, and loser has to kiss that spot.”

“Sounds fun,” I replied.

Kim dealt the cards.

I started off with a 9 and a 3. I hit and got an 8 so I remained on 20.

Kim went over when she took hit on 15 and got a 7.

“Okay. . .I want a kiss right here,” I instructed, tapping my finger on my lips.

“You’re so sweet,” Kim cooed as she crawled her naked body over to me. On her hands and knees, Kim leaned her face into mine, pressing our lips together. Her lips were so soft. I felt her slide her tongue in my mouth, just briefly, before retreating to deal another hand.

“Mhmm, I like this game,” I commented as I wiped the corner of my mouth.

Kim dealt and was ecstatic when she won. She pointed to the curve of her neck,

“Right here baby.”

I made my way over to Kim’s side. Smiling as I leaned in, i planted my lips on the curve of her neck. Extending my tongue, I licked Kim’s soft skin causing her to whimper. After a few seconds of teasing I returned to my seat.

Kim dealt again.

“Yes!” she exclaimed when I took a hit on 14 and landed with a King.

“Must be your lucky night Kimmy,” I commented.

“I thought you said luck had nothing to do with it,” she retorted.

We smiled at each other,

“So where do you want your kiss?” I asked.

Kim thought for a second,

“I want a kiss right here,” she stated, holding her index finger on her right breast, right on her nipple.

“Mhmm, my pleasure,” I whispered as I crawled over to Kim.

I kissed Kim right on her soft puffy nipple. She ran her hand through my hair and I could tell she wanted more than just a light peck. I stuck my tongue out and licked around her areola a few times. I could feel her nipple becoming erect and took her in my mouth, sucking hard on her sensitive nub. After a few seconds, Kim’s nipple was rock hard and I swirled my tongue around it mercilessly. After about a minute, I let Kim’s breast slip from my mouth as she groaned in disappointment.

She dealt another hand of cards.

I was delighted when I saw a Jack and Queen sitting infront of me.

Kim had a 4 and an 8. She took a hit and got a 6. She smiled at me and took another hit. She yelled in delight as she flipped over a 3. After she calmed down from all her laughing, Kim looked to me deep in thought,

“I really liked that first one, I want a kiss here,” she said, pressing her finger against her mouth.

I once again made my way over to Kim. I held her face with both my hands and kissed her hard. I felt her tongue in my mouth as it danced around my own. Kim moaned in my mouth as my hand slid down her face over her neck, then down her chest, finally finding her breasts. I kissed and massaged her for a while then, even to my disappointment, pulled away.

“Okay, let’s see if I can go three in a row,” Kim stated as she dealt again.

Alas, it was not to be, I finally won one.

“Where will it be baby?” Kim asked.

I smiled as I pointed to the head of my cock,

“Right here will do,” I replied.

Kim giggled as she made her way over to me and lowered her head. I could feel her warm breath on my throbbing penis. I groaned aloud as I felt the tip of Kim’s tongue swirling around the head of my cock. She took me in her mouth as deep as she could. Her mouth felt wonderful, it was so warm. Kim slid her way back up my cock, letting me pop out of her mouth. She planted a kiss against my bulbous mushroom head and then retreated.

I took over dealing duties and shared the cards out.

Kim stared at the King and 5 before her. Bravely, she asked for a hit and was rewarded with a 6. I busted out and looked to Kim, awaiting my instructions.

“How about right here,” Kim stated, directing me to her belly button.

“Are you sure that’s where you want your kiss?” I asked as I crawled over to her.

“Uh huh,” she replied as she lay down flat on the carpet.

I lowered my head and kissed her taut stomach. I used my tongue to trail along her skin, dipping it in her belly button then dragging the tip around its circumference. I continued kissing Kim, her tummy quivering as she giggled under my ticklish tongue. Kim had to push my head away from her as she convulsed with laughter. I dealt again and again Kim won.

“Mhmmm,” she cooed, “I want a kiss here,” she said, holding the lips of her pussy apart with her fingers. My head was between Kim’s thighs in seconds flat. I stared at Kim’s glistening womanhood and pressed my lips against her. I reveled in her wonderful taste, licking and slurping on her juices. I ended with a simple kiss, right on the hood of Kim’s pussy, over her clit.

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