Medical Unit

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It is late morning on Monday. You are finished with the Operation Room schedule for the morning and are now going to proceed with rounds. Wearing a fresh set of scrubs you head for the elevator. Still new to this facility, you read the chart in the elevator to remind yourself which is the surgical floor. Oh, yes, 4th floor.

Arriving on the 4th floor, you find it oddly quiet. Patients must all be at therapy or other appointments for the morning before lunch is served. You check on the first room, a gallbladder surgery with a nasty incisional infection. Lucky, you think to yourself, I wasn’t in on that job, just covering for another group. Nasty smell coming from that room. You write some orders and proceed to the next on the list.

And then you see her. Standing at the desk, in rose scrubs and jacket. Her dark brown hair falls softly off her head just above her shoulders. The stance you find her in is very appealing, allowing a good glimpse of her gluteals. She turns to look at the person approaching her and smiles as her eyes meet yours. And she licks her lips, longingly. Tracing her lip line with her delicate tongue.

The floor remains deserted. No patient lights buzzing and no phones ringing. Its as if you are in a dream world. Everything flows around göztepe escort you, at times in slow motion. Finally you are right in back of her. She can admire the bulge from below the belt of your scrubs, it is protruding from beneath your lab coat. She bites her tongue in delight. She turns to face you. As she does so, you see that she is really wearing a white teddy beneath her scrub dress. The straps are loosely escaping the nape of the collar.

This is an L shaped station and you are at the corner of the L. She motions to you to follow her after she presses her open hand on your fly, and squeezes lightly. Her eyes light up! You are so hard, it is very pleasing.

She brings you around to a small charting alcove, a desk, a phone and very little space. Your hands mash her breasts thru the fabric of her dress. In doing so you can feel the detailing of the teddy that lies beneath it. Your eyes meet. From her breasts, your hands reach under her arms, lifting her from the floor and depositing her on the small desk top in front of you. Placing her down softly, she moans…. Leaning back to assist your access to her loins beneath the dress, your hands slide up the firm thighs to her panties. A garter belt! Oh, excitement…. Flicking off the stockings, kartal escort like an expert, you free the garter and head for the panties.

You can feel her warmth and moistness already present on the under garment as you gently remove it! MMMMMMMMMm…. she tells you, and your hand lingers there, at her mound. Rubbing gently in circular fashion, she moves her hips in response. Her head, once tilted back, now drops forward and she looks pensively at you over her brow. NOW she says, i want it now!!!

She reaches thru the fly in the scrub pants and milks your growing shaft. Tickling the balls with her knuckles. Your hard cock is trembling in her grasp as she lets out a sigh…….and then another. Your hand, you see, has found its way past her mound, and is encircling her clit, freeing it. Your hand is drenched by her sweet nectar.

Grabbing her by the ass, and you leaning back on the wall facing the desk, you bring her pussy toward your outstretched penis. Screwing her, here in the alcove, where so many hours have been spent, charting temps and other updates. Her ass is hitting the desk. From now on, you are going always enjoy your rounds on this station, reminding yourself of the fucking here as you chart in the future.

She is maltepe escort near climax, and then comes without you. It was a small orgasm, and she tells you it builds up for many more!!! Grinning, you can feel the juices coming thru your balls in preparation for show. Jolting her up into the air with each stroke, her hair is flying with each delightful plunge. Her moaning and rapid breathing of warm moist air is tantalizing your neck, the hairs are on end.

She tells you with her drenching pussy that she is close again, but wants to cum together. More more more more more, you fuck her, deeper with each invasion. Your back is aching from the weight of her body on your cock, but you smile regardless.

Feeling the pre-cum mixing with her honey, you look into her face and see the fire and desire in her eyes. Knowing this fuck is almost over, you bend your knees and plunge your cock one last time, all the way to her uterus!!!

“Oh!” she exclaims, as her legs drape your hips, her arms, are around your shoulders. Her tits are mashing with each convulsion upon your chest. Smiling to her, you tense up and shoot, shoot, shoot, all your load, deepppppllllyyyy within her as she climaxes and convulses on your cock. The deep pain and pleasure combine for a most exciting sensation. Spent, yet still together, your cock motionless in her pussy, she milks your member with her vaginal muscles, squeezing all the remnants of juice from your organs. And then she slumps on your body, places her head on your shoulder, satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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