Meeting a Pen Pal

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I had a sudden free evening, so I called up a couple of friends… As I’ve been neglecting them, I wasn’t surprised when they couldn’t make the time for me though it is a weekday evening. I had almost resigned myself to time by my lonesome when I recalled that a pen pal was still in town.

I checked my email history, pulled out his hotel info and called him. As luck would have it, he had just returned to his room from a day of meetings. He had no fixed plans as yet and was agreeable to dinner near his hotel and perhaps more……

It’s a weekday so I couldn’t stay out the whole night and I made sure he understood that before I confirmed our meeting time and place. I left my office after freshening up and took the train to town.

It was the first time that we were meeting one another though we had been communicating online. Hmmm, I did wish I was wearing a sexier top though I had no such intentions when I dressed for work this morning!

We gave one another a quick greeting hug and walked hand in hand to the restaurant. sincan escort We chatted about his flight here, his experiences so far… It was a pleasant surprise to find that he had made a reservation thus we were promptly attended to and seated. The chemistry we had online showed itself offline. Dinner of fried rice was good but neither of us paid it much attention. We quickly adjourned to his hotel room…

We were alone in the hotel lift so I stepped forward and kissed him. Arms went around one another quickly and we broke off only when the lift door opened. Practically ran to his room door. Fumbled with the lock. In. Shoved card into the plot and slammed the door shut. Resumption of frantic frenching. Clothes came off hurriedly, pauses to hang mine up.

Naked we stood, in his room, kissing and exploring one another’s bodies. Somehow caution came back and we slowed down. We had talked about our first time and he didn’t forget – he led me to the bed and spent the next goodness knows how long pleasuring me all over with his hands lips tongue… He sincan escort bayan started with my face and neck, always his hands exploring first followed closely with his lips and tongue. Caresses moved to my breasts, my nipples. Very luxuriating licking and sucking bestowed there! Of course he soon moved further south and I was more than a little wet by then!

He pulled my ass to the edge of the bed and knelt at the bedside, spreading my legs wide. He took his time teasing me, touching and kissing around my clit and pussy until I was moaning very loudly and bucking my hips trying to rub my clit on him. Hmmmph, of course it didn’t work until he was ready. And he dove right in.

I screamed. He found my g spot quickly enough and I was soon out of breath. Gosh!!! He wouldn’t let up and it was terribly tortuous – Orgasming so hard and so fast, having no control of your body, just reacting to that magical finger tongue lip combination… *sees stars*

Eventually he stopped and I pulled myself up off the bed. He had stood up complaining of the escort sincan cramps in his leg and it was my turn to dive in. Mmmmm… He asked me to stop after a while and he laid down on the bed. I just made myself comfy and resumed my cock worshipping.

He has a lovely uncircumcised cock. I had a lot of pleasure deep-throating him, running the tip of my tongue around his cock head, under the ridges. Varying the pressure from my tongue, lips and teeth. (yes, teeth) From his moans, I guessed that he was enjoying himself too… And it wasn’t too long before he came. He was vocal, but not overly loud. I liked that! And of course, I had to swallow every drop and even then was reluctant to let his spent cock go… At least until he admitted that it was getting rather sensitive. Sigh.

It was warm but we still cuddled and fell asleep. It had been a long working day for both of up after all. We woke up and he went to relieve himself. I poured glasses of cold water and we refreshed ourselves, not talking. It was late and I had to go. He watched me dress then started to get dressed himself too. He offered to send me home in a taxi but I declined. It would be absurd to spend money like that and I also wanted time alone before I reached home. He walked me to the taxi stand and saw me off. But not before we arranged to meet at least once more before he had to leave town…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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