Meeting Miyuki

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[This is a true story.]

The first time I saw Miyuki was in a coffee shop that I go to frequently to work on my laptop. She was a petite Japanese woman with very fashionable, but professional clothes and a demure attitude. She seemed about 22, poised, confident, yet somehow fragile too. She was absolutely gorgeous to me. I watched her from behind my laptop for a long time as she started working there that day too.

I started talking to her and found out she was a senior at the local university and lived in an apartment nearby. I am 44, married, 6′ tall, with a good build, but still found her intoxicating. I love my wife and family, but I have had my share of handjobs during massages and had sex with lots of Vietnamese and Thai hookers when I travel to Southeast Asia for work. Those women were always dressed very sexy in short shirts or tight shirts, but Miyuki was the opposite, totally tailored, with a perfectly combed short black bob haircut and a tight sweater under her blazer with a long tight skirt. I could tell that her thighs were thin and firm and that her ass was very minimally shaped, not curvy but pushed out her skirt a bit.

Several times while fucking my wife I would imagine Miyuki’s body and my cock would thicken and my pace would quicken and I ended up having really huge orgasms. My wife really liked it, but I didn’t lead on that I was envisioning the tight body of a Japanese coed.

I ended up seeing her and chatting with her a few more times in the coffee shop and one day it ended up being near noon and I asked her to lunch at the restaurant next door. She hesitated, but agreed. A week later I saw her at the same time and invited her to lunch again. I had gained her trust and was completely open about my situation. It was at this lunch that I also revealed that I thought she was very attractive. She said thank you, but I persisted a bit, perhaps emboldened by the red wine I treated myself too, though she drank tea.

“I think you are stunning,” I admitted. “You’re a college student, but you wear such very nice clothes.”

“I come from a pretty wealthy family in Japan. I always try to dress fashionably, but conservatively,” she offered.

“Well, it works for you. And that must be how you can afford such a nice apartment.”

“Yes. I can show it to you sometime.”

“How about today?” I asked smiling.

“Well, I didn’t mean today, but o.k. I don’t have any classes, I am just working on my resume and applications, but I guess I can take a break.”

After lunch we walked the few blocks to her building and took the elevator up. I had no idea how I gained so much trust from her, but just being in the elevator with her was a rush and my cock started to get hard in my pants. She opened the door to a huge room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and very stylish and expensive furniture. It looked professionally decorated. We removed our shoes I the foyer and she showed me around though an office, a huge kitchen and she pointed down the hall to her bedroom- oh how I longed to take her there.

We returned to the living room and it seemed like we were about to leave when I took one last look at the view and commented on how beautiful it was. Then I turned around and she was right in front of me. I smiled and started to go around here, but I stopped wanting to enjoy the moment and something compelled me to touch the side of here face and instead of pulling away as I expected, she looked up at me and I leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. Her lips were so small and tender, but she was not reluctant. It felt so goo that I kissed her again without removing my hand from her face and this time I parted my lips a little and gently bit her lips and pushed my tongue against her lips.

I stared at here and said, “you are so beautiful,” and she began our third kiss, but this güvenilir bahis time she passionately forced her tongue into my mouth and I licked her tongue like it was her pussy. I pulled her closely and felt her small firm breasts pressed against me for the first time. My cock instantly got hard, and I pushed my hips into her and my hard-on pressed against her belly. I took a chance and pushed my other hand under her blazer and over her tight sweater to cup her small, tight breast without resistance.

“Am I too old for you?” I asked.

“To marry,” she responded.

At that I pulled her even tighter and kissed her passionately and let my hands cup her breasts until I could feel her hard nipples through the sweater. I pulled her jacket off.

“Do you have to be somewhere?” she asked almost pleading.

“Not for a few hours.” And I let my hand slide down her back to finally cup her small tight ass. Oh my god, it was so firm and small- like a teenage girl’s ass. I let my fingers caress her crack and she moaned.

She led me to her couch and I sat down while she took off her jacket. I could feel my cock press out against my pants and I was afraid my precum would soak though. I pulled her close between my legs as she was standing before me and began sliding my hands up under her sweater, but she stopped me and lifted her sweater off revealing two beautiful small tight breasts under the thinnest bra ever- she didn’t need one for sure.

I pulled her close again and began kissing her naked belly, “I have been dreaming about this…” I stated.

“Me too,” she interrupted while bending to her knees and placing her hands on the buttons of my pants. She began unbuttoning my pants and my cock yearned to be free and as she did I helped her slide my pants off leaving me in my boxers and t-shirt. Shyly she placed both of her hands on my hard cock through my underwear and began gently rubbing it back and forth. I closed my eyes and moaned. When I opened my eyes to look down, her small delicate hand was reaching inside my underwear to pull out my enormous cock, which looked so long and thick in her small, soft hands.

She stared at it briefly and her eyes darted up to mine- I was in heaven and I nodded down to her and gently pushed my hips up to her face to encourage her to take me in her beautiful small mouth. There was no way even half of my cock was going to fit in her mouth, but with both of her hands wrapped around it too she would be able to cover my entire cock. And this is what I yearned to feel.

She gently licked the tip of my cock which caused me to shudder- of all the blowjobs I have received, I never received one with so much quiet passion- she seemed to be totally absorbed in the moment and I loved her for that. She continued licking my cock I think because she was intimidated to take it in her mouth. I pushed her shoulder down so her head would lower forcing her lips to open and pushed the tip of my cock into her warm wanting mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of my swollen cock causing me to swell like never before. Usually girls just went to town taking me in their mouths and bobbing up and down to get me to cum.

Then she slowly started to work her mouth up and down on my cock in tandem with both of her hands. She started making a lot of slurping noises, which I had seen from watching a lot of Japanese porn with young girls giving blowjobs. It provided enough saliva for her to take more of my cock in her mouth while pumping up and down with her hands. Holy fuck, this was sexy. I couldn’t believe this 22 year old, sexy Japanese student was sucking my cock. I yearned to see the head of my hard cock push through her cheeks and I guided her head sideways so that my cock scraped over her white teeth to protrude in her cheek. She held it there stretched for a moment and then realized this is what I wanted and began to slowly bob up and down pushing my giant cock into her cheeks showing the clear outline of my head. Saliva was pouring from her mouth down my cock as her hands continued to pump up and down.

I tried to pull away saying, türkçe bahis “I want to fuck you, Miyuki!” not sure if I could cum more than once that afternoon. Pulling out of her mouth she held her grip tight, looked up at me and continued pumping my cock furiously and I was no match. This was the sexiest face I had every seen and my balls got incredibly tight as I felt my cum build up past the point of not return. I threw my head back and screamed as I felt the first spasm of my cum shoot out. I opened my eyes as my cock continued to shoot cum in her hair and I saw it shoot in her black bangs dripping down onto her face and another spurt splashing directly on her face and another across her eyes. I had never cum that hard in my life. She pumped me once more and a final spurt shot onto her chest. Her thin hands continued to pump up and down releasing all the cum as it dripped onto her hands.

She looked up to me and I leaned down and kissed her deeply thrusting my tongue into her mouth and tasting my own cum. I had never done that but I was over come with passion. Just seeing her sweet face covered in my cum without reacting practically made me hard again. I had to have her.

She stood up and walked away to the bathroom to wash her face. I followed her and stood outside the bathroom. When she came out I guided her to the bedroom and when we were inside I pulled her body tightly to mine and kissed her deeply again and then pulled her onto her bed with me and began to pull her long skirt off of her. She resisted by putting her hands on the top of her skirt, but as I tugged she relented and I pulled it off of her revealing very sexy silk panties that showed the outlines of a neatly trimmed mound of hair and her pussy lips which clung to her wet panties. I pushed her onto her back and started rubbing my hand against her wetness and she smelled so good. I gently pushed my fingers into her slit through her wet panties, which is such a turn on for me. And apparently for her too, because she started to writhe like she hadn’t been touched there for years. I slipped my fingers around the leg opening and pushed then into her soaking warm pussy. It felt delicious. I pushed into her as she continued to moan and even squeak a little which surprised me.

I quickly pulled her panties off and lowered my face to her sweet smelling pussy and dipped my tongue into he slit separating her pussy so that each side of my tongue touched a lip of her pussy. I repeatedly licked her and dipped my tongue into her and then moved my mouth to her small, hard clit, which was like a little button. I began sucking in in earnest and I grabbed her narrow hips and roughly pulled her hips into my mouth and harder onto her clit. I sucked her clit and licked into her pussy at the same time and she began to buck her hips side to side in ecstasy and I could tell she was close to cumming. I slid both of my hands up her chest to grab her hard nipples between my fingers and I rubbed them hard while I pushed my mouth into her cunt. After a few minutes, she began screaming and bucking her hips into my face like I have never experienced as she started cumming and I could feel her juices flow into my mouth and over my tongue. I was deliriously aroused and continued sucking on her clit as she screamed and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my hair at the same time. That really hurt, but I loved the sensation as her cum dripped down my chin.

Fuck, I was in love with this girl.

I continued to lick her sweet cunt as her screaming and bucking subsided to deep moans and heavy, quick breaths. I raised my mouth off of her and continued to massage her small tits and I let all her juices run out of my mouth and spill onto her pussy creating a puddle on her bed cover. As I kissed the insides of her thighs not wanting to let go of her sweet smell, I pulled one hand under her small ass and felt her tight wet rectum. I couldn’t believe how wet it was from all her cum and I massaged her tight hole with two fingers and gently slipped a finger into her. Her body jerked, but then she went calm and continued to comb her fingers through my hair güvenilir bahis siteleri as I pushed my middle finger into her tight ass up to my knuckle. I had never done this before, but it felt so right in the moment. She was already well lubricated and I began fucking her tight ass with my finger while kissing her inner thighs and smelling her cum soaked sex.

This was more than I could take and I realized that my cock was as hard as before and I pulled myself on top of her and pulled off her bra seeing her lovely sharp tits for the first time. I started cupping and sucking each small hard tit in turn letting her cum and my saliva drip from my mouth over her nipples while I sucked on them. Her body was so small beneath me, she was about 105 pounds and 5′ 3″ beneath my 6′, 180 lbs. frame. She really was like a teenage girl, which had the effect of turning me on even more.

“God, I love you,” I blurted out. “Me too,” she whispered.

At that I flipped her over onto her belly and lowered myself on top of her with one hand pulling her hips up and with the other grabbing my huge, hard cock to the edge of her soaking wet, tiny cunt. I could feel her warmth on the tip of my cock and without asking her, I pushed the head of my engorged cock into her. I love fucking my wife and the little Asian prostitutes, but this was the wettest, softest, tightest pussy I had ever slipped my cock into. I pulled her hips and her butt up so that my head was just inside and I rocked back and forth not sure how much of me she could take.

‘Fuck you feel good!” she suddenly said. “Oh, god, please fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”

Holy shit, no girl had ever said that to me, let alone this sweet little demure Japanese girl. I braced both of my arms on either side of her narrow back and eased my hard cock into her wanting pussy as we both moaned. I pushed about a third of my cock back and forth into her and moaned in ecstasy as her small, tight butt kept pushing into my groin. I imagined I was fucking her ass, which I have never done, but she was so tight and small it was easy to imagine. As I fucked her, she became able to take more of my cock and I eased more into her.

“Fuck me!”

“You want more?”

“Yes! Fuck me with your cock!”

I started to ask her again because I was so big compared to her tiny frame, but I accepted her wish and pulled my cock back leaving only my head in and pushed my hips forward sinking almost all of my cock into her. This pushed all the air out of her and it felt so fucking good that I continued to plunge into her several more times before she was able to take another breath. I thought she might pass out from my fucking her, but finally she pulled her chest off the bed a little and began breathing short quick desperate breaths. She looked over her shoulder at me while I furiously was thrusting my cock into her pussy under her cute ass and locked eyes with me and I leaned down and stuck my tongue into her mouth which she began sucking on for dear life. I pushed my long cock into her and dropped my hips onto her ass squishing her and with my neck craned into her she kept a vice like grip on my tongue with her mouth and without pulling any of my cock back I began pushing my hips down into her ass which forced my cock deeper into belly.

I desperately wanted to feel that, so I slid one hand under her belly with all my weight on top of her and I actually felt my cock pushing into her abdomen. That was all I could take and I began thrusting my swollen cock deep inside of her in quick short spurts with my hand feeling my cock pushing through her belly like I was jacking myself off on top of her and I started shooting my cum deep into her as she moaned through her lips clamped onto my tongue. I probably thrusted 14 more times while I came, more than ever before. Usually I cu in my wife with like three deep strokes after I start coming, but this was like never before and I couldn’t stop.

I finished and laid on top of her spent, but scared I might suffocate the poor girl. I reluctantly rolled off of her and I heard her gasp for breath for several minutes. Then we lied there in the quiet of the afternoon about to sleep when she climbed on top of me and kissed me deeply.

“Oh my god, no one has ever fucked me like that before. That was incredible.”

[The End of Part 1.]

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