Michelle Cheats

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Authors note: This is my second story submitted to this site. Please post or send comments, especially if they will help me improve my writing. All I ask is that your critical remarks be constructive. Hope you enjoy, and please take the time to vote, especially if you like it.


In my twenties I had a friend – well, buddy is more accurate – with whom I occasionally imbibed a little weed. Doug was a few years older than me, and we had met through a mutual friend who also liked to smoke “them left-handed sig-rets.”

At that time I was working at the local gas-n-gas (get gasoline now, and the intestinal kind from the deli later) and was without a car. Not too terrible a fate, as I lived just a few blocks away, but inconvenient for making a run to get that quarter ounce of Mexico’s finest (sometimes).

Like I said, Doug was a few years older, in his early thirties, and he considered himself a ladies man. Yeah, you know the type: blonde hair, not-too-ugly (men come in two and only two types for me – ugly and not-too), kinda muscular, and the requisite attitude that seems to work with a lotta women. Anyway, he had a younger brother that lived in another town close by and asked if I wanted to go with him and his girlfriend over to see Mike. Mmmm-Hmmmm. Mike lives about a mile and a half from the guy that I bought from. Whatever, I will smoke from his bag, thank you very much.

We go to Mike’s house in Doug’s rusted out stick-shift Ford truck, with a hole in the floorboard. This is late spring, warm in the summer but kinda cool at night. Anyway, I “borrow” the truck and take a circuitous route to the source’s cause I am paranoid, ya know. Did I tell you that Doug and Mike’s dad is a local cop? No? Extra paranoid, I drive down some other dirt-roads first and check out all approaches, just in case Billy is “not home” (read that as under obvious surveillance). Anyway, buy my bag and Doug’s and drive back after sharing a doobie with Billy (out of Doug’s bag, you betcha).

We stay at Mike’s house drinking and smoking Doug’s weed till about ten that night. Had a good time, had a good buzz.

When we loaded into Doug’s truck, he asked Michelle to scoot over so he could put the truck in reverse and back up. Well her smooth tanned shorts-clad leg just naturally slid into mine. And stayed there. I kinda jog my leg back at hers, and she responds. Weeeeeeellllll. What do we have here? I rub my knee up and down, and she replies in kind.

We were all chatting about the good time we had had and how much we were stoned and how much we were paranoid as we drove into and through the small town and headed for home. As we drove into darkness, the interior of the truck became verrry dark as the dash lights did not work well enough to cast any illumination elsewhere. About this time, my left hand found its way onto Michelle’s thigh with no objection. I began to subtly massage the eighteen year old’s right thigh, and she responded by pushing and holding her leg into mine.

As we rode along, I continued to express paranoia, and would look behind us for other vehicles, shifting my hand higher and higher on her thigh. Eventually, my hand found its way to her crotch, and I began to aggressively rub her denim clad pussy as best I could.

Dissatisfied at rubbing her crotch, I put my hand behind her back and slid it into her shorts and underwear and began massaging her oh so sweet ass. She shifted so I could have better access, and I massaged as far as I could on her ass and into her crack. She responded by leaning away for that extra inch of space under her ass, giving me greater access.

About a mile from our town we passed a cop parked on the side of the road. He flipped on his canlı bahis lights and pulled in behind us. Doug pulled over and I pulled my hand from Michelle’s pants. The cop came to a stop behind us, and stayed put. I broke into a very cold sweat. After a minute or so the cop blew his horn, and Doug stuck his head out the window, and then got out and walked back to the cop car – yeah, it was Doug’s dad.

While Doug was talking to his dad, I had a chance to speak with Michelle. I turned around and slid my hand into her pants again.

“I would love to run my tongue over this smooth ass.” Smooth, I know, but I figured subtlety would be a lost cause, and my hand was in her panties.

“Really, you think my skin is smooth? I just shaved today,” she giggled.

“Really. How about I come by tomorrow before Doug gets in? I can borrow my sister’s car.”

“Well he normally gets home by six, what time do you get off?”

About ten minutes after I get you naked, you silly slut. “Usually three. That should be enough time.”

“Ok,” she giggle-moaned. My right hand was trying to dig a hole in the front of her pants.

I pulled my hands away from her flesh as Doug got out of the patrol car and returned to the truck. “It was my dad, just wanted to talk.” Master of the obvious.

“I thought we were goin’ to jail!” I said, with a bit of real panic in my voice.

“Not this time,” he said as he ground the truck into gear, taking me home.

The next day, I called my sister from work and asked her if I could borrow her car for a bit and she allowed it for her little brother. I even conned her into coming and picking me up from work.

I drove up to Doug and Michelle’s single-wide trailer in the country about 3:30 and got out my cigarettes (both kinds) and went to the trailer door. Michelle answered it in the nude.

“Wow!” Dark straight hair, tall and slim except her beautiful ass, perky nipples on the top of small breasts that some (not me!) make fun of, tight tummy, gorgeous smile and a slightly oversized nose that I had imagined buried in my balls, small tuft of hair on her mound, and not one tan line on her glistening skin.

“I was suntanning in the yard when I heard your car, so I ran inside in case it was someone else,” she giggled.

I stepped to the top step and kissed her, our tongues battling for the same ground, sliding against each other. Her hands went around my neck and my hands went to her waist and then her hips, grinding my tented pants into her pubic mound.

This girl was no shit ready to fuck, which was great by me. I released her and asked, “I’ve got one rolled, do you want to smoke first?”

She nodded her head yes very rapidly.

We sat on the couch and I lit it up, getting a good lung-full and then leaned into her and shotgunned the smoke into her, finishing it with another sultry kiss.

I passed the dooby to her and lowered my lips to her right nipple, which was distended and was about the diameter of those pencils you use in first grade and about an inch in length. I sucked and nibbled her nipple as my right hand slid between her legs and my finger went between her lips. Oooooh wetttt.

I raised my head and said, “Gimme a hit.” My forefinger had been joined by the middle one in between her lips. She held the joint to my lips as I inhaled and laid her head back, slid lower on the couch and spread her legs so I could have better access. I stuck one, then two fingers into her hot twat and began finger fucking her with twisting strokes as I took a drag.

Michelle began thrusting her hips up to meet my now three-fingered strokes. I placed the joint to her lips as she took a deep drag. I replaced the doobie bahis siteleri with my mouth and sucked her exhale in as I thrust my tongue into her. I pulled my mouth away from her, put the joint to my lips and inhaled as I slid my pinky in her pussy.

Her breathing was ragged and her eyes somewhat glazed as I put the roach back to her lips. She inhaled as deep as she could as my tongue rasped her nipple and my thumb assaulted her clit. Her ass was completely raised off the couch now fucking my hand in her. I popped the roach in my mouth and placed my left hand under her ass, my fingers finding her now wet asscrack. I began rubbing her asshole and she moaned “More, put more in me.”

I was helping her thrust upward but then released her asscheek and turned my fingers upward and allowed her to fuck her asshole on my finger tips. She slowed down and then began grinding her ass down on my left hand. I curled all but my middle finger and she eased her ass down onto the length of it. She ground her ass in a small circle onto my fist and looked at me and smiled.

“Put another finger in.” Who am I to refuse such a request? I uncurled my index finger and slid it alongside my middle finger as she raised her ass. She sank down on my two fingers in her ass as I began sliding my hand in her stretched pussy.

Michelle had been moaning the whole time, but now she began grunting, sort of like a wild animal in a nature film: “Urrggh, rugggh, uhhhhh, aaAAAARRrgh.” As she came, her pussy forced my fingers part of the way out of her and juices ran down and coated my fist under her ass. She was jerking and thrusting spastically.

As she began to slow down I continued to rub her gaping twat as I pulled my fingers from her twitching asshole. She grabbed my left hand and pulled it to her mouth and began licking her cum from my fist, but avoiding the two fingers that had so recently been up her tail-pipe. She stopped licking, looked at me, licked her lips and then pulled my fore- and middle-fingers into her mouth, and sucked/licked them for about 30 seconds.

I pulled her to me with my right hand and rubbed her cum into her left tit while I attemted to explore her tonsils with the tip of my tongue.

I began kissing from her mouth all over her face, nibbled her nose, sucked her chin, licked her jawlined and sucked in her earlobe as my left hand released the button on my pants. She assisted me in lowering my zipper so my hard cock could finally be free of its confines. By this time, it was achingly hard, and bounced with every beat of my heart. I had to stop her from stroking me from fear of cumming all over the both of us.

I slid downward and spent a minute on each nipple as she began thrusting her mound against my belly. Her hands were in my hair and she was moaning, “Fuck me with that cock! Fuck. Me. Now.”

Ignoring her pleas, I slid lower and buried my face in her sopping wet pussy. She bounced upward as my tongue licked up and down her slit. I slid my hands under her ass and lifted it up as I slid my tongue downward and into her gaping shitter. I fucked her ass with my tongue, and buried my nose in her pussy and began humming. She grabbed two fistfulls of hair and tried to asphixiate me with her pussy as she came for the second time in five minutes.

I pulled my head away from her crotch to watch her cunt and ass PULSE at me. I looked up at her chin and nose (all I could see of her face as her head was as far back as it could go). Finally she looked at me with a grin.


I released her ass and began taking off my shoes and pants. Yep, left my shirt on. I knelt between her legs and grabbed the underside of her knees and lifted. She shifted her ass over the bahis şirketleri edge of the couch and I brought her ass up to the level of my cock. I duck walked forward until my cock was an inch from her pussy. I hooked her knees over my shoulders as I crouched in front of her.

I looked at her and grinned. “Do you want this in you?”

“Yes!!!” She reached and tried to pull me into her, but I pulled away just enough to make her miss.

“You have to ask for it!”

“Oh please fuck me!” Her hands were pulling on my cock as she pleaded.

“Where do you want it?”

“In me!”

“Where in you?”

“In my pussy, in my ass, wherever, just in me.”

“Beg me to fuck your twat, beg me to fuck your asspipe.”

“Please James, please, fuck my twat, pussy, cunt, fuck my ass, my shitter, my asspipe.”

I then grinned at her and ordered her, “Put my cock in your slut cunt.” She pulled me forward and placed my cock at her gaping pussy hole. I looked downward and did not move.

“Pull me into you!”, I ordered. She grasped my hips and pulled me all the way into her.

“Now fuck your twat on my cock,” I ordered, straightening up, I pulled her ass off the couch. She began grinding her pussy on my cock as I released her thighs and leaned forward and began pulling on her nipples, pinching and twisting them as she fucked me.

“Mmmmpph, pull harder! Fuck me, please!!!!”

I pulled her nipples as I leaned back, and she lifted all but her shoulders and head off the couch and ground her pussy hard, once, twice, three times and then screamed out another orgasm.

I leaned forward slightly and released her nipples slowly. She sagged slightly, still moving her hips, fucking herself on me. “Fuck me,” she mumbled, with her eyes closed.

“Do you want me to fuck you hard?”

“Yes, please fuck me hard.”

“Do you want me to slide my hard uncircumsized cock all the way into your slutty shitpipe and thrust it in and out so hard you can’t sit down for a week?”

“Please, fuck my ASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!”

I pulled back and shifted lower and told her, “Put that cock in your slut ass, now bitch, or I will go home.”

Her hands scrambled to reach my cock as she begged, “Please, no, don’t go now. Please fuck my ass.”

“Your slutty shitpipe!”

“Fuck my slutty shitpipe, please?”

I allowed her to guide my cock into her asshole and began to stroke her fully, enjoying the view of her gaping pussy, overflowing with her cum. I looked up at her as she tossed her head from side to side. I stopped thrusting, grabbed her thighs and stood, pulling her ass up with my cock buried in it. Her shoulders were on the couch and I reached back and gripped the back of the couch as my feet lifted up to the coffee table. I began driving my cock into her.

“Do you like the way I fuck you?”


“Does Doug make you cum like I have today?”


“Does he fuck his sluts ass like she deserves? Does he treat you like the slut you are?”

“NOO! NOOOOOOOO! Fuck MEEEEEEE!” Michelle came as I stopped, my cock deep in her ass. She began moving her ass as much as she could trying to get me to start fucking again. This was the stimulation I needed. I roared as I came deep in her ass.

After a few moments I shifted allowing her to get in a more comfortable position. I pulled my cock out of her ass and straddled her chest and put it to her mouth. I didn’t have to say a word and she began sucking my cock clean.

As she sucked me I told her she could not clean up her mouth, pussy or ass until Doug got home, and that she was to greet him naked, kiss him deep, suck him hard and get him to fuck her cum-filled ass.

She nodded submissively with my cock in her mouth and I pulled out the second doobie and lit it up. I smiled knowing that I had found a good little cum slut to play with for a while as I coated her tonsils with cum.

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