Midnight City Ch. 02

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The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 5 – Patterns of Death

I looked around the small room. It was on the third floor above a sex toys shop in the City’s Red Light District. Immediately below on the second floor was a room where Betty Lamarr had brought customers for sexual encounters. This top floor room was where she lived.

There was a stove and sink, and a few cooking and eating utensils. A futon bed on the floor near the front window. A closet full of dresses for her work, and a small chest of drawers with regular clothes.

“Not much here.” Cindy said. “I get the feeling she just stayed here from time to time, maybe weekends, when she wasn’t at School.”

“Yeah.” I said. “By the way, there was no car registration under either of her names, in either State. So what was she driving?”

“Loaner from a sugar daddy?” Cindy suggested.

“Possibly.” I said. “But it could be important to find that out. Okay, the crime occurred downstairs. Let’s go.”

In that room was a bed, a closet full of sheets, a dresser that contained sex toys and some costumery for role play, and clamp-on lamps everywhere. And on the floor in the middle of the room, was a large stain… a blood stain.

“No weapons found.” Cindy said. “Nor upstairs. No knives of any kind, except for eating purposes. And no dinner knife did that to the girl’s chest and heart.”

“Well,” I said, “the important thing is that if she was murdered here, then it’s our case. Log in as an SBI Reservist, starting this moment.” We did so.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2:00pm, Monday, November 14th. As we sat around the FBI conference room table, eating subway sandwiches, I said “The Governor has directed Tom Conlan to give me the lead on this case as an SBI Reservist. With that done, I’ve made the formal request on behalf of the SBI Reserve for the FBI’s continued assistance, what with the body and evidence being found on the line and other side of the line, and the nature of who she was and who her family is. We’re also notifying the Federal Court of all this.”

“And we’ve agreed to assist.” said Jack Muscone. “What’s next?”

“The autopsy report.” I said. “Martha and your FBI forensics people are already done with the physical work, and we’re only waiting for lab results, DNA, and all that stuff. She is going to give her report after we eat, rather than while we eat.”

“Tanya Perlman would’ve been pissed if she were here.” said Cindy. “She likes to eat during autopsy reports… and during autopsies themselves.”

“That woman has a stomach of steel.” said Jack Muscone.

“That makes one of us.” I said as I finished off my sub.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Before we began the autopsy.” said Martha the M.E., “I ran the sonograms and x-rays. You were right to ask me to do that, Commander.” She stepped up to the monitor on the wall and typed into it’s computer, bringing up a sonogram photo. “As you can see, from these patterns here, it’s definitely a shockwave. Knife stabbings cannot do that.”

“So what does that mean?” asked Cindy.

“It means,” said Martha, “that the girl died by a gunshot wound to the heart.”

“Gunshot wound?” gasped Sandra Speer. “Then why all the stabbing? To make sure?”

“No.” I said. “To mask the fact that it was a gunshot. The killer was trying to destroy the wound channel.”

“And he or she did,” said Martha, “except that the shockwave is still evident in the tissues, and the exit wound was not fully destroyed by the knife wounds. The bullet was not found in the body, by the way.”

“We’ve got to find that bullet!” exclaimed Jack Muscone. I held up my hand.

“Relax, relax.” I said. “I told Sapper Warren to have the City C.S.I. look all over for a bullet. They dug one out near the window, and are testing the tissues embedded in it to confirm it went through Tiffany.”

Just then, the young FBI Agent from before came to the door. “Sir, I have two City Police Officers here to see Commander Troy.”

“Just in time.” I said. “Have them come in.”

City Police Detectives Sapper Warren, a big black man that once played football, and Robin Ventura, also black and the daughter of the University Campus Police Commissioner, came into the room.

“Hello Commander, everyone.” Sapper said. “The City Police Commissioner has agreed to let us work with you, and only you and Captain Ross. We don’t like the SBI much here in the City, but we make an exception for the Iron güvenilir bahis Crowbar and his partner.”

“And I’m glad to have you two working with me.” I said. I introduced everyone. “So, you found the bullet and they’re examining it. By the way, everyone… can we keep that out of the public record for now? Let the Media and the Public think it’s a stabbing?”

“Yes sir.” said Robin Ventura. “Martha has already sealed the autopsy report, citing the need for a Coroner’s Inquest. That will take a couple of days, at least.”

“If it ‘leaks’ that it was a stabbing death, I won’t be upset.” I said. “Okay, what about a car for Tiffany?”

“Nothing so far, Commander.” said Robin Ventura. “We ran DMV checks in every State for both names, and nothing came up. We checked on cars owned by her parents; only two registered to him, in the State east of us, and they’re the type of models that would be stolen in fifteen seconds from the area where this girl lived.”

I just nodded, then went into a reverie. When I finally came out, I noticed that everyone was staring at me.

“I’d love to be in your head when you do that.” said Sandra Speer.

“I’ve tried. I can’t pick up anything.” Cindy replied. Then she grinned and said “All I can tell is that he’s about 400 years away.”

“Ha! I knew it!” Jack Muscone said, not failing to pick up on the joke.

“Okay, what was the time of death, Martha?” I asked.

“Based upon what the examiner at the scene told me, as well as other tests,” said Martha, “she probably died anywhere from 10:00am Saturday morning to 4:00pm Saturday afternoon. We found a lot of fibers on the body; it looks like she was wrapped in a blanket and then moved, and in a timeframe well after she was dead.”

“How can you tell that?” asked Sandra Speer.

“The way the internal organs were jostled.” said Martha. “They didn’t return to their natural positions.”

“Cool beans.” I said to Martha. “Anything else out of the ordinary that can help us?” Martha shook her head, ‘no’.

“Okay, did Mary get any phone records?” I asked. “I have not heard from her.”

“Not yet.” said Sandra Speer. “I got an email from our guys. The Federal judge said jurisdiction wasn’t fully established yet, so he was delaying our request for 24 hours.”

“What?!” I gasped, totally stunned.

“I’ll get someone to look into that.” said Jack. He got out his cell phone and sent a text.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hi, Daddy!” exclaimed my daughter Carole.

“Hi, Carole!” I said back. “Are you taking care of Mommy at work today?”

“Yes, Daddy.” said Carole. “Why are you on the TV, Daddy?”

We had set up a videoconference call with Laura’s office. Laura was sitting behind her desk, and Carole was sitting on the desk. My daughter was very happy to see me on the monitor screen, though not quite understanding the ‘why’ of it.

“I’ll take Carole to the nursery room, while you guys talk to Tanya.” Laura said. Carole yelled “Bye bye!” and I said goodbye to her.

Then the camera moved over to Tanya, who was sitting beside the desk in her motorized wheelchair. Then Campus Police Officer Tarleton came into view; he had been operating the camera. And then my mother Phyllis came into view; she had been asked by Tanya to help.

“We interviewed several of Tiffany’s friends here in Dr. Fredricson’s office.” Tanya said. “I’ll play the tape.” The tape began, and for the sake of brevity, the results will be condensed into this synopsis:

Tanya said that they found four girls that Tiffany knew pretty well; one of them had been her roommate in the dorms for two years, two of them were Psychology majors with her, and the fourth was the hot blonde Jayne Hallerton, who’d we’d run into before in the ‘In Black and White’ case.

The girls were told that Tiffany had disappeared, making no mention of her being murdered. The two psychology girls had said they weren’t surprised Tiffany couldn’t be found, that Tiffany had turned tricks for about a year, but this past year she’d stopped doing that on Campus or in Town. The roommate girl said Tiffany never brought any boys to their dorm room, so whatever she was doing was being done somewhere else.

The psychology girls said that Tiffany often went to the City for the weekends. When asked how she got there, they said they didn’t know, and they assumed she got a ride with one of her guy friends. She often got rides around Town if she needed them, and to their knowledge, she did not own a car.

Jayne Hallerton said that she sometimes gave Tiffany rides, though never to the City. She said that she met Tiffany at Fraternity parties, where they often were side-by-side on beds, being fucked by the Fraternity’s young men. Jayne said that they often pulled trains, and that Tiffany outlasted her. Jayne said Tiffany seemed to enjoy sex, but almost in a vengeful way.

When asked if there were any problems with any boys, Jayne said that the only time she knew of where Tiffany had a problem was türkçe bahis with the Tau Fraternity. They had a reputation for being rough. Officer Tarleton said that the Campus Police got a complaint from Tiffany that they’d locked her in a room over night, from 8:00pm to about 4:00am, one weekend. Jayne said Tiffany never went back to the Tau House after that, nor did any other girls that knew about the imprisonment.

One of the Tau members, a boy by the name of Al Guilford, had a complaint filed against him by Tiffany the previous Spring semester when he took her to Point Hollow, then kicked her out of his car and left her there. There was no complaint of sexual assault, but she’d had to walk back to Town. Guilford denied having committed that crime, and it was allowed to drop due to lack of evidence. Tarleton said that Guilford was being sought for questioning as they spoke.

When asked about Tiffany’s family, all of the girls said she never spoke of them. The former roommate said she mentioned she had a younger brother, and she had a picture of him but not her parents on her desk, and then the picture of her brother disappeared, but the roommate had never asked about it. At that moment, I got a text from Laura saying she’d tell me more, but privately, as it was privileged information.

“Okay, guys, thanks a lot.” I said. “Keep looking for that Guilford character. And see if you can find out who was giving Tiffany rides, or if she was borrowing someone’s car…”

“The Iron Hornet has a bee in his bonnet over that.” Cindy said. A red crowbar was waved in her general direction…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Some minutes later, once I was alone in the side office I’d been using, I called Laura on my Police cellphone, which had some extra security on it. I noticed that Laura had activated that security on her end; the NSA would have a harder time than normal with this phone call.

“Hi Darling,” said Laura when she answered. “I just wanted to tell you a few things about Tiffany that I learned through interviews and her being in my program. Whenever I asked about her family, her answers were pretty routine and not really forthcoming.”

“Think there was any child abuse going on?” I asked.

“She said there wasn’t any.” Laura said. “But the strange thing was that she didn’t talk about her mother at all. I found that to be strange. Either a girl is close to her mother, or she’s not close and willing to say so. Anyway, Tiffany said her father was strict with the kids, but he said that was because he was a banker, and then because he was getting into politics and couldn’t have them bringing bad Media attention to him.”

“What about the brother?” I asked.

“That’s why I texted you while they were talking to you.” Laura said. “Right when I first met Tiffany and was monitoring her to be one of my students, she talked about him a little bit, saying he was a cool guy and she didn’t know why he wasn’t dating any girls. Then a few months ago, I asked her about her family and she only said that her brother was a loser and a ‘washout’, and she would say no more. She never spoke of him again after that.”

“Hmmm, interesting.” I said. “Can you do me a favor? Send Callie Carrington over here? She would be perfect for some undercover work.”

“Uhh…” Laura said, “she’s already over there; I sent her yesterday. She said this morning that she spent the night with Cindy…”

“Ah, no wonder the Green Crowbar looks so happy today.” I said. “Okay, thanks.” We made our goodbyes and disconnected. I went and found Cindy, and asked her to call Callie for me…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Dinner tonight?” asked Sandra Speer, with Lindy Linares standing next to her. “Just the three of us?”

Dinner with two beautiful women. I did not need to be asked twice. “Sounds like a plan… and a very good one.” I said. “Just got to do a couple of things first.”

And those things were to read an email from Sapper Warren. It said that the bullet recovered at Tiffany’s crime scene was a .38 caliber (which is, of course, actually a .357 caliber), and not a 9mmP (.355 caliber) because of the rifling. It also said that tissue in the bullet typed to Tiffany, and DNA tests were being run.

The email also said that the City Police had interviewed the manager of the nightclub where Betty Lamarr had worked. He wasn’t exactly helpful to the City Police, but said that Betty had been a popular girl, that her live sex shows were well attended, and that she’d had no fights with other girls nor with johns, i.e. customers.

Part 6 – City By Night

— “Drinking in the lounge,

— Following the neon signs,

— Waiting for a roar,

— Looking at the mutating skyline,

— The city is my church,

— It wraps me in its sparkling twilight…”

—M83, “Midnight City”

“And we have a special treat for you tonight… one night only!” said the announcer on the stage, to a packed audience. “Celebrity Porn Star… Miss Callieeeeee güvenilir bahis siteleri Carrrringtonnnn…”

The audience cheered as Callie Carrington came out, grinning her beautiful grin, wearing a trenchcoat, black lingerie underneath, and clear acrylic high heel slides. She began dancing to the music of the song “Midnight City” by M83, twerking, moving her luscious body to the music to the cheers of the club’s members.

As Callie did her pole work and began her slow strip-tease, two people were watching behind the stage, from the side. One was the manager of the club, and the other Ms. Carrington’s personal assistant, introduced only as ‘Cindy’. “We only had since late yesterday to get the word out.” said the manager. “I guess the word spread: we haven’t had this much business since Rachel Steele came through, years ago.”

“She won’t be here long, either.” Cindy said. “She says she’s doing this for the exercise. She won’t admit it, but she loves doing it.”

“And to meet my girls.” said the manager. When Cindy looked at him, he said “Oh, I know how it is… she’s recruiting for her film company. And if one of my girls gets a break and makes the big-time, I’ll be happy for her. Most of these girls… don’t get very far.”

“I know what you mean.” Cindy said as she watched Callie’s striptease…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The dinner had been delicious, and the company even better. We’d had plenty of wine with our food, and we were feeling good.

I had thought that Lindy and I would go back to my hotel room and fuck our brains out. After all, Sandra was engaged to another man. But to my surprise, and my pleasant surprise, Sandra was very flirtatious with me throughout dinner, and while Lindy was flirtatious also, she wasn’t trying to compete.

So I wasn’t surprised to have both beautiful women with me as we got to the door of my hotel room. And of course, I did the only right thing I could do.

“Would you ladies like to join me for a nightcap?” I asked.

“Mmmm, sounds wonderful.” said Sandra, a bit tipsy from her wine and drinks.

“Yes, it does.” said Lindy. She finally got the door opened with the card reader and we all went inside. My room at the Hyatt City Center Hotel was pretty standard, and had one king size bed.

I had already bought a bottle of champagne, and Lindy volunteered to get some ice in the bucket. As she left, I was sitting at the foot of the bed, and Sandra walked up to me.

“Okay, Mr. Iron Crowbar,” she said, giggling. “Let’s see if you really are as iron hard as they say.” She pushed me back onto my back on the bed, and I did not resist, nor did I put up any kind of struggle as she straddled me on the bed. Her lips found mine, and I felt her tongue slide aggressively into my mouth. I slid my hands along the sides of her firm body, and sent my tongue on a one-way mission to twine with Sandra’s as our kiss deepened.

A moment later, there was a knock on the door. Sandra rolled off me and I went to the door. It was Lindy.

“Sorry, I forgot the key.” Lindy said as I let her in.

“No problem.” I said. I took the ice bucket and put the champagne bottle into it, then put it all in the refrigerator to help cool off the champagne. And then I turned my attention to the women… and my little ‘iron crowbar’ was at attention itself…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After her strip show, Callie and Cindy watched as the main feature occurred. A beautiful black-haired woman in what looked like her late 20s or early 30s, was ‘seduced’ by a handsome, slender, muscular young man with very light brown hair. She had large breasts that surprisingly were not artificial, and he had a long, thick cock… that had indeed been augmented by the wonders of plastic surgery.

She was wearing high heel black pumps and fishnet stockings that were held in place by a black lace garter belt, while he was going ‘commando’ underneath his shirt and pants. As the couple stripped each other, Callie was watching with practiced, professional interest.

After the woman went down on the man, fellating him to his full, throbbing length, the ‘performing’ couple moved to the settee, where the beautiful woman lay back onto her back, and spread her long shapely legs up and back until her knees were at her shoulders. The sight was arousing to her audience as well as the man about to fuck her. He mounted her, and the audience watched as his cock penetrated her swollen labes and sank deep into her until he was sheathed nuts-deep in her juicy quim.

“Oh, they’re good!” Callie gushed as she watched the rutting couple lustily fucking. “They’re moving at just the right angles so the audience can see his cock and her pussy the best. She is… going to be a good one.” Cindy watched, understanding what Callie was saying, and why it was important to someone shooting porn films.

Cindy was also watching as a mesmerized spectator. From her vantage point, she was looking at the tops of their heads and down their bodies. She could see the man’s huge cock plunging into the woman again and again, her pussy lips clinging to it. She could feel the audience’s response to what they were seeing, and the sexual energy seemed to feel the room.

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