Millie Ch. 05

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Double Penetration

My Mother and I were entering into our incestial relationship very slowly. We weren’t banging away at each other at the drop of every hat. I like to think that we had enough common sense in ourselves to be really cautious. It would be just too damned easy for us to start carrying on like newlyweds and then all it would take is for someone to see us, or for someone to hear an inappropriate slip from either one of us and BOOM!

No, we had to be cautious. It wasn’t that we didn’t necessarily want to jump each others bones at every opportunity, we did. But our common sense won out.

If we could get the ranch, our entire lives would change or could change a great deal we hoped. Mother and I were as much in love as any young couple could be. If we had been unrelated and able we would have been the most common couple in love anyone had ever encountered, but we weren’t.

When I got the bike put away and got into the kitchen, Mom had dinner ready and I had news. I told her about the meeting with Bob and about what he had told me about him and his mother. I also told her about Bob’s suspicion of Pam and her dad. Her eyebrows raised at that suggestion but she said nothing. Then I got right to the real heart of our discussion.

“Bob suggested something that just might work out for us Mom, it’s something that doesn’t take any other people besides you and I to fool George!” I was kind of excited to get to this part to see what she thought of the idea.

“What’s his idea?” Mom’s eyebrows shot up and I could see the interest on her face.

“Well he suggested you and George get a room at the back early, maybe in the afternoon so that you two could come and go to and from it several times.” I was trying to lay out the whole plan to her.

“That’s probably a good idea.” Mom agreed.

“Then in the evening after it gets dark enough, you need to explain to George that the only way for you to be able to let him have you with a freshly fucked pussy is for your lover to come there to the motel room and fuck you right there!” When I got to this point Mom’s eyes flew open and she went pale and shook her head no!

“We can’t let that asshole see us fuck! He’d freak out and we’d be fucked for sure!” Mom almost yelled at me in her excitement to quash this idea.

“Calm down and let me finish cause Bob had that figured out before he told me the idea! You’re just jumping the gun here!” I was trying to calm her fears.

“It better get a lot better from here then, cause letting other people see us have intercourse isn’t going to work out for either one of us Son!” she was still frightened and it showed.

“Look, Bob suggested that you get George to agree to be blindfolded before anything else happens. Then I can come to the room and we could… you know, make it fresh for George.” I wasn’t looking at her when I said this last little piece because I was embarrassed. She took it all in and sat there silently thinking what I had said over.

She looked at me and I couldn’t help myself,”Bob also told me that if I loved you, not to let you see George at all.”

Her face brightened some at that,but then the frown returned as the thought of losing the ranch came to mind.

“If this oral sex thing were something I “wanted” it would be different. Bob is right, I don’t want anyone controlling me except the one I love and that’s you honey!” she said this with some authority, then, “If we have to do this, then I need to have control. We need to figure out how to do it so I can be in control.”

“Well we still have a little time before anything has to be done Mom.” I was thinking. Bob was right of course but I didn’t see any other way to get the ranch. There had to be a way to do this and not need George. The final meeting was set for Thursday and it was a week away.

Mom was sitting there thinking about it all and I was sitting here looking at her and my thoughts went directly to her. She was dressed for bed already! I just noticed the silky teal lace top she had on under the flannel pajama top.

“Nice cleavage!” I quipped at her over the tabletop. She glanced up at me without moving her head. If she’d had glasses on she would be looking at me over the rims! I waggled my eyebrows and nodded at her tits.

She smiled at me wryly. “I dressed like this hoping we might have an early night tonight.”

“Were you trying to surprise me?” I queried.

“No, not really, just make you happy.” Mom replied.

“Mom you make me happy just being yourself. Hot, sexy and beautiful.” I was sincere.

“I’m scared you’ll start thinking I’m kinky like George!” Mom said.

“You know better than that Mom! I’m no judge of what’s kinky and what’s not and certainly no judge of you!” I was hurt that she had even thought I might think that way.

“I’m sorry son, I’m just not thinking very clearly right now.”

I reached down and cupped her right breast and fondled her as I said,”Oooooohh, then let’s go to bed now Mother!”

She giggled and nodded and off we went.

When we got to the bed I stopped ankara escort her and sat on the bed myself but told her,”Oh no, I want the whole show, the show you were going to give me earlier.”

She stripped off the flannel pants and I couldn’t see nothing but her wonderful legs sticking out of the flannel top and just a hint of teal at the “V” of the shirt where it was joined.

One button at a time. Teal lace and more lace and then finally off the flannel fell to the floor and there she stood before me in a short little teddy. No bra, no panties, only thin little spaghetti straps and hard nipples were holding the slinky material up it seemed. Round, firm ass and legs that went from her ass all the way to the floor!

I grinned and she stepped up to me pressing the silky garment into my face with her ravishing tits and those pointy nipples. I closed around the left one and bit slightly. She moaned in pleasure. We were getting in sync with each other. I lay back and she simply came with me laying her beautiful body along mine. We started kissing. Slow easy kissing.

She was really pressing the points into me though as she knew what turned me on and her hard nipples did it quick! I slid my hands from her bare hips up until I had the teddy bunched at her armpits and just growled at her. She extended her arms allowing me to slide it up and off.

“I like that.” I said as I started kissing her shoulder, neck and upper chest just above her breasts.

“No, you like these!” she was shimmying her tits in my face, and she was right!

I clamped on her left nipple again but without the silky material in the way I had a good wet seal of my mouth around the areola and could suck nice and hard. She hissed in pleasure at the pressure I exerted on her hard nipple. I switched shortly to the other one and repeated the procedure.

Mom was slowly working her lower body up mine so that she was on my shaft with her bare pussy and rubbing in a back and forth motion. I could feel the juices from her excitement running down my scrotum.

“Ooooooohhh Mom! I thought the guy was supposed to get excited and the woman was supposed to lay back and be cool. You’re being pretty aggressive tonight!” I had just broken the suction of her breast and she was moving up the bed on me. Her knees were astride my body and she was doing a slow knee crawl up.

It was erotic the way she was doing it. “This is what I need to be able to do to George.” Her eyes were glazed slightly now that I looked and she was zoned out imagining how it might go.

I just settled in and kept my hands at my sides. I was trying to let her go in the daydream and see what or where it would take her. She kept coming up my body slowly. I could actually feel he labial lips of her open wet pussy drag along my skin as she was forced to spread her legs wider to get traction on the bed to be able to crawl up to my face. I wanted her to. I wanted that sweet pussy on my lips and the taste of her in my mouth. I could tell that this time it would be different though. She would control everything.

Her hands reached out for my head and pulled and lifted my head up at an angle so that as she scooted her ass forward on my chest her pussy was aligned with my mouth. In this way she had me, I could neither turn away nor avoid her oncoming pussy. It was open, wet and smelled wonderful! My chin was against my breastbone and I had to exert a lot of pressure to open my mouth as her wetness pressed against me. She made one more scoot forward and it was done. My mouth was sealed against her open pussy and I started to lick her for all I was worth.

She pulled my hair forcing me to follow with her as she rocked her body back using my upper chest as a pivot point and because she held my head firmly in place I didn’t have much choice. My head and neck seemed stretched to keep the seal of mouth to pussy as she rocked back and forth slowly moaning. I felt her legs tense and then a slight shudder in her ass on my chest as her thighs tightened on my head too and then she squirted into my mouth that sweet nectar of hers. She moaned and shuddered through a hard orgasm. My mouth was sealed hard and fast to her open lips and wet pussy I was breathing through my nose like a fighter in the middle of a bout.

I was swallowing in self defense to keep from drowning in her output of tasty liquid. In my mind I knew I couldn’t actually drown but what I did not want at this point was to choke and break the spell before she got through the little dream.

The pressure on my head relaxed and she was looking down between her tits at me and my eyes were fixed on hers. She was smiling at me. I was grinning at her and waggled my eyebrows! She giggled like she always does when she is very happy.

“That’s what I want.” Was all she said then.

“You need a good solid way to blindfold him and we need to figure out a way to immobilize his hands then.” I said thinking out loud.

“Did you enjoy that? Was it too rough for you?” she was asking with true concern in her voice now.

“I escort ankara was totally into what you wanted me to do. You could have exerted more force with your hips, but I don’t think it would help. I was able to breath through my nose and I had my mouth sealed against your pussy. I think I got it all. Was it good for you baby?” I was just as curious as she was. She merely smiled and softly said,”That’s one of the things I love about you Son is that you never worry about yourself but always worry about me.”

We were just laying in the bed cuddling and talking. Clearly a plan had now become our plan. We fell asleep like that as we were still worn out from the night before.

Friday morning’s alarm went off and neither of us had moved during the night. We must have both been exhausted because our sleep had been so completely restful. I felt like a million dollars and Mom looked like a million dollars! I teased her about her good looks in the mornings and she giggled and headed to the shower. I headed to the kitchen to make the coffee.

When Mom came in the kitchen in search of a cup of coffee, I was still there drinking and thinking.

“You’d better get your ass moving mister or else you’ll be late for work! It’s only Friday and you’re not off today!” she admonished me.

Damn she looked good just out of the shower. Hair wet and wrapped in just a towel! I gave her a quick kiss on her lips and went straight to the shower.

She met me at the door when I got out. I was still a little wet as I hadn’t taken a towel in with me and she had used the one bath towel that was in there. “Damn you look really good all wet and clean!” she was admiring me.

“Funny I was thinking the exact same thing of you earlier when you came into the kitchen Mom!” she was dressed now and had on her make-up, which was lipstick, blotted on a tissue and then the blot was used on each cheek and rubbed around as rouge for her cheeks. She was a pretty woman and make-up really was a waste on her.

“Could we, you and I, meet with Sammy tomorrow sometime?” I asked.

“Well, I could probably set something up, but I don’t know why when we are supposed to have the swap meeting on Thursday anyway. What did you want to meet with him about Son?” she was heading for the door to leave for work and I was trying to pull up my Levi’s as I hopped down the hall after her, one leg in and one still out. I was trying to dress, walk, talk and follow all at the same time and she was having fun making me work at it!

“I’ve kind of got an idea that I think Sammy might go along with, but I think I need to get together with him before the Thursday meeting to tell him.” I finally had the Levi’s on and buttoned. I was sliding my t-shirt on as she answered,”I’ll talk to him today and let you know this evening, okay honey?”

“Okay, baby! I gave her another kiss in the garage before she could get into her car. I raised the door and she backed out into the street, waved and was gone. I rolled the bike out and closed the door and sat on the front porch putting on socks and my boots. Then fired up the bike and went to work.

I’d had the nagging in my head since my first conversation with Bob and it hadn’t gone away. Although I had discussed what to do with George both with Mom and Bob I just wasn’t happy. Too many loose ends and too many things to go wrong. It needed to be an easier solution. I had thought it through and decided things might go one of three ways, but I didn’t know which of the three it would be. Too many players, too many variables and a lot of risk no matter what. I never liked risk, I always liked a sure thing instead.

Dammit! Things had gotten really complicated in a really big hurry and I sure as hell was unprepared for it. Normally, for me anyway I usually thought things through and made up my mind how I would approach solving any problem I had. This was different, because now I wasn’t just dealing with my own ass, Mom was involved. I guess the plane she laid on me for George helping us out a lot with the property swap was something that I didn’t like but had gone along with because it seemed to be what Mom wanted. I was wrong about that I was sure now.

Also all the planning we had done so far was really crappy. I hated it. Nothing was practiced and we really didn’t have much time to work out better logistics or make plans to do anything much different. It was too much too soon for my taste and I hated that as well.

I might not be able to do much, being a 19 year old, but I was bound and determined to try. Fuck George! He wasn’t ever going to put his hands or his mouth on my Mother while I was still breathing. Bob was right about that and I understood now exactly what he was trying to tell me that day we first talked.

I knew Bob was my friend too. Sometimes you can go through life and have a lot of people you think are your friends but when the chips are down they’re never around, and then you can meet that one, the one that’s always there no matter the odds or the problem. That’s a friend. Bob was my friend ankara escort bayan for what ever reason he had latched onto me and I knew we were friends.

I had though everything through and there was a lot of uncertainty, but I knew in my heart I had to heed Bob’s first bit of advice. That much I was sure of. The rest would need to work itself out around us.

Work went by fairly fast and I was home before Mom. I got out some steaks from the freezer and set them out to thaw. Peeled potatoes and set them to boiling. I had the dinner pretty much ready by the time she got home. I heard her drive up and I ran out to open the garage door for her so she could drive right in. She was tired and I could see it in her demeanor as she got out. I gave her a nice kiss and told her about the little dinner I almost had ready. She was pleased of course, especially when I told her to go change and get comfortable because it was Friday night ans we didn’t need to be up early in the morning!

While she changed into a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt and washed, I finished mashing the taters and took the steaks out of the frying pan so I could add the flour and milk, salt and pepper for the gravy! I opened a can of peas and dumped the contents into a bowl and got our salads out of the fridge. We were ready to eat!

I also had a couple of glasses and a bottle of Mateuse for us. Mom looked proud and that made the effort well worth it!

We ate and joked around some and the meeting with Sammy didn’t come up. I didn’t raise the subject figuring that either Mom hadn’t had the opportunity to ask or he had turned her down when she had, either way didn’t make much difference to me as I also figured I would take a little ride out to the cleaners tomorrow and see him anyway on my own.

We both must have been hungry as the little meal went quick and there wasn’t much left on anything that needed washing, at least it didn’t look like it to me! I let Mom sit and drink an extra glass of iced tea while I piled the dishes in the sink and then I joined her at the table.

“Mom, I have been giving our little situation a lot of thought and I have come to a conclusion.” I wanted to get this out of the way early so we could enjoy our night together.

Mom’s mood went completely serious, and she followed with,”I talked to Sammy today and he suggested you come out to the store in the morning about 10 and he’d take a little time out to talk to you then if you want.”

“I want, but I need to tell you something first.” I added.

“All right Son.” Was all she said and hung her head slightly looking down at her glass.

I started right in,”You’re not going to ever allow George or any other son-of-a-bitch to touch you in any way, not as long as we’re together!” Her head jerked up and she gave me a surprised look!

“I couldn’t, can’t, stand it!” I reached across the table and gently grasped her hand in mine as I went on,”I love you too much Mother and it would kill me to know you were letting some other asshole enjoy your body, even if I know you’re trying to make the sacrifice for our future.”

Her eyes said everything I needed to know just then.

“I have tried and tried to make myself believe that it would be okay, but it’s eating me up inside and I just can’t let you do it no matter what. I don’t care about anything but you! If the only way for us to have a private life is to let some other asshole touch you then I might just as well call the police and turn myself in right now because I can’t live with that.” I was trying to make her see that it was me that was ruining the opportunity and I didn’t want her to feel any guilt over it. It was me.

She was beaming at me and nearly shouted out,”I didn’t want to do it either, I mean when he suggested it and made it sound like it might be the only way we could do the property swap I thought I could go through with it just once, but I really loathed George and honestly it made my skin crawl just thinking about his mouth on me anywhere!”

“I know.” I found myself hugging her and didn’t even realize I had moved around the table but there we were standing and hugging with me rubbing my hands up and down her back reassuringly.

“I thought I could stand it too, Mom, but the closer we got to doing it the worse I felt about you thinking you had to do it for us. I never want you to feel you need to do anything even remotely like that for us. There is always another way to handle things.”

I turned her face to mine and kissed her lips tenderly. I looked into her sparkling eyes and could see the love deep within those two pools. As my mouth again closed on hers, I remember thinking that if I wee to ever drown those were the very pools I wanted to fall into to do it!

I scooped her up in my arms and carried her back to my bedroom. It surprised her that I chose my bedroom because her’s was so much larger as it was the master bedroom and much larger. I walked straight to the bed and when my knees touched it I just raised my right knee and crawled onto the bed on my knees laying Mother back on the pillows. She was gorgeous laying there. I had long fantasized about having a girl, woman, on my bed in just this position, hair spread across my pillow and looking into my eyes with wanton desire and lust.

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