Minister’s Family Embraces Incest Pt. 06

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As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

In this chapter I am again using shifting perspectives in order to enhance character development. Please give me feedback on whether or not you like this.

As always, please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.

Thinking this was where the sucking part of cocksucking came in, I did it. It must have been the right thing to do since Ricky put one hand on the back of my head while moaning my name over and over. My tightly wrapped fingers were sliding up and down his shaft rapidly.

“Gran, Gran, you’re going to make me come.”

I sucked harder.

“Gran, Gran, Gran…”

I sucked even harder, feeling my cheeks puckering.

“That’s it, Gran! I’m cummming! I’mmmmm cumming!”

My grandson flooded my mouth with his semen. I choked on it. There was just too much for me to swallow.


Poppa came home from the hospital this afternoon. Of course, he wanted to go directly to the church in order to check on things and catch up. The doctor had said he needed more time to recuperate. Only dire threats of more bodily injury by Momma and Gran kept him home.

It was a school day for Sissy and I so we rushed home as fast as our feet would carry us once the final bell had rung. At home, we gave Poppa big hugs and told him how much we had missed him.

The police had also stopped in to update us on the investigation into our home invasion. The family car had been found abandoned in the next town over from us. There was no sign of the robbers though. Their identities had been confirmed by fingerprints from our home on the night in question as well as from the car itself. They would remain high on local police forces’ wanted lists.

Gran offered to drive me over to the police station, about an hour’s drive away, so I could bring the car home. The police had said there was no apparent damage to it and it was as drivable as ever.

I was coming out of my bedroom after changing out of my school clothes -uniforms ugh!- when Momma beckoned to me from the partially opened bathroom door. I walked towards her, Momma grabbed me by the arm, pulling me into the bathroom with her.

With no words spoken, we were in a tight embrace in seconds. Momma lifted her face up to be kissed. We began French kissing, our tongues moving from mouth to mouth. Momma was a great kisser, better than any of my high school girlfriends.

My hands slid down Momma’s back to her ass. I cupped a strong, firm cheek in each hand squeezing as hard as I could, pulling her even closer to me until her covered pussy was rubbing against my sweat pant covered crotch. We kept up with our passionate soul kisses while grinding away on each other’s body.

“I’m sorry, honey, but that’s enough for now. You need to go get the car before it’s too late.”

“Yes, Momma,” I said giving her ass one last squeeze and sharing one more kiss.

Minutes later, Gran and I were off on our errand. Much to my surprise, Gran asked me to drive.


My husband is home. His head wound has healed nicely as has his concussion. His physical health is good. But nothing that I know of has changed his sexual health. I love my husband and want him to be healthy.

But what about my health? My sexual tide has turned. I don’t see how I can go back to what Poppa and I had before. Too much has happened since the home invasion.

I don’t want him to stick his dick in me for a few minutes every month. Even if I could teach him to make love to me, properly, I don’t know if that would be enough.

I know I don’t want to give up my son’s cock. I want to be fucked hard the way he does it. Ohhh, the vigour of youthfulness comes through in his fucking me. He takes his time, pleasures me, and when I’m ready, he slams his rod into me hard enough to make me scream.

And, Sissy! Now that I have tasted and enjoyed a woman, I don’t want of give up that either. I only want more. My mother in law was the same as Sissy but different. Sissy is a more commanding sexual partner while Mother needs to be led to sex.

I found Mother and my son in bed last night when Sissy and I came home from our shopping trip. They looked so calm and peaceful lying on the bed naked together. The rumpled mess of sheets and blankets showed that their time together had been anything but calm and peaceful.

I can’t go back to the way things were before. Now that my son and daughter have taught me, forced me to be a sexually open woman, I can’t lock ankara escort that door closed again.


Gran was watching the scenery as we drove along the country road that was a main route to the next town. Not the fastest route, mind you, but the most pleasant drive. The road was almost overwhelmed by trees on both sides. Some of the trees met up high, creating a beautiful canopy over the road. In the late afternoon, the sun was often blocked out, meaning we were driving through shady forested tunnels.

I had thought Gran was admiring the scenery but her reflection in the window showed that she was actually looking at me. I wondered what she was thinking. About her and I fucking, no doubt. Was Gran sorry that we had done it?


These past few days had been incredible. I’m sorry about Poppa being hurt by those monsters but, at least, he is going to be well. Momma says he just needs to be quiet and rest for a few more days.

Before this all happened I had never thought of a woman in a sexual way. Of course, I had thought about boys. I’m eighteen years old. At one time or another I had wondered what most of the boys in my grade looked like without their clothing on. And, Ricky too, for that matter. I often tried to see him naked by accident. No luck with that though. I had even thought of asking him to show me his cock.

Fucking my brother, Ricky, was a simply incredible experience. I want more. But Poppa has seen me naked. Does he remember? Does he think I’m sexy? Momma says he doesn’t fuck a lot. Can I change that?


“Ricky, find somewhere to pull over, please. We need to talk,” said Gran.

Oh, oh, I thought. I may not be much of a man of the world but my girlfriends have taught me already that any conversation that started like that was not a good thing. Obviously I knew what the topic of the conversation would be and likely could guess what the final words would be. Gran did not want to have sex with me any more.

A few miles up the road was a spot well known to the high school crowd of both towns. Mostly, it was used for make out sessions and back seat encounters. I pulled in, drove as far from the road as possible and parked.

I turned in my seat to face Gran. I wanted to get this over with as quickly and as least humiliatingly as possible.

Leaning back against the passenger door, Gran looked at me with eyes so sad, tears could not be far behind.

“Ricky, you know I love you, right?”

I nodded without saying anything.

“Ricky I have been married to your grandfather since I turned eighteen. I was a virgin when he met me and I gave it up to him on our wedding night. My mother had told me that sex was something I had to endure for the marriage to be successful. She stated that it was as much a fact of life as my monthly periods. From that, I took it that my mother was telling me monthly sex with my husband was all the marriage needed. Your grandfather said nothing to try changing my mind.”

Gran looked up at me expectantly but I did not know what to say. I decided a simple nod of my head was appropriate.

“So for almost forty five years, I have been locked into a marriage with the man I love. I love him with all my heart. But I have never loved him with my body.”

A careful nod, this time.

I never knew how to love him with my body. I didn’t know there should have been more between us than our monthly ritual.”

Another nod.

“First Sissy and your Momma taught me how to lower the barriers and enjoy sex. I never dreamt of making love to a woman before that night. And, I never dreamt of making love to my grandson either.”

Here it comes, I thought as I nodded again.

“Now, I have been unleashed as a woman. I love being with your mother and sister. But, I love being with you even more. I love you fucking me. I love sucking your cock. I don’t think I can stop and go back to the way I was.”

Momma and Poppa:

“Honey, I am so confused,” I said to my wife.

“Confused how?” she replied.

“My memories of that night are what are confusing me. I remember right up to them pushing us into the bedroom. Then it gets fuzzy in my mind.”

“I see parts of what happened in flashes. But they can’t be real. It doesn’t make sense.”

“What do you see in these flashbacks?” asked my wife.

“I see those men making you get undressed. I see them ogling your naked body.”

“What else?”

“I see them forcing Ricky to get undressed in front of you.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes…no…maybe?” I was very hesitant about sharing the next piece of information with my wife.

“What do you think you see, Dear?”

“Well…um…sometimes I think they made Sissy get undressed in front of me.”

“Anything else?”

“Not until I woke up in the hospital. The flashbacks give me a headache thinking about them. Trying to remember.”

“Don’t worry escort ankara about it, Dear. Try not to think about what happened. Headaches can’t be good for someone who has a concussion.”

We snuggled together on the couch until I fell asleep.

Ricky and Gran:

Having said that, Gran pulled her knees under her and moved towards me. I could see that her mouth was opening as she made to kiss me. I know that she is so much older than me but making out with my grandmother was such an incredible feeling. Knowing that I had made this woman love me and want me in a sexual manner was so fucking erotic.

After a few minutes of French kissing, growing ever more passionate, I pulled back to ask Gran if she wanted to get into the backseat. I almost thought she was going to dive over the back seat.

She didn’t but I did. Once in the back seat, I pulled my sweat pants down and off. Gran took off her panties outside the car before she climbed in the back.

“We don’t have a lot of time, Ricky.” Gran did not waste any of it. Not even bothering to close the car door, she had her hands on my dick right away. Since my staff was already stiff, Gran was able to swipe it across her face and lips.

To my mind, Gran was always old. Almost elderly. Haha. Seeing this old woman rubbing my cock against her face seemed pornographic in the extreme. Her actions were opening a new video porn category for my future viewing pleasure.

“So good, so good, so good,” she kept repeating.

As she changed her grip in order to take my pole into her mouth, Gran said, “I love this cock.”

My grandmother was determined to demonstrate just how much she loved my dick. She swallowed as much as she could. Gran still did not have enough experience to determine how deep she could push my prick before her gag reflex would kick in.

Once she reached that point, she pulled her head back keeping her teeth lightly clamped around my pole.

“Yeah, Gran, that’s great! I love you sucking my cock.”

She looked up at me as she pushed down on my staff once again. Then she pulled back up, sucking so hard her cheeks dimpled, using her teeth once more.

I have no clue as to how much time passed. I was too locked into the moment to pay any attention. But Gran must have thought we were taking too much time. My dick came out of her mouth with a popping sound. If she had continued sucking, she would have been swallowing cum before long.

But, Gran was not satisfied with being a good cocksucker. My grandmother wanted to be fucked.


So, my husband remembered me and Ricky being naked during the robbery. And he had partial memories of Sissy being naked as well. I wonder why he can remember Ricky and me clearly but not Sissy. There had to be a reason for it.

Ricky and Gran:

Gran hiked her dress up past her hips reminding me that she had removed her panties before joining me in the backseat of her car. Her shaved bare pussy was gleaming with her dripping fluids.

She moved up my body until she was straddling my thighs with my cock pointing straight up in front of her. Holding my dick still, my grandmother lifted herself up and impaled herself on my pole. There was no hesitation, in one move, I was buried in her cunt.

Gran shrieked as she felt my dick entering her hot, wet pussy. Immediately, I could feel the walls of her cunt trying to grab my dick. Despite her age, Gran had not been fucked a lot during her lifetime so she was still relatively tight.

The who, what, and where had my balls churning almost immediately. Fucking my grandmother in the backseat of her car was almost too much for me to deal with. Reaching up to Gran’s tits and squeezing them through her clothing just added to the incredible eroticness of the situation.

Gran and I were shoving our joined parts together hard. Gran was moaning her way into an orgasm. I tried to hold back my cum but it was a losing battle. Gran was immersing herself in the feelings of sexual pleasure her body was enjoying. Her moans had turned into shrieks. Fortunately no one was around.

It was too much for me. I levered my body upwards as my dick began to launch its load into my grandmother’s snatch. As soon as she felt my cum splashing her insides, Gran launched herself into her own orgasm.

Momma and Sissy:

We were sitting together, Sissy and I, on the livingroom couch, each cuddled up into a corner, discussing the past few days in voices not much above a whisper. My husband was in bed resting giving us the opportunity to talk.

Having rehashed all of our activities, the subject finally came to my husband.

“I don’t understand what is going on with him. He clearly remembers me and your brother being naked but he only has flashbacks of you,” I said.

“Maybe he didn’t like what he saw, Momma. Maybe he didn’t think I was attractive. Or sexy.”

“I don’t think that would be the issue, Sissy. ankara escort bayan He remembers Ricky being naked and I know for a fact he would not find him to be sexy.”

“I don’t know then, Momma” said Sissy.

“We need to find more opportunities for him to see you naked, Honey. Otherwise, we will not be able to continue with our new life choices.”

We were interrupted at that moment by my husband coming into the room. He looked a little unsteady on his feet as he walked across the livingroom and joined us on the couch. Poppa flopped down on the couch in between us.

“Are you alright, Dear,” I asked him.

“I feel a little light headed,” he replied, “but I was tired of lying in bed.”

“Can I get you anything, Poppa? A cup of tea or something to eat?” asked Sissy.

“No, thank you, babygirl, I just want to sit here with my two favourite people in the world.”

Both of us cuddled up tightly against my husband. Sissy was so tight against him, his arm was actually surrounded by her tits. I didn’t know at that point if she was doing it on purpose or not but she definitely was making an impression on her father. A quick glance down had shown me he was getting stiff.

I thought for some time before I had a eureka moment. Making sure it was not my imagination, I leaned on his shoulder and looked down. His pants were certainly poking outwards at his crotch. My husband was definitely growing a hard on. I began to think his flashback memories of his daughter were caused by his embarrassment. As a Minister he did not want to think of her that way. I decided I was going to force the issue.

“I’m glad you are here, Dear,” I said to my husband. “Sissy and I were having an argument. You can settle it.”

“What are you arguing about,” he asked giving Sissy a stern glare. Sissy gave me a confused look.

“Sissy and I went shopping yesterday, she needed some clothes for school. She purchased some things I don’t think are appropriate.”

If anything, Sissy looked even more confused. She knew we had not purchased anything for her to wear to school. We had purchased some extremely sexy lingerie. Her father was still giving her that stern look of his.

“Sissy,” he said, “you know you should not disagree with your mother about your clothing.”

“I keep telling her that, Dear, but she thinks you should be the judge on this one. She thinks you will appreciate her choices more than I do.”

I could see the confusion beginning to clear in Sissy’s head.

“Yes, Poppa, you should be the judge.”

“Sissy, why don’t you go put on something we bought and come out here to model it for your father,” I said.

Sissy gave me a knowing look this time as she responded, “Yes, Momma.”

My husband and I exchanged small talk about the kids and his mother waiting for Sissy to model her new purchases. Just in anticipation of her showing off her purchases to her father was already making me wet.

Sissy walked back into the room wearing a burnt orange push up bra and thong. She was wearing dark stay up stockings and a pair of brand new four inch black stilettoes. Her father’s eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw her for the first time.

“Wha?…what?…is this?” the words coming out in almost a gasp. Sissy walked as if she was on a catwalk closer to us on the couch.

“My god!” I thought to myself, “she is stunning.”

Still walking towards us, Sissy asked, “Do you like this choice, Poppa? Do you think it looks good on me?”

My husband was staring at his daughter even though he did not appear able to formulate words. Sissy rejoined us on the couch, sitting sideways, and draping one leg over her father, her big boobs accentuated by the push up bra against his arm.

“Is this what you have been trying to remember, Dear? Trying to remember your sexy daughter naked?”

Poppa was still not getting any words out of his mouth. He may have been in shock but the hard on I now had my hands on was demonstrating how much he was turned on by his near naked daughter. I took one of his hands and placed it on Sissy’s stocking covered leg.

“Isn’t she sexy, Dear?” I asked him.

“This is…not…right, not right, not right at all,” he replied.

“God made her this beautiful creature, Dear, how can it not be right?”

“We are not supposed to do this. I’m not supposed to see her like this,” he said in a stronger tone of voice.

“You are a Minister,” I began, “how can you deny the beauty God has given her?” As I said this I leaned in to kiss him on the neck. I placed my hand on top of his, beginning to move it up and down his daughter’s leg.

“Kiss your daughter. Make her feel loved by you.”

Sissy didn’t wait for him to make a move. She leaned into her father, further pressing her luscious tits against his arm, and kissed him on the lips. He shook his head and retreated from her attacking mouth.

I held his head firmly as Sissy moved in for another kiss. Her lips connected with his allowing Sissy to give her father a long, passionate kiss. When they broke apart, before he could object, I turned my husband’s head towards me in order to give him an equally passionate kiss. Then I turned him back towards his daughter.

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