Mirabelle and Me Ch. 05

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I rolled and stretched and reached out to find a very cold and very wet place where my lover had been laying. I glanced towards the window and it was dark outside. The candles were out. I was distraught. Then I heard a clank and clatter in the kitchen and breathed a sigh of relief. I got up, donned a robe and went out to the kitchen to find more candles lit and a flurry of activity. There was Mirabelle in one of my white button down dress shirts and nothing else cooking up a feast. The shirt only half-covered her wide round ass and her amazing tits were doing an unencumbered dance with ever movement she made. This was one damned sexy woman! I slid up behind her and wrapped my arms around her belly. She leaned back and purred as I nibbled and kissed her neck.

“I was devastated when I woke up and you weren’t there… I thought you’d left Mirabelle…”

“Mmmmmm… you know baby, all my friends call me Mira and I think we’re a bit more than that now don’t you?” I smiled at her half-turned face. “Yes – I think we could say that…” I replied. “You were so adorable sleeping and I woke up hungry so I thought I’d do something about that… seeing how it’s late Saturday night and I just cancelled my Sunday plans.” I smiled… “I like where this is going” I reassured her. “And thirdly we still have a lot of exploring to do. So why don’t you be a good boy and go change the sheets so we have something fresh and clean to mess up for dessert” she grinned.

“Ok – my turn.” I reached for my phone and tapped out a few texts while Mira kept doing what she was doing to the kitchen. A moment later the phone buzzed and chirped its electronic notices and there were the responses. “What’s that you did baby?” Mira asked. “Just cancelled all my Sunday to-do’s as well” I replied. “Good boy” she replied with a nasty grin. “Now get us another couple of those big waters – dinners almost ready.”

I went back to the room and quickly changed the sheets and chugged another bottle of water. I took the sheets down to the basement washroom and grabbed a couple of bottles of wine from the cellar and headed back upstairs. Mira had laid out a beautiful lamb and couscous dinner and I offered her the wines saying “your lessons start here… the one on the right is bold and rich but has a bit of tannin to it whereas the one on the left is softer and rounder but with more subtlety to it. Pick one but know this – neither choice is wrong – it’s down to preference but each one leads to different consequences” I grinned.

“What does that mean?” Mira asked.

“Only time and choice will tell my dear” I replied.

Mira chose the bottle on the left – a left bank Bordeaux that had the stuffing to hold its own with the lamb. We took our plates and glasses to the living room where I cranked up the fireplace, splayed ourselves out in front of it and dove in. I did not realize how hungry I was but all the sexual exercise seems to have induced a ravenous hunger in more ways than one.

We talked and talked about everything. Movies, books, music, travel, favorite restaurants (aside from mine) and we found that we had more than similar tastes – they were almost identical. We laughed and carried on through the meal and the wine until we were finished. All the while the soft dancing light of the fire danced over Mira’s form. Her nipples made two delicious points at the front of my shirt which had my cock standing at attention, poking out the front of my robe. We also spent a lot of time in silence just looking at each other, taking time to gaze not only into each other’s eyes but brazenly wandering up and down each other’s bodies. I really couldn’t believe how fortunate I was to find this big beautiful woman who was perfect in every way – emotionally, physically and sexually.

We carried the remains back to the kitchen and as Mira was placing the dishes in the sink I came up behind her and took her in my arms. Again she leaned back in to me as I ran my hands up her torso and as light as a feather started to brush just the tips of her nipples with my palms. Mira moaned and shivered and tried to press her huge tits into my hands to gain more pressure but I backed my hands away each time to continue the slow aching seduction of her breasts. I buried my face into her lush hair and breathed in deeply while continuing my nipple seduction. Mira just sighed and said “oh Aaron – do anything you want to baby; that feels so good you’re making me drip down my legs.”

I started to alternate between lightly brushing her nipples to gently caressing the under curve of her amazing tits, cupping her massive orbs and very slowly squeezing, then releasing the pressure I was applying. Then I would go up and gently brush her nipples again which seemed to push Mira into a sexual trance. I had never felt any woman’s nipples in the state these were in – literally rock hard and sticking out at least an güvenilir bahis inch from her areolas. She started to moan and swirl and sway her body and I could smell her excitement and feel the heat radiating off her as she abandoned herself to sensual pleasures.

I moved one of my hands down to lightly dance along the crack of her magnificent ass with delicate strokes, stopping to gently play with her asshole each time I got there which elicited soft moans and purrs. Mira was thrusting back onto my finger every time so after about the fifth pass I slowly and gently pushed just the tip of my finger into her ass and very slowly wiggled it around just at her tight anal ring. “Baby that feels soooo good… don’t stop…” she whispered. But I did – just to prolong the lust and heighten the need. “There’s so much more of that to come very soon” I responded as I gently nibbled and kissed the nape of her neck. I lightly trailed my hand back up her side and back to her breast.

“So what are the consequences of the wine I picked” she sighed as I gave each nipple a slow and gentle twist. I stepped back from her. She turned around and put her hands on my hips pulling me into a gentle and very sensuous kiss. I opened my eyes to look at her as we kissed to find her looking back at me. That was one of the most personal, erotic moments of my life. We kissed like that for quite some time – just staring into each other.

“A long hot steam and shower before heading back to bed for long slow anal sex” I replied with a nasty grin. One of the things that I had done when remodeling my place was to install a wet/dry sauna that is integrated into the shower stall mainly because nothing beats a good steam and sweat. It was expensive as hell but has been worth every penny. When I redid the bathroom I blew out half of a small office and made the bathroom something of a spa-styled space with a separate tub big enough for two and the shower was made for games with multiple jumbo shower heads and side sprayers plus two integrated benches. It is big enough that an adult can lay on the shower floor if they want to. The glass door seals tight to maximize the sauna equipment effectiveness. Two separate vanity areas with padded bench seating and stone sinks plus a European toilet set with a bidet that was recessed behind a glass brick wall. I also made sure that the broad flagstone flooring had a spring board subfloor to soften the feel of stone underfoot and enable the floor heating heat coils built in. I love my master bathroom! She had not seen this room before, only having used the guest bathroom before.

I made Mirabelle close her eyes as I guided her up to my bathroom, turned the lights on so that there was just a soft warm glow, and then told her to open her eyes. She melted back in my arms looking at all the handiwork – hidden and recessed soft lighting, the big spa-like room with three big ficus trees and hanging ferns, skylights and the custom Italian inlaid tiles. It is a very elegant space. She sighed “a girl could spend days pampering herself in here…” “So can a guy” I replied and smiled. I stepped away from her and walked over to the shower and went to the exterior control panel, set it to steam and said “it takes about 10 minutes to crank up and all that water and wine… I really have to pee but you have me so hard all the time baby it hurts. Can you give me a moment?”

Mira turned and shed the shirt she was wearing standing there in her lush naked glory and swayed her hips looking at me up and down as she reached down and cupped her pussy. She came up to me so close that her nipples pressed lightly into my chest, looked into my eyes and said very softly “I have to pee really badly too but hold it just a while longer baby… I want to watch you pee in the shower if you don’t think it’s gross?” She was obviously nervous about this as her eyes, for the first time showed a timid quality. I had a bit of a long time fantasy about experimenting with golden showers that I had never acted on with anyone and now, this woman who was changing my life was asking me to indulge her with something so intimate, sexy and kinky that my head literally swooned with lustful thoughts.

I reached up and gently cupped her face and made sure that she looked me directly in my eyes. I very softly explained to her that I had pee play fantasies but had never been with the right person to act on them let alone talk about it. “Does that mean what I think it means?” Mira asked. I leaned into her, wrapped my arms around her hugging her tightly and whispered in her ear “you better save your pee for me too… the shower beckons.” We kissed a long soulful kiss, holding each other tight as we moaned into each other’s mouths, anticipating a really amazing experience.

We padded over to the shower which by now was a glass wall holding back a roomful of steam. I slipped the door open and we stepped türkçe bahis in, closed the door and just held each other tightly, gently swaying and letting the heat and steam start to do their work on us.

“So how do we do this baby?” Mirabelle asked sounding both sexy and shy at the same time. “I don’t know baby – first time for me too” I replied. The shower/sauna was hot and was working its magic, sweat and condensation starting to run down our bodies as we held each other kissing deeply, our tongues dueling slowly but urgently. I slowly started to slide down her body, trailing licks and kisses down her cleavage, then her belly until I came to her pussy. I very slowly started to lick and kiss the top and front of her cunt and reached up to press against her belly. Mirabelle reached down and gently held my head to her crotch. “Is this what you want baby?” she asked as a small spurt of pee escaped from her pussy, trailing down my chest. It was hot and felt good.

I lay down on the shower floor and looked up at her through the steam … “Come on baby – let it go – let’s see how it feels… pee on me honey…” I replied. She quickly leaned down and kissed me and said “ok baby – this has been a fantasy of mine for a long time too!”

Mira stood up and stood over my cock with her legs on either side of me. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, cupped her massive breasts and let loose her bladder. We had both drank a lot of water and when she started she just didn’t stop. Her hot golden stream sprayed up my belly like a torrent and it felt just as erotic and beautiful as I had imagined it would. She opened her eyes and looked down at me with smoldering lust and started to gyrate her hips, redirecting her streaming pee over my chest, back down to my cock and then up. When she started to direct it higher I just smiled and nodded. She let the rest of her pee go all over my face and I loved it. The pungent odor of her pee was intoxicating and I stuck my tongue out just a bit to see what it tasted like. Acrid, salty and tangy with a distinct flavor of Mira’s pussy; not too bad actually but the sheer eroticism of what we were doing had my cock harder than it had been all day and it hurt because I had to pee so badly myself.

As Mira’s flow finally ebbed I raised up and planted my mouth right onto her pussy and took her final dribble of pee into my mouth while swirling my tongue all around her sexual center. Mirabelle reached down and held my head to her cunt and came in another gushing rush of her sweet juice. She was wailing like a woman in extreme heat and I was sure right then and there that there was nothing I could do in my life that could ever top the extreme emotions coursing through me at that moment.

Mira lowered herself down to lay on the shower floor next to me and attacked my mouth, holding my face in her hands and sliding her steam-induced sweaty enormous breasts on my side as she came down from her high. We kissed hard and long holding each other tight for a little while until she sat up, then got up and held her hand down to me. She didn’t say a word but pulled me into a tight embrace, spun me around slowly and sat me on one of the benches.

“You can’t pee can you honey?” she asked looking at my rock hard cock sticking straight up against my belly. “I don’t know baby – I’ll try but I’m so hard it hurts…” I replied as I grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times while she watched.

“I have a solution to your problem lover.” She sucked me hard for a while then popped my cock out of her mouth with exaggerated sound effect just for fun. Mira then rose, turned around, bent over so her perfect big round butt was right in my face, reached behind, grabbed one of her round cheeks in each hands and spread herself open lewdly for me. Damn I was entranced! I leaned forward and starting at the top of her crack licked ever so slowly down, dipping my tongue into her asshole and then through the furrow of her pussy. I only got to do that a couple of times until she pushed back at me and sat on my lap.

“Grab my tits Aaron?” she pleaded. Gladly! I reached around and took a monumental breast in each hand, squeezing and twisting until she started to moan again. Mira began to grind herself into my lap, pinning my cock between her legs. I reached down and grabbed my cock and tried to position it at her sweet entrance but she stopped and shook her head. I didn’t get it at all and kept trying to get inside of her pussy but each time she would shake her head and raise up a little. Finally after a few times she reached down between her legs, grabbed my cock and squatted down. She rubbed the head of my penis against her asshole and then slowly lowered herself onto me, slipping me inside of her ass a little bit at a time. A primordial purr escaped from her core as she started to lift herself up and down, impaling her ass on my big prick. It güvenilir bahis siteleri felt amazing though my bladder was really uncomfortable. “Baby – you need to stay inside of me… I’m going to stand up and hold onto the wall and then I want to you fuck me hard – use me for your fuck toy honey – fuck my ass and cum so that you can finally pee…. C’mon lover – cum inside my ass….” She was a woman possessed and I decided to act on her obvious fantasy and take charge. We stood up and I kept my cock buried in her ass as we moved in unison to the wall. I flipped on the shower and the heads erupted as I leaned into her and said “you want me in your ass darling? Well you’re getting me now, all of me, I’m going to take you until I’ve had my fill and then I’m going to keep fucking your magnificent big butt until I cum right up inside you… that’s what you want isn’t it? Me sliding this big thick cock up your ass baby?”

“God yes Aaron, give it me… fuck me hard honey….” She moaned and growled lewdly rotating her anus in circles.

I have to admit that I was not a caring lover at that moment. I just got lost in the moment and took Mira’s ass for my own. Using her big breasts as handles I slammed into her anus over and over, feeling her tight ring grip my cock like a hot velvet vise. Mira just went into overdrive reaching back and spreading her cheeks as wide as they could chanting “give it to me baby, get her done, use me honey and don’t you ever stop fucking me there… yes yes yes… oh harder baby… does my ass feel good babe? I love your big dick deep in me… mmmmm… oh baby you can have my ass any time you need it… ” she was chanting with each deep stroke I gave her willing body. It took me only five minutes of pounding into her hot asshole when my balls surged hard and I came deep in her bowels with spurt after spurt to the accompaniment of her chanting encouragement. I was dizzy with the intensity of my cum and with my lust for this amazing woman. With my dick still inside of her, she slowly walked me back to a sitting position on the bench and continued to milk my cock with her ass muscles as she sighed and cooed and came down off her high.

A few minutes of milking me she arose very slowly, letting my softening cock slip out of her about a centimeter at a time. When I finally slipped out, Mira took the seat on the bench next to me and took a washcloth, tenderly and lovingly washing my cock and balls. She pulled me to her and leaned into my ear and said – “mmmm yummy and the first of many…. I love the feeling of your cum dripping out of my ass – it’s so deliciously naughty honey…now I want you to close your eyes and totally relax so that you can pee for me love…”

I flipped another lever on the shower controls and the side jets came on in mist mode. Mira slipped down to the shower floor and gently parted my legs, then sat on her haunches between them and said “just close your eyes baby and let it come… breath deep and let it go for me love…”

My muscles were relaxing after that tremendous orgasm and as I slipped into a relaxed state my bladder let loose. I opened my eyes just in time to see the force of the stream I let flow blast Mira in the face to my surprise not only did she not flinch away, she was pulling her big nipples hard and opened her mouth and was obviously swallowing as much as she could. I watched as she let go of one of her big breasts and took my cock in her hand, directing my stream all over her face and then her big chest. Her other hand left her other tit and plunged between her legs, furiously rubbing her clit while my pee lasted. She came so hard that she screamed and even over the sounds of her lust and the shower heads and jets I could still hear her juice hit the shower floor with a tremendous splash.

My stream was quickly turning to just a dribble and Mira leaned forward, taking my limp dribbling cock into her mouth and gently licked and sucked the rest of my piss from my bladder while still playing with her pussy. I had just witnessed and participated in the kinkiest thing I had ever done in my life and I was hooked. Not only on the watersports we had just enjoyed and which I hoped we would be repeating very soon, but with Mirabelle too. Finally – a kindred spirit had entered my life and I couldn’t be happier.

I reached for her face and brought my lips down to hers. We shared a long soft and very sensuous kiss as we felt the shower starting to grow cooler. I slowly rose, pulling Mira up with me and shut off the shower. I just held her and kissed her slowly as we came down from our playtime.

“My god baby – that was sooooo hot” Mira whispered in my ear. “I have been wanting someone to do that with me for so long that I just figured it would never happen and just be one of those fantasies unfulfilled” she sighed.

“Honey, I feel exactly the same way… where have you been all my life?” I replied, knowing it was a corny line but I seriously meant it.

“Isn’t it obvious love? Waiting to meet you!” She replied, slipping the tip of her tongue in my ear and driving me crazy.

To be continued in Part VI

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