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The bustle of life on the college campus always peaked just after finals. Students who had spent their last couple of weeks locked away in their dorm rooms or the library and stuffing all the knowledge of a semester into their heads at once finally emerged to face the sunlight and celebrate another successful term.

Sherry was just another student on her way to pack up her things and head home for the summer to work on the family ranch. She was slim, almost bony, with honey-blonde hair that hung down in straight strands to frame her pale face. She wore no makeup and tended to walk with her eyes down, which caused her to constantly push her glasses up when they slid down the bridge of her nose. She leaned forward against the weight of her backpack filled with textbooks and shuffled as she walked.

A couple of senior boys were laughing and walking toward her. She stepped to the side as they approached, but the arm of one bumped her shoulder and spun her. The boy glanced at her as she faced him. His eyes were brilliant green and bright, but his glance was indifferent, as though he had bumped against a parked car. He turned back to his friend without breaking stride and they continued on their way. She rubbed her shoulder as she turned and headed toward her dorm.

Boys had never shown any interest in her. She was lanky and plain. Her only memory of any boy paying attention to her was when Cindy Parnell had lifted her shirt in gym her junior year of high school and exposed her chest to the basketball team. Cindy was very popular with the boys, always flirting and bouncing against them. But Sherry’s breasts hadn’t developed much at that point, and the only response her plain white sports bra brought from the boys were a couple of laughs and some looks of pity. That hurt the worst – those looks that said “Never in a million years,” that the boys threw her way in that brief moment. She had hidden her chest ever since, even when her breasts grew large and firm her senior year. She even bought padded bras to hide her long nipples so that they wouldn’t poke out and draw attention.

At the memory, she pushed her glasses up and hooked her thumbs in the straps of her backpack to keep her breasts from squeezing together as she hunched forward and walked.

Once in her dorm room, she quickly dialed her parents using her phone card and waited for them to answer.


The voice wasn’t familiar – a young woman’s voice with a hint of southern drawl.

“Um,” Sherry faltered. “I’m sorry. I think I have the wrong number.”

“Sherry?” the voice asked.

She quickly put the phone back to her ear. “Yeah. This is Sherry. Who’s this?”

“Oh my gawsh! You sound so much older! This is Brenda. I’m going to work with you on the ranch this summer! Isn’t that great?”

Sherry grinned, “Brenda! I didn’t think I had misdialed. It’s been forever!”

Brenda was Sherry’s cousin, or half-cousin. Her father’s brother had married Brenda’s mother. She was the only girl who had ever treated Sherry as a friend, and the one or two times they got together each year growing up had always been some of her favorite memories.

“I just answered because your dad’s outside somewhere and your mother is fixing up your room.”

“Fixing up my room?”

Brenda giggled, “With bunk beds! Won’t that be fun? We can stay up all night talking and I won’t have to sleep on the floor.”

As kids, they had stayed in the same room whenever she visited, but Brenda had always insisted on sleeping on the floor when Sherry had offered to trade.

Sherry smiled. “Where’d you get the accent?”

“Lil’ ol’ me? Shucks, my pa’s done gone and got another job down south.”

Sherry laughed.

“Naw, really. It’s hard not to pick up a little of the southern charm when you get around people who use it. I have so much to tell you! When are you driving up?”

“I should be there tomorrow by noon, if I don’t break down.”

“You’re still driving that old piece of crap? Couldn’t you use one of your student loans to get something better?”

“I would, except I have to use every penny on the tuition. My daddy’s not rich like yours.”

Brenda chuckled and then whispered, “I’ll share my allowance with you over the summer. He’s giving me a lot and there isn’t much around here to spend it on.”

Sherry laughed and they continued their conversation with memories for only a little while longer before they said their goodbyes.

When she finally hung up, Sherry thought it was going to be a lot better summer than she had expected before the phone call.

She finished packing, grabbed a quick last dinner at the school cafeteria and went to bed. In the morning, she started the long drive.

She tapped the horn as she turned off the car and by the time she had rounded the car to open the dented hatch-back, the front door opened and her mom, dad, and Brenda walked out to greet her.

Sherry stared at Brenda. Her cousin had changed a lot in the last three years. She was wearing a tank top and jean shorts that were pretty tight. She was really tan güvenilir bahis and had on a little more makeup than Sherry expected. She was quite stunning, really – beautiful, in fact, with her long auburn hair full and bouncy as she stepped lightly down the stairs.

Her brother Mark and a handsome guy walked out on the porch. They stared blatantly at Brenda’s bottom as she trounced down the steps to hug her. Mark opened his mouth a little and his friend nudged him with a chiding smile.

As she and Brenda embraced, Sherry glanced at her parents briefly and caught her father’s eyes straying to soak in the tanned legs and short shorts of the young woman she hugged.

Brenda stepped back, holding her cousin’s shoulders. “Sherry! You haven’t changed a bit! I’ve missed you so much, and we really have to get you settled in so that we can talk about what we are going to do this summer.”

“You won’t have much time,” Sherry’s father said firmly with a twinkle in his eye as he stepped up and replaced Brenda’s embrace with one of his own. “How is my little bookworm, Sherry? We’ve really missed you these last months and you haven’t called as much.”

She hugged him close, smelling his aftershave that always reminded her of home. “I’ve missed you too, Dad,” she whispered, almost choking on the joy she felt.

“Make room, you lug,” her mother admonished and took Sherry in her arms. “Oh, my dear – you’re so thin! You need to take more time eating and less time studying. Give the other kids a chance to catch up.”

“I love you, Mom,” she said, squeezing a tear out of her eye as she held her mother close.

Mark cleared his throat. “Hi-ya, Sis! Missed you.” He hugged her briefly and stepped away. “Glad you’re home.”

Sherry smiled at her brother, and caught Brenda checking him out as she turned to face his friend.

“This is my friend, Rich,” her brother reported. “He and I are going to work at the county feed lot this summer. He’s mostly sales and auctions, but we both could use the experience.” He stepped past her to pull a bag from the trunk.

Sherry smiled at Rich, briefly meeting his eyes. She felt a little part of herself melt as she looked into them, but his gaze was brief and quickly fell to the side to memorize Brenda’s toned legs.

She turned to Brenda, but the girl was staring at Mark’s chest as he pulled a bag from the trunk of the car. She nudged her slightly and Brenda turned and smiled before picking up a bag and heading inside.

Sherry went to take another and looked up to catch both Mark and Rich staring at the reddish-haired brunette as she reached the stairs. Brenda’s legs were tanned to a deep golden and flexed in both the thigh and calf as she stepped up each stair. Feeling out of place, Sherry picked up a heavy bag and trudged up the path to the house.

In place of Sherry’s single twin-bed was a beautiful oak bunk-bed. The bottom bunk was a queen size with a ladder at the foot going up to a twin size upper bunk. A matching set of rose colored feather comforters adorned each with frilly white and rose pillows to match.

“They’re beautiful!” exclaimed Sherry as she dropped her bags and hugged Brenda.

“Aren’t they?” her cousin agreed. “Daddy insisted that I order them when he found out I would be staying with you. Your mom wanted me to stay in the den downstairs, but I wanted to be with you just like old times.”

“I love it! So, who gets the bottom?”

Brenda smiled, “I do, of course. I spent all those nights on your floor, so now you have to get by with the single.”

Sherry laughed and hugged her cousin again.

“Your brother looks good,” Brenda said.

“He’s still Mark.” Sherry replied.

After dinner, she and Brenda went for a walk around the ranch to talk.

“Rich is cute,” Brenda said as they walked along.

When Sherry didn’t reply, Brenda turned to look at her. “You like him, don’t you.”

Sherry felt her cheeks warm. “He doesn’t even know I exist.”

“It’s up to you to let him know.”

Sherry shook her head. “They certainly know you exist,” she corrected.

“What do you mean.”

“I saw my brother looking at you – at your body.”

“Thank God!” Brenda exclaimed. “I’ve been trying so hard to get him to notice me!”

“You’re lucky,” Sherry added. “Your looks and figure do all the talking for you.”

Brenda laughed. “You think I didn’t work on that? I’ve been spending every spare minute working out ever since I found out I was going to spend the summer here. I’ve been tanning at the salon, doing boob exercises, trying to firm up my ass, and buying all my clothes for the summer and altering them to show off my hard work. I’m going to nail that brother of yours before the summer is out. Mark my words.”

Sherry gasped. Brenda had never been so brazen. She was the most sincere and kind-hearted friend Sherry had ever known. To think that the new look and sex appeal were intentional things was astonishing.

“But you’ve always been cute,” Sherry remarked.

“Not as cute as you. I would kill to have your boobs. And if you türkçe bahis ever got out of those baggy clothes, your hot body, with your blonde hair and green eyes, would land any man with a penis.”

Sherry giggled nervously. “I’m just a lump of coal.”

“No,” Brenda corrected. “You’re a diamond covered in mud.” She stopped walking and turned Sherry to face her. “Look, if you’re serious about Rich, let me help you. I’ll help you let out your little vixen that I’ve always been jealous of and you can have your way with him. It may not happen overnight, but I guarantee by the end of the summer you will have any guy that you set your sights on.”

Sherry blushed but shook her head. “That’s not me. I wouldn’t make a very good slut.”

“I’m no slut!” Brenda said a little too coldly. “And, you won’t be either,” she added more softly and gripping her cousin’s arms. “You’ll just have a makeover that will boost your confidence.”

Sherry thought silently for a moment, looking into the promise her cousin’s eyes held. She wanted, she wished, but at last, she shook her head. “It’s not who I am.”

“Too bad, for you,” Brenda smiled, releasing her. “But great for me,” she grinned. “You’d be a little too much competition for me.”

They giggled, though Sherry’s was a little nervous, and walked along in silence for a ways.

“So, you never told me. Why are you working here for the summer?”

Brenda looked down before glancing up to meet her cousin’s eyes. “My dad found my birth control pills and thought I needed to get away for the summer. He wanted me to go to somewhere that was safe.” Brenda misunderstood Sherry’s look of astonishment. “I know, I know. I’m twenty-two, but since I don’t want to pay for an apartment and living at home has all the perks, he still sets the rules.”

“Birth control?” Sherry was still a virgin, and had assumed that Brenda was as well. This news was a little startling.

“My first was a local boy, really cute but not someone I was really interested in. He was nice. So I went with my mother to get birth control.”

“So you had sex?” Sherry faltered, “I mean, did you do it with this boy?”

“I did. It was great! It was his first time too, but he was really nice and it we went really slowly. I felt pretty bad about it afterward because he said he was in love with me. I didn’t want to see him again because I thought it would be lying to him.”

“Did it hurt?” Sherry asked, suddenly filled with curiosity.

“A little, at one point. But it felt really good too.”

They were nearing the farmhouse, so they stopped to continue their conversation.

“Have you done it since?”

“With a few guys. But mostly with a Big Blue and Pony.”

Sherry look at her cousin, tipping her head to the side in question.

“I bought a vibrator at a novelty shop. I was a little embarrassed, but I said it was for a girlfriend’s bridal party.” She blushed. “It’s rubber and colored blue. So I named it Big Blue.”

Sherry was shocked. Brenda seemed to have grown up in so many ways over the past three years.

“Blue doesn’t feel the same,” Brenda continued. “He’s a little more intense in some ways, a little less in others. Kind of like how you can’t tickle yourself, it isn’t quite as exciting. But he feels so good, you know? That point you hit where there’s no turning back? It’s like so… so unbelievable! I’ll let you try him if you want.”

“Oh no! I couldn’t do that,” Sherry stated.

They walked a little closer to the house when Sherry stopped again.

“What about Pony?” she asked.

“Oh. Pony. He’s a little different.” She blushed again. “Pony is bigger than Blue. And, he doesn’t vibrate. If he did, it would be too much.” She smiled. “I got Pony after I got used to Blue. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Pony – he’s a new experience every time.”

Brenda didn’t offer any more and quickly turned to the house. They went inside.

Sherry used the bathroom first to take a shower and wash her hair. Afterwards, she looked at her body in the full-length mirror. She had full breasts, a narrow waist, and slim hips. She turned. Her bottom was smooth and firm, as were her legs. No ripples, no veins. She guessed she had a pretty decent body. Her skin was pretty pale and red where the hot water had hit. But, she wasn’t half bad. She pulled on her flannel pajamas and returned to her room.

“My turn,” Brenda announced as she lifted a travel bag from her lower bunk and headed toward the bathroom. “I hope you left some hot water.”

“We’ve never had it go cold,” Sherry called as she rounded the bed and climbed the oak rungs to her top bunk.

The bed was surprisingly comfortable. It wasn’t too firm and she couldn’t feel the supports under the mattress. The feather comforter was warm and inviting as she nestled beneath it.

She must have dosed a little, because she started when Brenda closed the door.

Brenda was wearing a towel that barely covered her bottom. Another was wrapped around her hair turban style. She set her travel bag on the desk and unwound her damp hair. güvenilir bahis siteleri Turning to look at herself in the mirror above the desk, she grabbed her brush and tilted her head to the side.

Sherry watched her brush her reddish-brown hair with some envy. It seemed so full and healthy, so unlike her own thick blonde hair that just hung in lifeless strings.

When she finished, Brenda set the brush back and the desk and flipped her hair over one shoulder.

“What a long day,” she said as she turned toward the bed. She removed her towel.

Sherry stared at the gorgeous body that was revealed. Brenda had perfect breasts with dark pink nipples that stood out in the cold air. Her abdomen was flat, with just a hint of ridged muscle beneath the skin. And below, shaved bare, was a thin strip of lighter skin where her tan stopped. The girl’s vaginal lips were swollen from the hot water and poked out clearly without any pubic hair.

Sherry couldn’t pull her eyes from the goddess revealed before her. Brenda seemed not to notice as she pulled open a drawer and slid on a skimpy pair of silk shorts and a matching silk tank top. Apparently, the girl really had spent some time working on her body. Envy flared in Sherry’s heart.

Brenda turned the light out and Sherry struggled to get to sleep. If she had Brenda’s body, she would certainly have Rich’s attention. She dreamed of Rich and woke up sometime during the night with her hand between her legs and moisture at her fingers. She didn’t sleep well after that.

In the morning, Chris and Rich went with her father went to do morning chores and tour the ranch. Sherry and her cousin spent the morning doing their assigned chores, including gathering eggs for the chickens and milking the dairy cows they kept for just that purpose.

It was after noon when Chris, Rich, and her father showed up, and Sherry was a little disappointed to find out that it was only to drop her father off. Chris and Rich had a flight out that afternoon to start work on the following day and they wouldn’t be back for nearly two months. Brenda was a little disappointed too, but with her tight jeans and low cut blouse, she was able to catch Chris looking at her and shared a smile with him as he turned red.

The guys said their goodbyes quickly. When it came to the girls, Chris quickly hugged Sherry while Rich smiled at Brenda and stared deeply into her eyes. Then, Chris shook Brenda’s hand awkwardly after wiping it on his pants. He seemed to Sherry to be a little too nervous.

Rich turned to Sherry and said, “Goodbye, Charlene. It was very nice meeting you.”

Sherry dropped her eyes, embarrassed. Charlene? He didn’t even know her name.

She turned to Brenda, but she was still staring at Chris as he climbed into the car. Both of them had slight smiles, and he looked up to meet Brenda’s eyes again.

As they drove away, Sherry took Brenda aside.

“Brenda, you said you could make me look like you.”

Brenda smiled. “No, I didn’t. I said I could help you break out of your shell, to look like yourself. A diamond covered in mud, remember?”

“I want you to help me do it. I want to break out of my shell.”

“You do?” Brenda asked.

“He called me Charlene.”

“Oh, Sherry,” Brenda cried, embracing her cousin and comforting her. “He didn’t!”

“I don’t want him, or anyone else, to ever ignore me like that,” Sherry promised. “Ever.” She sobbed.

“They won’t,” Brenda stated. “Believe me, they won’t.”

Brenda was true to her word, and with Sherry’s dedication to changing herself, the next two months were spent with Sherry and Brenda working out daily.

Sherry was surprised to find how quickly she was able to get in shape, enough that she was able to keep pace with Brenda after only a couple of weeks. Her tummy gained tone and definition quickly and her large breasts grew more firm. Her confidence grew just as quickly.

They spent each afternoon tanning in skimpy French thong bikinis that Brenda had ordered for them. The thongs required that she shave almost as closely as Brenda, and she found she like the feeling of her exposed smooth skin so much that she started shaving herself completely smooth like Brenda. The feel of silky underwear on her exposed skin was exciting.

Sherry got contact lenses with her same prescription. Brenda insisted that she get tinted ones to really bring out the green in her eyes. They were a little hard to get used to, but she found the added green-tint of the lenses made her eyes deep and mysterious.

Brenda also insisted that Sherry get a wave perm to add body to her already thick hair. With a little curl, and a little time spent with the curling iron, Sherry found she could really do amazing things with her look just by changing her hair style.

For clothing, Brenda first let Sherry wear some of her clothes. But Sherry’s larger breasts made the tops stretch a little too much and made her long nipples stand out a little too proudly without the padded bras Brenda insisted she replace with nearly transparent mesh. Sherry’s mother certainly did not approve of her wearing Brenda’s undersized tops, so Brenda took Sherry shopping and they picked out several sets of sexy underwear, dressy form-fitting outfits, and casual clothes that showed off Sherry’s new hot body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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