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‘Models’ read the sign, the handwritten text looking scruffy against the tired fluorescent yellow background. It was stuck on the entrance to a narrow dimly lit staircase which led up to who knew where.

John quickly looked up and down the street to see if anyone would notice what he was doing, then quickly nipped in through the door. Walking up the narrow staircase was like stepping back in time to the 1960’s, when Soho had been the centre of England’s sex industry. The stairs were covered in a worn dirty carpet. The walls papered with something that had probably been fashionable a few decades ago. And the wood work was painted a deep red. Overhead a naked bulb shed just enough light to give him confidence that he wasn’t going to be mugged as he ascended.

He stopped outside the door on the first landing, though the stairs continued up to at least one more level. He knocked and an old lady opened the door. She could have been Dot Cotton’s older sister, the one with an even more intense smoking habit that Dot. She was so old that it was impossible to figure out exactly how old she might be, but she definitely had a lot of miles on the clock.

“Come in”, she said, opening the door wide and ushering John in to the tiniest living room ever. There was a tired sofa, güvenilir bahis a set of cupboards, a tiny kitchenette unit and, looking out of place on one wall, hung a large flat screen television. With the exception of the TV, everything looked to be of a similar vintage as the décor in the hall.

There was a second door in the room, and no sooner had the old lady safely locked John in the flat, than a petite mature lady popped her head round it. Wavy brunette hair framed a pretty, if slightly tired looking, face. A big smile spread across it.

“Come in darling, come in,” she said, in a lovely French accent, “My name is Lucy.”

She opened the door wider, revealing a slightly curvy yet still firm body, covered in a long summer dress. She looked to be around 50 years old, but still very attractive, with that aura of sexiness that a women confident in her own looks has. She held out her hand to John, and drew him in to the room.

“What did you want, darling?”

John knew what he wanted, and with no hesitation replied, “A fuck.”

“That will be twenty darling”, came the reply, “and don’t forget to tip the maid please.”

He handed over a single £20 note, and placed two pound coins in the tips jar which sat on on the small dresser.

“Please,” türkçe bahis she said, pointing over to a bed pushed against the wall, “make yourself comfortable.”

While she washed her face at a small sink in the corner of the room, he undressed and lay down on the bed. As he watched her, he could feel his cock harden as he anticipated what was about to happen.

She walked over to the bed, unbuttoning her dress and letting it fall to the floor. Underneath it she was naked, and she joined him on the bed, straddling his thighs. Taking his cock in her hand, she let out a sigh.

“Such a pretty cock.” she murmured, her sexy accent arousing John further.

She lent forwards and gently rubbed her breasts against his cock, wanking him against her soft flesh for just a few seconds. She took a condom from the bedside table and unwrapped it. He held his cock for her and she stretched the condom over it, then wasting no time she moved herself up from where she straddled his thighs, placing her pussy against his cock. She positioned his cock against her, then lowered herself onto his hardness. John felt the warmth of her pussy around him. She started to move, slowly at first, her pussy moving up and down along the length of his cock. Her warm wetness gripped his güvenilir bahis siteleri cock, and the friction against him felt amazing. John knew that this was not a place where long sex sessions required, this was somewhere horny people came to release themselves, and he enthusiastically pumped his cock in time with her movements, while Lucy spoke softly under her breath in French. He had no idea what she was saying, but he did not care. At that moment all he wanted to do was to spunk inside Lucy’s warm cunt, to relieve all the stress and pressure that was building inside his balls.

After no more than 3 minutes, an orgasm pulsed through John’s body, his spunk squirting out into the condom in jet after jet. Lucy slowed her movements then finally stopped, leaning forwards, John felt her breasts touch his chest once more, and she gently kissed his cheek.

“I think you needed that, yes?” she said.

John smiled. He didn’t feel like speaking right at that moment, drifting along in his post orgasm euphoria.

Lucy, raised herself off him, then used a tissue to remove the condom and clean him up.

“You can have a wash in the sink if you like.”

John cleaned himself in the sink, splashing cold water across his face, bringing himself back to life.

He dressed, covering his body in his shirt and suit, leaving his tie off for now. He gave Lucy a peck on the cheek and then left the flat, walking back down the dingy stairwell and out into the sunshine of another day back in the real world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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