Molly’s Conference

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NOTE: This story is loosely based on autobiographical fact, which makes it difficult to write about. The actual facts are painful to dredge up, and even more painful to put to print. I’ve gone as far as I can with this for now. If you, the readers, request it, I’ll do the best I can to finish the story. Feedback will determine whether I finish it or not.

Another boring Monday night on second shift, and Molly knew she would have to work hard to look busy. There just wasn’t enough in the schedule to keep her busy for the eight hours she was forced to be there. Oh god, how she hated this job. Tedious, low paying, mind numbing work, but it paid the bills, sort of, if she really worked at it. The only real redeeming part of this job was that the boss was kind of cute, she thought, and if nothing else it might be fun to flirt with him some more. It was something she did on a fairly regular basis. The fact that he was married, and several years older, didn’t bother Molly too awfully much. She liked older men, especially the ones that didn’t get along with their wives all that well, and besides, they were usually more mentally stable than the young ones. She was married too, although she and her drunken husband were newly separated, so fuck it, why shouldn’t she have some fun? Besides, she hadn’t had any sex for months and the itch between her legs was getting to be too much to take. Her husband had taken to liking his alcohol more than he liked her.

The small machine she operated had a nasty tendency to jam up if she fed it parts too quickly, and that required the boss to come out of his office to repair it for her. Sometimes she jammed it on purpose if she just needed a long break, or craved some intelligent conversation. Jim, the boss, always had something interesting to say, or some fun story to tell while he fixed the machine. They had found that they had quite a bit in common, despite their age difference. Music, philosophy, even cars. She had grown up in Australia, a place he had wanted to visit, so she told him stories of her childhood, her exotic pets and her friends. They talked a lot. Molly liked him, maybe more than she would admit. She crammed parts into the feed tube of the machine, her heart pounding as a plan of seduction formed in her head. She was beginning to get mental pictures of herself bent over the work bench while Jimmy, tools in hand, rammed his huge phallus into her ass. Her pussy was beginning to drip with desire. She could feel him inside of her, could feel him driving deep into her aching body. She crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together…

“Come on baby, jam! Lock up like a virgin’s knees. Momma needs some man meat!”

The machine jammed with a quick high pitched screech and Molly smiled wickedly to herself as she hit the power switch, shutting the machine down before it did more damage than the boss could repair. Grabbing her purse, she made a detour to the women’s bathroom and added a touch of perfume to her well defined cleavage, and opening the top button on her work shirt before knocking on the boss’s door. It was hardly what she would call sexy, but it would have to do. It’s not like she could wear a mini-skirt to work in the grimy little factory, but a woman has to do with what she has on hand. What Molly had on hand was a pair of perfectly round breasts which pushed out of the tight shirt, and a sweet, innocent looking face.

“What can I do for you Moll’?”

“You can fuck me within an inch of my otherwise boring life is what you can do for me!”

“Machine locked up again, Jimmy,” she said, sweetly.

“Sure it did. Sometimes I think you do this on purpose just for the down-time.”

“Would I do that?” Innocence dripping from her voice.

He gave her a look that said; Yes, I think you would, and I’m pretty sure you do, but I can’t prove it. “Go on back to the bench and do some cleanup. I’ll be out to work on it in a minute.”

“Thanks, cutie,” she said, and wiggled her ass for him as she left the office. She hadn’t meant to call him cutie, that just slipped out, but the exaggerated ass wiggle was on purpose. She did it for him a lot. It had started out to be a joke, but now it was for real. Molly was a tease, always had been. Sometimes it got her into trouble, but mostly it got her what she wanted.

“Cute girl,” he thought, watching her wiggle out of his office, “Damn nice tits too.” He felt the stirring in his crotch just thinking of getting his hands on those sweet breasts.

“Rule one, don’t fuck the help. Never a good idea, especially if you’re married. Even if you’re married to a woman who thinks that bi-annual sex is a chore to endure. Don’t fuck the employees, ever.”

“Looks like you jammed it good this time, Moll’.”

“I know. Sorry.” “I also know how to keep you here for a while, big boy. If you would only jam me the same way it would make the night go faster…”

“So, how are things going with you otherwise?” he asked, removing the tools he needed from the kit he brought with him.

“Could be worse, I guess. I threw Dale out over the weekend. He went to live with his brother. Got tired of his ataşehir escort passing out drunk on the floor in a pool of his own beer vomit, and spending all the money I make here buying it. I think he was actually glad to go.”

“Feel like coming over and comforting me, in bed?”

“I never could understand why a guy would be like that. I’m glad I never got the taste for alcohol that some people seem to have.”

“How are things with you?” she asked, hopefully, ignoring his reply.

Suddenly his head jerked up, and he starred at the windows of the conference room, a mezzanine that rose above his office. For some unknown reason, in just the right spot on the plant floor, it seemed as though he could see movement in the darkened room. It always made him a little nervous.

“Conference room ghosts again?” she asked, and grabbed his arm in mock horror. She had seen the phenomenon too, on occasion, especially after he had told her about it.

“Yah. Weird.”

“Maybe we should go up there after work and check on that,” she offered, her voice husky, suggestive.

“Sure, let’s do that.”

He was being sarcastic. Molly was serious.

“It could take an hour or so to investigate that properly,” she said in her sexiest voice.

“Are you hitting on me?”

“It’s about time you figured that out.”

He thought about that for several seconds, weighing the options, before he replied. “It could indeed take all of an hour. Maybe two. I’m calling your bluff, Molly. Stick around, if you care to. There, your machine is fixed. Don’t be so brutal with it.” Jim packed up his tool kit and returned to his office, his heart pounding in anticipation.

“Never, never, never fuck the employees, ever!”

The buzzer went off at precisely eleven o’clock, signaling the end of the work shift. Fifteen minutes earlier Molly had hidden in the back storage room. No one noticed. She stripped off her work shirt and took off her lacey red bra, put the shirt back on and merely tied the tails of the shirt together under her breasts. Five minutes after the buzzer, the little plant was empty and quiet for the first time in seventeen hours. Jim closed the door to his office a little harder than necessary, making as much noise as he could. He hadn’t seen Molly leave, but he wasn’t totally sure she had stayed either, until he heard the door to the store room close, a little harder than was necessary.

“Hi Molly,” he said, his voice just shy of cracking. “Never, never, never!”

“Ready to investigate that ghost, or would you just like to go up there and fuck me?” she asked, sauntering up close to him, putting her hands on his waist.

“Your call,” he replied. No way was he going down for sexual harassment.

“I vote for the sex. Ghosts don’t fuck worth a crap, and I really need to get laid,” she said, and untied the shirt tails, pulled the shirt open and ran her hands over her breasts. She cupped them in her hands, flicking the tips with her thumbs. Instantly, her nipples became erect.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, “Absolutely beautiful.”

“All yours, boss, at least for the night. After that, who knows?”

He unlocked the door to the office portion of the building and Molly followed him, his arm around her naked waist, up the winding staircase to the conference room. For a small company, the conference room was surprisingly plush. Wood paneling on the walls, the good stuff, not the crap usually found in basements, and overstuffed chairs, with plush carpeting on the floor. Jim led Molly to one of the chairs, knelt in front of her, and gently removed her baggy work pants. He was a little surprised to find her wearing red lace panties under those rough jeans. Grasping her thighs, he pulled her to him, burying his face between her legs, running his tongue up the delicate lace. He could feel the dampness of her on his tongue, could smell the need of her lithe body. Molly sucked in a gulp of air and pulled his head closer, spreading her legs wider, urging him on with sharp moans. He hooked his fingers into the leg holes of the panties and ran his fingertips down the outside of her smooth mound, feeling the warmth of her firm body.

“Fuck me,” she whispered urgently, “please, I need you.”

She was the first woman to have ever said that to him, to ever admit she needed him for her happiness, for her satisfaction. In fact, Molly was the first woman to have ever seriously hit on him, and he hardly knew what to do about it. His wife had married him almost grudgingly and had shown how little she cared for him ever since. He thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Gently, he pulled the red lace towards her knees, his tongue delving between the delicate folds of her naked mound. He tasted the salty, sweet juices that flowed from her, the heady smell of her, felt her body shudder as his tongue found the tip of her clitoris. He pulled the panties off of her long legs and guided her to one of the plush chairs.

“You taste so good, Molly, I could eat you for hours.”

“We don’t have hours…” she began until his tongue once again entered her, silencing her protests. kadıköy escort Thrusting her mound toward his boring tongue, Molly groaned, pulling his head closer to her, forcing his mouth to cover her soft, hairless, pussy lips. His tongue danced inside her, pushing her to the edge of the ecstasy she needed so badly. Her hips throbbed as she ground into him, her legs spreading ever wider until she drew them up, hooking her knees over the arms of the chair and thrust herself at him, squirming, groaning, climaxing hard, harder than she could ever remember, still clutching his head in her hands. After more screaming orgasms than she could count, Molly suddenly pushed the dark head away from between her legs. Clambering off of the plush chair, now hopelessly stained with her orgasmic juices, she began pulling at Jimmy’s clothing, forcing him to stand.

“That was so good, you have a very talented tongue. I’ve never climaxed that fast before,” she murmured. “Now it’s your turn, and momma is going to make you a very happy man.”

Jimmy began unbuttoning his shirt, Molly slapped his hand away. “You don’t touch! I’m going to strip you, and then I’m going to suck you and fuck you within an inch of your miserable life,” she whispered into his ear. “When I’m done with you, I guarantee you’ll never forget me.” She began to slowly unbutton his shirt, grinding her naked hips into him, feeling the bulge in his pants throb in her belly, kissing his chest, luxuriating in the thick hair that covered it. “A man should look like a man, not some prepubescent boy. A girl should have hair on her head.” she had said.

Jimmy’s hands sought her breasts, finding the hard nipples, capturing them between his fingers as he gently squeezed the firm mounds of woman flesh. Molly eased the shirt down his arms, letting it drop onto the floor, wrapping her arms around him, pressing her breasts into his chest as she kissed him, driving her hungry tongue deep into his mouth. She eased her hands into the waistband of his loose-fitting pants, grasping his still firm ass cheeks, pulling his hips closer to her, a muted whimper escaping from her throat as she felt his hands returning the favor, grasping her warm bottom. Roughly, she pulled her hands out of his pants, fumbling at his belt and zipper, jerking the offending garments to his ankles in one motion. His cock sprang free, missing her face by a half inch. Spitting into her hands, Molly grasped the waving appendage and began to stroke the silky skin slowly, feeding it into her wet, hungry mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue. The way he moaned as she sucked him turned her on even more, and she could feel her wetness begin to form droplets at the bottom of her tight cunt. Gently, he grasped the back of her head, his hips thrusting into her, driving his pole deeper into her willing mouth.

Jimmy knew that it wouldn’t take very much longer and he would explode into Molly’s sweet, sucking mouth. He knew that’s not what either of them wanted, but damn, she was good. No woman had ever taken him as deeply as Molly did. She worked at it, eventually taking his entire cock into her throat, holding him there as he jerked his hips, pulling desperately on her beautiful auburn hair. She liked that. The fact that she could deep throat him, knowing how much he liked it, could feel the throbbing need in him, and knowing he was about to cum. She wanted that, wanted the feel of his thick ejaculate pouring down her throat, the feel of him climaxing, knowing she had pleased him.

He made an effort to pull away from her sweetly sucking mouth. Jimmy wanted his pulsing cock inside her tight pussy. She said she was going to fuck him, wanted to fuck him, and he knew that wasn’t going to happen with her throat muscles about to suck him dry. Releasing him, she smiled sweetly into his eyes. She knew what he was doing.

“Go ahead, I want you to cum in my mouth,” she whispered, “We can fuck after. I’ll have you hard again in no time, I promise. I want to feel you cum into my throat, I want to taste it. I want to feel it flowing into my stomach.” Her eyes still on his, she bent forward, retaking his pulsing member slowly between her ruby lips, her tongue dancing under the sensitive head, attacking the tiny opening , sucking hard as though gaining nourishment from the taste of him. He stroked her hair with his hands while his hips regained their thrusting. This time she moved with his thrusting, only taking a tiny portion of his urgently throbbing pole into her. Her hand grasped his cock, twisting, stroking gently, while her sweet mouth sucked firmly at the tip.

Suddenly, with a loud groan, Jimmy grasped the back of Molly’s head, his hands grasping huge handfuls of her thick hair, rammed his cock deep into her throat, the tip spurting his thick ejaculate into her wildly sucking mouth. She grasped his ass-cheeks, pulling him tightly to her, swallowing his sticky cream. Molly needed this, wanted this, and most of all, loved this. She knew she must belong to this gentle but powerful man, no matter what the circumstances were. She didn’t care. She was his to command for as long as he would bostancı escort bayan have her. She continued to suck on his slowly deflating prick, reveling in the taste of him, sucking him clean before finally releasing her oral grip on him.

“I thought you’d never stop cuming. Good thing I didn’t eat a big lunch today,” she teased. She got to her feet again, rubbing her naked body against him as she stood. Her hand went between his legs again, and she began to knead his balls, stroke his soft shaft. “You are going to fuck me you know, very soon, very hard and very nasty. I want to feel that big cock in my stomach.”

“I can’t believe how incredible that was,” he replied, stroking her face gently, “no one has ever done that to me before.”

“I want you to fulfill your fantasies with me,” she whispered. “Just don’t beat me. I don’t like pain very much.”

“That would never be an option, Molly.”

“Good, then I’m yours.”

Molly grabbed his head and kissed him, hard, her tongue driving deep into his mouth, dueling with his, her hips grinding into him. She curled a leg around his thigh, locking him to her as she rubbed her mound against him, moaning out her fresh orgasm into his open mouth. She could feel him getting hard again, surprised it was happening so soon, happy that it was. He slipped a hand between them grasping his rapidly inflating prick, directing it to her dripping wet vagina, easily entering her. Molly squealed in delight as she felt him harden inside her. Suddenly, he grasped her firm ass cheeks in both hands, lifting her off of the floor. She wrapped both legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as he rammed his stiff member deep into her wanton body. Molly’s head jerked back, her long thick hair a fine mist fanning out as she ground and bounced on his skewering pole, groaning and panting. Never had a man satisfied her craving for rough, passion-filled sex like this man, and she wasn’t about to let him merely cum in her mouth and leave her. Married or not, this was a keeper. She would be his mistress. Whatever it took to keep him. She didn’t care, as long as she could feel him inside her like he was now, making her climax, making the silver and blue stars explode inside her tightly shut eyes, making her pussy throb as it never had before. She could feel her own juices dripping onto the thick carpeting, giving her a perverse thrill to think that the company president would be holding conferences, walking on her dried pussy juice. She climaxed again with a shriek, her fingernails raking his back.

Jimmy could feel her climax, amazed that he was able to satisfy her so easily. With his wife it took an hour, usually more, to get a half-hearted moan out of her, and the sex was boring. She usually bitched through the whole thing. Sometimes so much that he just gave up, rolled off of her and went to sleep, and that seem to please her more than the sex ever did. A quick glance at the clock told him that he and Molly had been together less than an hour and he knew she had climaxed more in that time than his wife had in their ten years of marriage. He was a man again.

Molly released her death grip on his waist, sliding down his torso to her knees, his hard flesh drawing a damp line up her stomach and then between her firm breasts. She captured his pulsing member, squeezing her breasts together with the palms of her hands, stroking him slowly, letting him watch the pink head of his cock appear and disappear between her ample bosoms.

“Would you like to put that someplace new?” she asked breathlessly.

“Like where?”

“Like, lay down on the floor and I’ll show you. Unless of course you have a problem with fucking me in the ass.”

Jimmy almost choked. That was another thing off limits with his wife. Nonnegotiable off limits. Don’t even bother fantasizing about it nonnegotiable, and Molly wanted to do it.

“No, I don’t have a problem doing that,” he replied, hoping he didn’t sound too anxious. Reluctantly, he pulled his shaft from between her breasts, stooped to kiss her sensuous lips and lay on the floor beside her. Molly grinned down at him and took his shaft in her hand as she straddled his hips.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Oh, hell yes,” she replied, “my husband thinks it’s disgusting, but I like it. A lot.”

She lowered herself slowly onto his rigid meat, easing him back into her warm, soft pussy. She could feel the juices flowing again inside her, bathing his rigid cock, lubricating him. He throbbed inside her, she could almost feel the blood flowing through the big vein that kept him erect. As their hips met, she rocked back and forth on him, stimulating her hardened clitoris until she felt his fingers tighten around her thighs. Quickly she rose off of him and redirected his cock head to her puckered anus. Lowering herself onto him, Molly relaxed as much as she could, reveling in the feelings as he entered her. This was the part she liked most. The first feeling of invasion. She remembered having the same feelings the first time she had anal sex in college on a dare. One of her sorority sisters dared her to do it, and then picked out the guy for her. It turned out that the “sister” didn’t really like Molly very much and picked out the guy with the biggest cock she knew of to be the one to do her. Molly became the guy’s anal whore for the rest of the term.

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