Mom Cheats and Son Wins Ch. 01

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It all started as a normal day as Junior got off the bus and came home from looking for a job, only this time a lot earlier, with no luck. He graduated a few years ago but just couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He walked up to the front door figuring he could just get drunk as he looked at the van parked out front that said “Jones Plumbing” on the side.

“$500? Wow that’s a lot of money…you sure we can’t work something out?” Junior heard his mom say as he walked into the house. He looked around the corner into the kitchen and saw his mom wearing a robe and talking to a man in a t-shirt and jeans wearing a tool belt. Junior was about to say hi when he saw his mom start to loosen the top of her robe, unveiling those big tits of hers. Junior could just stare as her tits came into view in front of a total stranger.

“Was mom going to fuck this guy?” Junior thought as he could feel his cock getting hard.

“Uh yea…I’m sure we could work something out.” The man said as he reached out for one of her tits and started playing with it. Junior had only seen his mom’s breasts once and then it was only for a split-second before she covered up again. She had full breasts with pink areolas and nipples that were large. His mom, Angie, opened her robe all the way and dropped it behind her as she smiled looking up at the man as he let his fingers do the walking on her tits. Junior could see his mom had a hairy pussy and that got him even harder as he finally had to take his meat out of his pants as it was starting to hurt pressing against his jeans. Junior slowly unzipped his fly and reached in to pull his rock hard cock out of his boxers. His cock stood straight up as he wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke it nice and slow while he watched the show unfolding before him. Angie got on her knees in front of the plumber and started rubbing güvenilir bahis his bulge that looked huge from where Junior was standing. The plumber stared down at her as she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down far enough that his cock sprung out.

“Wow,” Angie cooed as she stroked his engorged cock, “this cock looks like it needs some attention.” And with that she started licking the length of the shaft with her tongue down to his ball sack and back to the head, which she circled and then went back down again. After a few times she took the stranger’s cock in her mouth and started sucking him for all she was worth. This brought moans from the man as he put a hand on the back of her head, pushing his cock out with his hips to meet her hot mouth. Junior never looked at his mom in a sexual way but this changed everthing. She always had a nice body, a little chubby, but nice. She was about 5’5, brunette hair that went to her shoulders and brown eyes. Her tits were about 38d he guessed and they hung a little low and were fucking hot in Junior’s opinion as he watched them sway with the motion of her sucking cock. Junior could feel himself getting ready to explode and saw pre-cum forming on the tip of his cock so he slowed his hand down a little as he watched his mom in action.

“Sluurp..mmmhmm” Angie was making the dirtiest sounds imaginable as she took the man’s meat into her mouth sometimes taking it out and stroking it or rubbing it on her face.

“Fuck you can suck a cock woman.” The plumber moaned as Angie smiled around his cock and winked in reply. “Oooooaaaaahhhh fuck me oh fuCK MEEEE!!!” The man started bucking his hips and his knees looked weak as Angie started to suck faster and deeper, her tits jiggling. Just then she came off his cock as cum was already shooting out of it. It hit her lips and chin and then spurt onto her tits as Angie stroked türkçe bahis it for all it was worth. Junior couldn’t help himself and came all over the carpet in front of and got some on the wall before he aimed his cock toward the floor. It was all he could to do to keep from moaning himself as he came incredibly hard. Angie got up and grabbed a kitchen towel and started to wipe the cum off her face and tits. The plumber, still in shock it appeared, started to buckle up his pants and then gathered his tools.

“Am I paid in full then?” Angie said standing in the nude with a stream of cum still on her neck.

“Yea…we’re good…see you next time.”

Just then Junior figured out that he better disappear before they find him and hurriedly put his cock back into his pants and quietly went out the front door and ran down the street.

Later that night he returned home late for dinner. His mom and dad were at the table already.

“Thanks for making it on time.” Angie said obviously perturbed. After sitting down Junior looked at his mom and said, “so did the plumber come today and fix that leak?”

“Yes he sure did. It shouldn’t give us anymore problems.” Angie said without looking up.

“How much did it cost?” Junior asked.


Wow. That’s a lot…had you over a barrel huh?”

Angie looked at him then back down to her food.

“So what was wrong with it?”

Angie explained the parts that he used and how he fixed it.

“Wow mom that’s quite a mouthful.” Junior said smiling at his mom.

His mom stared at Junior this time with a quizzical look on her face while her husband continued eating oblivious to the veiled messages.

“So he really layed some pipe huh mom?” Junior asked.

“Um..son can you help me with dessert?

“Sure mom.” Junior got up and followed his mom.

When they güvenilir bahis siteleri got to the kitchen Angie asked, “what is that all about??”

“What mom? I’m just asking you about your day.”

“What are you getting at with your little comments?”

Junior stared at his mom, seeing her in a whole different light.

“What?” Angie asked feeling uncomfortable by the way her son was staring at her.

“Oh nothing….well except that I came home early today and saw that the plumber was here.”

“Oh no.” Angie whispered. “you didn’t see anything…did you?”

“Just you and him in the kitchen.” Junior smiled. Angie turned white as she heard this then collected herself.

“Well you saw something that you weren’t supposed to see and I’m sorry but you know that you can’t mention this to your father? You know this would crush him if he found out. “

“Oh I know.”

“Then we’re good right?” Angie said hopefully.

“Sure, but I need you to meet me in the shed in 20 minutes.”

“What? Why?”

“20 minutes. And wear nothing but a white t-shirt and those little white jogging shorts.”

“I most certainly will not and if you try to tell your father he won’t believe you.” Angie hissed obviously very pissed off.

“Ok,” Junior said as he took out his cell phone, “will he believe this?” He showed his mom the screen, which showed a picture of her rubbing the plumber’s cock on her face. He pressed a button and it showed her with cum all over her chin and tits. “These phones really zoom in good don’t they?” Angie was looking off to the side in another world.

“20 minutes?” Junior asked as he put away the phone and reached out and put his hand on his mom’s arm.


“See you then.”

Almost half an hour later Angie opened the door to the shed and walked in.

“Hi mom.” Junior said as he looked at his mom in a t-shirt with no bra and jogging shorts that he hoped there were no panties under.


*Chapter 2 will be out soon-please send your comments about the story. I love chatting with people about this subject.

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