Mom Leaves Town, Incest Follows Ch. 02

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To the reader:

I am not an English major. My writing skills have much to desire. I’m just a guy with a story to tell. Bear with me and do your best to get into the heart of the story. It’s about lust for the forbidden fruit. In this case, my innocent young daughter. I hope you can visualize her naked little body as I describe our incestuous behavior.

I am here for two reasons, first, my way of confessing my warped actions with my daughter, second, I know there are many people who get a lot enjoyment from reading about incest. I hope you can find it here, I have.

Yours truly, Peter

Part two: Continuation of my secret incestuous relationship with my daughter, Lisa.

Peter here again,

I am exhausted from having to split my sex life between two sex maniacs! My lovely wife, Anna and my sexy, sweet daughter, Lisa. Since I work from home, it seems like these two whores always know where to find me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having both my daughter and my wife as personal fuck toys! As stated before, because of my vasectomy, I can’t get either one or them pregnant .

My wife doesn’t know I am having sex with our daughter. It has been extremely challenging for me to keep up sexually with these two ladies! For my survival I have to bring these two special girls together with me in the middle. I have a plan and have already put it into motion. At this point neither one of my little whores knows what I am up to. But more about the plan later…

My wife has a pretty good set work schedule which she pencils in on our desk calendar. It varies from time to time, but for most of the time I can trust it. Lisa’s schedule is basically set around her school classes. But since she is in on our sneaky behavior we have learned to get the sex in when we can.

She is so fucking hot and young I really enjoy the game. Quick touches, flashing of that sweet pussy, tit shots, whatever we can get away with. Sometimes the three of us will be in the kitchen cooking and as she passes me, without mom seeing, I’ll feel her touch my cock. One time I look at her and she had cucumber in her pussy teasing me. She plays way more dangerous with her mom around then I would ever dare.

Ever since my daughter and I have been having our secret rendezvous, we have been getting pretty creative! One of güvenilir bahis our fantasies is based on what my daughter is studying in school. As I mention before, she is studying to be a massage therapist.

We went shopping for a top of the line, massage table. One I knew that was not for her to take out of the house. This one was for me. One I would enjoy my sexual activities on with my young whore. My wife would never suspect that I was fucking our baby girl on it when she was gone.

With all of our lotions and sexual toys in order, it was time to play.

Lisa really played the part, paying close attention to every detail. The mood was set, I came into the room for my appointment. A sexual scent of perfume was in the air, with soft music playing in the background. The lights were dim, candles were lit, and I could clearly see my slut standing there!

There she was waiting for her daddy to arrive. Every bit of 5′ in height and 100lbs. of sheer beauty. She had on a pair of light blue, skin tight, boy shorts. Fucking hot as hell!! The shirt was a form fitted, low cut, spaghetti strap type, stopped a little above her navel. Those perky little titties sticking right through! That tiny little frame of a woman was screaming out, “fuck me as hard as you can daddy!”

All I was sporting was a pair of cotton pajama pants, a tee shirt and sandals.

At this point I was fucking hard as a rock, drooling, just wanting to eat her little, fresh, tight pussy! She said softly “hello daddy, I see you are right on time, come this way.”

Her small hand reached out to mine and lead me to the table. As she held my hand with one, she put her other hand in my pants rubbing my cock, moving her hand up and down my hard shaft. She was so sexually excited, those perky nipples poking right through that thin shirt.

She kissed me with such passion and loves when I stick my tongue out and she sucks on it like she does my dick. So fucking hot!

She said to me, “I wish all of my friends could see how hot my daddy is and how fucking big his cock is and how sweet it taste. If only they knew what kind of whore I was for you daddy, they would be so jealous.”

Pre-cum was oozing all over my pajama pants. I could barely stand it.

I discovered a long time ago if I was going out chasing pussy, I türkçe bahis would always go commando. That way shoes would come off, then the pants would fly, and so they did!

My daughter was playing this whole game out with every detail. I laid face down on the table and waited for those tiny smooth hands to start touching me. I was so fucking aroused, all I wanted to do was to plant my seed deep into my baby girl’s hole. My cock was twitching below me with excitement!

She moved up by my head and applied a little warmed edible oil on my back and started to rub alone the sides of my spine. leaning in to reach about midway of my ass. Making sure her tits were firmly pressing on the back of my neck. She would gently kiss and bite me as she leaned in. Back up she came, rubbing in all of the places one would expect a masseuse to rub. Up and down she traveled.

A couple of minutes later she started to walk down the side of the table. Her hand stayed on my body and I could feel her nails gently scratching me as she moved down my back. She slid her hand between my ass making sure to rub my anus then my balls then back up to my anus.

She played there for a few minutes, rubbing and pushing as if she was going to penetrate my ass. My god, the suspense of what she was going to do was fucking killing me. Her other hand was caressing and massaging my balls. I opened my legs so she had full access to me!

She moved back up to my head softly whispering in my ear, “daddy I want to fuck you so bad.” She quickly undressed herself and climbed up on to my back facing my legs. I could feel her hot, wet pussy rubbing against my naked body as she was sliding up and down. She was purring like little a kitten.

She leaned down putting her face to the back of my balls. She was fucking licking every place she was just rubbing. She started to press her tongue hard against my asshole but not entering in. Down to my balls, back and forth she traveled with that wicked tongue. She was a master at the balance of going in my ass, but all of a sudden, not!

The sensation’s was unbelievable! I couldn’t lay still. I thought I was going to explode with cum everywhere! Then she would pull back. Where in the fuck did she get these skills from? My daughter is a fucking slut and I love it!

I flipped myself over without güvenilir bahis siteleri even changing her stride. At this point I was on my back facing that unbelievable backside of my baby. I immediately slid her back with one swift motion. Her tiny frame conformed to my sexual request. I started to bury my face into that smooth, wet slit. The smell of pussy was so satisfying to my soul! I licked and sucked on her cunt, lapping up every drop of her precious, pearly cream. She was cumming everywhere. She was panting and squealing like a little school girl!

As I enjoyed face fucking my daughter, she was just as busy giving me the best blow job any man could ask for. She would shift from inhaling my stiff cock to sucking on my balls. I could hear her gagging as she took the whole thing down her throat. Her hand would continually stroke my shaft coming up to the tip with that thumb roll and down with a steady twist and a firm hold on me.

I was about to explode with cum down her throat when I remembered she made it quite clear that I was to shoot my cum deep into her pussy. I flipped her over and smothered her little body with mine. I had full control of that fragile whore! I shoved my cock in her pussy with no mercy! I drove it like a stake in the ground! Her legs were wide open begging me for more!

She let out this sound of pure satisfaction, screaming “I want you daddy, I need you daddy! Daddy please don’t ever stop loving me this way! Fuck me, fuck me she kept saying. Promise me we will always do this forever!” She started to cry like an abandon child with a broken heart making me promise I would always be there for her.

At that moment of full emotions I exploded with cum, I drove my cock as far in my baby’s hole as I could reach. With full reception she lunged her body up towards me to receive every drop of my creamy nectar. Her nails were digging into my back, her legs were wrapped around mine tight. Our bodies were locked together in such a fashion, what a special moment for both of us! I could feel her womanhood repeatedly milking me for every drop!

We were soaking wet with love juices. We were swimming in sweat. She was licking and kissing my neck and my shoulders with such passion. I have never felt such love from any person before in my life. Not even my sweet beautiful wife has ever shown such a need for me.

As I slowly came off of her she put her hand down between her legs playing with my cum as it flowed from her pussy. She brought her cum covered fingers back up to her mouth and just tasted it with such pleasure.

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