Mom Rubs Away the Pain

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It started innocently enough. My son, Cam, though 19, still lives at home while he goes to school. Over the holidays, he had spent several nights at his friend’s apartment, which usually means they stay up to all hours and then he falls asleep on a couch or the floor. So when he returned, his back was aching. He had had his girlfriend of over a year, Brittany, giving him back rubs, but asked, as he walked through the door, if I would have time to work on him.

“Sure honey. I’ll be down later,” I said.

I kept busy through most of the evening and almost forgot my promise. It was around 11:00 when I finally remembered and went down to his room, the only bedroom on that floor, to see him. I said goodnight to my husband as he headed off to bed saying, “Cam needs a back rub. I’ll be there in while.”

Cam visibly brightened as I entered.

“I didn’t want to bother you mom. Oh man, my back really hurts. It has been for a couple days. Brittany has been massaging it, but it didn’t really help.”

“I’m sorry. I guess I just let it slip my mind, but I can help now. Roll over on your stomach.”

He eagerly complied, taking his shirt off in the process so I wouldn’t have to lift it up. I climbed onto the bed, placing my legs on either side of his hips, essentially sitting on his bottom. I started on his shoulders, my hands moving in tandem as I made scrunching motions with my fingers and then a circular pattern as I slipped down to his shoulder blades. He let out a grunt of satisfaction as I found the source of this discomfort, in center, along his spine. I rubbed my palms together, to create some warmth and laid them on the affected area. Then using my finger tips, I combed the skin, as if detangling the knotted muscles.

I could feel the tension leave his frame and he breathed more deeply, releasing the occasional small noise of pleasure. I must confess, I greatly enjoyed my task, primarily because my interaction with him had naturally decreased as he grew up and found pursuits outside our home. He rarely required my attention, and certainly not for physical comfort, aside from these occasional massages, so I took great pleasure from these instances.

I had always thought, like most mothers do, that my son was enormously good looking. His face handsome with a strong chin. His frame was well made with very broad shoulders, tapering in the classic V shape to his waist. His arm and chest muscles, perfectly defined as was the six pack on his torso. That would be enough to appeal to the girls, but his personality sealed the deal. Sometimes mischievous and sly, but always he displayed good humor and made them laugh. Looks and charm, a double threat that often eased his parent’s wrath when he’d done something wrong.

I mused on that as I continued to manipulate his muscles and worked down his back. I lowered my hands with each circular stroke, until I arrived at the top of his butt, again using my fingertips to pull imaginary tangles. He must have unbuttoned his jeans before lying down as the waistband had slid down exposing his boxers which were very low on his hips, allowing me to reach bare skin, right to his tail bone. As I worked on that area, he rocked to one side then flattened out again, with a sigh.

I started once again at the top of his body and then slowly and more methodically, with lighter touching, I descended until I returned to his lower torso.

“Mmmmmmmm…., ” he said. “That feels so good.”

In all this time, he hadn’t said a word. It surprised me how quiet we both had been.

“Good, I’m glad it’s helping. Does it hurt at the bottom of your spine?”

“Yes, can you rub that more,” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied then went back to it.

As I went through my routine, I became mesmerized by my activity. Massage, of course, has a sensual element I’ve always enjoyed and though I knew Cam is my son, my own sexual energy was clearly present. I had always ignored it in the past, but I was now aware he was moving in some kind of rhythm under me. That, shockingly, sent a thrill through my pelvis. I couldn’t be getting off, could I?

“Why did you stop?”

“Huh? Wasn’t this enough?” I tried desperately to cover and to find a reason to leave. I was embarrassed and disappointed in myself.

“No. Can you please do a little more?” He was wheedling me.

“O.K. Sure.” I was so flustered I didn’t want to behave guiltily so I resumed.

I breathed deep, then güvenilir bahis went back to the “safe” area of his upper back.

“No, mom. My lower back.”

“Alright honey.”

I did as he asked, trying hard to focus on nothing else but the fact he was my son. It didn’t work, I couldn’t do it. As I continued my efforts, he moved under me, not quite undulating, nothing as perceptible as that, but in some kind of pattern that insinuated sex and the effect on me was unmistakable. I could feel tingles in my pussy. Now, I had to wonder, was he also getting off on me?

“Mom, please. Just a little more?”

“Uh, are you sure?”

“Yes. Just a few more minutes.”

“Just a few, then I’m done.”

I was so confused and excited. I didn’t want to run away for fear of raising suspicions or making him feel uncomfortable, but I would not be able to keep this up for much longer. The heat in my pussy was distracting. I was sure I was moist. This was so forbidden, to obtain sexual gratification in this fashion, but it only served to heighten my arousal. Intoxicated by these feelings, I was not thinking straight. Once again I became lost in the sensation of hands on skin and my labia pressing against his bottom through the material of my jeans. If we kept this up, I was truly in danger of climaxing.

In a momentary lapse of judgment, at least I told myself that later, I remained seated on his rump and then, inexplicably, I allowed myself to cum. Not with any vigor, but quietly, letting the buzz creep from my clit, along my thighs and up my torso. It was shattering. I struggled to keep my breathing even and hands moving as if I were still massaging Cam.

I couldn’t immediately discern if he knew what had just occurred. At loss as for what to do next, I resumed my task. Possibly a just a bit longer and then I could make my guilt ridden escape, but that was not to be. In just a few seconds, Cam released a groan and his body became very still. Oh my gosh, he too had cum. Stunned, I stopped.

“Mom?” Cam’s voice was very low.

“Yes”, I managed to choke out.

“That was good. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome dear.” I assumed at that point, we wouldn’t be discussing what just happened and I couldn’t utter the necessary words to start it off anyway. I lifted my leg to dismount him and stood up and turned to go.



“If my back hurts tomorrow, can I have another massage?”

Taken aback though I was, there was only one answer I could give, “of course Cam.” I left the room.

Once clear of Cam’s vicinity, I nearly collapsed. So many conflicting feelings overtook me, chief amongst them, I had a sexual climax with my son. How would I ever face him again? Would he feel guilty and be unable to speak to me. I didn’t want to damage our relationship. He could be embarrassed or worse, angry at me, and just move out.

I staggered up the stairs in terrible misery.

Morning dawned uncharacteristically bright for a winter day. Or maybe I shrank from it as I felt it like it was a spotlight shining on the shame that overwhelmed me. I could barely make it out of bed and to work. I doubted that I really ever went to sleep so much as passed out from exhaustion. As Cam’s classes would not start for another two weeks, it wasn’t surprising that I didn’t see him before I left.

When I arrived home that afternoon, I was grateful to go directly to my room for a shower in an attempt to both revive my aching body and wash my “sins” away, as it were. I stood under almost scalding water until it ran cold. Laying on my bed, wrapped in my robe, I contemplated what I would do when I eventually left the confines of the bedroom. Could I just go on with my business and if Cam was here, wait for him to come across me? Should I seek him out? The whole proposition was rendered moot when he knocked on my door.

“Mom, are you in there?” He didn’t sound upset.

“Yes I’m in here. The door is unlocked, come in.” I couldn’t ask him to leave.

“Hi!” He said cheerfully, customary smile on his face.

“Hello. What have you been up to today?” I keyed off his non-chalant tone.

“Ah, not a lot. I was tired so I slept in today. I’ve only been up a couple hours. How was your day?” Again, no trace of recrimination or embarrassment was evident in his manner. The only thing that aroused my suspicion was the way he was, seemingly, examining me.

“You know how it goes. First day türkçe bahis back after a holiday is always a drag. I just had to take a shower, for medicinal purposes. Is there something you wanted?”

I tried a question so he could tell me what was up and then maybe leave, allowing me to dress. I was suddenly uncomfortable under his gaze, being as I was dressed only in a cotton robe, of which I was now acutely aware, was sticking to my body. I could see my nipples clearly poking against the fabric.

“Nah, I just wanted to say hi and see what might be for dinner. I’m hungry. You know how it is at John’s house, no real food. I’m looking forward to some of Mom’s cooking.” He said those innocuous words all the while studying me the entire time.

Now truly wishing he would leave, but not wanting to insult Cam, I thought quickly about the meal. “I was just going to fix some burgers, but let me get dressed and in the kitchen so I can find something better for you.” He came over to me, bent down and kissed my forehead.

“Ok! That would be great! Thanks.” Then he turned and left.

Shaking from the adrenaline rush induced by my fear, I managed to get up and pull some jeans and a long sleeved shirt on, though in the rush, I did take note that there was moisture between my legs as I yanked on my panties. I could only berate myself further as a pervert.

Sitting in the living room later that evening, having sat through the meal like a ghost and making a supreme effort to be normal, Cam bounded into the room.

“My back is still really sore. Could you give it another rub tonight? Please?”

I couldn’t imagine what he was thinking. Was he expecting a repeat performance? Didn’t he know what happened last night? I made a mistake in pondering that as my silence attracted the attention of my husband.

“Jackie? Did you hear what Cam asked?” He looked at me. “Jackie?”

“Huh yeah. I’m sorry. I didn’t hear, I was distracted. What Cam?” I lied.

Perfect begging smile in place, “Please come rub my back out again tonight? I really messed it up this time.”

“Yeah, sure! No problem. I’ll come do it now.” Trying to think ahead, if I did it now, my husband was up and therefore nothing untoward could happen because he could walk in.

“Oh, not now. Could you wait some? I’m in the middle of an online game with John. I just came up to get a drink, he’s waiting for me.” He obviously was out thinking me and wanted to be alone or it was as he said. I’d have to wait to find out.

“Fine darling. Let me know when you are ready.”

“Ok! About an hour, maybe less?”

“Ok.” My husband would be in bed by then. I felt a surge as that thought entered my mind. Why? I couldn’t be looking forward to this?

When my husband got up for bed, he reminded me, as he had last night, to go see Cam. “You know you love to give him back rubs Momma. Just like he was still your little boy.” He laughed at me. I laughed in return.

“Yeah, he’ll always be my baby, huh?” I weakly offered.

In what I thought of as walking to my doom, I headed downstairs. Cam was just saying goodbye to his friend via the online game. He saw me coming and fell onto the bed, face down sans shirt. “I’m ready! It’s better than last night, but still sore.”

I sat down on the edge of then Cam turned on his side towards me. I was startled to see he had a hard on. “Cam, I don’t think these massages are a good idea. There is something…”

He interrupted me, taking my hand, placing it on his stiff cock. He looked at me, imploringly, hopefully.

“Cam, this is not right and worse, it is dangerous.” I said it, in a whisper. I said it though I could feel my heart was beating wildly in my crotch. The contact with his dick had ignited my lust. My body desired nothing less than a good fucking at this moment, but I had to fight the temptation. Cam said nothing in response, but kept his hand on mine which was firmly on his rigid member.

“Please, understand. It is common for boys to love their mothers. I know this, but there are reasons we don’t allow sex between parents and sons or daughters.” Even as I was essentially begging him to let me off the hook, I could not help but enjoy the sensations coursing through me and I had even “adjusted” my hand on him, a few times, my will dissolving and then giving in to jacking him.

Quietly, we looked into each other’s eyes as I stroked his cock, the tension thick in the air until he güvenilir bahis siteleri rolled me over him in one swift movement and kissed me. Deeply and thoroughly. I was powerless to resist, my hunger was uncontrollable. I matched his ardor. As we orally consumed each other, we both ground into each other’s pelvis. My legs were completely open as we dry humped like writhing snakes. I could not get enough of his mouth. I could not press into him hard enough. Such was my excitement that in a few minutes, as the night before, I was cumming simply from the motion and stimulation of my clit on my clothing.

Through our entwined tongues, I exclaimed my climax. Cam pushed and shoved against me even more strenuously, obviously in response to my release. We continued our mating dance, through our clothing until I could sense his impending apex. Cam abruptly stopped, leaping off me to his feet. He violently stripped his clothes off, his raging cock sprang forth from his boxers. He then began ripping at mine. I did what I could to help, but my eyes were glued to his dick. Longer than his father’s, I yearned to feel it tear into me.

After much fumbling, I was naked. Cam, using his knee to spread my legs further open, centered himself, his cock in my field of vision, a single drop of moisture, precum I imagined, visible on the tip. How I wanted to lick it, taste it. He tilted my chin so we could make eye contact.

“I love you mom. I’ve always wanted this. I hoped you wanted me. Let me make love to you.”

I could only nod as I stared into his face. He lowered his body, his knob, brushing my opening. Mouthing the words, once again, he said, “I love you mom” as he drove his cock into my hot and eager wet pussy. As my flesh, compressed around his rushing flesh, I could not contain myself and came in a thundering crash, trying hard to stifle a cry. Cam immediately brought his hand up, gently over my lips. “SHHhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I nodded and exhaled, wrapping my arms around his neck. He began, probably as slowly as he could manage, to move his hips, thrusting firmly into place from which he had emerged 19 years ago. That thought inflamed me even more, though I’d never ever allowed myself to think of it this before. I held onto him, lifting my hips towards him, straining to take in as much of him as I could. I consciously worked the muscles in my cunt in an effort to massage his dick, like a slippery hand.

Cam must have felt it as he smiled. “That feels good mom. Brittany never did that.”

He quickened his pace and started to really smack into me. With each entry, I felt him more deeply but I still wanted more. “Harder baby, please harder. I want you as far in as you can get.”

Smiling, he stopped for a second to throw my legs over his shoulders. “How about this? I always get deeper with Brit like this.”

As he roughly penetrated me in this position, I almost screamed again. Cam clamped his hand down on my mouth, but not with violence. “Shhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Cam began in earnest to fuck hard, the intensity, exquisite. His cock was sliding, gliding through my slick and dripping tunnel. I didn’t even try to slow my orgasm and was grateful for his hand over my face as I would surely have shrieked. I came in massive tremors. The convulsions wracking my entire body. I could no longer push against him in this position, but I still managed to rock, in great spasms against him, furthering my cum. An endorphin induced haze engulfed my body and mind as I laid there, taking all Cam could give me. I came quickly again, or maybe, still.

Cam, pleasure written on his face, seemed to enjoy what he was doing to his mother, as much as she did. I was surprised he could last this long, what a great lover he was. He pounded yet harder into me and then, finally, I could feel him jerk, his rhythm breaking, but he struggled to keep his tempo.

“Please mom….cum…one…more…”

Hearing that, my son pleading with me to cum, I instantly complied. Mother and son, came together. Harsh breathing, spasms and shudders. His cock shot off in me like a fire hose. Spurt after spurt of hot fluid surged into my womb, the place where he was conceived. I came again as the thoughts came flooding over me. Cam maintained a steady in and out, the juice of our lust already beginning to leak out of me. Sucking wet sounds emanating from our union as mother and son continued to mate.

It was as if we both did not want to stop, let the magic dissipate, but eventually Cam removed my legs from around him, lowered his body and rested on top of me. “Is this ok? Am I too heavy?”

“No you aren’t, baby. It feels good.”

We lay there for a while, trying to gain our composure.

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