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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Gene is at loose ends. He’s my son. He finished up his first year and he’s home for the summer. About one month into it. His girl, well, maybe not really his girl. I think it’s one of those ‘I will if you will’ kind of things. I saw his hand down on her buns when they were going out the door. Anyway, she’s off on a six week trip. They actually go to different colleges.

I was getting the willies in me and thought I might play around with him some this summer. Just for fun. See how it went. Not that much if it was awkward. He came up from downstairs, what we used to call the basement, and said, “The dryers done. Want me to fold?” Gene is always helpful around the house, more so since we lost Jack.

I said, “Sure, thanks.” Well, this was working out good. There was a big bright folding table to spread everything out on with a wheeled chair to move back and forth. The wash had a lot of my panties and bras and nighties. Some were see-through and small, thin soft bras, a couple of thongs, socks and tops and shorts. I would love to see him handling my undies. I always folded those things myself. The chair would practically put his nose in them.

Gene and I are always fairly practical with each other. I even explained how to put on a condom once. We used a hot dog. Not cooked so it was sort of loose but it worked. Gene giggled a lot but we got through it. I tried to hold the hot dog daintily and I think that’s what he was giggling about. He started to make a comment about the whole thing but cut himself off at the last second.

I put the clothes away when he was done. Everything was folded neatly. The next day, early evening, Gene surprised me. We were in the den with some music on. I think folding the clothes was working on him. He said, “Mom, I was wondering how you were doing. Handling things. I mean personally.”

I smiled at him and said, “I’m fine. I don’t pine away or go to sleep crying or anything like that. Life is what it is. I don’t want to get back on the bandwagon. I miss being personal with someone now and then. Not that often. Jack and I used to have really nice sexy hugs before bed. Not all the time. I miss those.”

“Hey, I do nice hugs,” he said. “Your son the stud.”

“Really,” I said. “I wouldn’t want to embarrass you, well, not too much anyway. Those hugs were sexy, especially when we were dressed for bed. Once you start it’s not easy to stop.”

“Well, give me a try,” he said. “If you like it we can try it again later, see how it goes.” He stood up, waiting. I was thinking about later but I really did want to now so I stood up.

Gene had his flip-flops on so he was almost flat footed. I had my buffered running shoes on which gave me a little more height. He was 5ft10 and I was 5ft8 so we were a pretty good match body wise. I was slim and so was he. We also got good exercise so we were good there. I had thin summer shorts on with thin panties and a top with a normal bra. Gene was about the same. Probably boxers. No t-shirt, just a knit top.

I stood up and we were looking in each other’s eyes. He had a half smile and so did I. This was purely an experiment for both of us. I raised my arms to his shoulders and he put his hands on my waist. I moved in a little tighter and got my arms around his neck. He slid his hands around on my back, one in the center about the middle and the other below that one.

I said, “I’m nervous.”

He said, “Me too.”

I could feel his lower fingers touching just at the top of my buns. I pressed in enough to feel his hips touch mine and he tilted his head and we kissed. I thought we were just going to hug but it couldn’t be helped. Just too natural. I tilted my thighs outwards pushing my middle out just that little bit out of habit. His lower hand moved down about three inches or so and pressed on my buns. I think I caused him to go ahead and do that. I felt him more. He seemed a little bigger.

He didn’t tongue me yet but our mouths were open some and I felt a flick against my lips. We broke kissing and got our cheeks together. My eyes were closed and I was breathing a little more. He said, “Is this ok?” I nodded ‘yes’ against his cheek. He was still getting bigger and making a nice impression. Also filling up my space down there.

I said, “How long should we do this?” It got me more than I thought it would and I didn’t quite know where to go from here.

“As long as you want,” he said. “I’m having fun.” I nodded ‘yes’ again against his cheek. He was really up pretty good so I kissed him again and pressed in a little and held it there. He wasn’t clearly defined with the clothes we had on but it sure felt good, more so because it was a real dick. I wasn’t going to get crazy. He actually got harder and it got better.

I got some moans out and our tongues did run against each other, güvenilir bahis mostly to see if we wanted to I think. It was a little while later that I realized his hand was down at the bottom of my buns playing down a little in my butt crack. I felt him pull his stomach in and his dick pressed into me more. He didn’t move it around. I think he was waiting to see how much I wanted from him.

I said, “Thank you. I really needed that. I’m going get a little wine and breathe.” Gene smiled and watched me going down the hall to the kitchen. I saw him when I turned the corner, still smiling. Maybe he was watching my butt wiggle. My face was a little flushed. I stopped and closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. When I sat down I squeezed my whole crotch together tightly.

I thought the thing to do was sit around and have a rambling conversation about us hugging and stuff. I wasn’t kidding myself, I got turned on and loved every second of it. From his reaction he did to. We didn’t get to talk. We both were busy doing other stuff. Along about bed time I changed into a sleep bra and a whispy gown, not too long, about mid-thigh. I didn’t have any pants on but I thought I should.

I looked through my stash of panties and got out a pair that didn’t hide my buns and were hanging down loose around the legs. They didn’t have elastic along the legs or waist but a stretchy light knit hem. They were accessible. I wanted to give him an opportunity without saying ‘Look what you can do’. If he got on my buns again he would actually be on my buns. Besides, these pants would let me feel him a lot more and he would probably be fairly hard the whole time, maybe real hard.

I was in the kitchen first. When Gene got there we talked each other into a glass of wine and went off to the den. He had boxers on. They were swiveled around his waist slightly, probably so he wouldn’t pop out. Nothing else at all and there was a clear outline in his boxers already. You can dim the lights in the den so the tv is nicer and there’s a long couch there. I came close to commenting whether he wanted to hug standing up or stretched out but didn’t. Wow, was I in the mood.

I took a sip of wine and sat my glass down and turned around. If he was going to sit down I was too. He was smiling with his hands out. Hug time. I smiled and casually got around his neck. It wasn’t little woman down there and big guy up there. It was little vagina down there, nice boobs up here, and big dick down there. Maybe I shouldn’t have thought that. There was some background noise from the a/c and the lights were down so a nice mood.

I kissed his lower lip then moved up to both. I felt his tongue touch my lips and I opened to let him play in a little. I loved feeling his tongue between my lips, opening them up more. I enjoyed it a moment or two and shyly got mine in play. About that time we both got a deeper breath and our bodies got into each other. Not hard but everywhere.

“Gene,” I said. “I’m a bit venerable. I’m not sure I can stop if we get going. I don’t want to lead you on but I do want you to enjoy yourself.”

“I was counting on you not being able to stop but I’ll try to be dainty.” He said. “Mom, there isn’t a reason in the world you can’t have a little fun even if it’s somewhat over the top for us. I won’t get shocked and if you don’t feel like fainting you might as well let yourself go that extra bit. Maybe you’ll enjoy shocking me.”

He didn’t wait too long before his hand got down on my buns. I thought he was probably a leg man. Then about two minutes later he was under my gown and up on my bare buns. My panties had a curved cutout so only my butt crack was lightly covered back there and not tightly. He could play around easily. I had my breasts fully into his. I felt his fingers on my butt crack trace down in the dip a little and back up. Dumb me had to put on these panties.

We swiveled our hips together slowly and seductively for about five minutes. The feelings were stunning. I could feel him pushing my clit left and right and tilting and getting against my folds below my clit. I held off as long as I could then I reached down between us into the top of his boxers and got on the back of his dick and pressed it into me and worked myself against it. I felt both of his hands go all the way up under the back of my gown then they slid in the back of my pants right at the bottom of my buns. Not much pants back there.

I opened my legs more and he palmed each bun and pulled them apart and back several times. One set of fingers dropped right in to the bottom of my butt crack right at the bottom of my vagina and slid up in between and played around. This was exactly the erotic excitement I was looking for. I’ve missed it so much. I loosened up a little between us and wrapped my hand around his dick and jacked it lightly and slowly. I felt the head in my palm when I pulled up. I tilted my palm over so it got into me fuller. He made my palm wet.

We had hardly spoken türkçe bahis a word through this. I slid my other hand down and used both hands to swivel his boxers back around. I reached in and pulled him out, balls and all, and got him into me again. One less layer of clothing. I got back around his neck and he started thrusting up against me and tilting his hips out and under when he went up. He was into me right at the bottom of my clit pushing my gown and panties up into my clit.

It was so good I was floating along with it. Through the euphoria I felt my pants going down ever so slowly. I couldn’t stop or do anything even if I wanted to and I didn’t. I started feeling his dick head running up my bare skin and soon more along my hood. He had my gown up too. When he started plowing into the top of my ridges and into the bottom of my clit I started having an orgasm.

I said, “I’m going to…” He shook his head and pressed in a little more and I went over the top. I got out a long steady moan and held on. He worked me completely through it until my clit was so sensitive I had to pull my hips back, keeping the rest of me against him. He held me until I could sit down on the couch and get my breath back and have some wine.

“That has to be one of the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time,” I said. “Thank you.”

He was smiling. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “My pleasure. I’m perfectly happy with this. However much you can absorb.”

“Ok,” I said. “When you were pulling my pants down it got very erotic very fast. I think that’s what did it. What a feeling. That was very thrilling.” I looked down and my pants were down on my thighs. I smiled at Gene and pulled them up. I hadn’t noticed.


The next few days were normal for us. Gene spent some time with his friends and talked to Sandra, his girl. We went out to dinner one night and lunched out a couple of times. Friday came and he had no plans for the weekend and I didn’t either. He was eating a sandwich in the kitchen and gave me a long smiling look. He wanted to hug. Well, I did too so I smiled back. An unspoken agreement.

I hoped he wore just his boxers again. I liked them better than briefs because they had an opening in front. Of course I could slide his briefs down like he did my pants. We weren’t in too much of a hurry to get necked and in bed yet. We were building a history and a good one. I was giddy a lot of the time. It was like getting goosed all day every day.

I have this pair of panties that I bought and altered. The material is willowy type of thin and much larger than I normally wear. I replaced the leg and waist hems with a very casual thin elastic material. I could put my hands inside if I wanted to, very comfortably. Two hands and a large vibrator and room to maneuver easily inside. Lots of room down in the crotch for the vibrator in most any position. Sometimes playing with myself was more erotic with something on.

So I put those on and a top that went down to about the middle of my hips. It was fairly loose too. I’ve always kept my boobs supported so they have a nice stately profile even in my low forties so I didn’t put on a bra. I still didn’t know if Gene was a boob man or a leg man or a combo, but just in case. We’ve seen each other in our underwear occasionally from afar, and not blatantly or for long, so it wasn’t a shocking thing at all. Who cared at this point anyway.

It was into the evening and almost normal bed time so I was ready. If he turned me on I could get in bed with my vibrator and get going. I was sitting at the kitchen counter in one of the higher chairs sipping a little wine and thinking about putting normal knit pjs on. Gene came in the kitchen behind me. I swiveled around and he smiled and said, “Wow. You look very ravishing.” He had no shoes or socks on. No pants. No top. Just his boxers.

“Thank you,” I said. “You look studly.” I was a little nervous and not sure what to do next. He was serious sex standing there. Only the lights under the countertops were on in the kitchen and they were mostly at the other end. He leaned over and pecked me right on the lips. I Instinctly put my arms on his shoulders like earlier and he put his on my waist.

I totally did not consider it at the time but the kitchen counter where I was at extended out a ways and I always sat near the edge of the chair with my feet on the rung. When we slipped into each other his head was the same height as my head and his dick pressed right in between my thighs. My arms went around his neck and his arms went around my waist.

I felt his dick push right into me, right at my vagina. He was at a slight upward angle. I kept my thighs open and we kissed. I’m sure it hit both of us at the same time but we didn’t back off. I almost put my legs out around his so he couldn’t get away. That first kiss lasted until we had to lift. We got cheek to cheek and held on.

Gene said, “Is that too much?”

“Not for me,” I said. “Stop güvenilir bahis siteleri when you need to. I’m enjoying getting turned on.” I pushed out for a confirmation and he pushed back. His dick was hard and I could feel him starting to part my outer lips, right at the bottom. I said, “Is where you’re at ok with you?” If he wasn’t sure where he was at he would be now.

“It’s very nice,” he said. “Wonderfully erotic. Why don’t you enjoy yourself and I’ll help when I can.”

I didn’t even answer. I pushed out and he pushed back. We kept at that and he started going in more. Pretty soon I could feel his head right against my vagina entrance. My play panties had a lot of extra material down there. I’m sure everything was getting wet from me and him. He was moving into me more with his whole body and his middle followed in mild thrusts. My thighs were out more and I felt his head start to go in.

His hands on my back were moving around and one went up under the back of my top and up my back and the other went down in the back of my panties. He pushed a finger down in my butt crack from the top, running it along the bottom past my butt button and back. His dick head was almost inside my vagina. I didn’t want him to stop. The thin material was almost unnoticeable. I could feel the heat.

He ever so slowly started pulling my buns towards him when he thrust, just a little at a time. I’ve never put my vibrator against the outside of these pants so I didn’t know how far he could push them in. When he pushed in, my panties stayed in when he pulled back out. I could feel his head rippling along. I wanted my hands around his waist and my legs around his in the worst way.

Once or twice I tilted backwards against the back of the chair and he followed. I lifted my legs up off the rungs and opened up more but mostly I sat straight up. We kept that up for the longest time with some tongue work in between. He pulled his hands out from my back and slid them along my thighs and up in the side of my panties back around my buns. He was going very softly and unhurriedly. He would thrust and pull my buns. We were test fucking with his dick head.

He was well up in my vagina but I didn’t know how far. His whole head was surely in. I felt my panties press against my outer lips and I think we found the limit. He stayed with that distance and we kept going. I said, “If you would like to have an orgasm go right ahead. I won’t get pregnant.”

“Not yet,” he said, “but if you can, be my guest.”

I said. “I like this too much.” He pulled his hands out of the legs of my pants and put them back around my waist. His head was really feeling nice playing in and out of my vagina. We were kissing again, not heavily, and flicking tongues and I felt his hands pulling my pants down my backside. When he got low he tilted me back in my chair again and slipped them under my buns and just past my crotch.

He was still thrusting. If I lifted my knees up he might have a straight shot into my vagina. Or, he could pull my pants up just enough to get in. They were very loose pants. I reached down between us and he had his dick, with his balls, out through the opening in his boxers. I grabbed on and when he came out I pulled back slightly and lifted up the crotch of my panties, pulling them quickly out of my vagina, and he went in on the next thrust. We were fucking.

It seemed extraordinarily smooth going in. He seemed to hold the line at how far he had been before. I got him in a really nice passionate erotic mouth open tongue lover’s passionate kiss and thrust out just a little and he pushed in a little farther. Probably because I pushed out when he was pushing in. Whatever, it worked. He didn’t stop after that. He didn’t hurry but worked slowly and seductively.

It was a little while and he was fully in. His balls were brushing me where they should and a couple of times he pressed in tight, spreading my entrance with his sack, tilting me against the back of the chair. About the same time we both simply melted into each other more deciding we were going to fuck and that was it. We did, for the longest time. It was so comfortable sitting on the high seat and out like that.

About an hour before we started I slipped in my bedroom and had a very quiet orgasm so I could outlast him. I wanted to feel him have an orgasm in me. I set up a good thrust rhythm with him when we melted together and it seemed to be working. I could feel him stiffen up his body and thrust differently, stronger and fully with a little sternness each time.

I got my hands down around his waist and pulled him in when he thrust and pulled myself back when he pulled out. He was going to have an orgasm. Just a matter of a little time. He was kissing me passionately and just let loose. He got out a couple of grunts and pushed himself home several times and kept going like that but a little less severe. It was a while before he was finished. We had some wine and talked and stayed up talking a while before going to bed.


We were driving to a mall to shop and have lunch. Gene was driving. He said, “Mom is this all ok with you? I’m not going too far am I? I hope I didn’t start something that I shouldn’t have.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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