Mommy Mistress Ch. 03

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It only took Jesse twenty four hours to go from virgin to craven whore. Her mother had threatened to throw her out on the street and had offered her a single chance to redeem herself. She could become a whore or she could walk away. As she sat in her own shower, legs spread and two fingers pushed into her juicy twat she thought about the decision she’d made.

It was the right decision though, Jesse loved being a whore, the feeling of cocks and cum inside her was electrifying. She knew that she wanted more; she knew why her fingers were dancing inside her as her mother moaned less a body length away separated by only a slender wall. She could still hear the sounds of the bed creaking and mother squealing like a whore as a man slammed against her.

Jesse felt her body starting to react again her nipples hardening and her back arcing towards the hot water spraying down on her. Her pussy was starting to clench slightly drawing her fingers deeper into her body. Her eyes slid shut bringing flashbacks of Mark standing over her firing warm cum into her mouth. She could imagine the look on her Mother’s face as he rammed his hard cock home.

The only thought moving through Jesse’s mind was the rising tide of pleasure as her orgasm started to slam into her hips. She could hear the steady noisy slurp of her fingers churning in and out of her juicy twat. What she didn’t hear was the door open and Mary walking into the room.

Jesse’s back was fully arced and her lips were parted with a scream of pleasure when her mother pulled back the shower curtain. “MOM!” Jesse shrieked quickly pulling her fingers from her cunt and scrambling back against the cool tile trying in vain to cover her bounteous breasts from her mother’s stare.

Mary was nude this time other than the strap-on around her hips already glistening with lubricant. “Stand up Jesse.” The busty brunette sobbed slightly but did as she was told. The blonde motioned and Jesse obeyed turning her around and leaning against the wall of her shower bracing for her mother’s assault.

“This is a very important lesson if you want to be able to keep a man.” Jesse glanced over her shoulder and saw both her mother and Mark standing over her. The curvaceous beauty stared at the pair for a moment then screwed her eyes shut. It was hard enough to know that she was about to be raped, again but to know that her Mom’s fuck buddy was going to watch and jack off was just too much to bear.

Mary knelt down behind her weeping daughter and pried her perfectly shaped ass cheeks open. “What is this?”

“My ass, my butt, my booty.” The young beauty sobbed her muscles clenching trying to keep that one part of her body a secret.

Her mother wouldn’t allow her even that bit of dignity however as fingers dug into Jesse’s flesh keeping her dark brown flower visible. “Yes good girl. It’s also a shitter, or a shit hole. Now tell your avcılar rus escort Mama that you want her to lick your shitter.”

Jesse sobbed pressing her cheek up against the surprisingly cool shower tiles. Hot tears poured down her cheeks as she forced the words past her plush lips a barely audible whisper. “Lick my shitter Mom.” She was instantly rewarded for her obedience with her mother’s tongue. It was like a jolt of electricity, her entire body went stiff as a wet tongue started circling around her anus. She’d never felt anything like it, it was simply irresistible and within a few seconds she realized that she was pushing her hips towards her mother.

“Mama, please lick my shit hole! Stick your tongue in there and taste what I had for breakfast!” She purred rotating her hips against Mary’s tongue. Mary did exactly that prying her daughter’s sphincter open with her tongue. There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation as she pushed her tongue into her Jesse’s guts twisting slowly.

Words are a poor conduit for the feelings that surged through Jesse’s voluptuous frame at that moment. She was clawing at the tiles and pushing her hips back against Mary’s probing tongue. Any thoughts against getting her ass licked melted away as Mary’s tongue started pushing its way deep into her bowels. She found herself wriggling back against the invader and filthy language spewing from her lips. “Mama, lick it, lick my ass! Taste my bunghole!” Her legs were starting to tremble beneath her.

Part of her knew that she should ashamed of herself. It was wrong to have a tongue digging around her anus, that having sex with your mother was immoral. Letting a man stand and watch was even worse but she didn’t care anymore. The only thing that mattered was the incredible feeling she was getting. One hand drifted down between her thighs rubbing her clit.

“That’s enough of that.” Mary whispered pulling away and lightly slapping her daughter’s rump.

“But I want more.” Jesse moaned reaching behind her to finger her asshole pumping them into her.

“Mark lay down.” He did as she said lying down on the cool floors still stroking his hard meat.

Much to Jesse’s surprise she found herself salivating as she stared at his cock. It was weird having all these feelings for the first time, her mother didn’t need to instruct her as to what to do. She already knew that what she wanted to do was the right thing. She sank down to her knees and kissed her mouth briefly tasting the pungent but surprisingly appealing flavor on her lips. Then she crawled from the shower towards Mark making sure her hips swished back and forth. The rock hard nipples that capped her massive tits were grazing the tiles as she crawled towards him

Mary turned off the water and sat watching her daughter at work. It was amazing to watch her crawl to a man like she’d been doing it avcılar türbanlı escort her whole life. Jesse didn’t hesitate to wrap her lips around his dick noisily slurping as she bobbed up and down on his cock. She’d only been at it a few seconds and already her spittle was flowing down his shaft, coating his scrotum and beginning to pool on the floor below. “Mount him slut.”

Jesse briefly tossed a glance at Mary before slinking over Mark and kissing his sharply biting down on his lower lip. “I hope you don’t mind Mark, but I’m gonna use your cock.” She smiled almost innocently as she reached between her legs for his cock and aimed it at her sweltering little hole. She sat back down on his cock impaling herself on man meat in a single stroke.

She’d already fallen in love with the feeling of hard cock buried in her twat and the sound of her rump bouncing off his thighs. “Yeah ride’em cowgirl.” Mark moaned gripping her plush hips and guiding her up and down along his length.

The slutty brunette felt her heart stop in her chest as her mother slid up behind her. “Relax honey, you’re going to love this.” Jesse couldn’t find the will to move away as she felt the tip of the dildo pressing against her slick sphincter. Mary only gave the brunette a moment to think before pushing all the way into her virginal ass.

Jesse shrieked and dug her nails into Mark’s shoulders as the pain of having her bowels invaded coursed through her body. Her mother didn’t seem to be concerned with her pain though, she was already pulling back to slam back into her guts. As the searing pain faded away and the now familiar warmth started to gather in her belly Jesse started she found herself pushing back towards the invading phalluses.

There was a wonderful feeling of being full, her cunt wrapped tightly around Mark’s hard throbbing cock. His smooth chest pressing against her breasts with every breath he took. Behind her Mary’s tits were crushed flat against her back and six inches of plastic cock were lodged against colon. It was the most amazing feeling to have the two phalluses pressing inside her at the same time; she could feel them sawing back and forth against each other.

“God fuck me!” She gasped as her mother started drilling into her formerly virgin ass. She could feel her stomach twisting into knots as the pleasure started to churn inside her. Sweat gathered on her forehead as she strained to push back against her mother. “Harder Mommy! Fuck me harder!” Those were words she never would have expected to be coming from her lips but there they were. She meant every syllable of it. “Pound my shit Mommy! Pack it deep in my ass!” She clawed into Mark leaving bright red semicircles on his chest as her body lurched against him.

Jesse’s eyes rolled back in her head as the world faded from sight. She was only aware of Mark’s cock avcılar ucuz escort pumping his hot jizz into her body and of her mother gripping her shoulders to anchor herself as she pounded Mary’s poop chute. After a long blinding second she realized she was laying flat on Mark’s chest and her mother was lying on top sandwiching the busty brunette. She still had the delightful feeling of being completely full and just a slightly squeeze of her muscles pulled a moan from Mark.

“Only one thing left.” Mary whispered in Jesse’s ear as she pulled the dildo from her daughter’s rump with an audible pop. Jesse inhaled sharply feeling the cool air enter her gaping asshole, then the odd sensation of her rectum tightening. “Get off him.” Mary got off of Mark and looked at her mother.

“What is it Mommy?” Jesse giggled.

“A good girl always cleans up after herself.” Jess looked at her mother and for a moment she didn’t know what she was talking about. Then it suddenly all made sense. She should have been revolted by the idea but she wasn’t. The disgusting, degrading, dehumanizing act just made her want to do it even more.

Mark stood up and moved next to Mary both of them staring down at the young brunette. It was the first time in years that her Mother had looked at her with any kind of pride and she hungered for it as much as anything else. She crawled over to the pair and sat back on her heels, legs spread. “Yummy, I can taste my pussy.” She cradled Mark’s scrotum in her hand gently rocking his balls back and forth as she kissed the tip. Jesse dipped her head down and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock up to the tip where she spiraled her tongue around. “And I can taste my ass juice.” Without hesitating the took the plastic phallus between her lips and started slurping on it blowing spit bubbles as she tried to take it into her throat. Then she smiled wickedly at her mother and Mark. “Or maybe I can try both.” Stretching her lips as wide as they could go she shoved her mother’s strap-on into her mouth, then added Mark’s cock to the other side of her mouth. She could only get a little ways past the tip into her mouth but that was enough to get both of them gasping. Particularly as the beauty started drooling wagging her tongue back and forth along the undersides scrubbing whatever filth she might find away and swallowing.

After a few moment she let both fall from her mouth and she sat back smiling up at Mary. “Did I do good Mommy?” She smiled sweetly.

Mary stared down at her daughter unable to say anything for a moment. Jesse was a complete wreck; sweat had plastered her hair to her skull. Spittle was starting to dry on her perfect tits and along her throat, her eyes were a little red from tearing up but most of all she still had an innocent smile on her face. To top it all off her fingers were still between her legs steadily working her clit. “Yes baby, you did well.” She knelt down beside her daughter and wrapped her arms around her. “You did very well.” She kissed Jesse on the cheek, then on the mouth. “But you still have more to learn, we’ll pick up in the morning though.

I might continue this series if I get enough feedback, it was a blast to write. I hope you all enjoy reading it.

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