Mommy’s Little Helper

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Lots of kids had survived having their dads walk out on them. Mara knew that. She knew that she’d still be able to go to school the next day and that her friends would still send her one text after another all day. She knew that, but it still hurt. All he’d said was that he couldn’t stay with her and Mom any longer. He said it wasn’t her, that it was his problem and this was the only way he could deal with it. But she’d been daddy’s girl for as long as she could remember and now he was gone.

Mom was a basket case for the first several days, and then she’d put on a game face and tried to act like this was normal. Like they didn’t need him around. Like she didn’t miss him. Mara tried to feel that way, too, but it was really hard. Somehow, though, they’d gotten through a year of no daddy. They’d gone to a nice restaurant to celebrate her birthday and had an incredible desert of ice cream and fudge topping over a hot brownie. But she still missed him and she was pretty sure Mommy did, too.

It was less than a week later that Mara heard her crying for the first time. They’d both gone to bed at the same time, around eleven. Mara had just pulled up her panties and was shrugging the satiny baby doll over her head when she realized her mom was crying quietly in the next room. She listened for a few minutes, thinking she might be wrong. When the crying didn’t stop she knocked gently on her mom’s bedroom door.

“Can I come in, Mommy?” She pushed open her mom’s door. Mom was lying in bed, trying to not look like she’d been crying. “What’s wrong, Mommy? Are you OK?”

“Come in, Baby. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to upset you. I really am OK. I just get so lonely at night. You’d think after a year I’d be used to it, but it just seems to get worse, instead of better. It’s been a year and no one touches me. I go to bed every night by myself and no one touches me.”

“I can touch you, Mommy.”

“Oh, thank you, Baby. You’re so sweet. But you can’t touch me like Daddy did.”

“Why not?” At eighteen, Mara was still an innocent.

Mommy was quiet for several minutes. She dried her eyes and wiped her nose and looked at the beautiful woman her daughter was turning into. She had shoulder length blonde hair that most women would die for, a sweet, innocent face and her body was every bit a woman’s. Her breasts were small, but through the nightie it was obvious they were firm and nicely shaped. She had a tight little ass and gorgeous legs.

“Why not?” Mara repeated.

“Why not,” Mommy wondered. “Honey, your daddy just touched me so many ways and in so many places and, well, you just don’t know how.”

“Tell me how, Mommy. I don’t want you to be unhappy. I can touch you.”

“Oh, god,” Mommy thought, “I can’t believe I’m even thinking about this.” But it had been a year and no one had touched her tits. No one had sucked on her nipples, or eaten her pussy. She could rub her own clit and the vibrator in the bed stand drawer could usually make her cum, but it wasn’t even close to having someone else fuck her.

“Tell me how, Mommy.”

She lifted the sheet. “Come here, Baby. Lie beylikdüzü ucuz escort down here beside me.”

“Mommy, you don’t have anything on!”

“No, I don’t. You’re right. Your daddy and I never wore anything to bed.”

Mara took a deep breath. “Is that part of the touching? Sleeping naked?”

“Uh huh. That way we could touch each other the way we liked to best.”

“Do you want me to take off my nightgown, Mommy? Is that part of learning how to touch like Daddy?” Mara sounded like she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear the answer.

“If you really want to learn how to touch, you need to do that, Baby. You need to take off your nightie. Will you do that?” She had a hard time believing she was asking her daughter to do this, but she was so fucking horny it hurt.

Mara took another deep breath and slowly lifted the baby doll gown over her head. Dropping it to the floor, she hesitated with her hands on the waist of her panties.

“Oh, Baby, you are so beautiful! I can’t believe how gorgeous your tits are! Take off your panties, Honey.”

“But, Mommy, I don’t look pretty like you do. I have hair all over me down there. You look smooth and pretty. Do I have to take them off?” Mara sounded so ashamed, her mother almost laughed.

“Honey, I’m only smooth because I shaved. Daddy always liked it best if I shaved. There’s nothing wrong with you having hair. Maybe later we’ll shave you, too. If you want to.”

As Mara slowly pulled her panties down her mother drew a long deep breath. “Oh, Sweetheart! You are so hot! You have got the sweetest little cunt I’ve ever seen! Come here Baby. Get into bed with me.”

Mara dropped the panties onto the floor and slid into bed beside her mother.

“Come here, Honey. Let me hold you.” Mommy pulled her close and for several minutes they just laid there holding each other, tit to tit, tummy to tummy, pussy to pussy.

“Is this touching, Mommy?” Mara was almost whispering.

“It’s part of it, Baby.” Mommy kissed her gently. “There’s a lot of different parts to touching.” She took hold of Mara’s hand and brought it slowly to her tit. “Rub Mommy’s nipple for me, Honey. Just nice and soft. Like that, Baby.”

Mara had never even played with her own nipples, so she wasn’t sure she was doing it right, but Mommy seemed to like it. “Am I touching you, now, Mommy?”

“Yes, Mara! Don’t stop! Oh, god, it’s been so long!” Her hand found its way to her daughter’s firm little tit and began gently teasing the soft little nipple. It took only seconds to grow big and hard. “Doesn’t that feel good, Baby?”

“Uh huh, Mommy. I like that.”

“Mara, I’m going to show you how to touch me and then you can do it to me. Is that okay? Will you touch me the same as I touch you?” She kept running her finger tips around her daughter’s tit.

“Yes, Mommy. Am I doing this part right?” Mara rubbed her mother’s nipple.

“Oh, yes, Honey. That’s good.” She moved her hand slowly from Mara’s tit down across her tummy to her pussy and began gently caressing her clit. “Do you like that, beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort Baby? Does it feel good?”

“Oh, yes! Yes!” She had never felt anything like the tingle growing between her legs. She forgot to rub her mom’s tit as she came closer and closer to her first climax. “Oh, Mommy! That’s so good! Yes!”

“You liked that, didn’t you, Honey?” She brought her hand back to her daughter’s tit.

“Yes, Mommy! That was so good! Do you want me to touch you that way now?”

“Please, Baby.”

Mara moved her hand to her mother’s cunt and began stroking her clit. “Am I doing it right?”

“Yes, Honey. That’s so good. A little harder, now. Push just a little harder.”

“Like this, Mommy?”

“Oh, Baby, that is so good!” She moved her hand to cover Mara’s. “Now push your finger inside me like this.” She guided Mara’s finger into her pussy. “Move it in and out, Honey. Yes, like that. God, that is so good!” She started rubbing her own clit as Mara finger fucked her. “Oh yes, that’s right! That’s right! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Mommy, you’re all wet down there!” Mara pulled her finger out of her mother’s dripping cunt.

“Yes, I am! Thank you! That was the best I’ve cum in a year!”

“Did I touch you right?”

“Oh, yes, Honey! You did it great!”

“Mommy? Didn’t you say there were lots of ways to touch? Is there another way to do it?”

“Yes, Baby, there are a lot of other ways to touch. Why don’t I show you another one and then you can do it for me. Would you like that?”

“Will it make me get all wet down there, like it did you?”

“Uh huh. I think you’re gonna get real wet down there. You lie still here for just a minute while I get my little helper.” She went to the dresser and pulled out her favorite dildo. It looked like a nine inch long cock, but when you turned the black knob at the base, the head began to slowly turn in a small circle. “Spread your legs apart, Mara.” She started gently rubbing her daughter’s clit with the gyrating dildo. “Doesn’t that feel good, Honey?”

“Uh huh. Real good, Mommy. I like that”

She was careful not to push the head into her daughter’s cunt. She didn’t want to break her baby’s cherry on a dildo, even if it was her favorite one. Maybe she should get a strap-on! That would be so hot! She could feel it rubbing against her clit as she shoved it in and out of Mara’s pussy. And when they were both cumming, she could jam it real hard and break her little girl’s cherry! Oh, shit! She was so wrapped up in her own fantasy she hadn’t realized that Mara was climaxing, over and over!

She slowed the dildo down and eased it away from Mara’s dripping cunt. “You liked that, didn’t you, Sweetie.” She’d have to go to her sex toy website tomorrow. If she paid extra for special handling, she could have the strap-on by the end of the week! She was almost ready to cum just thinking about it!

“That was really good, Mom! Is that what you called cumming? I really liked it!”

“Yes, Sweetie, you definitely came! You had what is commonly referred beyoğlu escort to as a multiple orgasm. I don’t think I ever knew anybody to cum so easily.”

“It felt really good! Do you want me to touch you with the helper now?”

“It’s called a dildo, Honey. And yes, I really want you to touch me with it! Just like I touched you.”

Mara turned the knob on the base of the dildo and began gently rubbing her mother’s pussy. “Is this the right way, Mom?”

“Uh huh. That’s good. Now, slide it into me, just like you did with your finger. A little more. Oh, yes, that’s right, Honey. Now start moving it in and out just a little bit. Oh, yes. Oh yes!”

“Am I doing it right, Mom?” Mara’s eyes never left her mother’s pussy and the dildo gyrating deep inside her.

Her answer was a scream of delight as she hit her orgasm.

Several minutes later, as they lay holding each other and kissing gently, she finally got her breathing almost back to normal. “Sweetheart, that was absolutely incredible. I really can’t remember the last time I came that fucking hard.”

“I thought I did something wrong when you screamed, Mom.”

“Oh, no! You were doing it so right!”

They lay quietly for several minutes, just holding each other and kissing gently. She stroked her daughters nipples lightly. They were so hard and so big on such beautiful little tits.


“Yes, Honey?”

“Can we shave the hair off me, you know, down there? So I look pretty like you do?”

“Umm. That would be nice. You wait right here and I’ll get what we need.” She came back a minute later with a bowl of hot water, a can of shaving cream, a safety razor and a couple of towels and washcloths. “Okay, Sweetie. Lift that pretty little ass and let me slide a towel under you. Spread those legs apart.” She used one of the washcloths to wet her daughter’s cunt and then lathered her up with the shaving lotion and began slowly and carefully shaving Mara’s pussy. As she wiped the last of the lather off with the washcloth, she realized there was nothing she could think of that she wanted as badly as she wanted to eat her daughter’s cunt.

“Sweetheart, you wait right here for just a minute while I take these things back to the bathroom and then I’ll show you one more way we can touch each other before we go to sleep.”

A few minutes later she looked at the beautiful young woman lying nude on her bed. She bent over and began teasing her daughter’s nipples with the tip of her tongue. Slowly she traced circles around those firm little tits and then down to the smooth, soft, cleanly shaven pussy. She began lightly kissing the inside of Mara’s thighs as she gently pushed her daughter’s legs apart. What a beautiful cunt! Using her thumbs, she spread the freshly shaved pussy lips apart and touched the tip of her tongue onto Mara’s clit. “Sweetheart,” she knew ‘Baby’ just didn’t work anymore, “your pussy tastes so good!”

“Oh, shit, Mom! That feels so good!” She lifted her ass, trying to get her mom’s tongue deeper into her cunt.

“Easy, Honey.” She pushed her tongue into Mara’s pussy until she felt her cherry, and then she twisted and sucked until her daughter came in her mouth. “Oh, Honey, your cum tastes so good! Damn!” And she sucked on Mara’s cunt some more.

And Mara came again. And again.

Several minutes later, as Mara’s tongue worked its way into her pussy, she realized she wouldn’t be crying herself to sleep again for a long time.

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