Mom’s Anal Lust Ch. 02

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Alone in the house, back from school, Greg lounged on the easy chair in the living room, flipping through channels on the TV. He’d thrown on jeans and a t-shirt when he came home, and fixed himself a sandwich which now sat in a plate on the coffee table, half-eaten.

When the top of the hour hit, he eagerly switched over to the music video channel for their all hip-hop hour. Greg didn’t like the music at all, but he knew it was the number-one place to see big butts shaking and shimmying. In almost every video voluptuous black girls in hotpants and thongs danced in time to the music. Greg’s cock got hard and strained against his jeans, and he idly rubbed the outline with his hand.

Inevitably, his thoughts drifted to his mother – the way she’d been dressing around the house lately, her teasing, and of course their encounter last night. Greg was confused, and even tried to bring up the subject with some of his friends at school, to get some advice. He asked them a few questions about ‘women in general’, and what he should do if one was coming onto him. ‘Hit that booty’ and ‘rock that ass’ were the sort of sophomoric answers that he received. When he asked what he should do if it was inappropriate to have sex with that particular woman, they just told him, ‘damn, that just makes it hotter!’ and ‘fuck her, cum on her face, smack her, and say wham-bam-thank you ma’am!’

Of course, none of them could guess that the woman in question was his mom – in fact, most of them thought he was just making it up, as Greg was usually quite shy around girls and hadn’t had a lot of experience in one-on-one dating.

As though summoned by his thoughts, Greg heard his mother’s car arrive in the driveway. He switched the TV to the sports highlights channel, and tried to hide his erection.

He heard his mom walk in, and moments later she peeked into the room. Mary looked like her ‘old’ self; conservatively dressed in washed-out colours, indeed her whole personality seemed tired and washed-out. The stereotypical efficient but frigid woman at the office. All business.

“Hi there, Greg.”

“Hi mom.” She stepped forward and Greg saw another shopping bag hanging at her side.

“Hey Greg, can I ask you something?” She seemed a little concerned. Greg nodded his head, faking disinterest by keeping one eye on the TV. “Last night…you didn’t mind did you?”

Greg hesitated.

“You liked it?” she asked again.

“Uh, yeah, sure…” Greg stammered. “I mean, yeah, of course.”

“You don’t want me to stop?”

“N-No.” Greg shivered as he said it.

Mary sighed in relief and a smile lit up her face. “Great! Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back as soon as I can!” She turned and hurried up the stairs and to her room.

For a moment Greg thought this was a chance to get out – slip out of the house and not come back until his mom had gone to sleep. But he decided to stay, though it was a choice made partly by his heart and his feelings for his mother, and partly by his half-hard cock, which he reached down to rub some more.


The first noise he heard was heels on the kitchen floor. As Greg’s mother walked out of the kitchen into the living room, Greg’s eyes widened.

Platform high-heels with delicate black leather bindings were on her bare feet. The pants she wore would look ridiculous on any woman over twenty – on Mary, at about twice that age, they looked so wrong they were right. Thin and skin-tight, inch-wide horizontal stripes alternated in black and hot-pink; Greg got dizzy just scanning her body. Above the tight waistband was a cute little bulge of flesh, as though the pants could barely keep in that much ass and were on the verge of exploding. Her midriff was bare and her large breasts bounced around in a flimsy fishnet top. Again, she was wearing the sexy tortoiseshell glasses.

“Aw, shit,” Mary sighed, and brought a bottle of beer to her lips. She took a gulp and then threw her hair back. “It’s nice to get another day of work out of the way, you know?” She then looked down at the bottle of beer and handed it to Greg, breasts jiggling as she leaned over, “Ah, here, I got this for you.”

“Um, thanks,” Greg said, and took the bottle. With all the condensation on the cool glass it almost slipped through his fingers. He took a sip and was thankful for the coolness in his mouth and in his hand, though it did little to calm the fires that were burning inside.

Greg’s mother strutted in front of him, stepping slowly from one foot then the other, feeling her legs rub together with every step, admiring herself as though Greg wasn’t even there.

“It’s such a relief,” Mary said, absent-mindedly, “Getting home, throwing off that outside world. Home where we can be ourselves, huh?” Mary smiled at Greg, and her eyes twinkled. “Just us.”

She stepped over to the TV, which was still on, and put her hands on the top and then shoved her ass back, right in Greg’s direction, until stood with her back arched, ass up in the air, legs straight and spread.

“Lemmie ask you ataşehir escort something, baby dear…you don’t think my ass is too big, is it?”

Greg drank in the sight in front of him, his mother posing like a hardcore model, her ass big and round and bursting off her frame. He took a sip of beer so his mouth wouldn’t be too dry to reply.

“Shit, no.”

“What about these thighs?” She ran a hand over the inside of her thighs, squeezing and caressing. “These tits? Not too much mommy-meat for you to handle, is it?”

“Fuck no.”

Mary stood up straight and walked over to Greg, intensity in her eyes.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “I love to hear you swear.” She stood over him, looking down at his seated body, and then into his eyes: “You’re a nasty boy, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he was breathing heavily now. “I’ve got a totally fucking dirty mind.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “Like mother like son.”

She turned around and faced away from him and straddled his outstretched legs. She brought her hands back and smacked her asscheeks: -smack!-smack!-smack!-

“You want this ass in your face?”

“Oh, fuck yeah mom. Back it up.”

Mary bent over and supported her body with her arms on Greg’s knees until she’d lifted her knees onto each armrest, and then shimmied her backside toward her son’s face.

Greg was enraptured as he saw his mother’s big round ass head towards his face – the way that the tights stretched over her curves, and the threads seemed ready to split right at the crack of her ass – and then she was on his face, pushing his head and neck back into the headrest. He brought his hands up to grab and knead her fleshy asscheeks.

As soon as Mary felt her son’s hot breath between her legs she went wild, pushing her ass onto Greg’s face and rubbing it up-and-down and side-to-side like an animal at a scratching post.

“RRRrrrrr-MMMmmmmph!” Greg growled in pleasure, his voice muffled as his head was stuck between his mother’s ass and the headrest. He tried press into her tights, to stick his face as far as it would go up her crack.

“OOOooooh…that’s good!” His mother growled. “That’s even better than I imagined.”

After the initial frenzy she calmed down a little. She pushed her torso up to a vertical position, and ran her hands idly down her front. “You like that, huh? Can you breathe back there?” She thrust her hips forward a little to give Greg room to answer.

“Fuck, I just want to breathe-in your ass!” he growled, and then pulled his mother by the hips back onto his face.

Placing her hands on her knees, Mary casually worked her ass over her son’s face as she began to speak: “Y’know son, I’ve got something to confess. Maybe two separate things.

“Your dad called me a ‘dirty cheating whore’, among other things, before he left.” Even in the frenzy of lust, this note about his parent’s divorce made Greg a little sad. “He was wrong of course. Except, except for one time…

“We were vacationing in Mexico – you were just little and we’d left you with my parents. Anyway, my whole life I’ve been self-conscious about my big breasts, and of course my big ass. Hell, sometimes it felt like everybody was always bumping into it, or I’d always bump something with it. Anyway, your father had discovered the complimentary cocktails in the hotel bar, and he usually could hardly stand by noon.

“I got in a huff and decided I’d just go on the town alone. Somehow or other I got into a conversation with this lovely young brown man – couldn’t have been much older than you are now, if that. He didn’t make any secret that he loved my ass, and pretty soon we’d gone up to his ratty little apartment…”

Mary was still doing a slow-grind on her son’s face while telling the story, but Greg was as captivated with the story his mother was unfolding.

She continued, “He didn’t take more than five strokes in my pussy before he stuck it in my ass.” She began moving her ass up-and-down on her son’s face. “Jesus Christ it was kinky – it was out of this world…mph…I felt so hot and nasty and alive…ungh…I had these crazy whole-body orgasms that I’d never had before.

“We were lying there naked after we were done, and then three of his friends came in – I guess he was sharing the place with them. They all got their cocks out and wanted a go at my ass too, but I got nervous and begged off and got out of there so fast I couldn’t even find the place again for the rest of our vacation…sometimes I’m sorry I didn’t take his friends up on the offer.”

With all that his mother had shown him these last few days, Greg was still surprised at this revelation.

“And…” she continued, “And I thought that would ever be my last chance, other than toys. Last chance, because who could I find that both respected the woman I am, and yet give the slut I am a good fucking-over? Nobody…until I found all your porn, Greg, and figured out what turned your crank.”

She pulled her ass back and looked at her son over her shoulder. avcılar anal yapan escort “But you, my own flesh and blood – you’ve got that anal lust too, don’t you, you sexy boy?” She brushed his hair, ran a hand across his cheek.

“Yeah mom,” he huffed in reply, lips wet with saliva, “I got that lust for your ass.”

She thrust her ass back toward his face, “Get these fuckin’ pants off!”

He tried to work them off her hips.

“Just rip ’em open!” she growled.

He took a fistful of material in both hands and ripped open the seam at the crack of her ass. Suddenly right in front of him were his mother’s naked asscheeks, the dark entrance to her asshole, and lower the trimmed hairs of her pussy – wet and matted down.

Greg plunged his face into her asscrack, thrusting his tongue against the pucker of her asshole. Spreading saliva and pushing into her with his tongue, he also moved a hand further downward to rub his mother’s pussy.

Mary was looking down at her son’s crotch. “Oooooh. Is your cock getting hard in your pants? It must hurt.”

“Yeah, mom, it hurts! My cock’s fucking bursting against my jeans.”

Mary undid her son’s pants and pushed them down to his feet. Greg took this chance to roughly pull off his shirt. Her eyes widened as his cock sprang free and stood up straight and rigid. She struck at the cock like a cobra, wrapping her lips around the head and sucking it deep into her mouth. Trickles of saliva escaped from the sides of her lips and ran down the shaft as she began to move her mouth up and down.

“Oh, fuck! Oh mom, oh fuck!” Greg groaned. He brought his tongue back to rimming his mother’s ass, and added a probing finger that he worked in slowly but surely. Two fingers of his other hand worked in between the lips of her sloppy wet pussy, while a finger outside banged against her clit as he worked his hand.

Mary loved the way her son was working her holes and grunted in pleasure, her nostrils flaring as she moved her mouth up and down his cock. One of her hands moved down to fondle his ballsack, while the other tugged at her nipples.

Greg tilted his hips and moved his cock in time with his mother’s sucking, trying to pump it deeper and loving the choking and gagging sounds that sputtered past his mother’s lips. Greg couldn’t believe it – a few hours ago he was in some stuffy math class, zoning out and fantasizing about just being able to get home and jack off, and now his throbbing cock was pumping his mother’s wet, warm, and loving mouth, and her ass was resting on his chest, pants split at her crotch, and his fingers deep inside her tight nasty holes. He worked more spit and pussy juice around and into her asshole.

“You want another finger, mom? You want two fingers up your tight, hungry ass?”

His mother growled in acknowledgement and sucked harder on his cock, caving in her cheeks. Greg worked two fingers in, and pumped them in and out. Removing them, he brought his mouth to her asshole, sticking his tongue in deep and flicking it around, pushing in gobs of saliva.

She pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop. “Fuck, I can’t stand it anymore!” She slipped down his chest, and Greg reluctantly let his fingers slip out.

She positioned herself with her feet on the floor, standing astride him and facing away. She squatted down and his cock rubbed up and down her crack. Greg thought this was the biggest he’d ever seen his cock get, and couldn’t believe how it would fit between his mom’s cheeks, into her small hole.

Mary reached back and pulled an ample cheek to the side with one hand, and with her other grabbed her son’s cock and positioned it. They both gasped when his cockhead touched her pucker.

“Yeah, baby,” she said, “I’m just gonna push my ass down on it, ok?”

…his cockhead pressed and then slipped in…

“Yeah, mom! Fuck, this was exactly what I was dreaming about!”

…she slowly moved her ass down on his cock, and the blood-filled cock stayed hard and slowly pushed into her…

“You like this baby?” she asked, “This is the sort of stuff you jack off to?”

…they began moving slowly, Greg’s cock making small movements in and out of his mother’s ass, going a little deeper each time…

“Yeah, fuck mom! I dream about fucking ass all night and all day!”

…as Mary began to move her ass more quickly, she brought a hand to her pussy, and her asscheeks started to bounce…

“How’s mommy’s ass? Do you like mommy’s ass? You like stickin’ your big fuckin’ dick up where the sun don’t shine?”

“Yeah, I fuckin’ love it – I love you.” Greg grabbed his mother’s hips and they really began to fuck, her asscheeks slapping his thighs and his balls slapping her pussy as his cock plunged deep in her ass. “I love the way your ass takes my cock.”

Mary, too hot, tossed off her fishnet top. Revved up, she tossed her hair around, really working her ass on her son’s cock. “Every day, baby, every day…I’ll bring this ass avcılar bdsm escort home and I’ll lay it on your cock…aaargh!”

“Oh fuck I can’t hold out!…” Greg called, “OH FUCK!”

He squeezed tight on his mother’s hips and pressed her round ass against his abdomen as his cock exploded and shot spurt after spurt of warm cum up his mother’s rectum. He leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck, and then collapsed backward, taking his mother with him.

Mary twisted around enough to share a long, wet, sloppy open-mouthed kiss with her son. Still kissing and embracing, a minute or two his softened cock slipped out of her ass.

The groans and deep breathing stopped, and all they heard was the silence of the room, all they felt was their hot bodies together skin-on-skin.

Quietly, Mary slid down a bit and took Greg’s nipple in her mouth, lovingly sucking and nibbling on it. Greg moved a hand down to his mother’s butt, and a finger probed for her asshole, where he found his warm sticky cum slowly leaking out.

Greg’s cock, which had only gone half-soft, began to get harder. He brought a hand down to stroke its length. “Fuck mom, I need more of you.”

She was putty in his hands as he moved her into position; now her knees were on the floor as she bent over the front of the recliner, upper torso lying flat, her tits mashed into the seat. She still wore her glasses, but they rested crookedly on her face. Greg looked down at her legs, which were splayed carelessly as his mother lay there like a used-up, exhausted whore. At the junction of her legs her pussy lips were swollen and pink, partly open, and her wet pubic hair clung to them.

Greg licked his lips and grabbed his cock, “Aw, fuck, I need some o’ that!”

“Ooof!” His mother jumped as he pressed his cock deep into her pussy on the first stroke.

Greg grabbed her hips and started with a quick pace right away, pumping his cock in and out of his mother’s pussy franticly. Looking at her ass jiggle, he gave it a little smack: -spank!-

“You like that, mom?”

“Oh yeah baby, spank me!”

Still fucking her pussy hard, Greg lay into her with open-palmed spanking on both asscheeks: -spank!-spank!-spank!-spank!”

“Ooo…ooo….OOOOOooooo!!!” Mary called out, convulsed and twitched. Greg kept his cock buried deep in his mother as she orgasmed, feeling her pussy twitch and pump on his cock.

Greg grinned, immensely happy his horny attentions also gave his mother such physical pleasure. He leaned over, his chest on her back and his lips at her ear.

“You liked that, huh mom?” She didn’t answer, just breathed deeply with her eyes closed, her face flushed pink. “You know what I’m gonna do now? I’m gonna put my cock in your ass again. Gonna slip my dick right in your hot ass and fuck you some more. Yeah mom, your dirty little pervert of a son is going to take his hard cock and shove it right in his mother’s tight little shithole. What do you think of that?”

“Mmmm…” she purred. “Do it, baby! Stick that big ass-splitter in my shitter!”

He pulled his cock out of his mother’s pussy. It was slick with juice. He pressed it in against her ass.

“Yeah mom, feel that fuckin’ thing slide in there? Argh! Is that what you wanted? Your son’s dick up your ass? Is that why you act like such a slut?”

“Yeah! I’m a dirty little slut! I just wanted my son’s meat right up my ass! Work my ass over!”

Greg put his hands on his mother’s shoulders and pumped his cock in and out of her ass. He used his feet to push her thighs together. She resisted and tried to spread her legs again, but with him on top plundering her ass he got his way.

Greg saw his mom move her hands behind her back, wrists crossed. Taking the hint, he held her wrists together with one hand.

“Is that what you want, mom? Ungh! You want me to hold you down, tie you up, while I’m fucking your sweet ass?”

“I want you to fucking USE me. Greg!. Aiee! Fu-Fucking horny son, just use your mom! Use your mother like a filthy fucktoy!”

Greg reached over to where her discarded mesh top lay, and used it to tie her wrists together behind her back. This freed up one of his hands to spank her ass some more, getting the ass-flesh red. His other hand moved to her head, took a fistful of hair, and gave it a tug. Mary’s eyes popped and lit up.

“Oh fuck, you like that? You want more?” Greg asked. He didn’t give her a chance to answer. He tugged at her hair with one hand and spanked her jiggling ass with the other.

Hands trapped behind her back, her body resting on her tits as her son fucked her ass and gave her pain, an orgasm began brewing somewhere in her, and rose and broke through faster than she expected, unstoppable.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!” It was a deep, animal growl, a call, the fulfilling of base satisfaction. Nothing like her previous orgasm, as she bucked and writhed Greg was afraid his mother would break his cock.

Halfway through, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He tugged out his cock and hurriedly crawled over his mother’s face, half-turning her over.

“Yeah, mom, fucking take it!”

Greg jacked off on his mother’s face, firing powerful shots of hot milky white semen over her face. She opened her mouth wide after the first few spurts, but most of it missed her mouth, streaking her cheeks, forehead, glasses, and chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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