Mom’s Enormous Ass

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*All characters are at least 18 or above.

“Holy fuck,” Ken muttered under his breath. His mother had put on a little weight over the past several months since he moved onto campus and started college. Cathy was in the backyard puttering with her flowers and herbs. Without close neighbors, she was outside wearing a semi-loose tank top dress that barely covered her enormous, heart-shaped ass. The freshman was stunned. His mother had always tended toward being thickly built, but in the time he’d been away, her ass and thighs had grown even bigger, and somehow, just as shapely and firm looking as ever. Even her arms and shoulders looked thicker, and Ken was spellbound by the unexpected sight.

The D cup sized tits that matched her bombastically curvaceous body were heaving and jiggling under her top without a bra. Ken barely even realized his cock was getting stiff in his jeans as he watched his mother move about the yard.

Cathy was wearing earbuds, and probably listening to music, explaining why she hadn’t heard her son arrive. He wasn’t supposed to be there, but when the shutdowns started and his courses all went online, Ken decided he could just as easily work from the comfort of his mother’s house. Besides, she was always asking when he was going to come home and spend some time with her, so he knew she would be happy to see him. Having grown up with Cathy as his only parent, they were much closer than any of his friends were with their mothers.

Ken had missed his mother more than he ever expected that year, and seeing her big, curvy body half dancing around the backyard to whatever she was listening to made him realize how glad he was to be home. Whatever happened, if he was going to be stuck being locked down somewhere, he’d rather be with his voluptuous mother than anyone else. The months at college hadn’t dulled his fond memories of his curvy mama’s penchant for putting on something light and revealing and puttering in her backyard. But now, with the extra weight and curviness she had he felt his blood running warm while his cock continued to grow inside his sweatpants.

While he stood at the sliding glass doors at the back of the house, Ken couldn’t resist touching his cock through his sweats, lightly rubbing the length of his solid shaft. The heaving bounce of his mother’s enormous tits was making throb just as much as the way her tank hem kept riding higher on her huge, shapely ass.

He must have been crazy to ever leave his mother’s house, he thought. But he’d wanted to know what it was like to be on his own. It was great to be able to have a place to bring girls. His mother had never brought men home to the house while he was living there, so he always thought he should show her the same courtesy. Time at home always seemed to be for them. Not that he didn’t have friends over, but Ken started avoiding that eventually since most of his friends would end up saying something about his mother’s impressive tits.

But right now, Ken would give anything to lay his hands on those big, round, heaving melons. He’d seen his mother go braless around the house many times, but this was the most spectacular view he’d ever seen of them. Then Cathy did something that changed everything. She sank down in the grass on her hands and knees to scratch around some of her newly planted flowers with a hand tool. Her big, luscious ass was pointed directly at where her son was standing, and the hem of her tank lifted over her huge cheeks to expose her pussy.

Cathy was obviously not wearing panties, but with the privacy of the yard, she could’ve gone naked if she wanted to.

With his heart pounding like mad, Ken couldn’t resist reaching into his sweatpants to wrap his hand around his cock shaft and stroke it. This was a mind-bending new view of his pretty mother, and he found himself wishing he was kneeling behind and feeding every inch of his aching shaft to her pouting pussy. He couldn’t imagine being inside a more lusciously voluptuous body.

Ken stood at the glass doors stroking his cock under his sweatpants while feasting his wide open eyes on his mother’s world class ass and pussy. He’d always been highly aware of his mother’s sumptuous body and good looks, but he’d never imagined feeling that desperate to just plow his throbbing cock balls deep into her body. He soon pushed the waist of his sweatpants down below his balls so he could openly stroke his cock. The added relief made him sigh with pleasure as he memorized that generous view of his mother’s ass.

The freshman college boy almost wished his mother would turn around and catch him stroking his exposed cock. Then she’d never have to wonder what she did to him. How much he wanted her to see that he was a man now with a big, fully swollen man cock who could truly appreciate the kind of woman she was. For the first time in his life, Ken imagined what it would feel like to pump a big, desperate load of cum into his mother’s luscious body. The thought nearly made him spurt cum all over the glass ataköy escort of doors he was looking through.

He had to make himself stop before Cathy turned around and caught her son jerking off to the sight of her beautifully displayed ass. As much as Ken ached for his mother to see him, she’d probably freak out and never look at him the same way again. He pulled his sweats back over the inconvenient shaft of his swollen dick. Reluctantly leaving the amazing view of his mother behind, he carried his duffel upstairs and back to his old room, which was pretty much exactly as he’d left it.

Ken dropped his duffel on the floor and couldn’t resist going to the window where he could see his mother still working in the yard. The view wasn’t as good as from the back of the downstairs, but it offered a little better privacy. Even so, he still wasn’t exactly invisible. So he watched his mother a while longer, then took off his clothes and walked down to the hallway bathroom with his rock hard cock in his hand.

The best idea seemed to be to freshen up with a shower and stroke out a load to keep his mind off his mother’s insanely luscious body at the same time. He couldn’t exactly greet her for the first time in seven months with a visible hard on. She probably wouldn’t speak to him for years after something like that.

When Ken got into the shower and started washing, the first thing he did was lather up his aching cock. He kept thinking about that image of his mother on her hands and knees with her ass and pussy hanging out in the open. For that matter, he wondered how many others might’ve seen his voluptuous mom from the same point of view since he’d been away. Finally having the house to herself, could she have been taking advantage of it and seeing men for the first time in years? It wasn’t like she didn’t deserve to. Her life had been pretty much centered on her son for so long.

In all the time since she and his father split up Cathy never dated or brought any men home, but her son had heard the telltale sounds of her masturbating in her room often enough to know she a very healthy appetite. Even though she always tried to time her sessions for late at night or times she thought Ken wasn’t home, her private me-time sessions were long and frequent. As horny as she obviously was, her son realized it had to be incredibly frustrating for her to deny herself real cock for so long.

With his rigid rod in his slippery, stroking fist, Ken couldn’t help imagining his mother taking strange cock in her empty house while he’d been away. He started to imagine her in different positions with a long, thick cock pumping into her wet pussy. It made his shaft throb in his slippery fist as he stroked harder and faster, but every time a new image came to his mind he found himself seeing his own cock driving into his mother’s luscious slit.

It was the first time Ken had ever blatantly imagined fucking his mother, but he had to admit he’d been skirting the idea for a long time. There was no question in his mind that he’d been in love with her forever. And it wasn’t the usual son’s love for his mother. Why else would the idea of her fucking new and different cocks while he was away make him feel so jealous yet so turned on at the same time? Seeing Cathy in the yard had just brought it all unexpectedly to the forefront, and even if he could never admit any of his feelings to her, it was about time he admitted it to himself.

Ken’s dick felt as hard as it ever got and he quit worrying about anything but relieving the tension in his body over his beautifully curvy mom. But in the midst of his stroking he heard a shriek all the way from downstairs. Then less than a minute later the bathroom door flew open as his mother burst into the room. The only thing keeping Cathy from seeing her son with his hugely swollen cock in his hand was the plastic shower curtain.

Ken carefully pulled the curtain aside to reveal himself only from the shoulders up, keeping his rock hard boner hidden from his mother’s view. He couldn’t help keeping his hand around his shaft, though. Hopefully she wouldn’t be there long and he could finish cumming and washing before getting dressed again to catch up with her.

“Baby,” she said excitedly. “I didn’t know you were coming. Oh my god I can’t even tell you how happy I am you’re home. I was so worried about you being on campus.”

“Yeah, well everything’s shutting down, Mom. The whole campus is gonna be closed in another week probably. I’m sorry I didn’t call first, but things were kinda crazy.”

“Oh, it’s alright, sweetheart. I’m just so happy to see you. And I’m so relieved. I was afraid I was going to be in self-quarantine all alone.”

Ken couldn’t help noticing that his mother’s nipples were hard and swollen, making knotty little dents in her tank dress. Being a head taller than Cathy, she had to angle her head up to look at him while he had to angle his down. It seemed impossible not to look down into the deep, ataköy eve gelen escort generously displayed cleavage left exposed by her outfit. He was still gripping his hard shaft and couldn’t resist slipping his hand very carefully along his length, secretly stroking behind the opaque curtain.

“Everything’s really crazy right now, Mom,” he managed to keep talking while his rod was throbbing with need in his hand. “It just seems like we should be together at a time like this.”

Cathy smiled at her son. “You’re the best son in the world,” she said.

Ken wondered if she’d still think so if she knew he was stroking his swollen dick behind the shower curtain. She caught him glancing at her tits and blushed, but she didn’t say anything and the smile never left her face. Ken felt his aching rod pulse over his mother’s reaction. She didn’t mind at all. If anything, she seemed to enjoy catching her son check out her tits.

“That’s because I have the best mom,” he managed to say.

“Aww, baby, you always know just the right thing to say.” She then put her hands up to Ken’s face and kissed him on the lips. It was the first time she’d ever done that before. It didn’t last long, but it gave him just enough of a taste of his mother’s mouth to make him want more. She held his face and gaze a bit longer after the kiss, and Ken was dying to just kiss her again and slip his tongue into her mouth.

“You don’t mind if I wait for you to finish?” she then asked, letting go of his face. “I’m all icky from working outside and I want to shower next.”

“Um, sure, Mom.”

Ken’s dick was aching for relief and he didn’t know he was ever going to get off with his mother sitting right there. On top of that, if she was going to wait for him to get out he was going to have to let her see him naked before he could grab a towel to warp around his waist. There was no way he could get out of that shower with his cock still hard and throbbing for release.

Then Cathy compounded her son’s dilemma by pulling the straps of her tank over her shoulders and pushing it down off her lush body, revealing herself in all her naked glory. Ken almost spurted his load out right then and there. His mother’s heavy tits swayed as bent down, and they wobbled enticingly as she stood back up and revealed her perfectly smooth, hairless pussy.

Cathy giggled girlishly when she spotted the stunned look on her son’s face as he was still holding the curtain to keep looking at her but hide the achingly swollen prick in his stroking hand.

“Don’t mind me, sweetheart,” she said, a coy smile on her face. “It’s perfectly natural to be naked. And besides, we’re going to have to get used to it if we’re going to be in quarantine together.”

“Sure, yeah, no problem,” Ken nearly sputtered. “I don’t mind.”

Cathy giggled again. “I’ll bet you don’t. But you can probably tell I put on some weight since you were away,” she said. She closed the toilet lid and took a seat on top of it.

“You look fantastic, Mom. Really.”

Cathy smiled, obviously pleased. “Did I happen to mention how much I love you, baby?”

Ken did his best to smile back. “I love you too, Mom.”

While Cathy sat naked making small talk, Ken took as long as she could to keep looking at her body while stroking his cock. After a minute or two, his mother started getting anxious.

“Honey, I hope you’re going to save me some hot water in there,” she said.

“Oh right, yeah. Guess I better finish,” he said.

Reluctantly, he let go of the curtain so he couldn’t keep looking at her, but at least he could finally pound his cock to an orgasm and wash off the cum before getting out. But Cathy didn’t want to keep waiting.

“I might as well just get in there with you,” she said. “We can save water that way and I won’t have to cut mine short after you used up half the tank.”

“Oh, no, Mom, that’s really not a good idea,” Ken told her. “Uhhh, I mean, we’re naked and everything.”

Ken would’ve loved showering with his mother, but he didn’t look forward to her freaking out when she saw the state of his enormously swollen cock.

“Nonsense, sweetie,” she said. “We’re already naked. You’ve seen me, so it’s not such a big deal if we’re in there at the same time. We’re in this together, sweetheart. It’s no time to be shy.”

“Mom, no!” Ken snapped just as his mother yanked the curtain open and stepped into the tub.

“Oh,” Cathy said quietly, like the air had gone out of her lungs as she discovered the immense erection in her son’s hand.

Ken didn’t turn around. He just stood facing his mother with his cock throbbing even harder in his hand.

“Is that, um, because of me?” his mother asked.

“Yes, Mom,” he confessed.

She was gazing steadily at his rod. “I see,” she said after a long silence. “Were you … touching it while we were talking?”

“Yeah, Mom. I couldn’t help it. I’m so sorry.”

Cathy just stared ataköy grup yapan escort at her son’s huge cock. “I, uhhh, don’t mind, baby,” she finally said. “You better finish. It looks painful, honey.”

“Oh god,” Ken groaned. He didn’t need to be told twice, and started moving his hand back and forth over his shaft under his mother’s watchful gaze. It hardly even seemed real that he and his mother were naked together in the shower let alone that he was stroking his cock while she stared at him in awe.

“Baby,” Cathy said haltingly. “It’s so … big. I mean, really big. Your father was never like that.”

Ken just groaned and stroked a little faster. It wouldn’t be long before he was squirting cum all over the enclosure.

“Guess you liked seeing Mommy’s tits,” Cathy said, almost to herself.

“You have amazing tits, Mom,” the boy told her. “Your body is just incredible.”

Cathy’s nipples were swollen, and she brought her hands to her tits and starting hefting and fondling them for her son. “It’s okay if you like them, baby. It’s perfectly natural.”

Ken kept stroking while his mother played with her tits. After a while she pushed a hand between her hunky thighs and started rubbing her pussy.

“Oh, baby, I’m so sorry,” she moaned. “I can’t help it. I never thought we’d see each other like this but it feels so good.”

Ken slowed his strokes and gave his mother some time to catch up. He watched her rub her pussy and tits until she was moaning deeply. Her big, curvy body started to shake and heave while she started to cum. That’s all it took for Ken. He pounded his fist furiously and started spurting his cream in every direction while he climaxed with his mother. By the time it was all over, Cathy had dribs and drabs of her son’s spunk on her tits. Ken could barely believe what he was seeing when his mother swiped up a drabble of his cum on her finger and then sucked it into her mouth.

“Mmmm, you taste good, baby,” she said.

When they swapped places so Cathy could get under the spray and rinse her son’s cum off her tits, the two had to squeeze close enough to rub their bare bodies across each other. Ken would never forget what his naked mother’s body felt like up against his.

He stayed there while she took her turn to get soapy and rinse. After they got out and dried off together, but then went to their separate rooms to get dressed.

Despite the powerful climax she had in the shower with Ken, Cathy’s body was shaking with excitement when she got to her bedroom. She couldn’t believe she’d actually gotten into the shower with her naked son. Not to mention that huge, amazing cock! It made her realize how long she’d gone without. And she was so happy to have him home now that she even thought of dropping to her knees in the shower and sucking that enormous man cock like he never had it sucked before.

But he was her son. Nudity was perfectly natural at home. Getting in the shower together might have been pushing the envelope a bit, but sucking her own son’s cock was just too outrageous to even think about. Well, thinking about it was alright. It would have to be, since she’d been thinking about it since the moment she laid eyes on it, but thinking about it was the best she could expect.

Maybe she’d get a chance to watch Ken play with himself again. That much alone had been enough to make her drip like a slut. As she sat down to dry her hair, she smiled to herself and thought of what a perfect world it would be where she could be an eager slut for her own son. The very idea was just so loving and yet so wicked at the same time and despite the intense climax she had in the shower with him her pussy was still feeling so warm and tingly. She thought about digging out her favorite toy from the top drawer of her dresser. It was so tempting to make herself cum again. She wanted to so much, but it seemed like such a dangerous thing to do. Could she really turn into the kind of woman who would drive a rubber cock into her aching pussy while dreaming of getting the real thing from her own son?

She finished drying her hair and promised herself to put the whole bathroom incident out of her mind. It was nothing but a spur of the moment thing because they were so happy to see each other. She couldn’t help giggling out loud when she thought how that big, impressive erection was undeniable proof of how happy Ken was to see Mom.

Cathy then got up and took a good look at herself in the full length mirror on her closet door. Until Ken came home unexpectedly and ended up getting an uncontrollable hardon for her she’d been worried and self-conscious over the extra weight she’d been putting on. Like her peers, she spent most of her life always trying to be thinner, but as she tried to see what Ken did, she had to admit her body looked … sumptuous. Not all heavy in a bad way. Her natural curves were just much more pronounced. Her thighs and ass still had the shape they always had, and they were simply bigger. Her tits were even rounder and fuller than ever, and she felt proud of the way her son looked at them.

It was hardly the first time she’d ever caught Ken helping himself to views of her tits or ass, but it was different now. He was turning into an incredibly desirable man with a huge, rock hard dick that would make any woman happy.

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