Mom’s New Family Affair Ch. 21

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Beth and I were now in my SUV pulling out of the driveway, leaving Mom and Darla to take a nap. Beth had been looking at her phone and just as we reached the end of the street she claimed “That movie is in a couple of theaters in the multiplex. The next one starts 45 min after the one we planned on going to, so let’s change our plan to go to the second one. There’s someplace else I’d like to go…”

“Sure, where do you want to go?” I asked as I put my wipers on using the intermittent control. The day remained cloudy and rainy and had never cleared up since the morning.

Beth looked at me with a grin and a glint in her eye as she said “I want to go to the adult bookstore two towns over. Do you know the one I’m talking about?” I nodded and Beth continued with “I heard from Barb that she bought her rabbit vibrator there and that they have a huge selection.”

“What, you want a vibrator?” I asked with my own grin and lifted eyebrow. Beth had some toys but seemed to like using her fingers most often.

“Well maybe, but what I really want to get is my own strap on, especially now that I know Mom likes it. We need one for each house, ours and Darla’s,” she said with a giggle. “I could take it with me back to school too and let Kari try it. I bet she’d love it!” she added with wide grin and her typical giggle.

I turned onto the highway and headed toward the town as I said “That’s not a bad idea. That was pretty fucking hot earlier just watching you, not to mention being able to join in too” I said with a chuckle.

Beth just giggled. “Mmmmmmmmmm, and now it would be my turn to get fucked at both ends, just like she got it from us! I think it’s the next best thing from a having two real ones…”

I just chuckled and drove on thinking ‘Was that a hint?’

Beth glanced at me and gave me a playfully toned “Maybe…” but didn’t press it.

We drove on through the light rain with no radio or sound other than the wiper’s wipe, pause and wipe, cycle after cycle as we cruised down the road with our fingers intertwined with each other’s as we each rested an arm on the console. I glanced over to Beth who had her head back resting against the head rest. She had a light smile and her eyes had this far away look to them as she watched the grey scenery as we sped down the road.

I looked over and said “A penny for your thoughts, kiddo…”

Beth took a deep breath though her nose, smiled and said “Oh I was just thinking about this summer… I absolutely love how things have worked out, especially with you and your Mom. I seems like it’s been forever since I felt so happy and feeling at home, especially with it being my new home with you all…” and then with a slight giggle added ” Even Daddy too in a way… and oh my god the sex is more than I ever dreamed it could be!…” She then looked at me and asked “Are you happy too John? Tell me the truth…”

I glanced over at Beth for a second but let my eyes return to the road. I felt too shy to say it eye to eye right now but I wanted to say it. “To be honest, the only way I know how to describe it is I feel complete. I felt that way since the Mexican restaurant when we both admitted to knowing who we want in our lives. Did that feel like a commitment to you when it happened? I did to me” I asked looking over to her once again.

She squeezed my hand and gave me a big smile and said “Yes, I felt it was in a big way too. She gave somewhat of an emotional chuckle as she added “I always knew we’d be together and after that, it removed any doubt” and she raised our entwined hands and kissed mine. She then gave a bit of a giggle and added and it looks like I got a new Mom in the bargain too!”

I nodded, grinned and said “Yeah, I know the feeling, it seems I’ve got a new one two, or at least one on different terms. I can’t believe I’ve got you, my most favorite and compatible sexual partner of all times, mom, who I love dearly and loves me as a son and a sexual partner and even Darla, god, I’ve had a boner over her ever since I could remember!… Sometimes I can’t believe the situation, but I’m not going to second guess it. I’ve literally been in sexual heaven.”

“Mmmmmm, me too I get a thrill out of it on many levels. I love being with them too and on top of that I get so excited watching you when you’re with them. I’m not jealous at all and it really does excite me. I know it sounds a bit pervy, but I do…” Then she looked at me and asked with a mischievous grin “Do you think you’d get turned on watching me with another man?”

I looked over and caught her grin. The thought of how it turned me on that night thinking what her and her dad would be doing and later how hot it was to hear the details, so seeing it wasn’t much more than a leap, but chose to answer in a different way and said “Maybe, I guess it would depend on who he was…”

“Well… right off the top of my head would be my daddy… Do you think you’d like to see me fuck him or suck his cock?” I could tell through my peripheral avcılar grup yapan escort vision she said looking straight at me and had said it explicitly like that because she knew it would excite me then she giggled and settled back into her seat and said “God, the thought of you watching me turns me on so much!”

I looked over and said “Really? And how do you imagine that would happen?”

Beth gave me a sideways glance and said “You saw the pics… Daddy’s no stranger to threesomes…”as she turned her head and gave me one of her more devilish grins.

“I guess not, after seeing those pictures you swiped. And then what, my dad?” I asked raising and eyebrow as I waited for a reply.

Beth answered but couldn’t hold back a giggle as she said “Well…if it was Ok with you and Mom I would” she said a bit shyly. “I always thought your dad was hot. Whenever we girls talk about older men he comes to mind, but then again, you did some fantasy dreaming about my mom when she was alive, I know you did!” as she jokingly slapped my shoulder.

I laughed and said “Caught me there! Yes I did. Only now am I realizing how much jerking off I really did as a kid. There were you of course, Mom, Darla and your mom… and Mrs. Pearl, my freshman English Lit teacher in high school. Remember her?”

“Oh yes, I think every guy that went to school remembers her” Beth said with a laugh.

“Anyway, I think I’d get out voted after what I saw today with Mom.”

“What do you mean?” asked Beth.

“We’ll something tells me you’d get a thrill partying down on Dad’s cock especially after seeing so much of it today and something tells me Mom wouldn’t mind watching you do it too. She seemed to have gotten kind of turned on today watching the videos and you know how turned on she gets watching us. At least you’d be somebody she loves and not some bimbo he met overseas.”

“Mmmmmm, very true! I never thought of that!”

“Well, only time will tell. It all depends on Mom at this point. Back to your dad… So, do you think you’re going to fuck him every week when you meet for dinner?”

Beth looked a bit introspective as she thought about it. Then said “No, I don’t want to fuck him all the time, but I’d like to let him once or twice more before we go back to school. But… blow jobs aren’t out of the question with me and I’d like to see what he’d like to do with me, maybe more kissing or fingering or something or.. maybe he’ll want to eat me!” she added with a giggle.

“Are you going to dress up like your Mom again?” I asked as the front passenger wheel it a large puddle, surprising both of us.

“I’ve been thinking about that. Now that I’ve had him, I think I’ll start weaning him off the Mom thing. I can tell he misses Mom but we covered a lot of territory that night and I think he sees me now too along with the Mom in me. So, I think next Thursday, I’ll style my hair like hers but wear my own style of clothes.”

“That sounds like a plan… do you still plan on fixing him up for a 3some?”

Beth grinned and paused before she answered. “Yep! I’m going to try to plan one if I can find another partner. I’ll ask Darla after I find out what Mom thinks Tuesday night and if not, maybe I can lure him to come for a visit at school and get Kari to help me out. I’m bringing copies of the pictures, and she can be kinky to start with. I doubt she would refuse.”

It wasn’t long before we came up upon the adult book store. It was a block building painted in horizontal layers of colors that were earthy but looked fairly nice. It had no windows but was trimmed in neon that must have looked like a low key night club at night.

Only one car was in the parking lot. We parked several slots over from it and hurried through the rain, darting into the door quickly… and seemed to startle the girl behind the counter. She had as short dark haircut but towards the ends it turned to reds and oranges as if her hairstyle looked like a flame. Each ear was pierced with at least four studs and she had one ring in her nose in her nostril. She was nice enough though… and gave us a smile and said “Welcome, If there’s anything I can help you with, just let me know… Oh, and the video booths take tokens only so you’ll need to purchase them here from me before hand.”

Beth was the first to smile and say “Thanks!” and then looked over at the wall of sex toys and apparatus it took up a whole wall and corner.

I chuckled and said low, “Help yourself. You know more about that stuff than I do. I’m going to browse.”

She took off left toward the wall and I took off right toward the video section.

It wasn’t long before the counter girl was next to her offering to help her out and I noticed they started getting along like kindred souls. From what I could tell, she was showing her several strap-ons and talking the pros and cons about each.

They talked and shopped for a good 45 minutes before I saw avcılar masöz escort them heading back to the counter with a basket. I wasn’t sure if I should approach them or not, but I thought it would look strange if I ducked out.

I walked up and said “Well, did you find what you were looking for?”

Beth replied with “I sure did with Sheila’s help! Sheila, this is my fiancé John, and John this is Sheila. Her dad owns the store and she plays in a punk band that comes to town on occasions.

I offered my hand for a hand shake and she shook it with a smile as I said “Nice to meet you Sheila.”

“Nice to meet you too John. Did you see anything over you had questions on?” (meaning the videos)

“Nah, just browsing…” I said with a almost a blush.

She laughed and said “Well I can see why with a hot lady like Beth next to you!” as she started ringing the items up. There was a box that showed a strap-on on the cover, another box that had the same branding but looked like it would contain a smaller version of a dildo that could be used, what looked like a long thin silicone vibrator with an oval head at the end which I assumed vibrated. I guessed it as being a G spot vibe.

As she turned over another bubble pack it showed an anal probe. It was long and looked like someone had molded balls together to form a rippled surface. It was about 8, maybe 9 inches of usable length with a T handle added to the back.

“Wow, who’s that for?” I asked Beth with a grin.

Beth gave me one of her most slutty grins and said “Oh you’ll find out soon enough!” and Sheila giggled an innocent giggle.

We paid and left. As we headed back south, I asked about the toys.

Beth said “Well the G spot vibe is for Mom and I. The strap on you can imagine, the smaller box is for a smaller cock in case we want to use it for ass fucking, Sheila said it would be a lot more comfortable unless you do anal all the time, but then she also suggested the ripple type anal probe, it looked interesting so I thought I’d get it and try it out on Mom and Darla, Darla’s into anal toy play and I’m sure she’d love it.”

I thought to myself ‘And when us guys buy something the ladies kid us by calling US “boys with toys”‘ We’re not the only ones are we’ with a snicker.


By the time we got home from our little shopping trip, movie and dinner at the pub, we entered the house to find it totally quiet. It didn’t surprise us at all though, at the pub, I had received the text from Mom that if she was asleep when we got home for us to crawl in next to her anyway.

We went up to our room with Beth’s new toys and just left them in the bag for this evening it was Beth’s intention to try them out Tuesday night during their date night.

We both stripped naked and freshened up in the bathroom before quietly entering Mom’s room, She had left her night light on, which is a small wooden oriental lantern with paper windows painted with bamboo scenes which gave out a warm glow.

Mom was in the center of the bed on her side facing the door. I walked to the far side of the bed as Beth slid in on the door side and we both cuddled up next to her warm body with me spooning her from behind and Beth resting her head on Mom’s inner upper arm where her elbow stuck out before her forearm bent back to slide her hand under the pillow.

It only took a moment for Mom to let out a long, sleepy “Mmmmmmmmmm , I’m glad you made it home” as she rotated her ass into my flaccid dick in the spoon and her hand came from under the pillow and pulled Beth into her more as her other hand landed on my hips and drew me in more too.

Beth said softly “Sounds like someone’s tired” then I heard the sound of a quick peck of a kiss.

I felt my cock stir as it started to grow as it pressed against my Mom’s soft, sexy ass and I let my hips roll slightly to let it grow in the valley where her ass crack met the back of her thighs. I let my hand slide around her cupping one of her breasts which I started kneading very gently.

“Ohhhhhhhhh , I am so happy right now being with the both of you like this… I missed you guys soooo much!”

Beth giggled and said “Ooooooh, we sure missed you too. It’s not the same without you here, Mom” as I felt Mom’s leg raise a bit and then Beth’s knee as she pressed it between her legs. I lifted my leg too and Beth continued putting her bent knee through as I imagined her thigh contacting Mom’s vulva.

I kissed Mom’s shoulder and said “She’s right Mom, we really did miss you giving her boob a single, harder squeeze and felt as if her nipple tip hardened in the center of my palm.

“Maybe we need to let you get your rest…” said Beth softly.

We felt Mom’s chest shake in a quiet chuckle before she said “Well, I sure have had my share of sex today… Darla and I had some catching up to do too while you were gone. We never did get to napping. She’s going to be like a incestuous sister avcılar otele gelen escort to me when you two go back to school. I’m so glad I have her. I must admit I’m so relaxed… But there is one thing…

I kissed the nape of her neck where she likes it so much and whispered “What’s that Mom? What would you like?” as I felt my cock twinge now knowing it was now fully hard.

“I want you two make love… I mean really make tender love next to me as I watch.” She said sleepily…

Beth grinned and asked “And you’re not going to join in?” with a bit of a giggle.

Mom gave her own giggle “Well… Just think of me an occasional participating observer. Now… let’s you and I switch places…”

Mom rolled over and as Beth maneuvered over her, landing on her back between Mom and I. I was on my side with the back of my upper arm flat on the matters with a bent elbow where my hand supported my head. Beth’s head landed on the pillow Mom had been using and she looked at me with a serene face.

I must admit my respect and appreciation for that souvenir of an oriental lantern night light hit me. The warm glow from the single bulb it the room with soft light and now since our eyes adjusted, I could see everything clearly, but in soft tones. Beth looked like an angel with her hair splayed out from her head on the pillow.

In the corner of my eye, I saw leaning a bit sideways into a pillow propped up against the headboard with her beautiful tits hanging as a subtle angle, but my main focus was Beth. My eyes went to her legs and feet, void of any covers now since they all got kicked off when Mom and Beth switched places. My eyes traveled up her legs to the point my hand touched her soft thigh and I let my fingers caress the skin of her inner thighs.

Their touch was soft and barely touching as they made their way higher along her slit, up over her mound where they continued over her stomach to her breast. Her nipple tips were already extended but as my light, teasing finger tip touched and circled one of her areolas I felt the soft skin suddenly shrink and harden as if chilled and I knew that tip was now not only long but it was also hard too.

We looked into each other’s eyes, the look was soft and loving. I was the first to say softly “Where have you been all of my life?”

Her answer was quick and soft too. “Right next to you all the time, you big dummy!” she said affectionately with slight smile.

“Never leave me…”

“I never will…”

“I love you…”

“I love you too” and my lips contacted hers as the last of the breath from her answer left her lips.

The kiss started softly but quickly grew in passion, but it too was slow as we seemed to savor every movement as our mouths opened wide and our faces turned ever so slightly. Our tongues normally thrashed each other, but not this time, they entwined gently in sensuous dance of their own.

My leg lifted and I draped my thigh across hers as I pivoted my hips to allow my rock hard cock to expose itself on her hip and lower stomach.

My hand slid up and down her body and wasted no time sliding deeply down the full length of her vulva, again but this time my fingers and palm pressed against it and I l started small rotational movements to start with which resulted in Beth sharply inhaling through her nose as her hip lifted slightly and her hand went to my cock.

There was no angle to grab my shaft to stroke but the soft touch or her fingers explored the shape and edge of my cock’s head. Her hand then engulfed it as if it was a gearshift and I felt the wetness of my precum transfer to the palm of her hand just as one finger cleaved her slit. I found her warm and already wet and I added my ring finger to my middle one and slowly sank then deep into her.

Beth let out a short whimper of a moan and her hips lifted as if to sink her warm wet pussy farther onto my fingers as I worked them in and out. Doing so made them wet and slick with her juices and just as I started sliding my wet fingers up through her labia to her clit Beth moaned once more into the kiss and we heard the click and buzz.

Beth’s hips raised again as I slid my fingers back in her and then back out again through her lips to her clit and she whimpered strongly into kiss and slid her lips off mine and then took three deep, desperate breaths as my lips started kissing her neck with open wet kisses and licks up to her ear.

I knew her passion was not only from my hand or my kisses. I knew the sound of Mom’s vibrator had made a difference and I recognized too something special was happening here knowing her eyes were upon us. We heard the different changes in tone as Mom used it from being muffled to exposed and raw vibrations as I sucked Beth’s earlobe then whispered “I want to fuck you Beth…”

Beth moaned openly “Oh god John fuck me! I need that cock of yours deep inside of me! Oh please Baby…!”

I rolled between her legs and Beth immediately lifted her knees, spreading them wide exposing her sex as her hip pivoted in anticipation as I inched forward on my knees, grasping my cock by its base as I pressed the head in low on her slit, just enough to wet the head before I started working it up and down her slit making sure I smeared her wetness over the head of my cock but also getting her labia and clit.

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