More Than Just a Shower

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Katrina arrived at Raf’s place late Friday night feeling very frisky and playful. She was hoping that Raf would be in the mood to see what playing around with her would be like but knowing him as she was starting to, it seemed he liked to tease a lot. She wondered just how far she could push it to see if Raf would be able to hold out. They constantly talked about fooling around but he always seemed to back down.

As she walked in, she heard the shower running so she went towards that way to let him know that she had arrived. When she reached the bathroom door, she noticed that he was standing butt naked and wow…what a sight it was. His hard lean body was tight with the indentions of a runner’s body; which appeared tan and smooth. She noticed he did not have much hair at all. He was from Belgium and had an accent that drove Katrina mad. She loved sexy accents; always seem to make her panties wet.

He didn’t notice her standing there watching him as he climbed into the shower so she thought to herself, ‘what the hell? He teases so will I.’ She undressed herself and peeked into the shower to see what he was doing. He had his head titled backwards as the water came down onto his hair and she noticed that his eyes were closed. She couldn’t help sucking in her breath because she thought that he looked really inviting standing there with his dick slightly hardened. How she longed to reach out and stroke it.

The water ran down his chest and she felt her pussy tighten with excitement as she fought back the urge to reach out and touch him. She slowly climbed into the shower hoping that he would not notice just yet that she stood there admiring him.

She moved in towards him and reached out with her güvenilir bahis soapy hands to gently wash his chest. He instantly opened his eyes and becoming aware that Katrina stood in his shower naked his dick began to harden and his breathing got ragged. She knew she had caught him by surprise because his face had a look of raw desire.

While she moved her hands upward on his chest, she began to suck gently on his neck and moved her way to his earlobes. She heard him moan and the sound coming from him made her pussy start to contract with spurts of excitement. Raf took his hands and ran them down to her breast where he cupped them and brought his face down to her nipple with his lips. She feeling hot from the contact reached down and began to stroke his dick with her hand. He moved to her other breast and gave it the same attention as the first.

Katrina was moaning with delight and could feel herself getting wet from wanting to know what he would feel like. He started to kiss in between her tits and worked his way back up to her mouth. His tongue was so powerful as he stroked it inside her mouth. His lips were so soft yet strong. She longed to suck on his bottom lip because it had a way of protruding slightly more than the top one and she found that to be very sexy.

He pressed his dick up against her as he slowly teased her with the hardness against her skin. When she looked up at him she saw a look of longing and couldn’t help feeling that desire to satisfy this man. So she planted little sucking kisses on his stomach working downwards as she slowly got to her knees.

When she was eye level with his hard cock, she embraced it in her hand and guided it towards her mouth. She slowly licked the tip türkçe bahis of his dick and stroked it up and down on his shaft. He liked the way she was sucking on his head. She could hear him whispering her name and she wanted him to remember this gift she was giving to him so she took his balls and began to suck on one of them while still stroking his dick. He very urgently said her name and just hearing his accent made her more willing to continue to fulfill his needs.

She moved to the other ball and sucked on it as she had the first. Raf was trying to hold back but was finding it difficult to do. He took his hands and ran them through her hair as he used them to guide her head to match his movement. Water was falling off his shoulders onto her head as she sucked his cock at such an intense manner. She looked up at him and the rawness she saw sent her pussy into contractions of tightness.

She licked the shaft of his dick from the base all the way to the tip of his hard cock and each time she came up she would swallow his head and move down with her hand and mouth at the same time and then started all over. It was sending chills up his spine because it felt so good. He started to have a little pre-cum escape his opening so she licked it off and smiled at his sweetness. He couldn’t take it any longer he knew if she continued this he would explode and shoot his load and he didn’t want that to happen just yet.

He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her up and told her to turn around. As she did, he guided his dick towards her opening but he could tell that the shower stall was not wide enough to spread her legs so he could get deep inside of her. So he told her to place her left foot on the edge of the tub güvenilir bahis siteleri and bend slightly; when she did he stuck his fingers in there to see how wet she was. It was warm and tight. He felt his dick tighten and pulled slightly on his groin. He put one hand on her ass as he guided his dick to her wet opening where it was smooth as a baby’s ass. He couldn’t believe that she had shaved it all off. He hadn’t seen one since being a teenager and couldn’t help feeling turned on to imagine fucking her pussy as if she was still a young inexperienced virgin that he was going to take to new places.

He popped into her pussy and she let out a moan. She was saying his name and he could tell that she was really getting off to their game. He felt her wetness start to thicken around his dick. He could hear the sucking sound that a pussy makes on a cock when it is very wet from being penetrated in a high intense rhythm. She started to grasp for air because she was so close to cumming. He took his finger and placed it in her ass and began to stroke it in and out as if it were his dick. She started to convulse with contractions and was moaning and saying his name as she came all over his stiff cock.

He quickly withdrew and asked her to get on her knees and open her mouth. She did as he told her and he stroked his own cock and told her to watch him. However, she was already doing that and enjoying the sight he offered for her eyes. He had this look of complete urgency to give her what she wanted. As he stroked, he felt the hot urge sweep over him and he released his cum onto her face. Her cheeks, her nose, her mouth were covered with drops of his essence. He saw her lick up what she could and he took his fingers and scooped up the majority of his cum and fed it to her. She took his hands in hers and began to suck on his fingers while closing her eyes and smiling up to him. He felt so relieved that he could bring that sweet smile to her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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