Morning Massage

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I first came to you for a massage about two years ago. My early massages with you were really vanilla, I recall that you had me start face up on the table and you always finished off the session working on my back. I think you enjoyed seeing me then and continue to do so. We have always been very chatty during the session. And you have always kept things very professional between us.

I know that you are a sexy mother of three boys, many would describe your look as a soccer mom even though you aren’t quite 30. I think that you are totally hot, I have often enjoyed your 5′ frame from the table and more than once I wondered what it would feel like to be smothered by your smooth 36D breast. Your eyes drive me insane when you are standing over me working on my head and neck. I know that you could never be into this mid 40’s stay at home dad.

At some time in the last year our relationship has changed somewhat, we began to share how boring our own sex lives were. You shared that you had written some erotic stories and were anxious to act on them. But still it was just talk and I was still alone and covered up on the table.

Then, last week at the last minute I called you early one morning to see what your availability was like for later that day. You sounded really flustered on the phone as if, I had caught you masturbating. When regained your composure and said you had plans, but lets do it in a couple of hours I got really giddy and excited.

I arrived at your studio at the appointed time, and as usual you looked smoking hot in the tight black pants güvenilir bahis and low cut top you often wear. You gave me a quick hug and told me to get up on the table and get ready. I heard you slip into the room, my face was firmly planted in the cradle and as you laid your hand on my back and walked up next to me nothing seemed unusual. I could hear you speaking and could smell that you were freshly showered. Your feet were barely visible under the overhang of the blanket. I felt the familiar touch of your hands on my back as you started working the oil into my back and I heard the distant sounds of your favorite music from the CD. As you worked my body with the immense skill that you possess, I felt you move to my legs and begin on my butt and inner thighs which always drives me crazy but never goes anywhere. It seemed like you spent an eternity in that area. When you said you needed to lower the end of the table slightly with the face cradle I just stayed in place. I felt your familiar move of pressing one leg up against my head for more leverage, but things felt different this time.

I didn’t feel the sheer fabric of your tight pants. I felt smooth warm skin. And as you began working on my butt again this time I felt fingers moving deeper into the areas that typical massages do not touch. I further felt this immense pulse of heat emanating from just over my head. And for the first time I heard a little sigh, no it was a moan escape from your lips.

You worked me like that for a few minutes before asking if I wanted the blindfold again today? I said I did, türkçe bahis and as I sat up, I felt you help put it on. I was now face up and couldn’t decide if I had just had a vividly erotic dream on your table or if this was actually happening!

I thought I only had perhaps fifteen minutes left of the massage, and suggested that if you were up for it, we could go a little longer today. Once again you started at my toes and worked up to my inner thighs, just as usual. You then dragged a finger up my abdomen over my chest and began from the top down. I felt your body again, I didn’t feel the familiar clothing that would lightly brush me. I did feel the heat and a certain oily sheen of your skin touching me, and I could still smell a slight fragrance of soap on your gorgeous dark skin. My limited senses were keeping me on the edge for any hint of whether this was a dream or not. But at that instant I felt something brush past my lips, it was hard and soft, and it felt like your nipple, and then it went by again. As I lay on the table I open my mouth ever so slightly and it happened again. Now I was getting really turned on and I felt my cock rising to the occasion. I opened my moth even more and felt your nipple on my lips and then press into my mouth.

I thought I felt a weight being added to the table. And then I felt skin on both sides of my head. Seconds later I felt that immense heat again and smell soap, as something softer brushed over my nose. I felt her hands working their way down my belly to my ever hardening cock. At the same time a freshly shaven pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri was being lowered to my mouth. We stayed locked like that with her sucking my cock and massage my balls. While my tongue was working on her clit and one hands was massaging her ass. I kept telling her I was going to erupt but her own climax was way to loud for her to hear me. As my cock erupted and she was caught off guard I could feel my come splattering on my stomach.

You slowly readjusted yourself so that my limp cock was now on your breasts, this gave me my first chance to yank the blindfold from my face. I could see your smooth pussy staring back at me and could feel you ever so gently massaging my cock back to life. To this point you had still not looked me in the eye, but that was about to change. I felt you shift your weight and slide your legs over my waist and begin grinding you soaking wet pussy onto my now raging cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore and just when I thought I was going to explode again you stopped and twisted around, and sat on my cock again. I couldn’t wait for you to lean forward so I could kiss those lips and look into those beautiful eyes. I couldn’t resist a kiss, and as you sat up again and took my cock in both hands you aimed it right for your pussy. Oh I was in heaven as you slid me into your smooth and hot pussy. You rode me, and then stopped, I was on the edge, we both were. Hot and sweat covered I needed to come again. As I flipped you onto your back and got off the table I easily entered you and we began to fuck, slow at first then faster and harder, till I felt your orgasm building. I began to reach the edge and as I pulled out, you never expected a cum shot to land right on your lips from there.

I think that from now on I will try to see you in the mornings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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