Mother and I

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I came from a very large family. My mother was the fourth wife to my mother, she was 13 when he married her and he was 35. She gave birth to me and my two sisters at age 18 before she decided that she do not want any more children. I never really like her, she was cruel and firm with us, and gain the respect (due to this) from all other wives.

I married when I was 22 but my wife was a “cold-fis” and I tolerated her for six years before divorcing her. I live alone but after two years of my divorce, my eldest brother (I have 12 brothers and 8 sisters) came to m and told me that my mother is living alone in the main house (my father is working in the Gulf and came every 5-6 months and all my brothers and sisters have their own separate homes) and I must go and live with my mother. The idea did not appeal to me, but social bonds are stronger than anything, so I moved again with my mother. I never thought of her as a sex object until one day I came home and saw her leaving the bathroom. I saw a tall obese woman with long halkalı eve gelen escort hair and her body is shining. She has nothing but long Khawli (towel) around her. I do not know what happened, but something snapped inside me. She heard me and turned her head shyly to look at me, when I put my arms around her and embrace her from the back. Before she said anything, I kissed her right shoulder with passion. She turned quickly to face me and the towel slipped to the ground and I embrace her more strongly closing her mouth with mine.

I showered her with kisses and I kept kissing her mouth, checks, ears and her neck. She struggled against me but I was holding her strongly. My clothes were wet, but I did not care. I felt her relax and I took my chance and carried her to her bedroom. She kept begging me and I heard words like “forbidden, mum, son, wrong”, but I was beyond caring. I kept kissing her while carrying her and when I put her in bed, I tear my clothes as quick as halkalı grup yapan escort I can. When I took my shorts, I heard her taking a long breath. She put her hand forward to hold my cock. I slipped in bed and covered her as quick as I can. She kept murmuring and trying to push me, but I kissed her again and started to lick her neck, and she kept muttering that we should not do this. I messaged her breasts. I always like ripe fat breasts (my wife was skinny with small breasts) and I took of nipples into my mouth. I licked and I was sucking so passionately that she began to man louder and louder. I never licked a woman’s cunt before (my wife was so shy and refused), but I tried my chance with my mother. I was surprised that when I put my mouth on her cunt, she shuddered so strongly and pushed my head towards her cunt. She opened her legs so widely to give me access. It was too incredible, and I had never felt like this before in all my sexual life.

Suddenly, my mother halkalı masöz escort push herself forward and took my cock in her hand and began to suck it, something never happened to me, but I do not want to lose my chance, so I pushed her back on her back and spread her legs and she still has my cock in her hand slipped gradually into her vagina. I pushed it so fiercely inside her that she cried loudly. She put her legs on my shoulder and told me to pump her with all my strength. She ducked her nails in my back that I almost cried from pain. I fucked her for a long time, but not as long as I want, and I could not control myself. I erupted inside her so hard I felt like someone let the air out of me. I laid close to her and were kissing each other. She kept kissing all over my body and hold me so strongly. She cried a lot. I did not realize that I slept and when I awoke, the sun has set down. The bed was empty.

I am still naked and I walked to the kitchen, and saw my mother standing wearing a housecoat and I came behind her and put my arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck. Suddenly, she melted into me. She turned and began to kiss me passionately. I carried her again to our bed and fucked her again and again. This time, she was not that peaceful women as before, but she was so passionate. I never met a woman like her and I have no intention to look for one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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