Mother In Law’s Gift Ch. 04

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One evening as Rick came in from work, Jill informed him that they had received an invitation in the mail that day.

“Great! Whose boring wedding do we have to attend now?” Rick asked

Jill told him that it wasn’t a wedding invitation, but an invitation to his very own little brother’s high school graduation party.

“Jeez, I guess I’d totally forgotten that Billy graduated this year. If I know mom, she’s going to throw him a huge bash.” Rick said

Jill said, “She figures that by the time of the party the first week of June, it will be warm enough to make it a pool party.”

Rick’s mother had done an exceptional job of raising Rick and Billy. The boy’s father had left her penniless when he abandoned them for dreams of riches in Las Vegas. After some lean years Phyllis has gotten her real estate license and made a killing in the home market. Rick knew his mom’s looks hadn’t hurt her career either. She was a statuesque blonde with a figure that drew stares from men wherever she went. As her hair began to turn a bit gray, Phyllis had it colored platinum blonde. This along with her D cup tits and legs that seemed to go on forever made her drop dead gorgeous. Rick was never more proud of his mom when she purchased her elegant new home with the well manicured grounds and in ground pool. He would smile to himself as his and Billy’s friends openly ogled their mom while she sunbathed in the skimpiest of bikinis.

“Your mom is so sweet.” Jill interrupted Rick’s thoughts “She included my mom in our invitation too.”

The graduation ceremony was on a Saturday afternoon. Rick escorted Phyllis, Jill and his mother in law Karen. They were all dressed to kill. Rick knew Jill was wearing a garter belt and hose under her dress. He would have bet money that Karen was dressed the same way. He thought he detected the tell tale garter stretched across his mom’s ass as he held the car door open for her. Phyllis looked stunning in a business suit that consisted of a jacket and shirt that stopped just above her knee. It was a subtle shade of gold. Under her jacket, which she kept buttoned, she wore a flesh toned lace camisole. If it were completely open her big tits and nipples would be plainly visible. Rick couldn’t help himself from stealing glimpses of his mom’s sexy legs as she sat in the front seat as he drove.

The ceremony took far too long in Rick’s opinion. Once it was over he gave his little brother a congratulatory hug and told the group it was party time.

“Mom, can I bring my girlfriend Patty to the party?” asked Billy

“What a silly question!” Phyllis scolded Billy “She and all of your friends are invited!”

When they arrived at Phyllis’ home, Rick was amazed at the preparations she had made. A huge buffet was laid out on the patio by the pool. Every kind of drink imaginable was available too. As the booze began to flow, the music began to play. Rick chuckled halkalı ucuz escort as he watched all of Billy’s horny friends line up to dance with his mom. Some were painfully bashful, while others took the opportunity to pull her close and feel her big tits against their chest. Rick went over and asked Billy’s girlfriend Patty for a dance. She was a cute little redhead with a sweet little round ass. As for tits, she had what Jill often described as “perkies”. Rick could feel her hard nipples poking out as they danced close. Rick let his hand drift down to rest on her ass as they moved with the music. Figuring she would quickly abandon the dance floor, Rick was pleasantly surprised when she ground her pelvis into his. When the song was over, she kissed Rick and slipped him a taste of her tongue.

Karen was the next one Rick approached to dance. Just as he had suspected, Karen was wearing the sexy under things that Rick loved. He let his hand rub freely over her ass as they danced. When he was sure no one was watching, he reached inside the slit in Karen’s skirt. He made his way through her thick bush and gave her clit several strokes. Karen buried her tongue in his mouth to stifle her moan. The rest of the dance was spent dry humping his mother in law on the dance floor. When Rick finally got around to dancing with his wife, she wanted to tell him of her and her mom’s plans.

“Mom and I have an idea about Billy’s graduation present. We have both had a dance with him, and both felt his hard on through his pants. Mom and I want to fuck your little brother silly before the night is through!” Jill said to Rick

“On one condition.” Rick replied “I get to watch!”

“Hell sweetie, you can join the fun if you want.” Jill giggled

After the caterers cleaned up and left, most of the young guests helped themselves to the booze. Eventually the remaining partiers hooked up with someone and headed off to another party that was rumored to be in the area.

Rick helped his mom do a bit of last minute cleanup. While she relaxed on a lounger by the pool, Rick wondered inside. As he walked past the huge family room, he was treated to a hot site. There lay his little brother on his back, buck naked. Rick’s wife Jill was naked also except for her garter belt, heels and hose. She was squatting on Billy’s face grinding her pussy back and forth on his tongue. Patty was on her knees in front of Jill kissing her passionately while fondling her big tits. Karen, dressed similar to her daughter, was on top of Billy riding his cock for all it was worth. Rick stood and watched the foursome as they changed places. Jill was now impaled on Billy’s cock while he tongue fucked Karen’s hairy pussy. Karen had turned Patty around and was busy driving her tongue up Patty’s tight ass hole.

All this action was too much for Rick. He pulled his cock out and began halkalı üniversiteli escort stroking it while enjoying the show.

Phyllis’ voice behind him startled Rick.

“You could cut the sexual tension in the air here tonight with a knife.” She said

Rick was busy trying to stuff his cock back in his pants.

“Don’t stop!” his mother said.

“With all those young bucks humping me on the dance floor, I think I’ll join you.”

With that Phyllis unfastened her skirt and let it fall. Rick saw she had on a beautiful lace garter belt and hose. She was also not wearing panties. Even though her hair had prematurely grayed, her bush was still a beautiful shade of blonde. As Rick began to stroke his cock, Phyllis started stroking her clit.

“Your cock reminds me of your father’s.” said Phyllis

She reached out and caught a drop of pre- come and put it to her lips. When she caught Rick looking at the front of her suit jacket she stopped and removed it along with her camisole.

“There, you wanted to see mommy’s big tits didn’t you? She teased Rick

Rick leaned over and sucked his mom’s knockers while he pounded his cock harder. Phyllis stopped him before he came and knelt before him. Rick’s moan drew Karen and Jill’s attention. They watched intently as the beautiful platinum blonde took hold of her son’s hips and wrapped her mouth around his cock. Patty left the foursome and knelt behind Phyllis and began kneading her tits and playing with her nipples. As soon as Billy caused Karen to cum, she got up and went for her purse. As Jill rode Billy she watched her mom put on her strap on dildo and lubricate in generously.

Karen walked over and got on her knees behind Patty.

“I’m going to butt fuck this hot little bitch.” Everyone heard Karen say.

Phyllis felt Patty’s grasp change on her tits as Karen began her assault on her virginal teen asshole.

“Oh shit, she’s fuckin’ my ass! ” Patty shouted as Karen began pumping.

Rick squeezed his cock to keep from blowing his load down his mother’s throat.

“Wait mom, I have another idea.” Rick said

“Jill is Billy getting close to cumming?” Rick asked

“Any second!” Jill answered as she humped on his cock

Rick pulled out of his mom’s mouth and helped her to her feet. He led her over to Jill and Billy.

“Jill if you wouldn’t mind, go join your mom and Patty.” Rick instructed

Jill went over and pushed Patty’s face into her own soppy snatch. Patty licked and slurped away as Karen butt fucked her with the strap on.

Rick had their mom kneel over Billy and resume her cock sucking on her youngest son. Rick took his mom by her sexy hips and plunged his cock in her wet snatch. As Rick pounded her pussy, she sucked Billy’s meat like it was the last she was ever going to get. Phyllis groaned like an animal haramidere escort as both her sons reached orgasms at the same time. She swallowed every drop of Billy’s as she felt Rick’s fill her insides. She lay back with her two spent sons as they enjoyed watching Karen and Jill finish ravaging Patty.

When they were all through, Karen asked, “How was it getting two hot loads from your own sons?”

“It left me wanting more!” Phyllis replied

All six of them adjourned to the pool for a midnight skinny dip. Soon horniness overtook them all once again and partnerships formed up. Rick and Jill took Patty to one of the loungers. Rick sat down and Patty mounted him facing away from him. As he pushed his cock in her pussy, Jill began chewing on her thumb sized nipples. Karen and Phyllis were locked in a sixty nine on the pool deck as Billy went from one side to the other sticking his cock in both of them. After a while Rick stretched out on the pool deck and told his wife to sit on his cock. While he got busy fucking her, Patty sat on his face. He stuck his tongue up her sweet red haired snatch as far as it would go. Jill was twisting her nipples with one hand and squeezing her husband’s balls with the other. When Rick’s orgasm was imminent Jill climbed off and her and Patty knelt beside him and shared his load. Watching the two women swap jizz from tongue to tongue caused Rick to remain hard.

As he looked across the pool he witnesses his mom riding his little brothers cock like a bucking bronco. He walked over and stuck his cock in his mother in laws mouth. He instructed her to prepare Phyllis for a double penetration from her sons. Karen turned and began fucking Phyllis’ ass with her tongue.

Phyllis leaned forward and mashed her tits in Billy’s face while offering her ass to Karen’s tongue. When Karen felt she was sufficiently wet, she liberally coated Rick’s throbbing cock with saliva. When Rick got behind his mom, Karen took the liberty of guiding him to her ass. Phyllis tensed up as Rick pushed his prick in her ass. Billy chewed her nipples and Karen stroked her clit to keep her mind occupied. As soon as Rick was all the way in, he and Billy picked up a good rhythm.

As they pummeled their mother she moaned, “God damn! My boys are double fucking their mother! It feels so fucking good. One in my cunt and one up my ass. Fuck me boys, Fuck your mother like the slut she is.”

The erotic site and raunchy talk had Karen, Patty and Jill forming a daisy chain. Patty had managed to get hold of the dildo and was jamming it in and out of Karen’s pussy while licking her clit. This caused Karen to lick Jill’s clit with fervor. Jill was sucking on Patty’s clit like it was a miniature cock. When Rick grunted and filled his mom’s ass with his load, Phyllis came shortly after. Rick pulled his cock from her ass and as his cum ran down over his brothers balls; he too emptied his balls inside his hot mother. Phyllis walked over and to everyone’s delight Patty did a thorough job of cleaning both of the boy’s jizz from Phyllis’ body. Rick, Jill and Karen left for home leaving Billy, his mom, and his girlfriend naked and sleeping in Phyllis’ king sized bed.

“Now that was a graduation party!” Karen said on the ride home.

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