Mother’s Gel

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His hands were tied, Ben was aware before he opened his eyes slowly. A chair, he was tied in it, his clothing removed. Naked, his dick was limp between his legs. The room was small and featureless. No windows, just a door. The light was provided by a light bulb on the ceiling. In the corner, a CCTV camera stared at him creepily.

The door opened and a masked man entered, dragging behind him a naked woman. In one of his hands he had a jar of weird green gel. The woman’s hands hands were locked behind her back with handcuffs and taped to her upper body with duck tape for their additional immobilization. His mom! Realized Ben when the woman looked up. Her tits hanging, her dark pubes visible. She looked terrified.

-You have made some of you school mates mad, Ben!- Said the man in a rough voice. -One of them found me online. Unlucky for you…-, he chuckled for himself. -It is my job to humiliate you as much as possible and get it on video.

And, trust me I have a perfect plan.- He shoved his mom and she fell down, yelping in pain as she hit the concrete floor clumsy. -Can you smell that?- Ben did, it smelled kinda like a perfume. -That’s a special kind of perfume chemical I had rubbed on your dick while you were sleeping. Made you hard, my retarded sister rubbing it in.- He paused. -You even came in your sleep, I’ll show you the video later.- esenyurt ucuz escort -What will you do to us?-, asked Ben, trying to keep his voice from shivering. -It’s simple. There is only one thing that will remove that smell from your penis, and it’s in this jar that I have.-, he lifted it, showing it to Ben.

-This thing is the only thing that can remove that smell from your dick.- He knelt down next to her on the floor and rubbed the gel gently into his mom’s pussy, taking his time while she was trying to crawl away from him on the floor by wiggling her body. -Now boy, you two have two hours too remove the smell of chemicals from your dick. If you don’t the next time I come into this room I’ll kill the both of you.- That said, he left the room, the sound of the doors locking echoed heavily in Ben’s mind.

His mom was in front of him, whimpering slightly. Her pussy exposed to him as she lied there, her head against the wall. The gel was dripping from it. Ben’s dick twitched and he immediately felt ashamed for it.

-What will we do mom?- he asked, almost crying. -Not much we can do.- She said, some resolve existed now in her voice.

I have to rub this on you, there is nothing else possible with that camera in the corner. -But, but… Everyone will see, I refuse!-, his voice was broken. esenyurt üniversiteli escort -Hush dear! Nothing you can do about it.-

She rose up on her knees and walked on them to him. As she started kissing him on his chest her boobs rested in his lap, nipple touching the tip of his penis, making it twitch again. Her head progressed down. -I need to make you hard baby so you can fuck mommy.- -No.-Another tear escaped his eyes. -No please stop.- She was now kissing his lower stomach and his pubes above the penis that was slowly filling up with blood. -No!-, he groaned as she took the tip of it in her mouth and started spinning her wet tongue around it. The pleasure was great and no matter the shame, he was erected. Red as ever he thought about what the girls in the school are going to say. He was in love with Francine.

What will she think if she sees him aroused by his mom.

She sat on his lap, facing him. His penis lodged between them. I’m going to push your penis inside of me baby. -No mom. He protested again.-, but was unable to will it down. -Go down bastard!-, he cried as she lifted herself up and let him slip between her legs. She slowly came down and he felt himself penetrate his mother. The walls of gel lubricated vagina engulfing him.- -Mom, please stop!- -No baby, sorry, etiler escort mommy can’t stop.- She started to move, up and down. Bringing forbidden pleasure like an electric shock up his abdomen. A terrified thought filed his mind.

-Mom are you using birth control?- -No baby, you should warn me if you come close so I will get off of you. I’ll let you rest a little bit and then return.- She panted, obviously aroused. Against her will, Ben hoped.

She was moving against him taking him closer and closer. It felt good and he wished it to end. It shouldn’t feel good. As he approached orgasm and was about to warn his mom of there was a voice from some hidden speaker. -You have two more minutes!- -Mom I don’t know if i can hold for two more minutes!- -You have to son. I don’t think we washed everything out yet and the time is short.- -But.. but..-, he was trying but it was almost to late. He might have even made it, but at that moment his mom was shaken by the beginning of an orgasm, and the feeling of her contract her pussy muscles around him was too much. He lost it.

-No! No! No!-, he shed his tears as he was beyond control with pleasure, shooting his semen into his unprotected mom. They were cumming together and it was the best and the most horrifying orgasm he ever had. And when they were done she remained, leaving his dick inside of her, letting it go limp and fall out on it’s own. His semen was dripping out of her onto his thighs and onto the chair. He rested his head on her sweaty shoulder and cried as her panting breath caressed his shoulder.

The man did not enter after two minutes. He obviously just said that to make him orgasm into his mother, It took him half an hour more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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