Mother’s Problem Ch. 04

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Patricia found herself laying naked in bed, groaning in utter frustration. So far, she had masturbated relentlessly for about an hour, trying to make the aching in fiery loins go away. Nothing worked. Not the vibrator, dildo, plugs or even a combination of the aforementioned. It also didn’t help that right now, she could her son ploughing his girlfriend Alicia.

Through the walls, she could hear the younger woman’s gasps. Not that she could blame the girl. Patricia had suckled and sampled at the forbidden fruit of her son Danial many times. Ever since the pupil had approached her with an unabated and unashamed infatuation, the women had been over to cycle through fucking and being fucked in a tryst of debaucheries as often as possible. This cycle caused an unforeseen issue with Patricia.

The sex wasn’t cutting it anymore. There wasn’t enough of it. In all actuality, she focused on her son, but there was’t enough spice. None of them had really explored different avenues of sex, which bothered her immensely. Rubbing her soaked sex once more, she thought about younger days in which debauchery knew no bounds.

The gasping has stopped, but Patricia dismissed it. She went back to masturbating, desperately trying to shove as many fingers into her hungry cunt as she could. Even that failed, though if one counted how wet her cunt was, they would see copious amounts of pussy juice had in fact, thickened to a cream that wouldn’t stop flowing.

“Hey mom.”

Danial’s voice sounded in her ears and interrupted her current affair. Even though she was under the covers, she blushed, something she often did when her son was around. The thoughts with him always brought a perverse sense of excitement to her.

“Hey son, you dehydrate yourself?”

She asked, hoping he had something left for her at the moment. As of late, he fucked Alicia almost relentlessly after school for about an hour. Patricia gave the woman a ride home from school daily now for about two weeks. All under the guise of a group project so the girl could spend less time at her own home.

“Fraid you’re gonna have to wait until later tonight,” he said as a matter of fact. He went into her bathroom, probably to wash himself off. She heard the shower start up and sighed in frustration. She couldn’t blame him. He was working up a sweat with his machinations twice a day with different women. Getting up, she thought about joining him in the shower but thought better of it.

“I’m gonna fuck that boy silly as soon as I can,” she said out loud to herself before getting off the bed.

She found a robe and sighed in distress. The sex in the house had evolved past her, and she worried that the slut let out over the past week would be curtailed. As she became less needed with the sex, she would have to cage her own beast again. Thoughts of a pledge to be faithful to her son flashed in her mind.

Moving out of her room ,she rounded the corner down the hall. Going through the second story of the house, she saw many pictures of her and Danial hanging on the walls.

Looking at his progression from a young boy to man sent a shiver through her. She thought of the days where she once doted on him for school work and the like. Now, she couldn’t help but want him like a man all the time. There was something about it. Continuing down the hall, she walked past his room.

“Patricia,” Alicia groaned out at her from her son’s bed. Patricia, quite intrigued by the call out as it didn’t happen often. Alicia may have started off in the whole situation as an infatuated girl with a crush on the teacher, but now she only frequented the house for her son.

“I don’t know if I like you calling me by my name like that?” Patricia said leaning up against the door frame. Alicia was sitting on the bed, brushing her dark hair.

“Sorry ma’am,” she said. Not that it mattered much to Patricia.

What mattered more to her was her fiery loins. Sensing eyes upon her, Patricia let her robe fall open a bit, exposing her breasts. She let out a sigh and she could feel Alicia’s eyes greedily drink her in. Moving a hand over a breast, she let out a moan.

“Let me make it up to you,” the younger woman said before dropping her brush and standing up.

Patricia expected to be beckoned over to the bed. Instead, Alicia walked over to her, fertile hips swinging. The look was extremely seductive and as she walked up, Patricia bit her lower lip. Now she remembered why she allowed the younger woman to be apart of the affairs she was having with her son. Alicia reminded her, of well, herself.

When Alicia dropped down in front of her, Patricia didn’t know what to expect. When hands reached up and pushed her legs apart, she obliged, lifting up on and letting it settle over the woman’s shoulder.

“Oh yes,” Patricia sighed. Fingers dug into the woman’s scalp, gripping into the soft hair. She pulled hard and pushed her hips forward.

Shaking involuntarily as pussy lips got licked in long runs of a tongue. The pressure of a lapping halkalı ucuz escort tongue against her exceptional large clit made her feel what she missed in her own bed earlier.

“Right there,” she gasped out. Something slipped inside of her, probing until it seemed to find a spot where she would shudder continuously when rubbed. Quickly, and with gusto, Patricia threw herself into the proverbial pool that she liked to describe her libido as to herself. It didn’t take long for her to start drowning in the waves of crashing peaks of orgasms.

Patricia always prided herself on her ability fall to into multiple orgasms. After an hour at failing in that regard, she gratefully fell into multiple orgasms. Screaming and squirting, she was soon left in a puddle of her own juices as the younger woman left her to collapse against the frame of the door.

“How did you learn to do that?” Patricia asked as her body spasmed in the sweet after glow.

“Your son made me learn,” Alicia replied.

Patricia went to reply, still having trouble focusing her eyes.

“How to eat puss?”

“Suck cock, but your clit is big enough to be considered one of those.”

Patricia smiled at the comment. A truer statement if there had ever been any. Between the meaty flaps, and often protruding out was a thick three-inch clit. Nothing compared to having that organ suckled on. When she was younger it made her feel like some sort of freak many a time, but others like she was a sexual goddess who deserved to have her body worshipped. Even still, it had been a huge fantasy to have a cock there instead. Even possessing both sexes as she sucked and fucked herself into oblivion.

A sudden pounding on the front door brought her out of her thoughts. It ruined her after glow and the jump actually made her heart pump. A muffled yelling could be heard.

“Oh my god,” Alicia said.

“Who the hell is that?” Patricia asked with anger growing in her voice.

“My dad,” Alicia said in a panic moving around in the room. That brought Patricia roaring into action herself and she moved to get changed in her room. It took her less than a minute to change into a shirt and a pair of shorts. As she moved out, she found Alicia almost having a full on panic attack.

“Relax,” Patricia said. “You look fine and it may be an emergency.”

She knew Alicia’s father showing up unannounced wasn’t for an emergency. The younger woman’s panic was probably justified, but Patricia remained calm. Nothing had been discussed in great detail concerning the girl’s father.

“Look, if you looked panicked, he will pick up on it,” she said to the girl. “Grab your stuff, and go to the restroom downstairs. I will answer the door. Clean up.”

Patricia moved down the stairs and to the front door. She made sure to keep the door chain engaged as she opened the door.

“Can I help you?” she spoke mustering an amount of annoyance in her voice. It wasn’t hard to do either. Being interrupted in her sexual bliss had brought out a foul mood in her and with that, she noted a man had found her home. That in itself was almost queer enough for her to call the cops, but Alicia may suffer with a decision like that.

“I’m here for my daughter,” the man spoke with anger evident in his voice.

“And you are?”

Patricia almost flinched when the door lurched open suddenly. He had pushed the door, but the chain snapped tight, barring his way.

“Can I help you?”

“I am Alicia’s father. Where is she?”

“She is getting ready to go. I was about to bring her home.”

“Well, I’m here now,” he shouted at Patricia. The door strained with an audible creak. Patricia shoved a foot up against the door to brace it, giving her some comfort.

“Look here sir, there is no reason to be so petulant.”

“What did you call me?”

“It doesn’t matter. Alicia is gathering her supplies up and will be out shortly.”

“Look her you slut,” he said with venom. It took her aback with not only the boldness but its dripping hatred. “I will not be talked to in such a way. Whatever you have her doing in there, I will be sure to contact your boss about this.”

“They are working on a group project. Letter sent home last week. I would appreciate it if you weren’t so bold in your anger.”

“Whatever bitch, get her out here now,” he said with a shout on the now. Patricia wondered if pissing him off would be worth it if a neighbor called the cops.

Alicia had walked up by this time and interrupted the thought. Patricia looked over to the girl. She looked scared.

“Alright, hold on, I have to close the door.”

Patricia closed the door and turned to Alicia.

“I will do something about this to get you out of there,” she said to the younger woman. Alicia nodded and Patricia embrace her female lover. They hesitated coming apart and then she left, a heavy tension left hanging in the air as the door closed behind her. As soon as the door closed Patricia halkalı üniversiteli escort felt an overwhelming sense of dread. Something had gone wrong, she just didn’t know what.


“Downstairs,” Patricia called back to her son. She heard his footfalls as he moved around above. Soon enough, he had begun walking down the stairs naked.

“Alicia leave?”

“Her father came by to get her,” Patricia said before moving away form the door and into the kitchen.

Danial followed her, but her mind wasn’t on the fact he was naked. A signal that she could have taken as an invitation. Instead, she wanted a drink. Something had to be done about her sinking mood. She moved through the kitchen, grabbing various ingredients to make some sort of mixed drink. With some rum, she got herself something and poured one for Danial.

“Drink this,” she said pushing the drink to him. “I made it mixed, so it won’t burn on the way down.”

“You want me to drink?”

She threw hers back and began making another.

“As opposed to having my son fuck me any time he wants?”

Danial gave her a look of surprise but he tossed the drink back. He began coughing almost immediately. She laughed and made him another. Her second back, she went for a third. He drank his second.

“Are you trying to get drunk?”

“Yeah,” she said after finishing the third drink. A fourth was poured. “You want another?”

“I think I’m already feeling it,” he said.

“I’m not.”

Another drink poured. She was barely feeling the heat in her stomach, and she wanted to feel it a lot more.


“I’m fine, go to the store and get us something for me to make for dinner.”

“Is that wise?”

“Dammit Danial, just go,” she said slamming the glass onto the counter.

She didn’t hear him leave, as she continued to drink. Before long, and a lost count of drinks, the heat did spread and dulled her worry quite well. Before long, her head began to swim a bit and she giggled.

“Danial has never seen me drunk,” she said to herself. He was gone for now, but her appetite for sexual release throbbed angrily once again in her clit. Looking down herself, she could see her clitoris dancing up and down, begging for stimulation. With a groan, she leaned back against the counter and tentatively touched the organ.

“Oh,” she groaned. A slight touch was enough to make her almost cum. Zero to sixty in less than a second. Taking two fingers, she slid them around her clit like a clip until the throbbing body of it rested between the phalanges. Soon enough, she began moving the sexual organ through her fingers slowly.

Alcohol never dulled her sexual stimulations. To her, it only seemed to make everything more sensitive. Thankfully, unlike before in the afternoon, it didn’t take long for her to orgasm. It hit her like truck when it strikes an animal-suddenly and by surprise.

An orgasm for Patricia always seemed to make her world explode in a flare of white light. A tensing that exploded until she found herself either in two positions. The first, would mean that she would collapse in utter exhaustion and satisfaction. The second, which she currently experienced at this moment, was a beginning of a series of finishes that would only get more intense until she got some cock.

“God,” she groaned out loud. What she would give to have Danial right now probably bordered on sacrificing the entirety of humanity. The second orgasm held off, even as she switched from different hand motions t push herself over, she couldn’t get there.

Pulling her hand up, Patricia looked at the slime covering it. A quick lick to clean off her fingertips, moaning of course while she did, it sent her into a frenzied state of needing better stimulation. Moving quickly, almost to a sprint to the fridge, she opened it and looked through the drawers.

It took almost a minute for her to find something suitable to fill her needs. With shaky hands, she grabbed a thick cucumber and rushed over to the sink to wash it. Thankfully she was able to ignore the burning in her loins, but only just. As soon as it was thoroughly washed, she turned to a corner in the counters before lifting one leg up and onto the counter.

“Oh, it’s cold,” she cried out, sinking the flesh of the vegetable straight into her wanting orifice. Normally resorting to such things would have been outside of what she wanted, but as the flesh slid in deeper, she couldn’t care less.

There was a time, years ago when she tapered off of sex, that Patricia once had used an assortment of vegetables to masturbate with pregnant. That had been difficult to do too as when she was pregnant she had sworn off sex. The resulting experimentation had ended with a brave act of getting an eggplant into herself. Subsequently, it did help stretching herself out at the time, but it was one of the last times she sought sexual pleasure before Danial.

Now, she creamed all over the phallic haramidere escort object as she held it in her for a brief second. Nails dug into the green flesh and she used that as a grip to pull the makeshift cock in and out of herself. What is lacked in having the head of a cock, it made up for have a rigged surface that her pussy gripped with wanton lust. Everything about it made her moan out in pleasure. She didn’t even stop as the second orgasm built in her.

“Ah shit,” she said as her body seized up before violently spasming. Ears barely heard the sound of spraying liquid of her pussy hitting different surfaces in the kitchen. By the time it ended she found herself on the floor, somehow fallen into a puddle of herself.

“That was a good one,” she said standing up on wobbly legs. A hand on the counter held her steady. The cucumber was still in her, held in place by squeezing vaginal muscles. Forcing herself to relax, she pulled the cucumber out of herself. Ridges seemed to slowly grate against her insides, reigniting carnal desires as it pulled out.

“That isn’t good,” she said holding cucumber up for view. Along its length, were great fissures were the skin had been cracked.

“Or maybe it is,” she said with a laugh before letting the vegetable fall to the floor. She would clean it up later, but she had worried about Daniel for a brief moment. She left the kitchen and looked for her phone.

She found it, and there were some messages from Alice. Right now, with her needs needing to be stroked out, she ignore them. Instead, she called her son. He picked up on the fourth ring.


“Hey honey,” she replied to him.

“What’s up mom?”

“I need you home,” she told him with a shaky voice coupled with a moan. “How long are you gonna be?”

“I just got to the store.”

She pulled back the phone to see almost an hour had passed. With a throaty moan, she continued.

“Can you hurry,” she begged with the poutiest voice she could. “I could really use something fulfilling for dinner.”

She put as much emphasis on the word fulfilling she could.

“Yeah, I’m on my way home I’ll be stuck in traffic,” he said with pause. “Passed an accident.”

“I’ll cook you a really good dinner if you can make back here in ten,” she groaned in frustration. His words meant a possible two hour wait before he got home.

He laughed and they hung up the phone.

She the phone down, knowing that he probably went to the closet store. Either way, she wouldn’t ever keep him away from food, in fear that he would keep his cock out of her. Then an idea struck her.

Patricia decided to make good on her word. There would even be dressing up as a seductress for him. A milf seductress who cooked her lover a feast so that there was enough energy for an all-nighter. Feeling giddy, she went upstairs to shower. The time didn’t matter being that there could be two hours and she quickly got under hot water.

Patricia took her time showering. Hair washed, body washed, and even made sure to douche. An enema crossed her mind and that task quickly happened, though she did have to masturbate once to keep her sensitivity down. She thought she heard the front door open and close, but that only made her smile.

Still in the bathroom, perfume was applied and some lotion. A check for any boy hair, which was promptly removed if found. She hated body hair on herself, feeling hair dulled any sensations where it grew. After that chore, she opened up her bathroom door.

“And there’s the slut now,” an angry male voice boomed into the bathroom.

Patricia jumped back at the words.

“Who the hell?” she replied, but she saw who it was. There was no mistaking the frame of the man as he appeared in front of her. It was Alicia”s father. Frozen for a second, she couldn’t move as he heart pounded in her chest.

“You fucking slut, what did you do to my angel?” he screamed at her. The force of his voice made her jump, her naked breasts exposed.

“Now what are you doing here,” she yelled back.

The man was bigger than her. Modestly dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, brown boots and a plaid shirt, she was taken aback by how attractive he was to her. Except for the yelling and surprise, she may have actually let this man take her in just about any situation he would have pleased. This situation was not one of them being that a role play hadn’t been set up.

“Listen here,” he hissed at her, taking a step towards her. His menacing tone made her step back into the bathroom. But too late was he action as before she could fully react, he was upon her and quickly had her pinned to the ground. “I won’t be talked to in such a way. what you did to my sweet angel can never be forgiven.”

“Alicia made her own choices,” she yelled, out, feeling the cold floor of the bathroom on her skin. “Just like I can.”

“What are you going on about?”

She could feel his hot breath on her skin. Focusing on that transferred to cunt. Within seconds, a buzz started on her lips. Horny again, she prepared to entice him.

“I mean, take it and leave. I won’t bother with your daughter again,” she replied. “My son will be home soon, so make it fast.”

“Your son, he is the one who defiled my angel,” he screamed, defeaning her ears. “I will take care of him soon enough. Time to tie you up.”

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