Mountain Man Rendezvous

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We rode up into camp, I was riding bareback and felt eyes upon me as I rode. He was driving the team and buggy. We weren’t the first but we were making quite a stir. We headed towards the back of the camp, a little shady spot by the creek that’s always-left open for us.

I was anticipating the next few days to be busy as there were more tents and buggies then on our previous visits. We got to our spot and started setting up camp. He had worked hard on the new 4 poster and I was ready to see how it would look in my tent. His was set up next to mine, smaller but it would hold all we needed.

There is a lot of space around our campsite, many don’t want to be seen looking our way, and the others knowing we would enjoy our space when we had down time. I help him get the supply tent up and organized then we start to work on mine. It goes up fast, probably because I’m ready to see my new bed in there.

We struggle to get it out of the buggy, but finally get it placed in the tent. He did a great job, bigger and stronger than the last one. I had seen eyes looking our way when we labored to put it in the tent, but no hands came to help. It was as it should be. He and I discuss the placement of the bed and arrange it to suit me. I go back to get the bedding and start fixing it up.

We barely speak to each other, each knowing the others thoughts and desires. He goes and gets the blue silk ties I had asked him to bring this time. He ties them to the 4 legs of the bed, making sure to add a loop to each end. While I finish the bedding, he works on a fire. It’s getting dark, we’re both hungry and it will güvenilir bahis be a long night ahead of us.

We finish eating and while he cleans camp, I go down to the river to wash up. I strip and walk into the river up to my neck, letting the coolness of the water release the heat of the day from my limbs. I slowly scrub my body, running my hands over my breasts, down my taught belly, over my ass, making sure to get the sand and dust off of me. When I finish, I step out of the river, slowly walking back to camp, naked and drying as I go. There’s no need to hide myself, I am what I am and the stares will be there, clothing or not.

I hadn’t seen him yet, but somewhere out in the darkness, I knew he waited. Camp was cleared up when I returned. “I’m ready darlin,” I say to him. He nods his head, comes to me and we embrace. The night will be long but I know at the end of it, he will be waiting for me.

I walk naked to my tent; he follows me in and helps me to get ready. He hooks the loops over my hands and then my feet, kisses me and walks out. Many a night it starts like this, me in anticipation of what will come. I wait, my whole body throbbing with need.

I see shadows outside the tent, I hear voices and I tense with the thought of what will come next. I close my eyes. The tent flap opens, I hear it rustle closed. I slowly open my eyes and he is there standing before me as I had remembered. Those piercing blue eyes stare into mine, as I lay there open to his view. I drink in his face and all that I can see, it had been a long time since I had seen him last.

He takes his coonskin hat türkçe bahis off and places it on the trunk nearby. A chair sits waiting for his use, he sits to remove his moccasins, no words need spoken, and I watch and wait. His shirt easily slides over his head, and I marvel that his skin is so smooth. He stands to remove his buckskin trousers, I watch as he slowly undoes the buttons one by one. My need is urgent, yet I don’t utter a sound. Finally he is naked in front of me and I see what I have missed for so long.

He walks to me, bends over and kisses my lips, sliding his body over mine; I forgot how well we fit together. My hands are pulling on the silk, wanting to touch but knowing it wasn’t time. His eyes look deeply into mine, his voice when he speaks reaches deep into me. “Jackie, I’ve been waiting for you.”

For a moment I’m speechless, year after year I hear the same words, yet this once I know I feel the same. I arch up kissing him fully on the lips as I say “as I you Carl.” He reaches down to my legs releasing them from their restraints. I slide my legs up to embrace him. He runs his hands down my sides and pulls my body into him. I feel the hardness waiting for me. He bends his head and suckles my breasts, my hands are straining to touch him, and I implore him with my eyes. He looks up, his eyes twinkling and gives me what I desire. He reaches to pull the binds off my wrists and I reach to pull his body tighter to mine.

Words are not needed as he holds me and plunges deep into my womb. “Oh god Carl, how I missed you” I moan with my need. He places his mouth over mine, stifling my words. güvenilir bahis siteleri “You have no idea Jackie,” he says as he strokes my body over and over and plunges deeper and deeper.

He pulls nearly out, reaches his hands to hold both of mine over my head. “This is how I need you darlin,” he says as he strokes harder and faster into my willing body. I arch up to meet him thrust for thrust, my need matching his with its fierceness. “Oh god Carl, harder-faster.” He follows my lead as our bodies strain to become one. “Damn Jackie, what you do to me” he groans as his body releases itself into me. I arch my back as I scream his name and throw my hands upon his shoulders as I shudder with my own release.

He soothes me with his hands, running them up and down my sweat-slicked body. Kissing me on my lips he holds my shivering body to his and I feel our hearts beating as one. Time goes by as we calm down, he gets up and moves to the washbasin, returning to me with a towel to gently wipe me down. When he finishes he bends over me, kissing me deeply, while placing my legs and wrists back into the restraints.

“Jackie, I’ll be back tomorrow,” he states as he releases me. “I’ll be waiting Carl.” He turns and walks out of the tent, and the flap closes behind him. I close my eyes and wait.

“Carl, thank you, I know how you care about Jackie.” He stands there humbled, yet reaches out a hand to Carl, where in Carl places 4 gold eagles, more than what the regular rate is. “You know I do Don, be careful tonight, and I’ll be back tomorrow.” With that he walks slowly into the darkness.

Don turns to the next man waiting in the dark, holds out his hand and requests the money up front. “We don’t have all night young man, pay or move on.” In his hand is placed 1 gold eagle.

I see a shadow near the tent, and the flap opens…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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