Mr. Big Ch. 05

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5. The Pick-Up

Six weeks into the semester and I was getting bushed. The studies were harder than I’d imagined, and I needed a lot of time between classes to keep up. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much time. The diner was doing well, and I’d persuaded Charlie to up my rate to a massive ten bucks an hour! (Big deal). However, he’d had pictures taken of Rosa and me, and made two life-sized cutouts to put outside. After a couple of weeks, people were noticing, and we started to have large tables of guys and of ladies most nights of the week. Charlie wasn’t happy if he had a dozen women turn up to see me when I wasn’t around, so he was pressuring me to work more nights.

And I found that Rosa sometimes made her intentions a little opaque, and a couple of guys came onto her too strong. Twice I had to step in and have a quiet and polite word with guys who misread the signals. Things could have been nasty if my biceps didn’t stretch the sleeves of my uniform so much. Most potential assholes took one look at my arms and shoulders and decided that discretion was the better part of valor.

Then, one Wednesday night, things got a little weird. A party of women came in carrying helium balloons. One lady, who looked around my mom’s age, maybe a little younger, was wearing a sash saying ‘Birthday Girl’ and a little crown. The other women — six of them — varied in age from (I guessed) mid-thirties to mid-fifties. I showed them to their table and introduced myself.

“Hi ladies. Can I just say what a delightful group you look? And happy birthday to the beautiful lady at the back there. What’s your name?”

“I’m Bernice,” she replied with a broad smile.

“Welcome, Bernice, and to all your lovely friends here. I hope you have a fantastic evening. My name is Tommy and I’ll be your server this evening.”

Bernice gave me a wicked grin. “Tommy, baby, you can serve me any time you like.”

I smiled back and winked. “Thanks, Bernice. So ladies, champagne?”

I returned with a chilled bottle and ice bucket. To get the foil off and the cork out, I had to hold the bottle between my thighs. The women were nudging each other and giggling.

“Looks like Tommy’s having trouble with that. Annika, do you think you could lend him a hand with that long thing between his legs?” There was raucous laughter.

“Janet, I’d have thought you could help him with that top. It looks pretty sticky to me. Maybe you should just suck it off.” The lady called Janet raised her eyebrows in mock outrage, and everyone went ‘ooh!’ and dissolved into some very naughty laughter. Just then the cork popped.

“See, you’ve got him excited now!” Annika, who was sitting nearest to me added. “Look, he’s already popped.” More laughter. I liked the look of her. Both she and her friend Janet looked like they could give a guy a good time — probably a very good time. Annika seemed to be around mid-thirties with long, blonde hair and a cute smile. Janet was a little older, with a pretty face and quite a wide mouth. I could maybe see why Annika was teasing her friend in that way. Meanwhile, Bernice, the birthday girl, was laughing with the rest of them, but maybe not quite as loudly.

I poured the wine, and they briefly quietened down, toasting Bernice and singing Happy Birthday. Then I stood taking pictures with a series of cellphones while they raised their glasses and smiled. I took their food orders and retreated to the relative quiet of the kitchen.

“Lively crowd tonight,” Pattie said, looking down the list of dishes. “Could be some decent tips there. They clearly like you.”

I returned to the table with the starters, and they wanted the cocktail menus. “Hmm, there’s one I’m looking for that isn’t on your list. Could I get a Multiple Orgasm? Do you think you could give me one, fairly soon?” Annika asked, giving me a look that said ‘if you can, big boy, we can do it right here on the table’. The women shrieked and squealed. I smiled back.

“I think that one may take a little while, ma’am. I know it usually needs a lot of liquor — hard liquor. I’m not sure we can provide that right now. Maybe later?” And I gave her back the kind of look that said ‘you’re playing with fire, lady, but if you’re up for it, I have a log we can shove into that fire.’

And so the evening went on. Lots of very sexy toing and froing. They seemed to enjoy their dinner, and when I cleared away, a hand stroked my butt. And then a second one. If I’d been Rosa and this had been a table full of guys, I could have kicked up a whole shit-storm. As it was — well, it’s not all bad being a sex object.

I handed out the dessert menus, then I needed to take a piss, so I headed downstairs to where the restrooms were. It really is quite hard to pee when a bunch of horny women has been behaving like total cock-teasers all evening but, eventually, I managed it, washed my hands and headed out. As I walked past the women’s restroom, the door opened, and out came — Bernice. I’d half expected Annika to ambush me, so I was kinda ataşehir escort relieved; until she said “Oh, Tommy, how about a kiss for the birthday girl?”

Let me describe Bernice. Like I said, I’d guessed early forties, a face that’s more ‘attractive’ and ‘sophisticated’ than ‘pretty’. Blonde hair, cut in an elegant style that framed her face and tapered in around the neck. Quite big earrings, and a chunky gold necklace. Nice slim figure. Good legs, pert ass. And tits. Really nice, full tits, that seemed a little out of proportion with her trim frame. She was wearing a clingy dress that seemed to be enjoying its contact with her curves. It had quite an intricate, stripy pattern, so at first, I didn’t take in that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that there were a couple of prominent pokies on display. OK, so I guessed that the tits couldn’t be real to be staying up like that without support, but they still looked good.

She didn’t wait for an answer to her question but moved in close — about as close as those titties would allow. In her heels — I guessed around four-inch — she was still about a foot shorter than me. Her head tipped back and she stretched up for the kiss as I felt the press of warm, soft breast-flesh against my lower chest. One hand went behind my neck, pulling my head down so our mouths could meet. The other snaked around to my butt.

What is it about older ladies and kissing? Is it that they have more experience, or perhaps, when they were younger, kissing was a bigger deal and they worked harder at it? Whatever, Loretta, Justine, and now Bernice were all very good kissers. And her tits felt great, pressed against me. And she was squeezing my butt-cheek and trying to grind her hips into me, only the apron was getting in the way. So she started to move her hand around, sliding it across the surface of my pants.

“Ooh,” she said, suddenly breaking the kiss. “Is that because of me?”

Actually, my cock was only half-hard, as I’d just had a piss, so she must’ve thought that I was a smaller guy with a full boner. Before I could say anything, we heard someone coming downstairs, so she quickly stepped away, back into the restroom. “Maybe see you later?” she said with a smile that said ‘and see if I can do anything for you?’

I went to the table to take the dessert orders. “I see Bernice isn’t here. Do you know what she’d like?”

“Oh, I know exactly what she’d like, but it doesn’t seem to be on the menu,” Annika said, smiling up at me. “If it was, I think we’d all want some.” Again, screechy, raucous laughter around the table. I just smiled.

“But maybe we’d all like it served differently,” said a very sophisticated ebony lady opposite Annika. “I like mine with lots of cream all over it.” Fuck, this was getting worse!

“Hey, Cindy, they don’t have chocolate log. We all know that’s your favorite,” Janet responded.

Cindy, the ebony lady, pulled a wistful face. “Yeah. I like it because it comes in such big portions. You don’t normally get more than a mouthful with the vanilla version.” The screeches got worse.

Then Bernice returned to the table, and though the laughter and crude double-entendres kept coming, I was at least able to take the order and get away.

“Jesus, they’re quite something,” I said to Pattie.

“Too much for you, boy?” she replied. “They’re here for you, you know. They phoned ahead to check you were working tonight.”

“Oh shit! Do you think we’d be shut down if they suddenly grabbed me and raped me across the table?”

Pattie laughed. “Are you telling me it’d be rape? I think you’re enjoying it as much as they are!”

Finally, I took them the check, and they asked for some selfies with them. I called Rosa over and posed with the group, my arms around Bernice and Annika. Then each of the ladies wanted a photo of me with just them. The expression on Rosa’s face was half-amused, half-exasperated, as she took pictures on seven different cellphones. And then they insisted on one of Bernice getting a birthday kiss — or, actually, another birthday kiss.

After I’d taken the payment — Annika seemed to be organizing it all — the ladies started to leave. Each one of them took a chance to kiss me, hug me or stroke my butt as they went past. “Wonderful evening. Thank you, Tommy, you’ve made it so special,” Bernice said with a sweet smile as she left. Then there was just Annika, who’d stood back to let the others go past.

“Tommy, sweetie, this is for you,” she said, handing me a pile of bills. “Thanks for making it so good for Bernice.” She looked around. “Actually, Tommy,” she added softly, “what I wanted to say was you could earn yourself some more cash and make it even more special for her if you’d like to. Interested?” She cocked her head on one side and looked me straight in the eye. Maybe it was just me, but I felt there was a strong mutual attraction going on. Frankly, apart from a half-dozen sessions with an increasingly-exasperated Justine and my little adventure with Rosa, I’d had next to no sex in the past six kadıköy escort bayan weeks, and my dick seemed to be pointing at any attractive lady that crossed my path.

“Sure. I mean, what would you — or she — like?”

“What I’d like might have to wait ’til later. But what we’d like — that’s Bernice’s buddies — is for you to show her a very good time; I think you probably know how. We’ve collected twenty bucks each, so that’d be $120 for you. Would you be willing — and able — to do that for her?” She showed me a small stack of twenties, then lifted the elasticated neckline of her halter dress, which was already showing some pretty-fine cleavage, and slid the cash inside, giving me an excellent view of a rather attractive breast in the process. “You can maybe retrieve the money later?” Again, a naughty smile.

As I said, I hadn’t gotten laid more than a half-dozen times in the past few weeks. Justine was starting to complain. I’d gotten used to maybe six or eight fucks a week with Loretta, even more when we were traveling, so my cock was feeling under-used. If Bernice had dragged me into the restroom and spread her legs for me, I’d have fucked her then and there for free. I was finding older women much more sexually attractive than younger ones, mostly because they didn’t usually scream and run away when they saw my cock. I was now being offered more than I’d get on a good night in tips to do something I was pretty desperate to do — though I’d rather have done it with Annika, who was seriously hot and acted pretty dirty — and I wouldn’t even have to split the money with Rosa and Pattie.

“Sure,” I replied, trying to sound relaxed.

“When do you get off?”

“Usually only sometime after the lady.” I smiled. “But I finish here at eleven. I’m generally out by eleven fifteen.”

“Good.” She smiled at my little joke and handed me one of the cards that had been on the table. It had a cell-phone number written on it. “Call that number when you’re in your car and I’ll give you directions. Bernice is staying over at my place tonight. She’s smiling a lot because we’re making a fuss about her fiftieth, but she’s not in a good place right now.”

“Fiftieth? You’re kidding me! I’d have put her at around ten years under that.”

“Sweet boy,” Annika smiled. “Yeah, she looks good for her age. But her asshole husband is divorcing her so he can go off with a bimbo twenty years younger. You need to show her she’s still hot. Can you do that?”

“Of course, but…”

“Sorry, gotta go; our Uber is waiting. Call that number when you’re ready, and I’ll explain when you get to my place. Oh, and can you stay the night?”

“Er — I guess. I have college in the morning.”

“I can provide a toothbrush and a change of underwear, though you’re rather bigger than my ex-husband, so what he left behind might not fit you. You can always go commando. The girls at college might like that.” Then she gave me a quick kiss on the lips, smiled and hurried out to join her friends.

It was around ten-thirty, and I was in a daze. The evening had been fun, in a kind of ‘locker room’ way, and it now looked like it wasn’t over. I went back to the serving area, counting the bills Annika had handed me as my tip. There was maybe ninety dollars there — a very good tip for the meal they’d all had.

“Hey, you did well tonight. I worked four tables and barely cleared fifty, and you get that from just one party.” Rosa looked a little pissed, but because of our ‘honesty box’, she knew she’d get a third of what I’d made.

“See, Rosa, you need to keep the guys happy. I just get this from pleasing the ladies.” Rosa pulled a face and smacked me with a napkin.

“Jeez, Tommy. Those ladies needed a lot of pleasing. I’m surprised they didn’t ask you to get your dick out for them.” Pattie had already started clearing away as there was only one table still occupied. “But maybe Tommy’s right, Rosa. Perhaps you need to flash your titties at some of the guys to get better tips. Maybe they’re just a little bored with the pokies.”

“Bitch!” Rosa said, but with a smile.

“Hey, that’s Madame Bitch to you, miss,” Pattie replied, not looking up and carrying on with her cleaning.

“Excuse me, guys, but I have to make a quick call.” I headed out into the parking lot and called Justine.

“Sorry, baby, but I may not be coming home tonight. Something’s come up.”

“Sure, Tommy,” came a rather weary voice at the other end. “I don’t need to know who it’s gonna come up, but you’re gonna have to up your game if you’re gonna stick to our deal. I said twice a week, and we’ve barely made it once. I know you’re bushed from your studies and the diner and all, but I’m seriously in need here and you have to do something about it.”

“Justine, I’ll make it up to you at the weekend. Seriously, as many times as you can take, baby.”

“Calling me ‘baby’ isn’t helping right now, Tommy. I’m gonna hold you to that promise, even if I have to chain you to the bed. Understood?”

“Sure, and thanks escort maltepe for being so understanding.”

“For now. But my patience is wearing thin, and my pussy is closing up. If it doesn’t get stretched again soon, it might seal up altogether. Have a nice time.” And then she broke the call.

By eleven, the last couple had left and we’d cleared away.

“Gotta go,” I called out to Rosa, Pattie and Charlie. “College in the morning.”

“If you make it,” Pattie called back. I guessed she may have figured out what was going on.

I drove around the corner and stopped before calling Annika, thinking that I didn’t want any of them to see that I was making another phone call. Annika’s sexy voice gave me directions to her place. It was maybe a five-minute drive.

The place was huge; take Loretta and Chuck’s house, which wasn’t small, and then double it and maybe add a little more. Clearly, someone had some money. Annika opened the door, and I thought that I’d be happy to just lift her up, carry her to the bedroom and fuck her brains out. Her smile seemed to say that she’d like that; she looked seriously horny, and I was feeling even hornier.

“Tommy, glad you could make it. Come on in.”

I watched her rather fine ass as it wiggled down the hall and into a very large lounge. Her halter dress was backless and barely covered her pert ass. Clearly no bra, and I wondered about panties. When I could tear my eyes away from that rather enticing bubble-butt, I saw that all the other ladies were gathered there.

“Hey, he came!” Cindy said.

“Not yet, ladies, but he probably will later.” Lots of whoops and cries. “Now Tommy, I think you’ve already met these delightful ladies — or should I say, ‘unapologetic sluts'” — more whooping — “but let me introduce them to you. Janet, Cindy, Wanda, Diana, Faith and of course the birthday girl herself, Bernice. And you know me. Of course, ladies, this is Tommy, who needs no introduction.”

All of the ladies had now stood up and were grinning at me like I was a special birthday cake, and they all wanted a piece. I scanned around. OK, not all of them were as hot as Annika, but frankly, if they’d all stripped off, bent over and opened their legs, I’d have been happy to fuck any and every one of them. Most were at least as hot as Loretta. Annika and one or two more were probably significantly hotter.

“But I need to explain why Tommy’s here. As we all know, it’s Bernice’s birthday, and so, as a special gift, honey, we’ve bought you this!” She made what I guess might be called a theatrical gesture as if presenting me. “For one night only. To do whatever you want with. And I do mean, whatever.”

The ladies all whooped again and applauded. Bernice blushed bright red, and the look on her face was amazing; shock, delight, amazement and horny anticipation, all blended into an open-mouthed expression that I’d have been very happy to kiss; or to insert my dick into. Fuck, this lady was fifty years old, and I was getting a serious boner just thinking about fucking her.

Bernice lifted her hands to her face in a gesture of surprise and embarrassment.

“Go on, girl, he’s all yours. Make the most of him. You know we all would.” Cindy smiled at her friend, then hugged her. I had this mental picture of an orgy, with all of them naked and playing with each other while I did the rounds, fucking every pussy that came within range. Shit! Only — only it felt like something like that might actually happen!

But not tonight. Bernice, still blushing and with her hands partly-covering her face, tottered towards me on heels that I guessed were higher than she was used to. (They did, however, make her already-fine legs look even finer). As soon as she came within range, I scooped her up in my arms and kissed her. Both her hands went straight to my butt and she pushed her hips hard against me.

“Ooh, it feels like there’s a present in there that needs unwrapping,” she said, and again her friends went wild.

“Can we do the unwrapping in private? See, I’m a little shy,” I said, and again the women got raucous again.

Then Annika said “Bernice’s bedroom is the second door on the left. Some of these sluts — er, ladies — are staying overnight, and we’ll all be here until you’ve finished. We need to hear the sordid details. But I don’t want the neighbors complaining about too much screaming and moaning, Bernice.” As the ladies added some more innuendos, I reached down, lifted Bernice off her feet and carried her down the hall and into the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and kissed her some more. Quite a lot more. Oh, and I also felt her titties through her dress, something she seemed to like.

Finally, I pulled back. “Bernice, it’s been a little hot in the diner tonight. Do you mind if I take a quick shower first?”

“Be my guest. But hurry back or I’ll get lonely.”

Once in the bathroom, I got out of my uniform as quickly as I could. I sniffed my armpit — not good — so I jumped into the shower and washed myself down in record time. My boner was running at about three-quarters full, and washing it and my balls and ass made me even harder. I was out of the shower and drying myself when the bathroom door opened. I’d had my back to it, so I quickly gathered the towel in front of my crotch and turned around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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