Mrs. Asken’s Dilemma Ch. 04

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Tom Asken had survived a trekking accident and was nursed back to health by his devoted mother. She did everything for Tom, letting his body tell her what he needed. Sex is a powerful drive and Janet used his virility to bring him to health. In the process, she too was made whole.

Tom was strong enough to take walks around the neighborhood. Janet walked with him. He wanted to jog and managed about 100 yards before he was exhausted. Sweating, they managed to stumble back to the house.

“A little too much too soon, Tom. We have plenty of time. Don’t over do it,” Janet cautioned.

“I just wanted to see how far I could go.”

Winking at him, she said, “Oh, you’ve gone pretty far already, young man. I should know.”

He smile back at her gently rubbed his crotch. “I’m not at the end of the trail yet, though.”

“You need a shower. A COLD one!” Janet teased him by cupping her breasts licking her lips. She and Tom had been very free in their nakedness and then their sexual exploration. Neither of them felt any shame. Instead, it was Janet’s openness to Tom’s sexual energy that was the key to the recovery.

“Yeah, a shower would be good. I need a little help, though, Mom. I need to pee.”

“Oh, honey, we can wait till you get in the house, can’t we?”

“No, Mom. I gotta go now.” He pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang out.

“But, Thomas! We are in the front yard. People will see!” She was shocked and at the same time sort of excited to see him whip his cock out in public. Perhaps Luda, next door would want some of him. She always liked Tom while he was growing up. If she saw him watering the flowers, she might want more of Tom. The thought that had begun as titillating, now turned to jealousy. He was her boy. She would have him all to herself.

She stepped in front of Tom so no one would see. She reached down to hold his cock and grasped it just before his stream let go. He leaned against her slightly steadying himself. Janet felt the urine begin to course through his cock, then a golden stream came out the end and hissed against the grass. She loved seeing him piss outside. She had studied him as he used the urine bottle, but this was glorious to see a strong stream of piss coming from Tom’s cock.

She had a naughty thought and acted on it before asking him. Tom stood with his hands on his hips. Janet was directing his cock. She pointed it toward her feet. As the stream got closer, Tom warned her to be careful.

Then she directed his cock head at her thighs. He continued to empty his bladder and she began to get soaked . She sprayed both thighs and held his cock up higher to wet her pussy. It now looked like she was the one who had pissed herself. Her bare legs dripped with his strong-smelling piss.

He was not slowing down. Janet loved the feeling of his warm stream washing her. It felt so natural and so naughty at the same time.

She looked at Tom in the eyes. He was staring at her. Janet smiled at Tom and leaned in to kiss him. Her tongue darted inside his open mouth. Still he pissed. He know what she was doing and he liked it. He was pissing in broad daylight in their front yard. His mom held his cock for anyone to see. And she was making him piss on her. He was watering the lawn and his mom at the same time.

As his bladder finally emptied, Janet felt it get hard. Tom was as excited by the public display and the fact that he was giving her a hot-piss shower. He wanted her to jerk him off now. He urged his cock in her hand.

“Okay, sweetie, let’s go upstairs. We need to get us both cleaned up.” Tom did not pull his shorts up. He just walked up the grass to the house with his waistband under his balls and his cock pointing the way. Janet led and his cock followed her like it was a dog after a rabbit. They went inside and trudged up the steps to the bathroom. Tom followed his mom, watching her hips shift at every step she climbed. He wanted to dive between her butt cheeks and lick her ass. He was on fire. And definitely on the mend, thanks to his mother’s great nursing care.

The bathroom had a nice broad, tile floor. The shower was a walk-in affair with a rain head that could be adjusted for soft or pulsing showers. Tom began to strip. His shorts and underwear halkalı ucuz escort came first, then his shirt. He leaned against the wall watching his mother. She was taking off her top and stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her running bra did not hide her firm nipples.

“You’re pretty, Mom. I guess I never told you.”

Janet looked at him in the mirror. She was touched. “I look better in clothing than out of it, I am afraid. I’m no longer a young girl.”

“Not true, Mom. I think you’re beautiful. See?” He looked down at his cock, inviting her eyes to follow. She was his penis hanging down but filling with blood making it semi-firm. It’s the way Janet liked it best.

“The lie detector never lies, eh?” she replied. “Let’s see what happens to the needle next.” She tugged on own shorts. She was not wearing any panties, so as she pulled them down, she exposed more of her smooth flesh to him. He saw the dimples in her back just above her hips, then the hint of her cleft. She pulled them farther down revealing the globes of her ass. Tom loved his mother’s ass. It was firm and round with a lovely overhang where her cheeks met her thighs. She bent over and lifted one leg and then the other from her shorts. She looked Tom directly now. Her legs were still wet from the golden rain that Tom gave her in the front yard.

“I see the needle has moved up a bit, sir. Still telling the truth about how I look to you?”

Tom nodded and pushed his hips forward a little, giving her more to see.

Janet stood and turned round. Tom saw the landing strip of pubic hair and his cock bounced. She had shaved recently asking Tom what he liked. She had considered shaving all her pubic hair, as Tom had done, but he asked her to leave some. He liked to feel it against his face when he ate her out. She spread her legs a little, letting him seem between them. She dragged her fingers through her pubic hair, tossling it from the matted way it lay. Then she reached down and felt for her lips. Janet tugged on them extending them for Tom to see. She had long pussy lips that formed a nether mouth, very kissable, Tom thought. He liked to suck her pussy lips into his mouth imagining what it would be like if she had a cock. Tom was very good at sucking her lips in and at the same time separating them with his tongue. The combination of stimuli pushed Janet over the edge on more than one occasion.

His cock now stood at a distinct and firm angle. It continued to rise. Janet smiled at him, pleased to have such a fine cock all to herself. She could not have imagined 19 years ago, when this boy was born that he would be the source of all he joy even when he was no longer a baby. But he was still her baby. And her man.

Janet hooked fingers under the elastic of her bra and drew it slowly over her chest and then her neck and head. As she cleared her breasts, they bounded downward, the nipples point away from her midline. They jiggled again as she pulled the bra over her head. She tossed the bra and stood there akimbo letting Tom see her completely naked and exposed to him.

Tom’s cock showed his approval and now stood at an impossible angle upward. It ached from the hydraulics needed to maintain such a hard erection. He bounced himself away from the wall and walked over to her. She reflexively opened her arms to receive him. His cock touched her first causing her belly to flinch. As it slid upward, though, she felt its heat against her. Her nipples poked into his chest and her arms wrapped around him. He bent down to kiss his mother full on the mouth. She opened her lips to receive his probing tongue. They stood locked in this love embrace and slowly rocked in a rhythm they seemed to know by heart.

“Let’s get in the shower,” Janet whispered. She turned from him and opened the shower door, reaching in to adjust the water temperature. Tom followed and stepped in. He leaned against that wall too before sliding down it and landing himself on the cypress stool they kept in the shower. It was the right height for him to sit and wash or for Janet to set a foot on as she shaved her legs.

Janet soaked herself with the clean spray of water and began to lather a cloth. She let Tom watch her entire ritual from halkalı üniversiteli escort face to toes. He studied her movements, unconsciously stroking his aching cock. Janet washed only her front. “I want to get you cleaned up and then you can wash my back, okay?”

Tom stood and let his mother wash his face and then down his chest to his legs and feet. She turned him and scrubbed his back. The warm water rinsed the suds away. It was an Eden of delight and innocence for them to be naked and simple with each other.

“We need to clean you up a little sweetie. Let me wash your bottom and then I’ll shave you again.”

Tom turned and bent slightly giving his mother access to his ass. She knew how to wash him so he would stay excited. Dipping her finger into his ass, she covered his anus with soapsuds and stirred around his crinkled hole. Then she slipped a finger inside and worked it back and forth like a bottle-brush. Tom groaned letting her know he approved of the sensation. She grazed his prostate and he squirted a long stream of pre-cum.

When Janet pulled her finger from his ass, she turned his hips so she could clean his cock and balls. She lathered her hands again washing them clean and began to stroke Tom’s cock. She loved the way his veins rippled against her fingers. She cupped his balls with the other hand and separated them with her fingers. She slid her hand back and moved a finger into his ass again, teasing him. “Oh, my boy likes it when Mommy washes his big man parts, doesn’t he?” she cooed.

Tom groaned, “Yes, Mommy. I do.” He knew she liked this kind of sex-talk. He preferred to think of her as closer in age, like she was his girlfriend, but if this is what got his mom hot, then he was going to play along. “Mommy, makes me feel so good. Rub me, Mommy and touch my bottom hole again.”

Janet let her finger stray once more and drove him deeply; her sharp nail let him feel how far into him she was. Then she pulled back and told him to lean against the wall.

Janet lathered his cock again and reached for the razor. He had a five-day stubble and she intended to remove it. She grasped his cock and shaved up and down the inside, then pulling it downward, slipped the blade along the top of his shaft. She deftly cleaned his groin and went to work on his balls. These were trickier to do. She held his shaft in one hand and tugged the skin of his ball sack tight so she could whisk the blade around. Soon enough, she was done and stood back to examine her work.

“It looks good, but I need to check to see if I did it good enough,” she said. The razor went on the shelf and Janet’s head went down to her son’s hard shaft. She licked it from tip to joint feeling with her tongue for any spikiness. She opened her mouth and pulled his balls in. They, too, were slick. The soap scent and sweetness satisfied her that she had washed her boy very clean.

“I love this cock. It is so beautiful. I want to swallow it whole sometimes. Oh my you are beautiful to me.” She looked up at him with adoring eyes.

“Don’t stop on my account. Suck that cock, sweetheart.” Tom was eager to unload, but Janet had other plans.

“Not so fast, youngster. Mommy’s not done with her shower.” Janet stood and turned around. She wanted to wash her ass again. Getting soap in her cunt stung too much to be enjoyable and she knew her boy was too randy to be careful. She cleaned her pussy and ass scrupulously and then asked for him to help.

“You can sit there, honey. Just reach up and wash Mommy’s back for her. Here’s the rag.” Tom took the rag and stretched his arms upward. He had not problems washing her shoulders all the way down to her butt. As he drew the rag down her spine, Janet tipped her hips pushing her ass closer to him. Tom got the message and placed both his hands on her hips. The rag slipped to the floor as he grasped his mother’s body.

He pulled her closer. He was at the right height and she the right angle. With his thumbs he was able to pull her cheeks apart slightly. His nose drove into her crack and his cheekbones separated the round halves of her sweet ass. He pushed his tongue deeper and he felt the distinct slickness of her anus. He ran his tongue up and down haramidere escort against her puckered skin. He explored downward and tasted her pussy juices seeping from deep within her. She was hot for him and tried to impale herself on his face. Janet reached down and began to rub her clit as her son licked her in the most secret way.

Janet worked her clit and tilted even more making sure Tom had access to her ass. Tom pulled his mother’s hips closer to him and now concentrated on licking her ass. He circled her anus and dipped the tip in her as far as her muscled ring would allow. It drove her wild. Her knees were weakening as she felt the climax rushing over her. She screamed as she orgasmed and leaned hard against Tom’s face. Electricity shot from her ass to her clit to her nipples and then all over her body. She was on fire. Energy shot from her and started to fall.

Luckily Tom had her hips still his hand and was able to guide her downward until she understood he wanted her to sit on lap. It was perfect docking as his straining cock slide perfectly into her hot vagina. Though she was wet, it still hurt a bit to receive his cock, the aftermath of her orgasm had her too tense. Gravity overcame her hesitation, though and she sat firmly on top of him, his cock buried in her. Her full pussy lips closed around his shaft sucking on his rooted deeply rooted shaft.

They sat for a moment in a wet tableau, the shower raining gently on them. Tom could not wait much longer. His slick penis absorbed every bit of her heat. Tom did not move very much at all. The stimulation of licking his mother’s ass fired his imagination. He saw pictures of the forbidden pleasure flash in his mind. He began to ejaculate spontaneously. Janet felt his penis pulsing and knew he was filling her with his hot white seed spray. She reached back to feel him, trying to reassure and encourage him as he pumped is force into her.

“That’s my good boy. Give Mommy your sweetness. Fill me, son. I want my little mouth to swallow you up. Oohh… that’s right, Baby. Let Mommy feel it in her.”

She continued to talk him through every jolt and spasm. When he was done, she tensed her muscles taking some of her weight off his lap. He sagged his head toward her and kissed her on her shoulder. “Oh, that was so wonderful, Mom. That was so wonderful.”

He regained his strength and Janet stood. His now-softening cock slipped out of her with a smack. A flood of semen ran down her legs. As she stepped aside, she smiled broadly at the feeling and the sight of so much come-fluid coursing out of her. “Oh, that is so sweet of you to give it me, Tom. Look how much is in me, still.” Cream ran out of her pussy and down her leg just as his piss had done a half hour before.

Tom was rather proud of his production. He watched his seed run from his mother’s still putting cunt lips all the way to her toes.

Janet began to run her hands along her legs, rubbing the semen into her skin. She covered both her legs before bringing a finger to her lips. Then in a dramatic way she announced:

“Yes, Mr. Asken, this is the kind of skin lotion I like. It makes me feel so young. And it tastes great. I hope you have a steady supply, for I shall require it daily.”

Tom, though physically drained, was still able to reply, “Oh I think the supplier is gearing up for a major run on the product. But you have an exclusive right to all of it.”

Janet had an idea. She felt like she needed to pee. So much stimulation and feeling so free with Tom, she decided to let it flow. At first it was a tiny trickle, but Tom saw it immediately. He brightened and flashed his look at Janet. She saw the glint. Then he looked down again at her twat.

Janet’s urine began to stream out of her giving Tom, now his second wish fulfillment. He was watching his mother pee. A golden stream ran from her and touched the shower floor. Tom, spread his legs letting his feet soak in the pool of yellow water. He moved again and introduced his leg into the stream of urine coming out of is mother. Janet did not flinch or adjust her stance. She understood immediately what he was doing. She wanted to let him have as much of her as she could, but soon her bladder was empty and only drips and drops fell now.

Tom looked up at his mother. “You are so beautiful, Mom. I love you. Thank you for being my mom. And my girlfriend.”

Janet was touched by the sentiment. She knew he was going to be fully recovered. She would not lose him now. He was going to be her strong man forever. She kissed him. Tom would never leave her. She was all he ever needed now.

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